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2003/5/3-4 [Recreation/Music] UID:28310 Activity:very high
5/2     Re: Apple Music service -- It's pretty cool! I couldn't find the
        first few things I was looking for, but I eventually found something
        I was interested in (Linton Kwesi Johnson's "Fite Dem Back").
        The price is reasonable, and the sound quality very good.
        \_ here's a challenge: name any industry that has lead as strong
           an attack on the rights of Americans as the RIAA/MPAA.
           fuck these assholes.  I'll buy music when i know my money
           actually goes to the musicians, not to pay for a legal war
           against the American consumer and in particular engineers.
           until then i'll just listen to my shitty magnetic tapes from the
           \_ why bother with tapes when you can download good quality
              music with software like kazaa?
        \_ Uhm ok and why would you do this when there's P2P?
           \_ You've obviously never used P2P.  After looking for a song, and
              choosing among the various bit-rates, etc., half the time I get
              a download that is damaged or sounds bad.  Besides that, I'm
              willing to pay a buck a song--if I buy the song, maybe more music
              I like will be made.  If I don't, there's no incentive.  -Not OP
              \_ There's no incentive anyway.  Music isn't made based on some
                 sort of feedback loop.  They make music and then push it via
                 radio and mtv until the kids brains turn to mush and there's
                 little else easily available.  Until they create the next fad.
                 \_ OH My God!  Pink is the new orange!
                    \_ No, that was last year.  This year black is the new
                       black.  Can't you keep up with simple trends?
        \- Does anyone know how much of that $.99 goes to apple, how much to
           the RIAA and how much to the musician? my guess would be 60, 35, 4.
           \_ Your guess would be paying musicians about 20 times what they
              are paid on CD sales.
              \_ that still doesn't make it any more palatable
              \_ 4 cens on the dollar is 20x what they are paid on cds? I
                 think not.  4 cents on the dollar is about what they are paid
                 on CDs based on my recollection of the heresay about the one
                 famous band that i've met personally and know friends of. There
                    how the RIAA etc would try ti quash that. --psb
                 is absolutely know way that artists (successful ones anyway)
                 make only .2 cents on the dollar.  Stop believing all the
                 communist hype you are spoon fed. (teachers are not underpaid
                        You'd work 50+ hours per week trying to teach _/
                        20+ kids things they don't want to learn and
                        deal with parents who aren't willing to take
                        responsibility for their children for less
                        than $45k per year (or $21k per year for
                        starting teachers)? Stop talking out of your
                        \_ I think $45k is probably a good average, but where
                        I work (K-12 district) starting is $40k, $48k after 2
                        years, and you top out at $70k if you have a master's.
                        Decent benefits, impossible to get fired, etc... high
                        compared to blue collar work, but low for a job that
                        requires a college degree. probably more than most
                        artists, journalists, musicians, writers, etc.
                           \_ It's not a real college degree.  I know someone
                              who got the $70k+ range and after her first 2
                              years just rehashed the same lesson plans and
                              did as little as humanly possible like the rest
                              of the slackers she worked with.
                        \_ 1) Teachers don't do 50+ hours.
                              \_ my sister used to be an elementary school
                                 teacher and easily put in 50+ hours and
                                 she wasn't putting in any more time than
                                 any of the other teachers at her school
                                 \_ Because she knows what the other teachers
                                    did at home, huh?  Riiiiight.
                           2) Most kids want to learn if the teacher doesn't
                              suck.  There's nothing wrong with kids today.
                           3) Parents have nothing to do with it.  I didn't
                              have a single friend in k-12 with parents that
                              did anything more than show at a parent teacher
                              meeting once a year, yet most of the kids did
                              all their homework, learned stuff, and got decent
                              grades they actually earned.
                           4) Yes, I know actual real teachers who are working
                              in California K-12 right now.  I'm more motivated
                              at work after giving notice than they are during
                              normal days.  I've got no sympathy for the poor
                              oppressed unionized teachers who are fucking up
                                       anecdotal evidence? Are you trying to
                                       look foolish?
                              the school system and the kids for their own
                              lazy asses.
                              \_ I know half a dozen teachers. They all work
                                 hard and all but one is very motivated.
                                 You are full of crap.
                                 \_ Wow your anecdotal evidence sure made
                                    mince meat outta me!  Ow!  I'll bet none of
                                    your highly motivated hard working teachers
                                    has been at it for more than about 3 years.
                                    When you have something to say worth the
                                    bits you can come back and say it and you
                                    won't be mocked.
                                    \_ Point 4 was anecdotal. You mock someone
                                       who uses anecdotal evidence against
                                       anecdotal evidence?
