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2003/5/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28283 Activity:insanely high
5/01    Going to see Matrix Reloaded on 5/15, 9:30 PM at Sony Metreon.
        I have purchased a bunch of tickets.  Nine (9) have not been claimed.
        Special guest appearances by sofia and pst.  Email me if you want to
        claim a ticket ($11 w/handling). -dans
        \_ what is the matrix?
           \_ Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the matrix is, you have
              to see for yourself. -op
              \_ all i wanna know is, is there a spoon or no?
                 \_ there is no spoon.  the spoon effect will be added later
                    using some sort of SGI workstation.
                 \_ STFW!
        \_ sofia is pretty!  ;-)
           \_ she was the whack job who got motd shut down, right?
                  \_ why is she even in the csua? her CV says 'biology"
                     \_ cuz letting non-cs people in increases your chance
                        of scoring.
              \_ Yes.  Paolo was protecting his little girlfriend's
                 sensibilities.  It still sickens me.
                 \_ proving that anyone is capable of abusing power.
              \_ whack job?  What about the people (on the motd) calling for
                 lynchings and nuking Afghanistan?  Shutting down the motd
                 until people calmed down was the right thing to do; the only
                 fuckup was root/staff not explaining exactly how bad things
                 had gotten.
                 \_ Right.  And her blowing Paolo had nothing to do with it.
                 \_ I don't know either of them, or care.  She asked, and that
                    took guts.  Now stop reminding me about sodans having sex.
                    \_ It would take guts if she were not sleeping with a
                       member of the politburo.
              \_ you realize at the time the motd was bad enough that all it
                 would have taken would have been one complaint to the
                 administration and the csua would have gone away.  Forever.
                \_ Quit exaggerating.  Witness the misogynist, racist,
                   occasionally funny UCB hot or not from the CSBA,
                   hosted by the OCF:
                   If we are to believe the website, it's gotten
                   a ton of hits, way more viewing than the motd ever
                   did, "the administration" has gotten a few complaints,
                   the OCF and CSBA are still around. - danh
                   \_ that web page isn't something that all users see when
                      \_ and neither is the motd - danh
                      they log into the system.  There is a difference.
                      Also the motd from right after 9/11 was scary.  People
                      were screaming about the only good arab is a dead arab
                      and the best thing to do is just kill them all.  That
                      is the sort of thing that would lead to administation
                      saying "hey, you know we really want that office space
                      you FUCKING MORONS are occupying, thank you for letting
                      us take if from you."
                      \_ You must be a big fan of Tom Ridge.
                      \_ the motd was scary?  Shit.  I grew up with all the
                         kids saying everyday how we should nuke this country
                         or that country and kill them all, etc.  Stop being
                         so damned sensitive.  The 90s are over.  It isn't
                         cool anymore, if it ever was.
        \_ Are sodans really so pathetic that they would choose to socialize
           with sophia?
           \_ depends.  who is she?
        \_ <immature comments by fucktards deleted>.  Before you bitch about
           your precious motd, and your gross misunderstanding of the first
           amendment, which does not protect the motd in any way, answer me
           this: What have you done for the CSUA lately?  If you're coming
           up blank, grow up a little, and come back when you're ready to
           contribute in a meaningful way.(*)  spaf's farewell comments
           regarding usenet apply remarkably well hear:
           ' People rail about their "rights" without understanding that
             every right carries responsibilities that need to be observed
             too, not least of which is to respect others' rights as you
             would have them respect your own.  Reason, etiquette,
             accountability, and compromise are strangers in far too many
             motd posts (sic) these days.
           (*) Hint: wanking on the motd in order to hear yourself talk isn't
               a meaningful contribution.
           - dans
            \_ the above poster forgot to post his name:
               2:08:16pm 190% fstat /etc/motd.public
          dans vi  98715 3  /     62   -rw-rw-rw-  5744  r  /etc/motd.public
               \_ interesting how he signs one post and not another.
            \_ I am guessing (no, actually it's bloody obvious) you have
               no idea what "sic" means.
               \_ #f.  The usage here is acceptable.  I could also have said
                  [motd posts].
                  \_ If you say so.  I am *sure* you are correct.
                  \_ If you say so.  I am *sure* you are as correct about
                     that as you are about other things.
                  \_ Um, wrong.  They have entirely opposite meanings.  I guess
                     you don't know the different between 'imply' and 'infer'
                     \_ you mean dans is *wrong*?  this is inconceivable!
                        \_ It isn't that he's wrong, it's the degree that's
                           \_ By degree, do you mean how he was completely
                              wrong, or how he tried to defend his first
                              mistake with a second one?
                              \_ Oh what the hell, I'll say both.
                  \_ OW MY HEAD! SHIT! FUCK! -geordan
           \_ as opposed to wanking in the csua office playing video games
              and selling candy? thanks, I'll just participate virtually
              via the net
              \_ oh come on, when was the last time anyone in the CSUA
                 actually did anything useful other than wanking off
                 in the office.
