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2003/4/29-8/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:28253 Activity:nil
28/4/3  CSUA Elections and General Meeting 5/5/2003, 5:30pm 337 Soda.
2003/4/29 [Uncategorized] UID:28254 Activity:moderate
4/28    Does anyone read USENET these days?
        \_ Um, yes.  And?
2003/4/29 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:28255 Activity:nil 50%like:28259
4/28    I just bought a 120GB WDC hard drive for my Linux box for the
        purpuse of backing up multiple computers onto it. I'm trying
        to figure out if making more than one partition will diminish
        the probability of data loss if something goes wrong on the disk.
        Any suggestions?
2003/4/29-30 [Science/Electric] UID:28256 Activity:high
4/28    hello, has anyone used "ethernet over AC" i.e. the technology that
        runs over home powerlines? what kind of bandwidth do you get.
        it seems to run across circuits so any idea who can watch your
        traffic? ok tnx. --psb
        \_ you might want to check the scientific american archives. there
           was an article last year about this. there were at least two
           companies working on this technology, but not sure of their
           \- i'll look around but this is out of the realm of
              theory ... a colleague of my is using it. i was wondering
              theory ... a colleague of mine is using it. i was wondering
              about the range of bandwidths you see in practice. i use
              end2end encryption for serious work stuff, but am wondering
              about the exposure for stuff like http. ok tnx. --psb
              \_ No offense to you theory guys or anything, but they sell
                 them at Radio Shack, so just go read the box.
                 \- once again, i am looking for someone who is actualy
                    using this and has measured the throughput. --psb
                    \_ find a review online.
2003/4/29-30 [Computer/Networking] UID:28257 Activity:insanely high
4/28    what's faster, crossover cable between two computers, wireless,
        or a usb cable?
        \_ crossover cable, of course.
           \_ actually usb2.0 might be faster
                \_ Not if the two machnes have GigE.
           \_  10baseT:  10Mbits/s
              100baseT: 100Mbits/s
                usb2.0: 480Mbits/s
             1000baseT:   1GBits/s
        \_ Keep in mind this traffic has to go over the internal bus.
           \_ and remember, there are 12 eggs in a dozen.
              \_ not a bakers dozen
                 \_ Don't be stupid.
                    \_ There was more value in the bakers dozen than your line
                       \_ Don't be stupid.
                       \_ And there was as much value in the original dozen
                          line as there was in the internal bus line.  What's
                          your point?
                          \_ The other two make sense.  You don't.
        \_ 100mbps and usb2.0 should be fast enough for whatever you are
           doing. 802.11g/a is also probably fast enough.
           \_ i am moving 900 gigs from one place to another.  so
              those little USB ports in my computer, are they
              usb 2.0 ?
                \_ if you are moving 900GB you should know this stuff already.
                   If you are this clueless to start you need to be ready
                   for the world of hurt that you are about to run into.
           \_ Moving or copying?  Sneakernet arrays sounds good here.
                \_ they have the same form factor.  USB2.0 cards cost ~10
                   bucks at frys.
              \_ once or many times?  for once it doesn't matter.
                 \_ more than once.  it matters.
                    \- uh shouldnt you be using deltas then? --psb
                    \_ Get a cross over cable, it will work the
                       best for what you want to do.
                       \- just out of curiosity, are you using/planning
                          to use tcp "only" to move 900gb? if you are
                          going to be using any application level checksumming,
                          can you send me a note about how many tcp checksum
                          failures you see over whatever transport you end
                          up using. ok tnx. --psb
        \- 900 gb? go gige.
           \_ writable dvd.
              \_ at 4gigs per disc?  even at 9, that's over 100.
              \_ IR? . . . floppy? . . . punch cards? . . . licking wires?
        \_ dd if=/dev/clue of=/dev/null
2003/4/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28258 Activity:very high
4/28    "Remember, I am above Internation Law"
        \_ I'm not sure that the reporter did all their homework here. I
           remember hearing about this being planned a few weeks ago, and
           that Belgium had changed their law to prevent exactly this from
           happening.  I don't believe this is a credible new news story.
        \_ Ah, the gauntlet is thrown down.  A Belgian suing a non-Belgian for
           doing stuff outside of Belgium, by Belgian law.  Can't we just make
           that illegal, and the two bizarro-laws will cancel out?
           \_ how come you weren't bitching when Serbian leader were
              on trial?
              \_ The motd is not the only forum I participate in.  Additionally,
                 the court for Milosevic was convened by multiple countries,
                 after massive attrocities were exposed and he was deposed.  It
                 wasn't a random person in country A suing him.
                 \_ we don't participate in your other forums so it doesn't
                    count for shit here.  So you seem to think that as long as
                    multiple countries want to try the leader of another
                    country it's ok?  Or only after he loses an election?
                    \_ Um, Milo. was deposed by force.  You remember the bombing
                       campaign that Clinton authorized without the approval of
                       anyone else?
