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2003/5/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28464 Activity:low
5/16    Newbie perl question.  Does perl on csua have libraries to grab &
        parse HTML files off of remote servers?
        \_ It's been a while but it's called libwww or something like that.
        \_ perldoc LWP
2003/5/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28465 Activity:nil
5/16    Who cares about perl, women with mustaches and politics, the real
        question is how the hell did Neo pull off that crap at the end of
        the Matrix Reloaded?!?! (BTW, did you notice Trinity used nmap and
        ssh? She's pretty '1337.)
2003/5/17-18 [Health/Women, Health/Men] UID:28466 Activity:moderate
5/18    My pet theory is that the average caucasian women are fatter than
        the average east asian men. What do you guys think?
        \_ Provided this ain't a troll, you talking about overall weight, or
           body fat percentage? If the latter, the average woman of any
           ethnicity will be fatter than that of any man. If the former,
           sorry, I don't know many Asian men in the 100-130lbs range, and I'm
           Asian.  [formatd]
                \_ average white women >>> 130 pounds. Just look at Jenni
                   Craig commercials. And Lila. Etc etc.
                   \_ is that you kchang?  have you come back from the dead?
                      --kchang #1 fan
                        \_ that's me. Alah Ahkbar! Alalalalalalalah!
2003/5/17-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28467 Activity:nil 54%like:27696
5/17    What am I doing wrong?  spamassassin -r < missed-spam-message
        razor2 report failed: No such file or directory Razor2 report requires
        authentication at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Mail/SpamAssas
        sin/ line 99.
        Did it get to the Bayesian learner or not?
        \_ I don't know if "-r" sends the message through the Bayesian
           learner (I'll have to check the docs). However, you can send
           the message directly with "sa-learn --spam --file missed-spam-msg"
           \_ Yes it does, apparently even with the error above. But
              sa-learn skips reporting to spam archives. Thanks! -op
2003/5/17-18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28468 Activity:kinda low
5/17    All the Iraqi people I've heard interviewed says this Ahmad
        Chalabi guy is a crook, yet US still want him to be part of,
        if not the leader of, the future Iraqi government.  This guy
        has good relationships with several US congressmen.
        \_ Al Jazeeri interviews?
           \_ it is one of the most neutral press on the face of the earth.
           \_ Nah, CNN, NBC, etc.
        \_ All the Iraqi people?  Okey dokey, which Iraqi people is that,
           exactly and what role do they want in the future government and
           what role did they have in the previous government and what do they
           stand to lose if this guy gets any power?  Thanks.
           \_ Try doing a search on "Ahmad Chalabi", and follow that up
              with a mental exercise counting all the crook leaders US
              supported starting with Saddam Hussein.
              \_ Pffft.  Show me the urls.  I'm not doing your work for you.
        \_ one has to be non-white to really notice this.  Anybody else
           bothered by the fact that Chalabi is a white guy?  Iraqis don't
           look like that.  Why is this white guy trying to rule over a
           nation of dark skin people?
           \_ just like Jesus.
              \_ with his blond hair and blue eyes just like the movies!
           \_ I don't know man.  I used to have this classmate whom I
              thought was russian, he being really fit, with short blonde
              hair and blue-green eyes.  Turns out he was Kuwaiti.
              Maybe they are descendants of the Mamelukes?
              hair and blue-grey eyes, like one of those russian gymnast.
              Turns out he was Kuwaiti.  Maybe they are descendants of the
2003/5/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:28469 Activity:kinda low
5/17    US bans top 30000 Baath party members from future employment in
        the public sector?  Is that a dumb move or what?
        \_ Written by blair no doubt.
           \_ huh?
                \_ Jayson Blair, diversity in action at the NYtimes.
        \_ And the correct answer is.... B!  "Or what"!  Congratulations!
           You've won a new brain and outlook on life!
           \_ Considering the penalty of not joining the Baath Party was death,
              it may be better to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.
2003/5/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:28470 Activity:kinda low
5/16    [Matrix movie spoiler purged.  Not all of us saw it opening night.]
        \_ If you're smart you'll wait for DVD - if that.
           \_ it doesn't help if people post spoilers.
             \_ So I shouldn't say anything about Neo and Morpheus having
                sex and then killing Trinity in a jealous rage?
                \_ Definitely not.
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