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2003/5/13-14 [Computer/Domains, Finance/Investment] UID:28420 Activity:kinda low
5/12    Does Speakeasy allow to change the reverse DNS resolution for home
        DSL accounts? If not, is there some other affordable ISP that lets
        you change the reverse DNS resolution?
        \_ Curious.  What do you need reverse lookup for?  I've yet to work
           at a company that's done anything with it.
           \_ The PARANOID setting in tcpwrappers denies connections from
              IPs whose forward and reverse lookups don't match.
              \_ then there'll be a huge chunk of the net unable to connect.
                 "paranoia" is not considered a positive trait.  it's a mental
                 \_ lotsa companies have mail servers setup this way already
                    where if you dont have reverse or your reverse doesnt
                    match the domain they reject.
           \_ Beacause it's cool.
2003/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:28421 Activity:high
5/12    I'm making a website for a friend and he'd like to process some
        simple credit card transactions (he's a lawyer and its for one-
        time legal consultations). Anyone know a good way to do this?
        Yahoo and Earthlink both seem to offer services, but I already have
        a full dynamic web app, and thus would prefer to not have to use
        some dumbed-down GUI interface for setting the thing up. thanks.
        \_ Talk to the CC folks you'll be dealing with.  They each have a
           variety of different methods and pricing for cc+net charges.
           There's software on your end to talk to their end on an encrypted
           connection and an API to go with it which the software will deal
           with.  The software's task is generic, do some research and buy
           whatever fits your budget.
           \_ I don't get it... are you saying the banks providing merchant
              accounts will typically provide me w/ an API for processing
              CC transactions?
              \_ no, im saying there *is* a standard api that the people who
                 build the cc software use to talk to the banks.  it's unlikely
                 anyone will give random hacker dude their api.
                 \_ ok, I guess I'm not being clear... what I'm asking for
                    are some recomendations for cc software places
                    \_ I've been looking at a variety of systems and have
                       some notes here :
                       I think I'll be going with ECHO since they have a Java
                       version and my app is mostly JSP/servlets     -brain
                       \_ great! thanks alot.
        \_ rule of thumb-- don't work for a lawyer.
        \_ I use VeriSign.  They offer you APIs to talk to all major
           credit card issuers.  You only pay them a small fee when
           someone charges his/her card.
2003/5/13-14 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:28422 Activity:high
5/13    I'm doing research on Microsoft's rise to a multinational megacorp
        and need info on what they produce elsewhere and import for sale back
        into the US.  I know about the xbox.  There must be other stuff but
        google returns hundreds of thousands of hits for most MS related
        search terms.  Can the motd help me with this?  Anything they ship
        into the US, even they're only stamping the CD's elsewhere or printing
        box covers somewhere else that end up here.  Anything.  Thanks!
        \_ alot of huge companies have a company historian. maybe they have
           one, and maybe they'll help you.  it's worth a try.
           \_ I talked to someone there.  "It's all proprietary company secrets
              that can not be disclosed blah blah blah".  Sigh....
        \_ I just checked the underside of Microsoft keyboard and mouse and the
           labels on both read "Made in Mexico".  --- yuen
           \_ China for me.
            \_ Thanks!  Anyone know of any software they import in any sense?
             \_ Don't they outsource engineers from India?
                \_ Yeah there's stuff in India and maybe China, Russia, Israel
                   and I'm not sure about England or if England is just a local
                   business/sales office but I can't find product names.
        \_ check out business financial news (e.g. yahoo finance). Not sure
           how long the archives go back, but you might find stories about
           M$ acquisitions. Also, check out their SEC yearly reports. They
           often must disclose that they purchased so-and-so company. It's
           at least a place to start.
           \_ I work at a place where I have access to lots of merger
              and acquisition data... I just did a quick search and couldn't
              find any instances where MS purchased a company outside of the
              US, Europe or Canada -- actually, scratch that... two purchases
              in Israel and one in Japan... post your email if you want details
        \_ Doesn't almost every company (hi-tech or otherwise) have their
           products manufactured in other countries?
           \_ Yes, but MS is the subject of my research.  I'm only one guy.
              A company the size of MS should be enough to fill a few volumes.
2003/5/13-15 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28423 Activity:high
5/13    Is there something wrong with spam assassin?  I changed nothing
        in my configuration files, but suddenly none of the junk mails
        are getting processed. Thanks.
           \_ Are you using spamc? If so the problem appears to be that
              spamd isn't running.
                    \_ root has bigger fish to fry and spamd has stopped
                       frequently. I gave up and invoke spamassassin directly
                       now. See crebbs' procmail example above since he does
                       the same.
                       \_ what does root do if not make sure services that a
                          lot of people use keep running?
                                \_ Root is probably studying for finals,
                                   give root a break. - yaalum
                          \_ Um, their classwork? Considering their salary for
                             the job, I think root@soda is doing pretty well.
                             -- alum
                             \_ while 1 { spamd };
                                \_ putting it into cron so that it starts
                                   ever hour or so is better
                                   \_ Well, no. Invoking spamassassin
                                      directly is the correct answer.
                                        \_ If everyone did this, soda
                                           would be unusable.
                                           \_ Your pont? If everyone who
                                              had an account logged into
                                              soda at once, it would be
                                                \_ When a more elegant
                                                   and less resource
                                                   intensive soln is
                                                   available it ought
                                                   to be used. I'm not
                                                   saying that root
                                                   needs to set this
                                                   asap, just whenever
                                                   so that things are
                                                   better for everyone.