                       \_ He was voted out.
        \_ Given the precedent of s/France|French/Freedom/g, anyone
           want to guess what Belgium|Belgian will be replaced with?
           \_ haven't you read Douglas Adams?  Belgium is the worst word there
              \_ Which book is this in? I've read most of the books, but I
                 don't remember anything about this.
                 \_ One of the original three HGttG books.
           \_ Bravery waffles!
           \_ chocolate floormat?
           \_ Nothing.  Except for the random international burping like this
              no news comes out of Belgium.  They only do shit like this so
              we don't forget they exist.  They have no power so no one cares.
                \_ France has no power (except in gourmet and fashion circles),
                   yet we do stupid shit like French = Freedom.
                   \_ Wow, Mommy bred 'em pretty willing to shoot off their
                      mouths without knowing a damn thing didn't she? Read up
                      a little son. We all wish France was powerless but it
                      just isn't so. They are simply less powerful than the
                      US or the UK. They are every bit as sleazy.
                      \_ The US/UK isn't at all sleazy.  Both have plenty of
                         problems but sleaze isn't one of them.
2003/4/29 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:28259 Activity:high 50%like:28255
4/28    I just bought a 120GB WDC hard drive backing up stuff from multiple
        computers onto my Linux box. Any reason to make more than one
        full-sized partition?
        \_ Probably not.  Others might say something about fsck times or
           backup schedules and stuff but no, not really.  Use a journaled
           filesystem for shorter fscks and I know you're not going to tape
           so "shrug".
           \_ I always prefered a good long slow fsck...
              \_ tell yermom.
                 \_ already showed yermom.
                 \_ already showed mymom.
                    \_ how much did she charge you?
2003/4/29-30 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:28260 Activity:high
4/29    This guy is awesome! Why doesn't Berkeley have cool people this like?
        \_ We used to.
        \_ I like the d10 in the photo. It's real old school.
           \_ Yeah because people who game today have a different shape for
              10 sided dice.
              \_ No, because it's all about the d20 these days. What sort of
                 nerdy geek, are you?
                 \_ Oh.  I didn't know that.  How many d20's do I roll for
                    a dagger hit?  SHIT!  I've been gaming all wrong!!!
                    \_ Sigh. Go home and play Diablo. Leave the real gaming
                       to those who know what they're doing.
                       \_ Diablo?  What gave you the idea I play that shit?
                 \_ A true geek would use a d100.
                    \_ you mean 2d10?
              \_ the shape of the ten sided dice has changed?  I did not
                 know that.
                 \_ well there are these really annoying 10 siders
                    that look sort of like cylindars and take forever to
                    stop rolling.
           \_ speaking of which, do you see gamers using their palm pilots
              to aid gaming?
                \_ You trust the DM to tell you the truth about whether
                   or not a gold dragon can take a hit from a +35 flaming
                   sword of perpetual destruction and survive?!?
                   \_ Munchkin!  Everyone knows the flaming sword of perpetual
                      destruction can't go above +30!
        \_ hi, i'm a liar
           \_ who is a liar?
              \_ it depends on what your definition of the word "is" is
                 \_ I did not have sex with that woman!  I only inhaled!
                    It was a chemical weapons plant, not an aspirin factory
                    and I was not wagging the dog!
          \_ What's d10 and d20  ?
                \_ ten and twenty sided dice.
        \_ Why is "university" spelled wrong?  It's written "MIT univeristy"
           on the website.
           \_ What, like MIT nerds need to spel correcly?
        \_ Why is Ali so fat now?  And I don't mean phat.
           \_ url?
2003/4/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28261 Activity:moderate
        US Pulls out of Saudi Arabia.
        \_ All trolling and meta trolling deleted.  And on the US isn't
           pulling out.  Sheesh.  What sort of imperialist hegemon would
           pull up and leave the most oil rich country in the region?
           \_ The hegemon with a new, more mobile armed forces transformed
              to respond to a nonconventional, often hidden enemy.
              \_ And a new country to play with that has lots of room, it's
                 own oil, and borders on RILO (Regimes I'd Like to Overthrow).
                 \_ you know the acronym is only clever if you don't have to
                    spell it out you fucking moron.
        \_ If we pull out of Saudi Arabia then the terrorists have already won.
           \_ Don't worry.  We're not pulling out.
              \_ Yermom is now happier.
2003/4/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:28262 Activity:insanely high 80%like:10560 57%like:28768
4/29    /var full again
        \_ Anyone care to explain why this is happening?
2003/4/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:28263 Activity:very high
4/29    Looks like AE has to copy A&F on everything (including cultural
        \_ Abercrombie was funnier
        \_ but he's so cute!
2003/4/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:28264 Activity:nil
4/29    Are you bored at work?  If so, what do you do at work?  Or plan to do?
        \_ yes ...              \_ read the motd.               \_ read more
           \_ me 2
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