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2003/5/18-19 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:28471 Activity:high
5/17    I'd like to increase the default speed of my mouse pointer on a linux
        laptop.  I don't mean mouse "accelleration".  I could have sworn
        that mouse "Resolution" in XF86Config did this, but is seems to
        have no affect. Does anybody know how to do this?
        \_ xset m
           \_ Nope. That only controls acceleration and threshold.  I want
              to control the real speed of the mouse pointer.  "Resolution"
              does the trick, but doesn't work with all mice.  I have to
              pipe the mouse data through gmp. It seems like a total hack.
              XFree86 is missing a setting. It really needs "mouse-speed"
              Does anybody here know how the XFree86 folks are to work with?
           \_ Nope. That only controls acceleration / threshold.  I want to
              control the real speed of the mouse pointer.  "Resolution"
              only works some of the time with some mice.  I'll have to
              pipe the mouse data through gpm. Seems like a kluge job.
              XFree86 is missing a "mouse-speed" feature.  Does anybody
              here know how the XFree86 folks are to work with?
              \_ haha. "use the source, puke!"
              \_ xset m and change the threshold to zero and set acceleration
                 to what you want your velocity to be.
                 \_ Nope. Have you ever tried that? It makes the pointer
                    skip around, not smooth, because that's not the way
                    that accel/threshold was designed.  But thanks for
                    trying. -op
                    \_ I haven't tried it because I don't use a mouse but it
                       sounded like a good idea.
2003/5/18-19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28472 Activity:nil
5/17    Anyone recommend bit-by-bit CD copying software? What's the key
        phrase to search for in Google? All I get are rippers & burners.
        \_In Linux, you use two programs:  cdda2wav  and  cdrecord
          There is good info at the end of the EXAMPLES section of
          man cdrecord
        \_ CloneCD under windows
           \_ I've heard all the cool kids use Alcohol 120% these days.
              \_ A120 has worked for me where CCD has failed.  Tho I tend to rip
                 to image, then use A120 or daemon tools to emulate.  Many tools
                 which have annoying copy protection also require the disk to be
                 in the drive, and I find it more convenient to have to image.
                 Oh yes, and both are kazaa-able.
        \_ Found CloneCD on my own. Worked great. Wow, the motd is swell. I'll
           try A120, too. Thanks a bunch you guys! Where -op
2003/5/18-19 [Health/Dental, Health] UID:28473 Activity:nil
5/17    I've never had a physical. I'm wondering if I should get one at Tang.
        Has anyone had it done there? What sort of things did they check,
        how much was it and how long did it take?
        \_ If you're a guy, you can count on bending over.
           demand lube
        \_ Everything from joints (upper and lower), eyes, ears, throat and
           even bottom of your feet for athlete foot. If you're a guy, check
           for testicular lumps will be performed (so yes, pants down, boys)
           but don't worry, rubber gloves are used and the doctor (male/female)
           looks away from your 'tool'. If you're female, doctor will check for
           lumps in your breasts area. If you're under 35 chances are the
           whole thing will last about 15 mins with the actual physical takes
           about 5-7 mins. The rest will be Q&A to figure out your health
           history and to update your medical record. If you're at risk of
           high cholesterol due to heredity for example, ask for a blood
           exam. If you're sexually active, ask for an HIV test (which can
           be incl. with your cholesterol test but you have to ask). Unless
           they find anything funny you won't have to pee in a cup or anything.
        \_ I hope you don't wait another 18+ yrs for your next exam. It's no
           big deal, and it's good to establish a baseline of your health so
           that you can monitor changes from year to year. As the good ppl
           from Nike say, Just Do It!(tm). Also, check out a dentist if you
           haven't done so, yet.
2003/5/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:28474 Activity:moderate
5/17    Note to Lorne Michaels:  Stop coddling Dan Aykroyd, and never, ever
        let him do another Blues Bros. routine/dance number/musical number
        \_ Seconded.  Note to self, and kindred-soul motd poster: find
           something interesting to do on a saturday night.  Like macram?!
           \_ Touche'. -op
2003/5/18-19 [Reference/Celebration] UID:28475 Activity:nil 66%like:26945 66%like:28287
5/18    Happy birthday Nevin.
2003/5/18-19 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:28476 Activity:insanely high 75%like:28483
5/18    Taiwan has been accepted into WHO as an "Health Entity."
        Congrats Taiwan!
        \_ That's like the WHO accepting Alabama.  Taiwan is an illegal
           entity that is an indivisible part of the PRC.
           \_ ignore those Taiwan's child play.  People in Taiwan are dying,
              Ministry of Health is stockpiling tens of million of N95
              masks and refused to distributed to hospitals.  Infection is
              out of control as one hospital after another show cases of
              cross-infection.  Instead of trying to fix the disease,
                      Singh, an Indian / Sikh last name meaning "lion".
              Taiwan is playing politics...  The really funny part is,
              Taiwan is ALREADY in WHO (as Province of China).  I really
              don't know what is the big fuss is all about.
                                -- reporting from Taiwan
           \_ I didn't know there were any mainlanders here.  I thought most
              of the ethnic chinese here were from Taiwan, HK, or SG.
              Identify yourself!
                \_ What is SG?
                   \_ Singapore, also known as Singapura.  Singa is from
                      Singh, an Indian / Sikh word meaning "lion".
                      Thus Singaore is also known as "lion city".
              \_ from Taiwan.  Don't like Communist government as much as
                 many of those from the mainland, but strongly believe
                 Taiwan is as inseperatable as California part of USA.
           \_ The US is an illegal entity that is an indivisible part of
              the British Crown.