                                       \_ I made several statements only one
                                          of which was anecdotal.  The reply
                                          was 100% anecdotal.  Back to basic
                                          reading comp. for you.  Thanks.  I
                                          still haven't seen an answer to how
                                          many years these highly motivated
                                          friends have taught which is a key
                                          question.  Teachers spend a lot of
                                          time in the first few years making
                                          lesson plans and then just rehash
                                          the same shit from memory until they
                                          pension out 30 years later.  My
                                          k-12 science teachers could tell you
                                          all about the sun and the 7 planets.
                                          \_ I didn't (and don't) disagree
                                             with points 1-3. The teachers
                                             I know have varying levels of
                                             experience. The most senior ones
                                             have 7 and 10+ years experience.
                                             The one with 7 years experience
                                             is hard working and well liked
                                             by his students and also teaches
                                             the tennis team.
                 either).  Try getting/crunching some numbers on your own.
                 \- i wonder what would happen if bands started publicly
                    saying "if you steal out music, we'd appreciate it if you
                    sent a $1 to PO Box ...". it would be interesting to see
                    how the RIAA etc would try to quash that. --psb
                        \_ bands don't own their music, labels do that so
                                riaa wouldn't care (it's already been done too)
                                \- so what? i can say something on my
                                   WEEB site saying "anytime you buy a U2
                                   CD pls mail me a dollar". --psb
                \_ Last time I looked at public figures, the typical band was
                   paid 5 cents... A CD.  Madonna, Metallica, etc, are not
                   'typical' bands.  Of course, given the volume of sales they
                   have and their average return on an album, their behavior
                   seems nothing if not greedy.
                   \_ Yeah, bad greedy artists!  Trying to make money off
                      music...what avarice!  Money should only be made by
                      geeks locked in flourescent-lit windowless rooms,
                      drinking jolt, and kernel hacking on linux until 4am.
                      \_ who's trying to make money hacking linux?
                         \_ huh?  redhat?  ibm?  linus?  where've you been?
                       Basically, after paying back the label for studio time
                       promotions, etc., the band makes $1 per full priced US
                       album (to 50 cents for others).  This is consistent
                       with what i have been told by my rock star acquaintences.
                       please stop talking out your ass, tnx.
                       \_ You have rock star friends?!  Kewl!  I met greenday
                          once!  We totally chilled out on the patio and drank
                          a beer and everything!  It was so kewl!  Man!  Those
                          were the days!  Hanging out with rock stars, learning
                          the details of the inner working of the music biz,
                          getting their social security numbers and mother's
                          maiden names... yeah... band camp.  Loved it!
                          \_ Except they have zero talent, and suck.
                             \_ Here's a case of someone so clueless and not
                                "getting it" they actually attacked the random
                                band I named (and never met) and skipped the
                                rest which was obviously not intended
                                literally.  Don't they teach you anything in
                                school anymore, like basic reading comp?  Isn't
                                that stuff still on the SAT?  How'd you get
                                into Cal?
                                  \_ I just think you are upset because
                                     you are embarassed about being associated
                                     with such garbage music.
                                     \_ *laugh*  okey dokey you got me.  Yes,
                                        green day used to come by my pad and
                                        we'd smoke a bowl and do homeless
                                        telegraph underage runaway chicks and
                                        swap needles.  That's much more likely
                                        than I just chose the only local band
                                        I know of that got famous.  Yup, yup,
                                        yup.  You're too smart for the motd.
                                        Or you're just upset because I mocked
                                        your silly comment about you having
                                        rock star friends who give you the
                                        inside industry scoop.  It's a tough
                                        call but I'm sure you chose wisely.
                       \_ I have also heard the $1 per CD figure. I think
                          Prince mentioned it in one of his rants about how
                          arists are ripped off. That's bad enough. There's
                          no need to make up insanely small figures. --dim
                          \_ I'm not making up insanely small figures.  Hello,
                             prince made the soundtrack for a Batman film.
                             He's a Maddona/Metallica/U2 class artist.  Those
                             guys get paid much better than, say, Weezer,
                             the Eels, etc. etc.
                             \_ prince?  You mean TAFKAP.
                \_ You have to sell a million CDs before you see a dime:
                   All these blowhards don't know anything about the way
                   the music industry actually works. Courtney Love does.
                   Or read the USA Today take on it all:
                  \_ Stop bringing facts to the motd.  I'm going to have to
                     start bashing your sources since I can't disprove them.
                     "<insert newspaper/magazine name here> just sucks and is
                     totally biased and owned by the VRWC!"
