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2003/5/12 [Science/GlobalWarming, Industry/Startup, Computer/SW/Security] UID:28410 Activity:very high
5/11 - just a decent phone company that puts
        money toward good (progressive) causes (for when your email to
        your congressman stops making you feel good).
        \_ Shouldn't they be giving the service free!??  Capitalist swine -
           you are a sell out.
           \_ yermom gives it out for free and she's still swine.
        \_ If they are the cheapest and give (your) money away, then this
           is great. o/w give your own money away, and get the charitable
           deduction for yourself.
           \_ the nice thing about opting for world conscious services such
              as this one is that you show market preference for that type
              of corporation ethic. other companies will clean up their act
              if they see that the conscious stick gets customers.
              \_ wow.... I didn't know people actually believed that....
              \_ Kinda like the U.N. I imagine.
                 \_ Except the UN doesn't make a profit, isn't at all 'world
                    conscious', doesn't provide real services, has no
                    competition, and continues collecting money from it's
                    'members' no matter how well or poorly it does providing
                    no incentive to improve, and has no effective means of
                    controlling either it's own members or it's own staff,
                    officers, and executives who don't ever get reviewed,
                    demoted, fired, or replaced, and is trying to take over
                    the entire world and reduce your national level rights to
                    zero.  Yeah, kinda like that.
                    \_ Except for the profit thing, this sounds exactly
                       like Microsoft!
                       \_ You think the UN and MS are in cahoots?
2003/5/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:28411 Activity:kinda low
5/12    latex gurus please help.  When I complile my latex file to ps and
        look at it with gsview, the figures look fine.  Then, when i convert
        it to pdf, all the text in the figures gets strangely fubared: the
        letters are run into eachother somehow.  What might cause this?
        \_ PDF font embedding?
        \_ try using pslatex to compile and see if that helps.  -hahnak
           \_ ok, so now I tried using ps2pdf on another computer with
              the same file and it worked!  So, in one sense my problem
              is solved, but what the hell happened?  Same program, same
              file, different computer, different font embedding.
                                        ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
              \_ different versions?  different available fonts?  bad magic?
2003/5/12 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:28412 Activity:kinda low
5/11    What is "software pipelining"? Is that like multithreaded stuff
        doing the same task on different processors? I understand hardware
        pipelining completely (took cs152), but don't understand what
        software pipelining is. ok thx.
        \_ It's a way of reducing loop overhead (much like loop-unrolling).
           SW pipelining works by taking replicating the loop body several
           times and staggering them in such a way that the instructions
           appear in reverse order in the loop body but none of the
           instructions have any dependencies within the same iteration.
           This helps place distance between dependent instructions. The
           major problem with SW pipelining is that you need a really
           smart compiler to realize this and there's some startup and
           cleanup code you need to tag on.

           Original Code
           L1: lw  $1 <- MEM
               add $2, $1, $1
               sw  MEM <- $2
               bc  L1

           SW Pipelined Code
               lw  $1 <- MEM
               add $2, $1, $1   lw  $1 <- MEM
           L1: sw  MEM <- $2    add $2, $1, $1   lw  $1 <- MEM   bc L1
                                sw  MEM <- $2    add $2, $1, $1
                                                 sw  MEM <- $2
                \_ so does this require VLIW (issueing 3 cmds in 1 cycle?)
                   \_ I wrote it in column format to illustrate how to
                      convert the original code into SW pipelined code.
                      It has nothing to do with multi-issue.
                   \_ Multi-issue helps. There's two big reasons to SWP.
                      One is to take advantage of more instruction-level
                      parallelism (ILP), because you're running more
                      instructions concurrently. But even if you don't have
                      multi-issue, you can still get better latency tolerance
                      by interleaving instructions from other iterations
                      while waiting for a long-latency instruction to
                      complete (in the example above, the load [lw] might
                      take a long time to return).
