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2003/5/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28359 Activity:high
5/6     Thank you mindless boring axe wielding Self Appointed Motd Censor
        for cutting yesterday's motd to ribbons!  It allows us all the
        opportunity to learn what is important in your life without the
        worry and bother of sorting through all these other topics!  I
        have restored the motd in order to allow us all to see your
        brilliance again and again!  --SAMC #1 Fan
        \_ Wow. I'm so enlightened now that crap is back. Could you please
           get rid of it again now, samc?
           \_ A clear case of 'missing the point'.  The threads had enough
              interest to enough people that they grew to what they were.  If
              they were crap they wouldn't have.  If SAMC had actually posted
              something for once instead of just deleting stuff mindlessly the
              motd would be more interesting.  This isn't *your* motd.  We're
              not all here to keep you personally entertained.  There are many
              threads here of no interest to me at all but I don't purge them
              as crap because of it.  It does no harm to allow others to
              discuss topics of no interest to you.
        \_ great. now you've restored two suck-ass threads.  Can you feel
           the surge of free speech?
           \_ suck ass?  You're what?  16?  Maybe a thread on Britney is more
              your thing?
              \_ Grow up son -- sometimes people swear....even adults.  Deal.
                 \_ what's really funny is that you just insulted some random
                    anonymous person by saying they're immature for calling
                    some other random anonymous person immature.
                    \_ True, but you seem to have missed the point.
        \_ as much as I hate SAMC, I think the below two threads have been
           stagnating for a while... they were interesting but seem to ahve
           run their course.
           \_ They were still getting traffic, it had just slowed a bit.
              Anyway, my gripe isn't that dead or even slow threads get killed.
              It's that they'll get killed and nothing will be posted to
              replace them.  Yesterday's thread is better than an empty file.
              Also, SAMC tends to leave plenty of dead threads around so I
              know they're not getting killed due to age or lack of activity.
        \_ I am SAMC Fan #1, not you.  - SAMC Fan #1
        \_ samc can also mean stupid anonymous motd censor.  --jon
2003/5/7 [Academia/UCLA] UID:28360 Activity:very high
5/7     To the guy who posted this yesterday:
        \_ UCB = last.  How could you possibly think UCB >> UCD?  They've
           got all those healthy and friendly farm girls.  UCB has drug
           addict whores putting out for hits and taking third helpings in
           the food line at the dorms.
           \_ but this sounds more like Wm. S. Burroughs-esque paranoid
              fantasy than any kind of reality.
              \_ how so?  it seems more empirical than theory.  check out the
                 garbage chicks on sproul.  now drag yourself out to davis
                 and see what's there.  compare and contrast. 6-8 pages. due
                 at monday's lecture.
                 \_ A-hah. I thought it was a description of "drug addict
                    whores..." in the dorms. My bad, I suppose.
           \_ csua motd observations on women: it's like high school, only
              with even less chance of you getting laid.
              \_ Getting laid at college is easier than finding a hooker in
                 Oakland.  If you can't get laid now it'll be near impossible
                 after you graduate.
        You're one very funny dude.  Can you give us a screen name to call
        you by?  Like "psb #1 fan" or "BDG".  I like your humor and I want
        to be a #1 fan.  Thanks.
        \_ Thanks for the kudos.  I'll keep posting but it'll be anonymous.
           Just enjoy the motd for what it is.  --anonymous motd comic
           \_ Keep 'em coming! -AMC #2 fan
              \_ not to be confused with SAMC
        \_ GIrl ranking: UCLA > UCSD > UCSB > UCI > UCR > UCD > UCSC > UCB
           Academic ranking: UCB > UCLA > UCSD > UCI > UCD > UCSB|UCSC|UCR
           \_ Seems like UCLA has the best deal then.
                \_ that comment depends on your priority and point of view.
                   GO BEAH!!!
                   \_ Hot chicks are the only thing important.  The rest is
                      bullshit.  You're at school for a GPA?  Crazy....