                \_ British Crown recognized US's independence long ago.
                   Pull your head out of your ass.
           \_ if it was indivisible it couldn't have been divided.
           \_ Nah, Taiwan declared independence and the establishment of
              the Taiwan Democratic Republic in 1895.
              \_ which is as legitimate as the Manchuguo in North East China
        \_ Taiwan is as valuable to the US imperialism as Israel. Just as
           Israel distablizes the middle-east, Taiwan distablizes the
           Far East.
           \_ destabilize .. learn engrish first lah. without taiwan and
              US investments, prc still in stone age.
        \_ I claim legal dictatorship over the entire planet.  You are
           all my property.  Start obeying my commands at once or I will
           demand that the WHO eject you. --SupremeDictatorForLife
           \_ Infidel!  There is one true ruler.  All Hail Joe!!  Hail Joe!!!
              be sure to watch the "call to action" video.
2003/5/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:28477 Activity:nil
5/17    Advantages of working for the primary contributor to the Democratic
        party (along with trial lawyers)
        FL Teachers' Union paid for chief's opulent lifestyle -
        $2,000-a-night suite raised red flags
        \_ that bastard better fry
        \_ It's a freeper link so it should be deleted from the motd.  Free
           speech is only for people who agree with us.
2003/5/18 [Uncategorized] UID:28478 Activity:nil
5/18    My neighbor has a linux box but forgot the passwords to it.
        What's the easiest way to reset them if I boot from a CD
2003/5/18 [Uncategorized] UID:28479 Activity:high
5/18    This disk will self destruct in 48 hrs: (
        \_ divx?
2003/5/18-19 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:28480 Activity:very high
5/18    Any recommendations for where we can take wine-tasting classes?
        Bay-area location.
        \_ Stanford has such classes.  The pompous dickhead I work with who
           went there won't shut up about it.  Fuck you and your spoiled
           grape juice.
           \_ If he was truly pompous he'd say how terrible the class was and
              point out all the instructor's errors and bad taste.
        \_ You need a class to drink wine?
                or men that way.
        \_ Why bother?  Do some reading up on basic grape types and drink what
           you like.  -John
           \_ Well, I suppose that you could meet somewhat affluent women
              or men that way.   [formatd]
              \_ If you're playing host to educated people, it's nice to be
                 able to order wine without looking like an ass.
                 \_ Uhm gee, I'm educated but I know nothing about wine.  I
                    guess that Berkeley degree wasn't really worth anything
                    since I didn't take the student run wine drinking class.
                 \_ If you're host to truly educated people, you will look
                    like more of an ass if you try to be pretentious and show
                    off how knowledgeable you are about something as silly as
                    wines--trust me on this one.  Order what you are
        \_ Sure you are not gay?
                    comfortable with from experience, and for god's sake, I
                    don't know what problem people have with ASKING THE
                    SOMMELIER.  That's what he's there for.  Or someone else
                    at the table if you're not sure or he recommends the most
                    expensive bottle (which isn't always the best.)  It does
                    not show your ignorance--I find self-proclaimed "experts"
                    who grab the wine list while your group is ordering to be
                    pretty insufferable.  -John
                    \_ Hmm.  That's pretty decent advice, actually.
                    \_ I find idiots who don't drink wine at all with
                       their meal or who have a problem with me checking
                       out the wine list to be insufferable. A great meal
                       deserves a great wine. I agree that asking the
                       sommelier is a good thing, though. Many people never
                       speak to the sommelier and he can be a great help.
                       Sommeliers are more helpful the more you know, though,
                       so it's a Catch 22. Tell the sommelier your price
                       range, what you are eating, and what you've had
                       that you like. That will help. --dim
                       \_ You find it insufferable that others don't drink wine
                          with their meals?  There are numerous reasons to not
                          drink wine such as: religion, recovering, or you just
                          don't like it.  I find your attitude insufferable!
                          \_ I find the fact you find it insufferable
                             insufferable. If you don't drink wine you are
                             a heathen unless there is a medical excuse. --dim
                 \_ that depends on what your definition of educated is.
                    \_ Who are you, Jesse Jackson??  Use a frickin'
                       \_  A dictionary, huh?  According to the
                           dictionary definition, I and most of my friends
                           are *very* well educated.  Yet somehow neither
                           I nor anyone I can stand to be around is a wine
                           snob.  Because wine snobs are assholes.  Some
                           of them are well-educated assholes, and some of
                           them are just assholes.  But they are assholes
                           nonetheless.  I'll bet you think golf and
                           sailing are sports.
                           \_ Nope.  Not sports.  But at least I know how
                              to use a dictionary.
                              \_ % dict asshole
                                 \_ % dict dictionary
           \_ It's useful to have some guidance. There are so many
              wineries from different countries at different price points
              making wines with different grapes in different styles. A
              good wine shop might be a useful first start. Kermit Lynch
              in Berkeley is a good wine shop. Ask there. Also, you have
              a huge benefit in being near to Napa/Sonoma and environs so
              you can go taste on your own, although you won't learn much
              unless you schedule an appointment and go on a tour. --dim
        \_ Sure you are not gay?  Try the castro.
        \_  Try UC Extension.
            \- Barrier to entry on california wines is about 30 min.
               Barrier to entry on french is like 10 years. I think it is
               reasonable to read something like the Wine-Dummy book and
               find out what the various grapes are, since CA wines pretty
               much tell you and the book will give you some sense of
               how they "map" to french regions. I think after about
               30 min, diminishing marginal returns set in. --psb
               \_ Can't I just order a 7UP and just enjoy my meal?
        \_ Just order Italian Dolcettos - honest, affordable and tastes
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