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2003/5/11-12 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan, Health/Disease/General] UID:28404 Activity:high
5/11    Please support Taiwan's bid to enter WHO.
        \_ Idoit.  Taiwan is already in th WHO... as province of China.
           People are dying here, health infrascture is over-burdened
           to the point of near collapsing.  Instead of trying to advance
           your political agenda, why don't you try to do something useful,
           such as mail medical supplies (masks, thermometers) to the island,
           and /or write a letter to  the central government tto pressure them
           to take some effective measures  to contain the spread of disease,
           however draconian it might be.  While you at it, why don't you
           pressure the government to allow journalist to visit the
           infected areas of the city.  The government is supressing the
           actual severity of the disease right now.
           \_ Given the stand-up job the PRC's done with SARS so far, it's
              in Taiwan's best interest to deal directly with the WHO-- AND
              get donations of medical supplies.  Don't pretend this is an
              either-or situation.
              \_ If you looked carefuly, Taiwan has been dealing with
                 WHO directly. And I am in Taiwan right now, I can tell you
                 not WHO, not GOD, but only Taiwan itself can contain the
                 disease.  All WHO can do is give out actuate information
                 and suggestion on what they should of done.  And if you
                 looked at how other country / region have successfully
                 dealing with disease:  Singapore, Beijing, Vietnam, Hong
                 Kong, all of them have taken draconian measures to limit
                 the movement of people.  That is what Taiwan need
                 right now.  Enter WHO as a soverign nation is a political
                 issue, and I can tell you right now because the
                 Administration in Taiwan is doing the samething you are
                 trying to do, i.e. advance Taiwan's political agenda
                 instead of dealing with the disease directly, people here
                 are suffering.
                 \_ Nothing you have said invalidates the induction of
                    Taiwan into the WHO.  I agree with you that the powers
                    that be in Taiwan need to focus more on helping their
                    people, but surely they have the resources to address
                    both agendae.
              \_ given its size, its population, and how backward their
                 medical infrastructure, China is doing a relatively good
                 job compare with Taiwan.
           \_ Doesn't Taiwan not recognize itself as a province of China?
            \_ this would be a wonderful time for the long lost
               province and the mother country to MERGE and form
               a superpowered new SARS hybrid and kill each other.
              \_ based upon its constitution, yes.

        \_ Is there really a hope that a bunch of anti-social Berkeley CS
           geeks could make a difference though?
           \_ Do what geeks always do: bitch and moan and maybe fire off an
              email, pat yourself on the back for thinking globablly, acting
              locally and forget about it until next time a fix of self-
              righteousness is needed.
2003/5/11-12 [Industry/Startup] UID:28405 Activity:moderate
5/10    Who would you rather work for? A company that generates spam (not a
        legit direct marketer, but an honest to goodness spammer) or microsoft
        spam company
        \_ There are a lot of legal stupidity among the spammers of late.
           They've made a few major slips both legally and politically. The
           FTC hearings of late have had some refreshing displays of how
           some of these people behave.  Work for them, and you'll 1) feel
           filthy, and 2) probably get way screwed over.
        \_ The legal climate seems to be turning against spammers.  M$ seems
           more likely to be a stable job in the long run.
        \_ both involve selling your soul to the devil, but working for M$
           mean decent stock options.
           \_ stock options?  at current market value?  their stock isn't going
              anywhere.  the days of MS minting millionaires are long gone.  go
              to MS for what is probably a more stable salary.  It isn't 1998.
2003/5/11-12 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:28406 Activity:very high
5/11    Don't use motdedit and die a painful death.
        \_ Uhm, how about "Fuck off and Die" or "Suck my ass, beyotch" as
           rebuttals to your oh so convincing argument.
        \_ whatever.  it isn't mandatory so screw you.  you can't control
           the motd so why bother trying?
            \_ Why be nice? Because it is BETTER if everybody is polite.
        \_ aside from that cute little check for kinney drivle, why is this
           any better than vi? vi also locks the file while its open.
           \_ vi plays nice with motdedit, but other things do not play
              nice with vi.  this is why motdedit exists.  Try "me" if
              motdedit takes too long to type. --scotsman
2003/5/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:28407 Activity:high
5/11    \_ okay, for anyone who cares to see the Matrix in DLP
           Loews at the Metreon has DLP showings at:
           9am, 1230pm, 410pm, 740pm, 1110pm
           \_ Why would one want to see Matrix in DLP since the movie was not
              shot on digital like AOTC? I would think the DLP version would
              be worse since there would be A->D conversion artifacts.