        \_ one way people use the term is in threaded programming models,
           where you have a thread (or pool of threads) to handle a specific
           task which then passes work on to another thread/threads.
           \_ comment on my reply, the above poster has the more common usage.
2003/5/12 [Uncategorized] UID:28413 Activity:nil
5/11    God damn, somebody, please point out who censored the thread please.
2003/5/12 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:28414 Activity:very high
5/11    "Doctors say spitting, sometimes referred to as China's national
        pastime, can propel droplets to others and inadvertently spread SARS."
        Can someone explain how/why spitting is a pastime?
        \_ just more white racism.
        \_ isn't the implication obvious? stereotypically speaking,
           chinese guys (well, the ones from asia) spit a lot.
           -chinese guy that doesn't spit a lot
           \_ wow, this is one i hadn't heard before or noticed. is this a
              China or Taiwan or all chinese in general thing?
              -another chinese guy who rarely spits
              \_ Can only vouch for Shanghai and Fujian province, but yes,
                 all sorts of people were hawking all over the place.
                 Watched this very beautiful young lady walk down the
                 street, pause, and hawk a loud one before she continued
                 sashaying.  Talk about culture shock.
                 \_ I'll vouch for jiangsu province--same thing.  snot shots
                 \_ "sashaying".  What a beautiful word.  Thanks for using it.
                    \_ you're welcome!
           \_ this is Chinese in general thing.  Taiwan had a movement
              to get rid of it and had pretty good degree of success.
              Beijing is doing the same after they won the Olympic bid.
              Beijing is deadily serious about it now :p
              \_ In Hong Kong twenty or so years ago they started fining people
                 HK$2000 (~US$400, with the exchange rate back then) for
                 spitting onto the ground.
        \_ Yankee go home.
        \_ I disagree.  Among those under 40, I actually find Americans spit
           more.  Maybe they are just learning from their baseball players.
           \_ I've never seen anyone spit unless they had something vile like
              a bug fly into their mouth.  Dunno which barns you're hanging
              out in.  Keep your racism and ageism to yourself, thanks.
              \_ You need to pop your head out of the pig's arse once in a
                 \_ You mean I need to hang out in barns and sleep in the
                    swill with the likes of you?  It's a bad thing that I
                    don't hang out with spitting gutter trash like you?
                    \_ Next time when our national pasttime is on, stop
                       hanging out with the pig and yersis in the barn, go
                       home, turn on the TeeVee and watch the spit fly.
        \_ I think smoking is the real national pasttime there.
        \_ I agree with the article and I'm chinese.  The general perception
           amongst the non-mainland chinese is that the mainlanders are
           backward rural people with poor personal hygiene.  I thought it
           was a stereotype until I came into contact with them.  Damn.  Not
           only do the men smoke a lot, they smoke in front of their children
           and yes, they do spit a lot also.  Also they don't wash their hands
           after going to the bathroom.  That's one reason why I almost never
           go to chinese restaurants.  And reason why I never want to go to
           china either.   The bathrooms are china are scary.  No toilet
           paper and often no doors!  that's right, you crap out in the open.
           \_ Plus the toilets are squatters, you're lucky if you have a three
              foot high partition, and you have to pay for the experience.
           \_ RACIST!
              \_ on the bus from one city to another, we stopped for a roadside
                 break. there were public toilets in the back of one bldg. no
                 doors on the 2 entrances to the bathrooms, and you could see
                 a row of squatting toilets. ppl tried to use the less obvious
                 ones cause when you gotta go, you gotta go. some ppl just
                 stuck their hands in the common hand washing bucket instead
                 using the supplied handled cup to get a dunk of water to pour
                 over your hands. Needless to say, I just held my bladder until
                 we got to our destination. It was gross, and unsanitary. It's
                 not RACIST, just 3rd world conditions. also, people on the bus
                 threw their trash in the middle aisle of the bus. yeech!
