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2003/4/28-29 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:28243 Activity:moderate
4/27    I finally found someone to sell me a directv hacked card. anyone
        else have any experience with this? a friend of mine has been using
        it for 2 years and she gets every directv channel... for free.
        yes, she did get her card fried a few months back.
        \_ any links on line about this?
        \_ Yes, I know someone who programs cards for profit. What about
        \_ Yes, I know someone who programs cards for profit. What about it?
        \_ Unless your friend is getting PPV it isn't worth it.
           \_ why not? and yes, she is getting ppv. that's what won me over...
              \_ time/risk/cost vs gain.  simple math.
        \_ No DirecTV, but I've been hacking Dish Network for a while now.
           \_ more info would be appreciated
              \_ is a good starting point.  I am
                 reluctant to post my login for obvious reasons.
        \_ yes, i've been hacking for many years (3-4).  it's easy.  do it
           yourself.  just buy a hu loader, script, bin from
           and a HU card from ebay...and yes, you get all channels (ppv,
           porn, sports, etc.)
        \_ I hear DirecTV is zapping hacked cards with regularity now,
           so you may get anywhere from >1 year to <1 week in uptime.
           your milage may vary.
                \_ scripts usually last about 2-3 weeks (this has been
                   the trend for the last 3-4 months).
                \_ just buy the damned service.  its cheap.
2003/4/28 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:28244 Activity:nil
4/27    Read about Fistgate and other adventures is our venerable public
        school system, care of you, the taxpayer.
        Queering the Schools
2003/4/28-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:28245 Activity:moderate
4/27    Macromedia ColdFusion and Jrun are steaming piles of horseshit that
        are not fit to be emptied in an outhouse, much less run a web
        \_ You only just figured this out now?
        \_ Doing your programming in tags (I got stuck with ColdFusion
           at sony) is always a bad idea(TM). I assume you're stuck
           using it because the dimwits before you got stuck on the
           platform. In fact, JavaScript and JSP and ASP are only
           marginally better. Mixing HTML with other shit is always
           a bad idea.
           \_ Yeah!  do all your web coding with SSI!
           \_ What alternative do you propose?
              \_ ATG Dynamo does a good job of enforcing the MVC
                 design pattern with its Java application server.
              \_ CGI.
        \_ This wasn't really a revelation, more an exclamation of
           frustration.  Anyone know a ISP that will let you run ColdFusion
           backed by mysql?  Additionally, will need SSL support.  I need
           something set up fairly quickly, but only for a month or two. -op
2003/4/28 [Uncategorized] UID:28246 Activity:nil
4/27    Whiny hissyfit censored out of sheer bitterness at not being taught
        proper fisting technique in public high school.  -John
2003/4/28-29 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:28247 Activity:kinda low
4/27    I share a shell-SSH-SCP account using ssh-keys.
        Is there a way to log SCP access history of the other users.
        \_ don't share accounts.  and no you can't create a log that you can't
            \_ What about a log that could be deleted? possible?
               The intent of the log is not to log the technically
               sophisticated folks who could delete it, but to
               keep track of the stupid people. Where can I get
               web-hosting with multiple accounts and a group as well?
2003/4/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:28248 Activity:kinda low
        Please identify this.  Thanks.
        \_ I think it is a prolapsed rectum.
        \_ NWS, but most of you probably guessed.
           \_ NWS == Not Work Safe (just to be clear, because it's
              calibre material.)
        \_ I can't get that image out of my head. eew gross
2003/4/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28249 Activity:insanely high
4/27    When did you join the CSUA?  I want to get a histogram of motd users.
        Please keep it chronological.
        1985: ..
        1986: .
        1987: ..
        1989: .
        1991: ....
        1992: .....
        1993: ................
        1994: ..............
        1995: .............
        1996: ....
        1997: .....
        1998: ....
        1999: ....
        2000: ...
        2003: .
        \_ How many members join per year?  What proportion of the current
           EECS student body are CSUA members?
        \_ extended your date range back a bit for you....
           \_ you needed to extend the range more if you want to cover the
              oldest still "active" sodans.
              \_ self extend, grasshoppa!
        \_ NO WAY!  1985?  Who was here in 1985?  I thought Partha was the
           oldest CSUA member.  And didn't he come in 87?  Who are you people
           that claim to be here in 86 or 85?
           \_ Partha was here in 86.  - someone who predates psb
              \_ He acted just the same then. -other person who predates psb
                 \_ THE PSB is eternal!  All Praise!  --psb #1 Fan
                 \_ No, he was a VMS bigot then.
                    \- well in fairness, my unix exposure was limited
                       to "eunice" and some ancient sysV release --psb
        \_ you need ot create some sort of anonymous csua voting mechanism
           so that (fucker)s cant throw off yoru data.
           \- andy@soda has a decade on the nearest competition --psb
              \_ has he been using his soda account?
                 \_ finger andy
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Mail last read Mon Apr 28 05:16 2003 (PDT)
2003/4/28-29 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW] UID:28250 Activity:moderate
4/27    what's a good 1394 firewire card for under $100?
        \_ STFW
        \_ firewire cards are cheap
           \_ agree.  Even PCMCIA ones are under $100.
        \_ Pyro.  Comes with good software too.
        \_ except for possibly the number of ports and whether they have
           internal ones or not,  they're all about the same.  Just make
           sure you get one with a Texas Instruments chipset.
2003/4/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:28251 Activity:high
4/28    I run a small web site and the bandwidth is getting expensive.
        I'd like to make a little extra cash by selling space for
        banner ads.  Any suggestions on who I should contact for this?
        \_ become a google syndication partner. --aaron
        \_ err yermom?
        \_ Plenty of companies allow you to do it.  But my advice is,
           don't do it.  No advertisers will ever be attracted to
           advertise on your "small" site and even if they do, you will
           get really bad ROI like 2/10 of a cent for a click through.
           Not worth it.
           \_ Why is it not worth it?  Even 2/10 of a cent is better than
              nothing.  Can you name any companies that do this?
2003/4/28-29 [Reference/BayArea, Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:28252 Activity:low
4/28    Am I the only one who's noticed that if you compare the map of
        Middle Earth to the U.S. Mordor is right where Texas is?
        \_ It's New Zealand
        \_ And if you compare it to Europe, it's France.
           \_ No, it's more like ... Austria.
        \_ Yes, you are because it would take some serious drugs and a hard
           core blind hatred of a passing political figure to see that.  If it
           was the bay area, it'd be San Jose.  So what?
           \_ my hatred of Bush is not so blind, I have plenty of
              valid reasons.
           \_ passing political figure?  you mean Bush?  pah!  I'd associate
              him as much with New England as with Texas.  Texas just really
              really sucks.  Try actually spending some time there, and
              you'll see that people don't hate texas because of some
              "passing political figure," they hate it because it's a
              fucking pit(except Austin).
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