                     \_ if you're making fun of people who get upset about the
                        whole moonie-washington times thing, maybe you should
                        look into who the moonies are more.  I've dealt with
                        cults in person(the scientologists) and seen what
                        they do to peoples lives directly.  the source
                        does matter, if only in that it is important not to
                        support Evil.
                        \_ I appreciate the sentiment, but the moonies don't
                           own the washtimes for the money, it's an investment
                           to help them build ties with Washington.
                           \_ If they were just in it for the money, I might
                              be able to believe what they have to say. As you
                              point out, they are in it for political reasons.
                        \_ so you've dealt with the scientologists and that
                           makes the moonies bad?  oooookaaaaaay.  So what
                           makes christians, jews, muslims, hindus, or anyone
                           else not bad?  they're the same as the moonies and
                           other so-called cults.  the *only* difference is
                           the major religions of today are much older and thus
                           had more time to be successful spreading their weird
                           shit.  you're ok with successful cults, yet want to
                           destroy the newer ones?  whatever....
        \_ Courtney Love's article is a ripoff of of the classic:
2003/5/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28311 Activity:high
5/2     Someone called me a "bonobo".  What does that mean?!
        \_ It is a species of chimpanzee that has sex all the time.
           \_ Not just that.  They'll have sex with ANY other bonobo, male,
              young, old, diseased, and for any reason.
                \_ not quite.  Parents wont have sex with post pubescent kids.
                   \_ which makes them a step up from the typical sodan....
                      \_ I don't think any sodans have post pubescent kids
           has sex face to face rather than doggy style.
                         yet, so I don't think you can say for sure yet.
                         \_ none that survived the first encounter.
        \_ interestingly they are the only primate (except for humans) that
           has sex face to face - all others just do it doggy style.
2003/5/3 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28312 Activity:nil
5/2     So we still haven't found WMD in Iraq yet.  Assuming we never do,
        and it turns out the intelligence was all wrong, do you think we
        should apologise, leave and help Saddam get his country back?  In
        not, why not since we went in under false pretenses if we find
        nothing.  Iraq was innocent.
        \_ The WMD were indeed just a pretense (as the War on Terrorism
           was already funded, this kept them from needing to secure funding
           specifically for ousting that really bad guy who just happens to
           sit on humongous oil reserves.  go go gadget congress).  But there
           were many reasons why we went to war.  However, the administration
           has to answer the people on this point (snicker snicker).  I'm
           interested to see how they handle this question come election
2003/5/3 [Uncategorized] UID:28313 Activity:nil
5/2     Whats the best way to convince your lady to take contraceptives
        so that you can be pleased?
        \_ You've got the wrong attitude about it from the start.  It isn't
           about 'conning' her into anything.  Go think about this and come
           back when you've got the maturity to deal with it.
2003/5/3 [Reference/Tax] UID:28314 Activity:very high
5/3     Glad I don't live in Ney York.
        So they add an extra tax on the "super wealthy" but the truly weathly
        probably have enough losses from the last few years they're not paying
        any taxes anyway, so this would only hit high salaried yet not rich
        people like me.  Can't wait until California decides to do the same
        thing in an attempt to turn the state into Alabama.
        \_ All business taxes are passed on to the consumer, regardless.
           Confiscatory taxes introduce inefficiencies by encouraging people
           to avoid them.
           \_ that's a crock of shit.  -tom
                \_ It is self evident - the cost of a product reflects the
                   the cost of production.
                   \_ Taxes on business *profits* only tax the profit.  If
                      a business raises its prices to try to keep the same
                      amount of profit after a tax hike, your vaunted
                      invisible hand will smack him down.  -tom
                        \_ This was not meant to be a controversial, politics
                           laden statement.  Don't work yourself into a frenzy,
                           just think about it - its not hard (where does the
                           money originate from?).
                           You assert businesses do not
                           incorporate tax estimates into investment proposals?
                   \_ I used to think this, but don't anymore.  Simply because
                      if the price is set at the point of maximum profit, then
                      raising the prices will *lower* the profit.  The same idea
                      applies to the idea that preventing shoplifting will keep
                      prices low.
           \_ Taxes on labor are even worse then by your reasoning, since
              they discourage people from working. What would you tax?
              \_ I would tax use of non-renewable rescources.  there are
                 ways of calculating how much that stuff is worth in dollar
                 amounts that includes all the death and destruction that
                 goes along with unwise resource use.  abolition
                 of income taxes makes sense, yes.  for a long(400pages)
                 detailed, and documented presentation of this arguement,
                 please read the book "Natural Capitalism."