              \_ which may or may not be worse than the artifacts of the A->A
                 process of film duplication.
              anybody try the AMC 1000 at Van Ness?
           \_ I just called the Metreon and they claim they aren't showing
              the Matrix in DLP.
              \_ Did you talk to a person or did you listen to a recording?
                 \_ I spoke with an actual person.  At first she said it
                    was available in theater #15, but then she double-checked
                    and said it wasn't availabe in any theaters.
                    \_ Bitch set me up! --Jon
                       \_ Represent!
2003/5/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:28408 Activity:moderate
5/11    Clearly someone needs to develop some kind of universal translator:
        \_ I don't read anything outa anymore. Al Jazera #1 fan.
2003/5/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Academia/UCLA] UID:28409 Activity:high
5/11    I have been accepted to UCLA for Fall 03 (CS & Engr) and to Berkeley
        for Spring 04 (EECS), granted that I take a community college class
        in Fall. Is Berkeley worth waiting for and why?
        \_ yes.
        \_ Are you posting for someone or is this for grad school?  If the
           latter it's all about your advisor.
           \_ It's for undergrad and I attended Berkeley for summer school
              last summer (CS61a).
        \_ wait for Berkeley. Have fun in community college.
        \_ I think I'd rather get started on college, IMO. You didn't make
           Berkeley, so why wait? UCLA is good enough, unless there's an
           overwhelming reason you don't want to be in LA. UCB has the
           better program, of course, if you're really serious - but if
           you're really serious you wouldn't have to take a CC class. --dim
           \_ what's the rush for?  I don't think there is really a rush.
              Good things are worth the wait.
        \_ BS EECS from Cal is a *MUCH* better degree than BS CS from
           UCLA. Cal EECS teaches you stuff about computers and
           programming, just about how to use win32 and java. While
           you are in school it is also much easier to get summer
           interships in the bay area if you attend Cal (there aren't
           as many CS type companies in the LA area). Once you
           graduate, it is much easier to get a job or get into grad
           school if you have a BS EECS from Cal.
           You should wait for Cal and have a good time in CC.
        \_ If you want to have a bitter & lousy time in school and have a
           blast after you graduate, go to Cal. I had a miserable time in
           Cal. Forget about dating and meeting people and having fun, you
           will most likely spend your miserable junior/senior years in
           Cory Hall and/or Soda Hall. On the other hand it's much easier
           getting a job after college with a Cal degree. So it's your
           choice. UCLA is a pretty well balanced school. UCB is a really
           competitive & academic school w/ugly uptight chicks. Trade offs
           ya know.
           \_ It wasn't THAT bad, man.  If you keep up and don't turn into a
              total slacker you can maintain a healthy social life and still
              earn a decent GPA.  I did it, and I'm pretty stupid.
                \_ Don't sell yourself short - you are exceptionally stupid.
                   \_ I'm stupider that you can possibly imagine.  But at
                      least I can post to motd correctly.
                      \_ DV: When I left, I was but the learner; now I
                         am the dumbass.
                         BK: Only a dubmbass of evil, Darth.  If you strike
                         me down now, I will become stupider than you
                         can possibly imagine.
                         BK: Only a dubmbass of evil, Darth.  If you
                         censor my motd posts now, I will become stupider
                         than you can possibly imagine.
           \_ just because you were a pathetic low life geek at cal doesn't
              mean everyone was.  Stop hating and start recogonzing you were
              just fucking lame back then.
           \_ there are over 15,000 women at Cal.  If you can't find one, you
           \_ There are a lot of hot chicks at Cal and several of us were
              getting them when I was in school.  Let me give you a starting
              tip on what it takes: shower everyday.  I had a blast at Cal and
              a blast afterwards.  I had a mediocre GPA and it didn't matter
              because after my first job no one asked.  GPA is only for people
              going to grad school.  The rest of us did just fine getting laid
              all the time, thanks.  Oh yeah hint #2: the hot chicks aren't in
              the labs at cory/soda.  Go take some fuzzy classes P/NP.  You
              only live once, don't fuck it up for some random number.
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