           \_ That reminds me of a past ranking of ten trucks, er, SUVs,
              involving Mercedes ML320 and Jeep Grand Cherokee.  In the on-road
              category, ML320 ranked #1 and GC ranked #2, while in the off-road
              category, GC ranked #1 and ML320 ranked last in the last.   So
              UCB <--> ML320 and UCLA <--> GC.
              \_ That reminds me of a recent survey of technical fields
                 to see who used the most obutuse metaphors and who used the
                 most obtuse analogies.  CS <----> CS.
           \_ I was recently at my sister's UCLA graduation. There was so much
              eye candy.
              \_ Yes, but they mostly aren't students. West LA has some of the
                 most beautiful women anywhere, but I'm not sure UCLA can
                 take credit for them. --dim
                 \_ Nah, there are lots of hot women at UCLA itself.
                    \- this is true ... the "walking around westwood"
                       experience is well beyond the "walking down
                       telegraph" one --psb
                       \_ hold your nose going down telegraph
                 \_ The non-student gals were just there hoping to be picked up
                    by some hotshot MBA grads.
                    \_ yeah so?
           \_ Any idea about H0T A4N CH1X rankings? Does this sound right?
              UCI > UCLA > UCSB > UCSD > UCR > UCSC > UCB > UCD
        \_ Don't forget to do boy rankings. Perhaps, CSUAs female members
           can rank UC boys. Would be interesting to hear the other side.
           \_ why would this be interesting?  The rankings are totally
              unrelated.  men look for hot bodies.  women look for money and
              power potential for LTR and bikers for quickie hot sex.
           \_ Forget ranking the campuses. I think the CSUA female member(s)
              should vote on a "Men of CSUA" calendar as a fundraiser.
           \_ Pfft.  With commentary like the above, I think we can
              assume that UCB's going to end up last.
           \_ Frat Boys > Co-Op Members > Dormers > Live At Home Boys >
              Liberal Arts Geeks  > Drama Geeks > Bio Majors > CS Majors
              > Band Geeks > Average CSUA Member
              \_ And where do I belong?  I am a frat boy, a MCB major and a
                 CSUA member.
                 \_ How do frat boys and co-opers top that list, for
                    either sex?  Gimme a freshman dorm resident any day.
                    \_ Point.  Perhaps:
                       Handsome&&Built&&Smart&&Social >
                       Handsome&&Smart&&Social >
                       Handsome&&Social >
                       Smart&&Social | Handsome&Built >
                       Social >
                       Built | Handsome >
              \_ anyone who needs to identify as any of those or other
                 classifications is a loser.
2003/5/7 [Computer/Rants] UID:28361 Activity:kinda low
5/6     Whatever happened with that Peruvian bill to mandate free software?
        The letter by Villanueva and Bill Gates visiting and all the rest--
        did the bill pass?
        \_ Since they're not buying more than 2% of their software anyway, does
           it really matter?
           \_ just curious.
2003/5/7 [Uncategorized] UID:28362 Activity:nil
5/6     I'm starting to sneeze like my father.  Is there anything I can do?
        \_ If your eye offends you, pluck it out.
        \_ kill your father
        \_ what's wrong with how your father sneezes?
2003/5/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Politics/Domestic] UID:28363 Activity:nil
5/7     What is the difference between a conservative and a neo-conservative?
        And why does the Self Appointed Motd Censor keep deleting this?
        \_ samc has a small penis, and so he needs the feeling of power
           that splattering motd entries gives
2003/5/7-8 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:28364 Activity:high
5/7     "Microsoft Plans Toilets With Web Access "
        Now, who wants to use a keyboard that has been touched by a thousand
        other people while they wiped their butts and genitals?
        \_ Only a thousand?
        \_ This is a question you may not want to address to motd users.
        \_ Well, you used the lab computers, didn't you?
           \_ Oh no!  And I was eating my sandwich with bare hands too!
           \_ Yeah I always used gloves if you used it before me.
        \_ This was on the motd almost a week ago.
           \_ yes, although there was no explicit mention of genitals the
              first time.
        \_ Great, more shitty products.
        \_ I'd hate to be in there when the server crashed.
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