2003/5/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28315 Activity:moderate
5/3     Watching a Great Paper Dive Into Pedophilia Chic
        \_ Have you read the book in question or are you judging it only
           based on what others have said about it?
2003/5/3 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:28316 Activity:nil
5/2     plugged in zip drive 250. said out of space, but clearly not filled.
        anyone encounter this problem before? any good web page on this
        \_ look for hidden files.  run a media check on it.
2003/5/3 [Recreation/Dating, Science/Biology] UID:28317 Activity:nil
5/2     Bonobos!
        \_ Don't feed the bonobos! How many times do I have to tell you that!?
2003/5/3 [Finance/Banking, Recreation/Dating] UID:28318 Activity:high
        Cute chubby filipino girl.
        \_ 32 years old = cute filipina woman.  Interesting NYT article, too.
2003/5/3-4 [Computer/SW/Editors, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28319 Activity:very high
5/3     Question for motd grammarians.  What do you think of words like
        "nonlinearity" and "uncorrelated."  These words are used in common
        speach among scientists *constantly*, but they're not in the
        dictionaries.  Editors let us use these words in publications, but
        i wonder what you purists think about it.
        \- "uncorrelated" is in my dictionary. i didnt check nonlinear,
           but i dont see what the issue is. these are simple modifications.
           are you wondering if the correct negation for a particular word
           is "in-" instead of "un-"? or if nonlinear should be hypenated?
           see if you dictionary has "ruth" or just ruthless. i think it
           is more interesting when the derivative exists but the original
           is gone. --psb
           \_ Disgruntled.
        \_ "nonlinear" is perfectly acceptable in technical publications.
           medical terminology isn't in common dictionaries either.  so what?
        \_ Hello, I'm not a grammarian.  However, if someone used either of
           those words I wouldn't bat an eye.  Purists can bite me.  --PeterM
        \_ Oh, and "speech" is spelled "speech" not "speach."  Thank you.
        \_ Your words are impure.  You shall be purged!  -purist
        \_ a slew of useless responses in typical motd fashion.
           \_ it was a useless question. lighten up, it's just entertainment.
2003/5/3 [Uncategorized] UID:28320 Activity:nil
5/3     Diane Krall and Elvis Costello to be married.
2003/5/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:28321 Activity:kinda low
5/3     directv question. why would i get an HU (3) card instead of a P4 card?
        \_ you'll go to prison less often.
        \_ P4 hacks dont exist today. --OP, took 30 minutes of looking through
           script kiddie sites to answer this.
2003/5/3-5 [Uncategorized] UID:28322 Activity:high
5/3     Every cordless phone I buy eventually get a lot of static and becomes
        unusable.  I've gone from x00 mhz to 2.4 ghz.  Still eventually people
        get the high frequency phones and it becomes a dud.  I'm thinking of
        going back to the wired phones.  My problem is that I only have one
        line.  If I plug two or three phones in different rooms into that same
        line I get a lot of static also.  Is there a standard solution to
        this problem?  How can I boost the signal somehow.  Thanks.
        \_ I have a wired phone and a cordless. For long or personal
           conversations, it's way better. You may have forgotten how clear
           a phone call can be without cordless transmission. --aaron
        \_ Stop buying cheap phones or else using them so hard? I don't have
           this problem. --dim
        \_ Buy a Panasonic 900MHz, and when you hear static, press the pad
           to the left to change the channel.
        \_ For wired phones, sometimes the problem is just a bad cord between
           the phone jack and the phone.  I once had a problem where the static
           became so bad that my modem wouldn't connect.  Then the PacBell guy
           replaced two cords in my house, and the problem was solved.  -- yuen
        \_ back when my friend lived in berkeley (2415 College) the
           telephone wires were so bad in his building that talkign on his
           landline was barely audible with all the static
        \_ Have you tried replacing the batteries in the handset?  They don't
           recharge well after a while and you get lots of static.
2003/5/3-5 [Uncategorized] UID:28323 Activity:high
5/3     MMC RE XMen 2: Should I watch it in theaters, d/l it and watch it at
        home, or skip it?
        \_ You should first learn to post properly.
           \_ How to post properly?
           but it was still a blast to watch.
        \_ I enjoyed it.  Coupla spots that dragged, and some minor plot holes,
           but it was still a blast to watch. I'm not sure how well a d/l'd
           camcorder video would capture Nightcrawler's beautiful teleporting
           effects, which are almost worth the price of admission alone.
        \_ Skip it if you think so little of the concept that you wouldn't
           pay for it.
        \_ fucking duh
2019/01/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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