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2003/5/16 [Computer/SW/Editors/IDE, Science/Space] UID:28453 Activity:high
        Total lunar eclipse tonight at sunset (after 8pm), great visibility
        from Bay Area.
        \_ Amazingly, it is also a complete solar eclipse!  The sun will be
           completely hidden behind the earth!
2003/5/16-17 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:28454 Activity:moderate
5/15    Anybody heard any experience about buying the Lindows laptop to
        install Debian Linux on?
        \_ second that.  in fact... is that VIA chip they are using Intel-
           compatible?  would you guys share the experience using it? thanks
           \_ cohorts have freebsd and redhat running on c3 boxes.
                \_ Any other recommendations for a nice c3 laptop for
                   Linux that has an eraser-top mouse pointer?
2003/5/16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28455 Activity:high
5/15    How many people find it ironic that during the Dark Ages the primitive
        white barbarians were dying of the plague while the advanced Asian
        culture thrived on drinking only cooked water (tea), eating only cooked
        vegetables, taking shoes off before going to the house (hence not
        bringing in germs/bacteria from the farm)... and now that same culture
        is breeding SARS?
        \_ there are plenty of shithole slums throughout the world, and not
           all of them originate new weirdass diseases. as some news
           reports have mentioned, it's thought that SARS is a result of a
           cantonese tradition of eating exotic foods, in particular,
           animals. moral: don't go around digging up diseases no one's
           ever been exposed to before.
        \_ I don't think SARS has anything to do with cultural / technical
           inferiority of China.  Granted, that it is still a mystry why
           SARS and many of common cold / influenza originated near
           Guangdong area every year.  Bio nerds, please enlighten us.
           \_ So your express your ill formed opinion, deny the obvious from
              the OP, then ask for advice from the bio people?  Go re-read the
              OP and you'll find the enlightenment you seek.  -!op
        \_ Cause that part of the world will be what it has always been -
           a feudal third world shithole?
2003/5/16 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:28456 Activity:very high
5/15    Just give you an idea what kind of crap we have to put up here in
        Taiwan: They found out that  Ministry of Health, on one hand, begging
        for join the WHO, on the other hand, stockpiling hundreds of
        thousands of N95 masks while major hospitals here are having
        severe shortage of protective gears for the medical staffs. The motive
        is not exactly clear.
                \_ it'd be immoral to leave taiwan out of who.
                   \_ it is immoral to leave the world's hospital workers
                      susceptible to all the airborn diseases they are trying
                      to save people from, especially when these masks have
                      never been shown to stop SARS and most people have no
                      experience using these masks (it is just their false
                      peace of mind vs. a real threat of infection from truly
                      airborn diseases to medical staff).
                      Oh, and LEARN HOW TO INDENT you simple minded fool.
        \_ Clearly evil Western forces are at play....
        \_ It's just the standard Chinese tactic of looking out for #1.
           Chinese (and all Easterners) don't really have a moral code,
           it's all about face.  They'll do any damned thing if they think
           they won't get caught.
           \_ I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but it sounds
              like you're damning them with false praise if not simply
              making a racist judgement based on limited knowledge and
              experience.  Can you provide context for your comments?
              \_ It would be funny if the person complaining were from
                 mainland China, and the person who responded were not
                 \_ Perhaps, but would then make even more inexplicable
                    the lumping of all Easterners together.
                    \_ unless he or she were trying to troll you
2003/5/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28457 Activity:high
5/15    At what point in a relationship do you have sex?
        \_ at a sharp one.
        \_ early and often
           \_ just like voting!
           \_ first date? second date?
        \_ when you're erect and she's wet.
           \_ Ah, you assume this is a heretosexual relationship.
              \_ maybe he's just personifying his lover's ass... like
                 they do with boats.
        \_ when after I'm done with yermom.
        \_ well usually, i will pull her out of the trunk, open the bag,
           and slap her to establish my dominance. then... what the fuck
           is wrong with you? what a stupid troll.
        \_ Think Nike.  Just do it.  Fool.
