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2003/5/14 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:28428 Activity:nil
5/13    Rumour has it that the next Terminator movie, named "Terminator 4:
        You can't beat the machines", is on the drawing board.
2003/5/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:28429 Activity:nil
5/13    How can I open up a Windows Metafile? I want to export one
        as a jpeg or eps. Thx.
2003/5/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:28430 Activity:kinda low
5/13    Hey, the guy who got masks from Anaheim, can you give me contact
        information for that vendor?            -kngharv
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Hey, at least masks don't actually harm people, and SARS is a
              real threat.  The anthrax/cipro thing was much dumber, and
              more evil.  The manufacturer of Cipro actually encouraged
              people to do it.  They tried to advertize on
              but the band members said no.
2003/5/14 [Recreation/Travel] UID:28431 Activity:nil
5/13    I'm headed to Hawaii for a wedding in July. I'm not into that middle
        class "luxury" BS, but I plan on making the most of it... good weather
        scuba, lovely ladies, etc. So I've been thinking about hosteling it
        with two others. A low end hotel is probably about the same price,
        and price isn't really an issue. I just don't want to end up with
        a bunch of fat white people. I'd prefer college tourists from sweden.
        Anyone ever do a hostel in hawaii?
        \_ You can see nice beaches and babes in california.  go see the
           active volcanoes!
        \_ Your only hope for meeting lovely ladies in hawaii is hooking
           up with another tourist. They are not into mainlanders and
           especially not haole.
           \_ Dunno how true this is. My ex is from oahu, and at least a couple
              of her friends from the islands are dating haoles. But they do
              kinda look down on mainlanders in general.
2003/5/14 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health/Disease/General] UID:28432 Activity:nil
5/13    Stock up on Oreo's while they are still legal:
        \_ They are racist, its a good thing.
2003/5/14-15 [Recreation/Travel] UID:28433 Activity:nil
5/13    Anyone have any experience w/ hostels in Hawaii? -reposter
        \_ I liked Hostelling International Waikiki.  Definately go on their
           Circle Island tour.  Seaside Hawaiian Hostel is nice and quiet,
           but a little run down.  There are a few "party" hostels a little
           further east in Waikiki, if you want to be in that crowd.
           Hostelling International Honolulu is supposed to be quite nice
           and quiet, but not as convenient as HI Waikiki.
2003/5/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/California, Finance/CC] UID:28434 Activity:moderate
5/13    I am just being a lazy ass, so, I'll just ask my question here.  In
        California, does a divorcing couple split up all of the debts owed by
        either or both of them just as they do with their wealths?  Such as
        student loans, home equity line, credit cards, etc.
        \_ Yes. Wait, no. Maybe.
        \_ I eagerly await BDG's answer.
        \_ Stuff earned during marriage is split.  Stuff not earned during
           marriage which was kept apart such as student loans is not.
           \_ After 10 years, I think everything is split.
              \_ So she'll make sure to rack up a lot of debt before she
                 dumps you, since 50% of it won't be her problem and the
                 alimony will cover the other half. Her bf will keep her
                 living large and you'll share a studio with your divorced
                 college buddy.
                 \_ california hasn't had alimony for eons
                    \_ "Spousal support"
2003/5/14-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:28435 Activity:high
5/13    I'm trying to typeset a document in LaTeX, and I'd like to break it
        up into smaller more manageable files. But when I say:
        it puts the chap1.tex text on a new page, when I'd like to have
        it on the same page that has the "Introduction" chapter heading.
        How can I do this? Thanks.
        \_ Use \input not \include. \include == {\clearpage \input \clearpage}.
           \include is useful only in conjunction with \includeonly. -recentphd
                \_ Thanks.
           \_ You making any money recentphd?
              \_ he's a recentphd in a bad economy.  there are plenty of jobs
                 for waiters and movie ushers.
           \_ I'm a professor. Relatively immune from vagarities of the
              economy. Economy is bad, funding sucks, but good students
              come to grad school. Economy is good, funding is good,
              but the smart students get rich instead. My job, fairly
              steady either way.  -recentphd
        \_ Related question:  is there a reason people use LaTeX now that
           OpenOffice exists?
           \_ I wouldn't write technical papers in OO.
           \_ Practically, most conferences / theses have LaTeX formats,
              so it's most convenient to write in LaTeX. LaTeX makes
              beautiful output although Frame is close and Word is evidently
              getting better. Equations totally rock in LaTeX, more so than
              anything else. LaTeX is very portable - there's something to
              be said for software that can be used anywhere (Mac, PC, Unix).
              It's also a text format which is (IMHO) more convenient than
              a binary format. Philosophically, I find it nice to write
              in Emacs without worrying about what it will look like when it
              is typeset. Separating out the content-creation from content-
              layout is desirable ... WYSIWYG is not such a good thing for
              writers. This is a philosophical point though - I like
              separating the two, but you may not.
              \_ Scientific Word and Mathematica both provide a WYSIWYG
                 environment with TeX output.