 3:06PM  up 112 days, 16:56, 219 users, load averages: 0.69, 0.55, 0.44
        \_ you can look at your email headers and see what (if any) score
           spamassassin is giving those mails.  I have noticed a lot of
           low scoring spam these days.  You can change the rules in
           your .spamassassin/user_prefs file to try to catch some of
           these but you can cause false positives if you are not careful.
           (though, perhaps your like me and if someone sends you HTML-only
           mail, you don't care if you miss it).  -crebbs
           \_ The spam that is getting through doesn't have any of the
              spam assassin headers (X-Spam-Status, X-Spam-Level, or
              X-Spam-Checker-Version) which leads me to believe that
              they never got run through spam assassin or that spam
              assassin didn't do anything to the messages.
              Perhaps the problem is with procmail and not spam
              assassin? - !OP
              \_ If you don't have those fields i assume it isn't going
                 through spamassassin.  You can look at my .forward
                 and .procmailrc if you want to see a setup that works.
                 My last spam was caught at 9:30 this morning.
                 (i'm no expert, just followed a given recipe) -crebbs
                 \_ Thanks. Looks like my problem is with spamc/d.
        \_ Also, you might want to check if the latest version is
        \_ Hmm, I'm having the same problem as well. The last spam caught
           was yesterday @ 6pm. Today, had two pieces of spam without any
           X-Spam headers. Even mailed myself, no X-Spam headers. I haven't
           changed any configuration in quite some time.
           \_ Are you using spamc? If so the problem appears to be that
              spamd isn't running.
              \_ Yup. Should I be using something else?
                 \_ No according to the man pages we should all be using
                    spamc. Someone with root access should start spamd
                    so that spamc starts working again.
                    \_ mail root for this, don't post to the motd
                       root doesn't monitor the motd
                    \_ root has bigger fish to fry and spamd has stopped
                       frequently. I gave up and invoke spamassassin directly
                       now. See crebbs' procmail example above since he does
                       the same.
                       \_ pros & cons of doing this?
                          \_ spamassassin is slower and requires more
                             system resources than spamc.
2003/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:28424 Activity:kinda low
5/13    Is there a way to make Matlab plot something similar to an Excel
        "XY-Scatter plot", where it takes the data points, connects them,
        and also smooths them?
        \_ spline
                \_ But I don't know the shape that I want to fit it to.
                   Specifically, I'm drawing a loop; I have about
                   20 points that make up the loop, but if I just plot
                   them and connect them, it'd be jagged. All I want
                   to do is smooth it all together.
                   \_ lowess using polar coordinates?
                        \_ That's in the Curve Fitting Toolbox, which
                           I don't have. Any other suggestions?  -op
2003/5/13-14 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28425 Activity:high
        \_ just another example of how microsoft announces a product they
           don't intend to finish, just to fuck people over.
           \_ fuck over who exactly?  anyway, the truth is they put this out
              there to see how people would respond and everyone made fun of
              them so they dropped it and retracted.  if the response had been
              positive they sure as hell would've done it.  it wasn't a hoax.
           \_ Okay, now that's just weak.  Why use a sexual reference when a
              scatalogical one would be so much better?
        \_ I'm devastated that i won't get to brows the net while I dump.
           \_ bring your own keyboard
           \_ womens restrooms have dual purpose mousepads
        \_ MS clarifies: Actually, it wasn't a hoax.
           \_ Maybe it was originally a US idea.  Then after it got laughed at
              so much, they blaimed it on the UK division.
              \_ Blame the French!
2003/5/13-14 [Computer/HW] UID:28426 Activity:nil
5/13  This is work safe
        picture wise but might get caught by a text content filter if you
        work at a really tight place.  Everyone else, enjoy!
2003/5/13-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:28427 Activity:high
5/13    Stupid C++ question but I can't get it to compile:
        struct MyStruct {};
        class Super {
          virtual void foo (MyStruct str, int* bar) = 0 {}
          virtual void foo (MyStruct str, unsigned int* bar) {
                        return foo(str, reinterpret_cast<int*>(bar)); }

        class Sub : public Super {
          void foo (MyStruct str, int* bar) {}

        Sub implements foo for a regular int, but should use Super's foo
        for unsigned int.  But whenever I compile I get errors about
        "invalid conversion from `unsigned int*' to `int*'" from code that
        uses an instance of Sub.  Help?
        \_ is foo virtual?
           \_ sorry, yes-- the first foo is virtual, the second is not (though
              I've tried making the 2nd virtual as well.)
        \_ I've put an explanation in ~mconst/pub/overriding-overloading;
           let me know if that answers your question.  --mconst
           \_ I had to go look it up to make sure, but your answer omits the
              using delcaration.  One solution is to add one line:
              class Sub : public Super
                using Super::foo; //imports *all* overloads
                foo (MyStruct struct, int* bar);
              The standard dictates that if you have the same signature from a
              using declaration and a member declaration, the member declaration
              wins. -emarkp
              \_ You're right, that is nicer; I've fixed my explanation.
                 (Unfortunately, though, it doesn't work with gcc 2.95 or
                 with Visual Studio .NET.)  --mconst
                 \_ It worked with VS .NET 2003 (7.1).  I'm not surprised if it
                    didn't work with 2002 (7.0).  The conformance is nearly
                    complete (missing exception specifications and export IIRC).
        \_ You must be explicit with each overload.  C++ rules are that if you
           hide one function, you hide *all* overloads.  Hence foo(Mystruct,
           unsigned int*) is not visible in class Sub.  See
  -- look for "Q55" -emarkp
        \_ thanks for the helpful answers; I tried the using clause but
           didn't get instant results; this is targetted to a platform
           with a rather old version of gcc so I'm just going to suck it
           up and copy-paste into the subclasses.  Thanks again. -op
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