                 \_ What is racist isn't their conditions but your holier than
                    thou attitude about it.  It was gross?  They 'live' like
                    that every single day!  'yeech!'  Oh yeah?  Well what did
                    *you* do to help improve their situation?  Wore a condom
                    when you had sex with the 12 year old enslaved prostitute?
                    \_ I'm not the original "racist" poster, and this is just
                       commentary of my trip in China. There isn't anything I
                       could do personally to help them like building new
                       toilets at every bus stop and so forth. However, I'm
                       sure that my spending of tourist dollars in their
                       economy must have helped someone. Sorry, but that's the
                       best I can do. Perhaps, both you and the original poster
                       can both work on your attitudes. that said, I really
                       enjoyed my trip to China and would go back in a heartbeat,
                       if I had the $$$ and there was no SARS. China is still
                       3rd world, but is quickly catching up. There is still
                       something special about old China and it was great to
                       experience it before they modernize and it's all lost.
                       In my experience, a lot of city folks look down on the
                       ppl from the countryside which since it's in China,
                       cannot be called racism (classism?). But they are the
                       pillars of the new economy, and the countryside is very
                       beautiful, and these ppl tend to be quite nice in general.
                       A lot of ppl working the restaurants are from the
                       countryside and no one ever seems to say "thank you"
                       to them, I did, though. and those were some of the most
                       genuinely beautiful smiles I saw while I was there. Oh,
                       and I didn't have sex with 12 year olds.
                       \_ How many of you people disgusted with spitting
                          get or give blowjobs?
2003/5/12-14 [Computer/Networking] UID:28415 Activity:low
5/12    I'm doing some structured wiring for my home.  I have only been
        able to find composite cables that contain 2 cat-5 and 2 coax into
        a single cable.  I can't seem to find one that contains 3 cat-5 and
        2 coax.  Anybody done this before and have found a vendor with such
        a cable?  Thanks.
        \_ This doesn't actually answer your question, but when I have some
           random cable problem, i check l-com first. they have lots of stuff.
        \_ There are plenty of companies that make custom cables at reasonable
           rates/foot if your exact cable needs aren't available.
2003/5/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:28416 Activity:insanely high
5/12    Oakland High teens get grilled by Secret Service
        What did they say? "Gonna put a cap in that fool's ass"?
        \_ Card-carrying Republican signing in to say, how inane.  I wish more
           conservatives would figure out the line between security and
           \_ Right on.  A little more common sense on everyone's part
              would serve us well.  -op
           \_ I agree in part.  However, we have to remember how we got to
              this point.  How has the Federal government accumulated all
              of this power and intrusive involvement into virtually every
              aspect of our lives.  More importantly how has it accumulated
              the resources (ie money) to organize such violations.
              This irony seems to escape the liberal polity.
              The article, BTW, is garbage and provides absolutely zero
              information about what happened.  Its unreasonable to
              speculate without more information.
              \_ FASCIST!  DOWN WITH WHITEY!
              \_ could you elaborate on "this irony" for the more dense of us?
                \_ Income tax enacted by Wilson, War on Poverty from Johnson,
                   Social Security and everything else from FDR, etc. etc. etc.
                   Liberals created the monster, but both political parties
                   avail themselves of it.  A welfare state is not compatible
                   with liberty - the founders knew this in the 1700's, and said
                   as much.
                   \_ hey are you that guy with the mustache passing
                      Lyndon LaRouche literature on Sproul?  You are
                      awesome. - danh
                   \_ Just curious, do you think that the Scandinavians
                      have liberty? Why or why not?
           \_ I don't see why conservatives back Bush.  Bush is about as
              conservative as Castro is communist.  Real conservatives want
              US out of UN and US out of Israel, because we need to take care
              of our own first.  - Real Conservative.
              \_ analgous argument for liberals and Gore (or the Democratic
                 party for that matter).  - Real Liberal.
                 \_ do you regret voting for Nader?