                 \_ There are several real-time TeX editors. Blue Sky makes
                    "TeXtures" for instance. I prefer to write in emacs
                    and compile when I'm done writing, but your mileage
                    may vary.
           \_ Using MS Office (or its poor clones) in science is Considered
              Harmful(tm).  Actually, the group revisioning functions of
              Word can be handy in writing papers collaboratively, but if you
              ever see Excel being used in a scientific project -- run!!!
              Seriously, papers written in Word look awful.  The nice thing
              about using a structured document format (LaTeX, SGML, etc)
              coupled with the World's Best Typesetter (TeX or maybe even
              troff) is the total consistency of the output.  Word documents
              inevitably accumulate accidental font changes, unintended
              automatic substitutions (like a list (a), (b), (c), ..., where
              the (c) is automatically transformed into a copyright symbol).
              Having converted totally to writing term papers (etc) in EMACS
              with LaTeX, I can't go back -- Word with all its useless bells
              and whistles is just Too Painful.
              \_ What's amazing is that Science magazine uses Word 97 as
                 their standard.  You can send your manuscript in in
                 latex, but then they convert it to word 97 in house.
2003/5/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28436 Activity:very high 66%like:10300
5/13    To the married people here, at what age did you get married?
          30 wife is 14
          29 -ax
          29, wife was 25  -some guy
          26, wife was 23  - some other guy
          26 --erikred
          born pregnant
          30, wife was 29
          22 -emarkp (wife was 22 also)
          \_ are you nuts?
             \_ We just enjoyed the birth of our second child, and are planning
                our 30th birthday parties/8th anniversary.  Why would I be nuts?
                \_ it doesn't seem young to you?  -23 and freaked out
                                                 about commitment
                 \_ Nope.
                \_ they're also mormon, no?
                   \_ Yes, we are, and that's actually important.  Same life
                      goals, few differences of philosophy.  That reduced the
                      concerns we might have with a long-term relationship.
                       \_ it also motivates people to marry young so they can
                          bonk... which they wouldnt otherwise be able to do.
                          \_ Like people who want to "bonk" need more
          29, wife was 28. - yet some other guy
        \_ seems like most are < 30.  Does anyone marry after 30 over here?
           \_ How large is the pool of people > 30 here?
        \_ Interesting that all the women are younger. My love interest is
           older than I am. Also, I'm 30 and not married yet.
        \_ There's nothing wrong with marriage at 22.  People who are freaked
           out about commitment are either a) immature or b) haven't found
           the right person yet.  It's often both.  It's hard to describe
           this feeling of love for a person you know you want to spend
           the rest of your life with.  You'll know it when you find her. :-)
                -happily married guy
                -happily married gay
           \_ See what happens in 10 years.
              \_ BDG is that you?!?!
           \_ You are gay.
           \_ You're right, there's nothing wrong with marriage at 22 IF
              both of you are remarkably mature.  The thing is (and don't
              hate me for saying this, but) most 22s only think they're
              remarkably mature.  If you're 22 and thinking about marriage
              but are not required to do so by your religious convictions,
              wait and live in a sin together a while first.  Then, after
              a couple of years, you'll know whether you really want to
              spend the rest of your life with someone who squeezes the
              toothpaste tube the wrong way, snores, and hates it when
              drink directly from the milk carton.
              \_ I totally disagree.  A long time ago I read somewhere (can't
                 find the source anymore) that people who live together before
                 they get married have a higher divorce rate after they get
                 married.  One of the reasons was that because they still had
                 this mentality of splitting up if things don't work out. And
                 that's the main reason why people live together and don't get
                 married.  Believe it or not, there are people in the world
                 that believe in the sanctity of marriage.  And that marriage
                 is forever.   There will be problems. But if both of you are
                 committed, they can all be worked out.  -happily married guy
                 \_ While it is certainly true that people who cohabitate
                    are more likely to get divorced, I think you are confusing
                    correlation with causation. Divorce rates have stabalized
                    since the 80s, yet cohabitation rates have increased.
              \_ Are those the major problems that people encounter in
                 relationships?  I'm sure people divorce for more serious
                 reasons than those.
                 \_ and some divorce for even less serious reasons.  this
                    sounds like a statement by a 22 year old who has it
                    all figured out.
                 \_ The top two reasons for divorce are: 1) infidelity and 2)
                    money problems.
                 \_ The younger you are when you get married, the more likely
                    you are to end up divorced.
                    \_ And you have a study to quote to back this up?
                       \_ There are dozens, just look. Here is one:
2003/5/14-15 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28437 Activity:high
5/14    SpamAssassin's false negative rate has soared in the last week or so.
        What's going on?  Don't say SpamAssassin sucks, because I already know
        that.  But usually it gets updated regularly so that it can at least
        keep its head above water.  Is root no longer updating it?
        \_ ifile
        \_ are you really getting false negatives, or just emails not
           checked by spamAssassin because spamd keeps falling over?