                  \_ Actually it was simple neglect.  I stand behind my words,
                     unlike you, coward.
                     \_ Interesting how once your name is out, you no longer
                 \_ my point exactly... and how is this any more
                    "meaningful" than reading/writign the motd once in
                     a while
                    \_ Well, it gives the office it's own bizarre scent.
                 \_ what about the help sessions?
                        bother to delete other motd posts.  I am sure that
                        is simple neglect also.  I mean, what would posting
                        your name have to do with silencing others?
                        \_ Nope, I'll gladly delete them if they're content
                           free. -dans <posts deleted>
                           P.S. Hey ilyas, are you published yet?
                           \_ Sorry dan, I haven't added to this thread.
                              You seem to use plenty of rope by yourself.
                              And yes I am.
                              -- ilyas
                           \_ So you define content?  As if the post
                              concerning Tom Ridge above has content?
            \_ Apparently correcting dans is a content-free thing, but it
               continues to bug me:  the usage of "(sic)" above, while
               strictly not incorrect, is at best unnecessary, and
               replacing the text with [motd posts] is not at all an
               equivalent.  Of course, dans is always right and has always
               been right, and I am a dissenting idiot. -geordan
               \_ In fact, it is strictly incorrect.  It would have been
                  appropriate to write "[sic]" if 1) Spafford's original
                  quote used the word motd, and 2) the quoter wanted to
                  show that motd was not a typo.  Even then, the correct
                  use would be "[sic]" and not "(sic)".
                  \_ Thank god the Motd Grammarians are here or I'd have
                     always wondered about that!
2003/5/1 [Health, Health/Women] UID:28284 Activity:high
4/30    Do you call your general practitioner or a gynocologist for
        contraceptives (Orthotricyclene or Ortha-Evra)?
        \_ If you think you are likely to reproduce, tell your potential mate
           about the latest exciting flame war on the motd, and you will be
                \_ ha, that's a good one.  !sarcastic
        \_ i go to 7-11
        \_ OB/GYN providers can prescribe them
                \_ as can general practitioners
           ... among other websites
        \_ Go to a Planned Parenthood.
        \_ For all motd users the right answer is to self sterilize.
        \_  Any physician can write you a prescription for them.  However,
            I'd recommend a GYN doctor for contraceptives, especially if
            this is going to be your first time taking contraceptives.  The
            doctor should do a pelvic exam to rule out any abnormalities before
            prescribing you contraceptives.  Plus -- as there are a variety of
            birth control pills out there, he/she will have the most expertise
            in prescribing the best one for your body.  If you want to get
            even more specific, try out a reproductive endocrinologist (they
            specialize in female hormones and are specialized OBGYNs) who
            will measure your hormone levels and get a more accurate
            assessment.  --chris
            \_ this is good advice, especially for a first-timer.  Hormones can
               make even the most level person experience mood swings and other
               weird physical effects, so you definitely want someone who knows
               how to adjust a prescription if you or your girlfriend doesn't
               handle the regular kind well.
2003/5/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28285 Activity:nil
4/30    I use tcsh on my FreeBSD-4.7 machine. When I'm root, if I type the
        first first letters of a command I've already used and then press
        the arrow, it recalls the last command beginning with those letters.
        But, I can't do that with my other, non-root users. How can I get all
        the users' shells to behave that way? Thanks.
        \- are you looking for the M-p functionality?
           keybindings have gotten kind of complicated ... depends on
           whether you are in emacs or vi mode, what keyevent is actually
           being sent etc. try using emacs bindings and M-p. --psb
        \_ are the users using the same shell as root?  the same shell config
        \_ from a freebsdbox's ~root/.cshrc:
                bindkey "^W" backward-delete-word
                bindkey -k up history-search-backward
                bindkey -k down history-search-forward
2003/5/1 [Uncategorized] UID:28286 Activity:nil
4/30    Any opinions on E&O Trading Co? What is good to order? what 2 look
        \_ not bad.  somewhat overpriced.  the corn fritters are pretty
           good, but that's more of an appetizer.
2003/5/1-2 [Reference/Celebration] UID:28287 Activity:nil 66%like:28475
5/1     Happy birthday, mconst!
2003/5/1 [Transportation/Car] UID:28288 Activity:high
4/31    So dbushong, what's your Ford Matrix test drive story?
        \_ The Ford....Matrix?  --dbushong
           \_ I think it is the Ford Focus story. -!op
           \_ just tell us the damn story.  We're bored and cranky.
              \_ The focus sucks.  what other company would change
                 the direction of all controls (windshield wiper,
                 window crank, doorlocks, etc), raise the trunk,
                 making rear-view impossible...  Poorly designed
                 pile of shit.
2003/5/1-2 [Politics/Domestic, Finance/CC] UID:28289 Activity:kinda low
5/1     Do all credit cards get spammed with solicitations for budget saver
        programs, life insurance, credit protection fees, etc, or did I just
        happen to get a card that does?
        \_ Congratulations.  Now that you have their card, you now have
           an existing relationship with all of their affiliates, which
           means that the junk mail and telemarketing phone calls you're
           getting are yours legitimately.  Good luck opting out.