                    \_ for one, I don't live in a contested state (FL), so,
                       no. However, even that aside, no, I don't regret it
                       since I don't think Gore would have done much for the
                       problems that I feel the country is faced with. I
                       think its ultimately more valuable for a thrid party
                       candidate like Nader to gain popularity than to
                       elect an almost-Republican to office.
              \_ isolationism is dangerous. we are a global power;
                 castrating our foreign policy would be folly. --aaron
                 \_ unfortunately, what we are doing right now is
                    constantant expansion of our interest, much like
                    what British was doing 150 years ago.
2003/5/12-14 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28417 Activity:high
5/12    Where can I buy N95 masks for SARS?  I need to send some overseas to
        some relatives.  I called <DEAD><DEAD>, but they're out of stock.
        Thanks in advance.
        \_ fyi, I ended up paying inflated prices on ebay. -op
        \_ I should normally insert new comments at the bottom, but I make
           an exception this time.  For ordinary, untrained folks, a regular
           unless you come into really close contact with  patients.
           mask is good enough and is actually neither useful nor recommended
           unless you come into close contact with patients.
           Otherwise it is just about as useful as burning vinegar (read:
           useless and meaningless.)  By reading all accounts of the spread
           of the disease so far, it is clear that SARS is far less spreadable
           likely to be caught by surprise.
           than flu or cold in its current form (or you would have it by now)
           but because it is a new type of disease, our immune system are more
           likely to be caught by surprise.  Personal (especially hand) hygiene
           is far more important.  Most people are not trained to wear masks
           of any kind, esp. not the ones designed for medical professional.
           They are likely to move it around, lifting it with unclean hands
           etc.  So please, get more sense and do not spread more rumor and
           create more confusion.  Can you tell you relatives/friends in
           Beijing/Taipei or wherever (-1) not to panic (the disease
           has killed less in total so far than any one of the common
           diseases does in each and every day), (0) to carry on life but stay
           vigilant, (1) not to spit, (2) to wash their hands after toilet and
           before meals or touching soft tissures
           such as eyes, mouth, or, private parts , (3) to be
           responsible and conscientious?  The people in Beijing originally
           thought this is just a problem in Guangzhou and took no notice.
           The people in Taiwan thought this was just a mainland problem and
           they just barred entries of all mainlanders and began celebrating
           the superiority of themselves.  Both were surprised by local
           chains of transmissions.  Disease can start in a hog farm in Ohio
           or Guanzhou, but it can affect anyone.  People in poorer regions
           have less resource to cope with it.  If you guys (not just the
           original poster) are feeling supposedly so different and
           superior for being here, maybe you want it reflected in your
           thoughtfulness and knowledge, rather than the lack thereof?
           Oh yes, the masks.  Forget about it.  They have plenty of masks
           that work.
           \_ ok, so masks are useless.  but it sounds like latex gloves
              might not be a bad idea in certain circumstances, yes?
              like handling money, if you do that at work, or using public
              terminal keyboards, etc.  are people doing that?
           \_ THANK *YOU*
                        roaming in Taipei, not wearing masks, and being
                        treated as an outcast
           \_ Buddy, if I were in Taipei and forced to wear masks everywhere,
              I would be wearing an N95 or N99 mask.  I've also done the
              same research as you have.

           \_ One could argue that the masks are having a "placebo" effect.
              At least people can carry on with their daily lives by wearing
              these masks, as opposed to staying at home and being totally
              afraid to go outside.
        \_ where are you sending them to?  I just sent 500 N95 masks to
           relative in Beijing. I bought 3 cases from a 3M supplier in
           Anaheim.  How many do you want?  I can sell some.  -nivra
        \_ If you are sending it to Taiwan, then, here is a suggestion:
           package it using boxes other than medical supplier.  Ship
           them in small quantities seperately.  Our great democratic
           government is confiscating masks mailed from overseas in the name
           of greater public goods.
           \_ urlP
              \_ #t
              \_ ???