                \_ I'm getting false negatives. I switched to using
                   spamassassin directly yesterday. - !OP
                   \_ spamassassin is actively subverted by spammers.
                      because of its relatively fixed ruleset, this is
                      trivial for them to do.  use ifile.
                      \_ spamass has bayesian filtering now. it works
                         pretty well for me --aaron
                         \_ pointers on setting bayesian filter up? thanks
                      \_ If it was trivial, more would do it. I just
                         counted, of the last 100 spam sent to me,
                         97 were blocked.
                         \_ "Were" not "was", and it _is_ trivial.  And I've
                            run at 98% accuracy with ifile for months (until
                            i went over quota and my data file got nuked.  Need
                            to talk with the dev team about that). --scotsman
                                \_ Okay you've convinced me, what is the
                                   quickest way for me to switch from
                                   using sa to ifile in my .procmailrc?
                                   \_ My .procmailrc is readable.  The scripts
                                      used are in ~scotsman/bin.  I can give
                                      you a large ball of spam to run through
                                      ifile.learn.mailbox as a seed. I use mutt
                                      hooks to retrain messages. my .muttrc is
                                      also readable. but basically, you just
                                      run a mailbox of good mail through
                                      "ifile.learn.mailbox good mailbox"
                                      and a spam ball through
                                      "ifile.learn.mailbox spam mailbox"
                                      the run mail through ifile.inject.header
                                      (or ifile.inject-learn.header to continue
                                      reeducation) --scotsman
                                        \_ Thanks, I'll take a look.
        \_ Are you sure you are just not getting more spam? I have been
           getting a consistent 2-5% false negative with SA from the
           start. -ausman
           \_ testing ifile on my spam spool and known good mail spool,
              it seems that ifile would have tagged 10% of my spam spool
              as good and 0.4% of my good mail as spam.  since i don't
              have separate spools of spamassassin misfiles, i am not
              sure how it compiles.  subjectively it seems ifile is more
              sure how it compares.  subjectively it seems ifile is more
              porous than spamassasin on my mail.  more training required?
              \_ This is after training it on those spools?
                 \_ yep, trained on the spools, then tested on the same
                    spools.  the spam spool is ~15MB, the good one ~7MB.
                    \_ This can be explained away, because it learns the
                       mailboxes one message at a time.  The end data set
                       after learning 1000 messages can skew how earlier
                       messages in that group might be filed.  but, moving
                       forward, the percentages should be much better.  I'm
                       glad to see your false positive number was much lower
                       than your false negatives... I should also have prefaced
                       my percentages by saying that first I ran a 3000+ message
                       spamspool i got from dbushong.  --scotsman
                        \_ My experience with ifile is that it works
                           significantly less well than spamassassin.  It
                           depends on what kind of spam you get, but I've
                           switched on one of my two primary spam-reception
                           accounts, and that one definitely has fewer
                           spam-categorization errors than the other.  -tom
2003/5/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:28438 Activity:nil
5/14    How do I solve the recurrence:
        t(n)=clogn + cn^x + t(n^(1-x)) + t(3n/4),
                where c=constant and 0<x<1?
        \_ Do your own 170 homework.
2003/5/14-15 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:28439 Activity:high
5/14    BSOD in a Beemer:
        \_ As much as I hate M$, there's nothing in the articles that say the
           Beemer involved runs Windoze.
           \_ BMW's more up-market 7-series range uses a computer system
              called i-drive which has Microsoft's WindowsCE at its core.
              \_ the car that had the problem is an older BMW 520.. next years
                 5series will have iDrive too, however the only place WinCE is
                 used in iDrive is the display mechanism / gui mechanism which
                 most likely would barely touch the engine controls and things
                 like windows... etc. I would hardly say that counts as
                 "at its core."
              \_ Yeah I saw that, but the vehicle involved was a 520.
                 \_ I think that the 5 series and 7 series use the
                    same computer system.
                    \_ Perhaps you're referring to the old 7-series? The current
                       5-series is a five or six year old design while the
                       current 7-series is a brand new redesign.
                       \_ next year's 5-series will have the current 7-series
                          computer system.  be afraid.
              \_ While I don't remember anything about BSODs, there is a guy
                 who put videos online of his 740's win ce-based
                 computer system malfunctioning in a variety of situations.
                 \_ early release versions of iDrive firmware had problems.
                    a guy I know with a 745iL said after a couple updates it
                    finally works fine. this seems to be typical for newer cars
                    with fancy onboard computers. even my 2000 audi's computer
                    had annoying glitches at first.
2003/5/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:28440 Activity:nil
5/14    Where can I get a color xterm for Solaris (sparc)?
        \_ Upgrade to Solaris 9 or compile the xterm from XFree86 distribution.
           \_ Has anyone had success compiling the XFree86 distribution on
              solaris?  I can't get very far on it.
                \_ works fine for me, but I've had to learn far more about
                   imake than you ever want to know.  -alan-
        \_ Also available for Solaris 8 on the FreeWare Companion CD from
           Sun.  Probably also on & <DEAD><DEAD>
2018/11/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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