        \_ Well this is probably just a troll, but on the off chance that
           it is not, I will say that it varies widely. I have had sex
           with people I met that night at a party and had sex with
           friends that I had known for years before we did it for the
           first time. But if you have been hanging out/dating/whatever
           for six weeks and there is no physical chemistry, you can
           probably forget about it. Religious people probably take
        \_ After the wedding.
           \_ what if it doesn't fit?
2003/5/16 [Uncategorized] UID:28458 Activity:high
5/15    When Animals Attack:
        \_ That's nice, but where are the pictures?
              \_ Thanks, I guess my firewall was filtering on the "mutants"
2003/5/16 [Uncategorized] UID:28459 Activity:high
5/15    It's Friday. Where's my porn?
        \_ Wait your turn. I'm going to the bathroom with it right now.
        \_ (not work safe)
           \_ Good god. I just wish I could erase stuff like that from my
              brain once I've been stupid enough to look.
2003/5/16-17 [Health/Women] UID:28460 Activity:high
5/16    How common is it for women to have mustaches? I'm not talking about
        big, bushy Tom Selleck ones. Just normal (for a female) not very
        noticeable ones that are almost like tiny baby hairs.
        \_ Common enough for the hairier peoples. Just get it waxed once
           or twice a month.
        \_ it's very common. most women, if they don't shave, do develop
           tom selleck moustaches. it's one of these things chicks just don't
           tell you.
           \_ Hairier peoples?  Who are these 'harrier peoples'?  And who
              gets to say they're hairy?
        \_ I'd say it's really common, like 1/3.  Women shouldn't worry
           overmuch about it unless it's relaly noticeable.  The example
           I have in mind looks plenty feminine.
           \_ more than 1/3, just most blonds you can't tell unless you
              are like 3 inches from their mouth and by then it doesn't
              really matter.
              \_ You mean you don't think, "My God, her mustache is thicker
                 than mine?!" just before your lips lock?  You should.
        \_ for caucasian or middle eastern women, it's very common.  my
           pet theory is that caucasian women are as hairy as east asian men.
2003/5/16 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:28461 Activity:moderate
5/15    Would someone be so kind as to post a "Complete" Gamespot ID and
        password. I want to watch some game previews and $30 is just a bit
        much. I'm actually disappointed the game companies don't post these
        on their own sites.
        \_ Why waste their own bandwidth when there are web companies like
           Gamespot who would gladly host their stuff for them?  And $25
           is chump change for a year's worth of access.  Oh, and yes, the
           Half-Life 2 videos are most impressive.
           \_ Thanks for the pointer. Now kicking in my p2p client...
              ...yes, those are pretty neat!
              \_ I don't think you even have to go that far. If I'm not
                 mistaken, some of the videos are BitTorrent'ed
                 \_ Really? I'm googling and not finding. Perhaps I suck.
2003/5/16 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:28462 Activity:moderate
5/15    Is a Pentium 133 Mhz Processor fast enough to decode mp3's in
        \_ Almost certainly yes, depending on load.  I used to play mp3s
           on a 166 win95 machine, but I couldn't use netscape at the same
           time.  And I think that might have even gotten better later on
           when winamp improved their decoder.
            \_ This would be a linux box totally dedicated to the task -op
               \_ God... what a sad waste of good hardware....
                  \_ Ha ha. funny you are.
           \_ I remember when I used not just play, but encode my cd's on
              my 486.  My gf don't like encoding the cd's on her 1GHz
              celeron laptop.
2003/5/16-17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28463 Activity:insanely high
5/15    I highly suggest everyone read this... a compelling, eloquent
        talk by Arundhati Roy that I was lucky enough to witness:
        [reposted... if someone wants to repost any of the responses that
         also got deleted, feel free]
         \_ Holy shit!  She had to travel to Iraqi to find out that wars not
            only kill civilians but destroy civil infrastructure, too!  What
            a shocker!  I'll sell all my stock in General Dynamics at the
            opening bell!  Who would've thunk war kills people and blows shit
            up?  This is highly compelling!!!