                 \_ Please provide URL if you can.  google returns something
                    but would like something more official.
                    \_ I heard the same from my dad in Taiwan (!original
                    \_ I heard that from the TV news here in TW.
           \_ The govt in Mainland China is confiscating masks at mask
              factorie so they won't be shipped to Taiwan to those who have
              placed orders.
        \_ Try any of the drug stores.  They usually carry some masks.
           However, the three stores I tried last week were out.  My
           aunt in Manhattan were able to get 50 N95 masks.
        \_ is there *any* evidence at all that masks provide any protection
           against SARS?
              \_ The N95 masks are designed to filter out 95% of airborn
                 allergens.  There are N99 masks which are a bit more
                 expensive, but are more likely to keep out virus molecules.
                 The main problem is that listed above, that they should be
                 specially fitted to the wearer and unless they're worn
                 correctly offer no protection.
                 The main point of masks for SARS is to keep virus particles
                 from being aerosolized.  When someone coughs, most of the
                 virus stops at the mask... for that case, even a cotton
                 mask will do.
           \_ No.  go to CDC and WHO websites, they tell you that masks
              are only necessary for medical staff who takes care of the
              patients.  N95 is rated for TB, so, technically, not even
              N95 is proven to be effective against SARS.

              I am in Taiwan righ now and refuse to wear masks.  You can't
              imagine what kind of social outcast I am right now.

              Most effective means of preventing SARS is isolation and
              containment.  But such measure has drastic short-term economic
              consequences, that people prefer an easier way out, despite
              it doesn't serve any usefulness other than sooth the psychie
              of hysterical public.

              In the mean time, the Taiwan government is more worry about
              using this SARS as a stage to get into WHO than trying to
              contain the disease.
              \_ The Mainland Chinese govt worried more about keeping Taiwan
                 out of WHO than trying to help the people in Taiwan, or at
                 least letting them help themselves, to contain the disease.
           \_ No, it's a spread by contact, like a handshake.  However, in
              china/taiwan masks are being used as a fashion statement now
              note the designs of hello kitty and other pop culture icons
              on them.
              \_ WHO web site, SARS epidemiology:
                 "SARS appears to be spread most commonly by close
                 person-to-person contact involving exposure to infectious
                 droplets, and possibly by direct contact with infected body
                 WHO also says N99/N100 recommended for hospital staff
                 treating SARS patients.  Because, you know, these screen
                 out droplets.
           \_ No, but the WHO still recommends N95 masks for visitors to
              SARS patients and N99/N100 masks for health care workers
              in direct contact with them.  You have that Hong Kong hotel
              where 300 occupants got SARS, and the leading theory is a
              leak in a pipe, but who knows how everyone got it?
              \_ typhoid mary hooker.
        \_ I was astounded yesterday to see three asian kids down by JLS
           with masks on...
        \_ Home Depot. Look in the paint department.
        \_ Try 3M.
                \_ I prefer moldex. They fit better and
                   don't collapse as easy.
2003/5/12-14 [Computer] UID:28418 Activity:kinda low
        \_ Please tell me they're going to post pix of the winners of the
           Trinity lookalike contest.  -daddy needs new wallpaper
           \_ daddy needs a subscription if he wants to wank
              \_ if you're wanking to your wallpaper, it's probably not
2003/5/12-14 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:28419 Activity:nil
5/12    Are there any "good" Windows capturing softwares out there that is
        capable of capturing every action of an application that I specify?
        Such as all of the typings in Word, Excel, Emacs, IM, Explorer,
        NetMeeting.  Best if it also capture sounds in addition to to the
        actions performed within the application.  I have searched at Google,
        but have only found softwares that are capable of capturing to images
        and an alpha that does what I want, but crashes too often.  Best if
        everything is captured in either AVI or MPG3 formats.
        \_ point a digital video camera at the screen.
        \_ Camtasia.  I gave useful information on the motd, and feel dirty.
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