           \_ *sigh* yup.  I usually toss all the junk mail, but somehow I
              still got signed up for some budget saver crap, and I was
              charged on my account. argh. And a prior incident, it took
              several phone calls to get them to seize their life insurance
              several phone calls to get them to cease their life insurance
        \_ yes I do get spammed.  They did send out Privacy Letters so you
           can opt out.  Also, some of the spam mail is useful -- great
           credit card rates/deals.
2003/5/1-2 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:28290 Activity:very high
        Now that I'm a vegetarian, I don't have to deal with BS like this.
        Best of luck to you meat eaters.  -happy vegan
        \_ No, you get to deal with BS like the Organic Food mis-
           labelling legislation.
           labelling legislation.  Lucky you.
        \_ Are you vegan or vegetarian?  You know they color cheese too, right?
           Do you have to worry about your protein? -happy omnivore
           \_ they aslo color butter, not sure about Margarine.  Natural
              butter is actually semi-transparent (like solidified oil
              as it should be) most of the time.
                \_ I'm vegan.  I don't drink milk or eat cheese or eat eggs.
                   No animal products.  If you want to find out more, I
                   strongly recommend John Robbins' Diet for a New America and
                   The food revolution.   -OP
                   \_ How come all the veggie people look so unhealthy?
                   \_ too bad veganism doesn't include knowing how to format
                       motd posts correctly.
                   \_ I'm a level 7 vegan.  I don't eat anything that casts a
                      \_ Level _FIVE_.  Level _FIVE_ Vegan!  You suck.
                         \_ sorry
                      \_ Is that like +7 Charisma?
           \_ as an omnivore I refuse to eat dyed cheese.  Also the whole
              vegetarians need to worry about protein thing is pretty much
              a myth.
        \_ Vegetables and fruits have natural coloring in them.
           \_ ... and these colorings can often be used to roughly gauge
              the health or flavorfullness of a fruit or vegetable. dying
              farm-raised salmon so that is appears more "natural" just
              seems gross... not to mention deceitful on a certain level
        \_ Farming salmon seems like a responsible thing. No one would eat
           it if it was gray, but there's nothing wrong with it. --dim
           \_ There are problems and a great deal of research about it,
              particularly at UW School of Fisheries. The jury is still
              out. Nutrient loading down-gradient from the farms has been
              a particular issue as well as some concerns about escapees.
              \_ agreed.
           \_ You know, there's a reason why americans are so fat and sick.
              It's all about the food.  You eat too much and also there's too
              much processed and packaged and "ready-to-eat" meals.  If we
              all go back to our roots and start cooking from fresh ingredients
              again, we wouldn't be in this health crisis.  -OP
              \_ Go back to our roots?  You understand that almost everything
                 in the market comes from another continent, right?  That if
                 we went back to our roots, there'd be nothing in CA to eat
                 except fish and acorns and we're all outta fish!
                 \_ BUZZ!  Much of the produce you eat is grown in CA.
                    Same with a lot of the meat and poultry if you buy
                    decent quality meat.
                    \_ Good try but only to a small degree and to zero for
                       the more exotic items littering the typical veggie diet.
              \_ How is farming salmon any worse than you buying your veggies
                 and lentil beans at Berkeley Bowl?  You're still buying
                 goods that have been prepared and shipped to you.
        \_ That's why I eat wild salmon.  I've heard that the wild salmon
           who feed on plankton are more nutritious anyway.
           \_ Yeah! Support the wild salmon industry! -former salmon fisherman
        \_ Vegans are great, especially marinated with a red wine sauce and
           some vegetables on the side.  (gotta love that corn fed beef).
           \_ Kids are better.  Still soft and tender.  So yummy!  Not all
              stringy and fibrous like a vegan.
                \_ Damn it, you guys are making me hungry.
2003/5/1 [Uncategorized] UID:28291 Activity:moderate
5/1     AHH!  Now we see the violence inherent in the system!
        \_ Bloody peasant!
2003/5/1-2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:28292 Activity:insanely high
5/1     Whites only: (
        \_ this is actually very interesting.  For the record, Whites
           are the minority at this school.  If non-white minority decided
           to have their own dance, i doubt it would make news.
           \_ True, Whites are just barely the minority there.  But I think
              you're missing the point, this is a school with a White
              President and a Black President.  That is not healthy.
        \_ What about ubiquitous Black and Hispanic societies
        \_ i have no sympathy for the whites. for 200 years they have
           oppressed negros and now they want to take our h07 azn chix.
           it's payback time, let's make them all miserable
           \_ yeah!  Affirmative action for hot chicks!
           \_ You forget add whitey make SARS kill azn males take
2003/5/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:28293 Activity:high
5/1     Help! I have no motivation and i must work.
        \_ is there lots of work to be done?
           \_ indeed there is.
              \_ will you get fired if you don't do it?  Or is that not
                 motivation enough?
                 \_ only up to a ppint.  -!op
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