         \_ Compelling my eye.  Bitch bitch bitch.  Where was she when
            Hussein was producing those mass graves of his?  Or is it only
            fashionable to bitch at the United States because someone with
            a large wallet and a guilty conscience might be knocked for some
            mula there?
            \_ You miss the point. Mass graves were not a reason to go to
               war. Internal injustice has never been a reason.
               Anyway the problem with her speech is what the person below
               says: it doesn't matter what we think, it matters what the
               dumb bastards in Texas et al think.
               \_ So if you saw millions of people getting killed in death
                  camps in another country, you'd write it off as an internal
                  political debate and it's not your problem, eh?  You're one
                  sick bastard.  And I mean that as a statement of fact not a
                  childish motd insult.
               \_ Reasons are not important, effects are.
                  \_ You seem to imply that the war has had good effects.
                     If we were in Iraq to right the wrongs of a half-century
                     of bad foreign policy, excellent.  But so far all I see
                     is a lot of angry proto-terrorists who are getting
                     getting some good practice with looting and lawlessness.
                     \_ You mean the war had no good effects?  Are you insane
                        or trolling?  Don't let the western coverage fool you,
                        Iraqis are happy as can be that Hussein is gone, and
                        that is what's important.  Interestingly enough, this
                        looting of which you speak was greatly exaggerated by
                        the western press, and turns out was often perpetrated
                        by baath party members.
                        \_ Nah, Iraq is currently an anarchic mess.  Hopefully
                           US troops would impose some order soon.
                        \_the truth is, most people in iraq were probably
                           deeply ambivalent about the US's intervention.
                           check out that "where is raed" weblog as a good
                           (and fascinating) anecdotal example of this. Also
                           true is that the costs of this war (and by that I
                           include the years of sanctions since they are all
                           part of essentially the same western aggression)
                           are quite real and severe (loss of life,
                           diminished quality of life for nearly all but the
                           iraqi elites) while the benefits are only
                           \_ Ah yes, sanctions, the same sanctions people like
                              you said would get Iraq out of Kuwait in '90 and
                              now are a tool of "western aggression".  Make up
                              your mind.
                        \_ This is where a lot of (us) liberals tend to get
                           confused:  we want to believe, ultimately, that
                           any war is wrong.  The sad truth, however, is that
                           sometimes military action is required to effect
                           meaningful change.  Military action prevented the
                           ultimate genocide of the Kosovars and caused the
                           topple of Saddam Hussein. These are good things. The
                           difference between the two (and where most Cons get
                           mixed up) is that the first was a necessary action
                           carried out when all other alternatives had been
                           tried and the danger was imminent, while the second
                           involved a brash decision to brazenly and callously
                           disregard the alternatives despite a lack of
                           evidence of a need for urgency.  We're all happy
                           that Saddam Hussein is no longer in power.  What
                           we (liberals) are unhappy about is the way it was
                           done.  And despite what you may think you learned in
                           high school civics, the ends does not always justify
                           the means.  In this case, the means have compromised
                           the security of the ends. --erikred
                           \_ I suppose you get easily flustered.  Regardless
                              of why you may think Bush went to war, it seems
                              pretty clear that ousting Saddam was a good
                              thing.  How can this be confusing?  The man
                              gassed hundreds of thousands.  If you want to
                              question motives fine, we can have an argument
                              about that, but questioning whether the outcome
                              of the war was a good thing makes people not
                              take you seriously.
                              \_ I suggest you read my post again and then
                                 consider erasing your response.  I'm not
                                 arguing that getting rid of Saddam Hussein
                                 was wrong.  I'm saying that the way it was
                                 done was wrong.  --erikred
                                 \_ Why was the way wrong?  The diplomatic
                                    way would have taken longer, (perhaps
                                    infinitely long).  Meanwhile Hussein
                                    would have had free license to continue
                                    his butchery.  How is a faster way not
                                    more humane?  Do you really hate Bush this
                              \_ hundreds of thousands?  why don't you just
                                 say millions.  the most he gassed are
                                 the iranians during the iran/iraq war,
                                 during which the us actively supported
                                 \_ because he didn't gas millions.  however he
                                    is responsible for more arab deaths than
                                    any other individual, group, .org, or
                                    entity throughout *ALL* of history.  think
                                    about that for a second.
                                    \_ most of those deaths occurred when the
                                       US was *actively* (with money and
                                       weapons) supporting Iraq and Saddam.
                                       and US leaders at the time knew about
                                       it. Hence Arundhati's point that
                                       ousting Sadam is in some sense a good
                                       thing to do, but if we hold him
                                       responsible for those deaths we should
                                       likewise consider those that
                                       enabled him war criminals.
                           \_ yea, I supported war against the taliban but
                              not iraq.  taliban is hopeless and anything is
                              better than taliban.
                              \_ but the baath party wasn't hopeless?  it just
                                 needed a slight diplomatic push to reform?
         \- AR for someone who comes across as a nice person is sort of a
            rhetorical terrorist. --psb
            \_ Good god, partha. What does that make you? At least she's
               easy to look at.
               \- i think jhumpa lahiri is more attractive. --psb
                  \_ that lahiri is more attractive doesn't mean roy is
                     altogether unattractive.  and both are certainly more
                     pleasing to the eye than you, partha.
                     \_ Dis not the Everlasting And Infinite Beauty of The PSB!
                                --psb #1 Fan
                     \- was she smoking [tobacco] when you saw her?
                        ask her wht she think about giving money to
                        tobacco companies. --psb
                        \_ Really, is that the best you can do?
                           \_ Infidel!  The psb shall crush you like the tiny
                              insect you are and devour your soul!
                                --psb #1 Fan
                        \_ If DanS were here, he should observe the correct
                           use of brackets in a sentence.
         \_ AR speaks from a place of outrage, and it's a justifiable
            outrage.  Unfortunately, the only people who want to hear
            what she has to say are the people who already know all of
            this.  If the outraged want their message heard by the rest,
            they'd better learn how to soundbite it, give it punch, and
            market it.  Only when it appears as a matter of course on
            The View will it actually have any chance of waking people up.
                \_ Outraged about being civilised and not lingering in, or
                   returning to, some third world feudal shithole?
        \_ Where was this wench and all the other libs during Clinton
           taking out Slobo?  All this rhetoric is thinly veiled proganda
           (by communists) aimed one side of the political spectrum- Iraq
           simply provides a rallying point.  Also, if not for Western
           imperialism in her native land she would be burned to
           death in her husbands pyre.
           \_ Communists?  Who the fuck are you, J. Edgar Hoover?  Nobody
              bothers blaming the communists anymore.  Just chalk it up
              to the ineffectual intellectual left and be done with it,
              you rabid left-baiting twink.
              \_ "Nobody bothers blaming the communists anymore".  That's a
                 silly statement.  When the Soviets were around, you leftists
                 claimed they weren't "Real Communists" so they didn't count as
                 such.  Now that they're working on making a real western style
                 capitalist democracy you make some silly noise about the
                 commies being dead and completely duck his question about
                 Slobodon and Kosovo.  Your rhetorical fu is weak!  You are
                 busted!  Thank you for playing, please review chapters 1 and
                 2 in your Rhetoric 1A book for the quiz on Monday.
           \_ Please say something intelligent / factual if you want
              me to reply, and not prate trite epithets.
              \_ I'd like to see a response to the Slobo question.
                 \_ She probably was not supporting that US intervention
                    either... although many were. A genocidal dictator
                    was taken out of power and tried in international court.
                    This is very different from the Iraq case where the US
                    provided a dictator with money and weapons for years, and
                    then when he stopped obeying orders took the country
                    by force.
           \_ imperialism does not go hand-in-hand with modernization/
              globalization. You are probably one of those fools who shouts
              about how great women in Afghanistan have it now that Bush
              has intervened.
              \_ 1) statement of opinion, not fact.  you can't possibly back
                    up your imperalism/modernization comment.
                 2) modernization is *not* globalization.
                 3) who the hell wants globalization anyway?
                 \_ Case in point: Cuba. A modernized country that is not
                    part of the US international trade empire.
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