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2003/4/26-28 [Consumer/Camera] UID:28232 Activity:high
4/25    I'm looking for an inexpensive ($400 or less) digital camera.
        Toshiba has some inexpensive ones, and i have been happy with
        my toshiba laptop and projector.  Though the Sony ones aren't
        much more expensive.  Any advice?
        \_ canon sc230 digital elph.  (You can get the s400 for a bit
           over 400 online)
           \_ have you used this? I've been eyeing this model for a
           can get the 4500 for around $350 after rebate. I've had the
           950 (which is an older similar model) for a long time and
           I've been happy with it. I'm considering upgrading.
           I've been happy with it. I'm considering upgrading. Whatever
              while now and trying to decide if I should get it. the
              cnet reviews seem good... feedback anyone? - !op
                  \_ Mail me offline.  I got mine a week ago and I have
                     a guarded positive opinion.  Tiny, fast, but it
                     is purely a point and shoot. -jor
                        \_ aspolito has one as do I.  They rule.  -ax
                         \_ yes it's true, I actually agree with ax -aspo
                                \_ We are one step closer to world peace thanks
                                   to technology.  Here's why I bought the S400
                                   The reviews and sample pics did it for me.
        \_ Nikon Coolpix are nice and they have some rebates now. You
           can get the 4500 (4 MP) for around $350 after rebate. I've
           had the 950 (which is an older similar model) for a long time
           and I've been happy with it. I'm considering upgrading. Whatever
           you decide to get, make sure you see it in a store and don't
           just buy online without knowing exactly what you're getting.
        \_ I recommend Canons and Nikon's (as two above have hinted).
           They are generally pretty good.  They have lots of experience
           with cameras and optics.
        \_ I love my Olympus D-550 3 Mpix camera (2.8x optical zoom)
           Bought it for $300 @ costco
        \_ Canon Powershot A300 is new and great bang/buck ratio
           (3MP for $200).
2003/4/26-27 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28233 Activity:very high
4/25    Can foreigners file lawsuits against US citizens, corporations, or
        other entities in the US?
        \_ Unfortunately, yes in most circumstances.
        \_ of course!  What you think if you break a contract with a
           foreigner they can't sue you for breach of contract or something?
                \_ ok. Then why can't the Iraqi people file a class action
                   lawsuit for wrongfully death of their family members as
                   a result of the bombing?
                   \_ They can, and they should.  Unfortunately, US courts
                      have a tendency to dismiss cases against the military
                      in times of "war." The only way they're likely to see
                      any results (and this is a long shot) is if they take
                      it up with the World Court at the Hague.
                        \_ which US does not recognize.  USA has a tendency
                           to disregard international law of any sort when
                           they found it inconvenient.
                           \_ there's no such thing as international law.  all
                              countries ignore this silly internation law
                              fantasy when they find it inconvenient and why
                              shouldn't they?  do you *really* want some 3rd
                              world dictators deciding how you can live your
                              life in this country?  do you want the EU making
                              the same decisions?  there aint no democracy in
                              the UN, kids.  i never understood why *any*
                              American citizen would want the UN to have any
                              power or control over our government.  maybe it
                              is just a case of simple ignorance about the UN
                              and the world in general.  or maybe you're just
                              trolling?  either way, it's a silly concept.
                              \_ Don't be stupid.  UN has served us well for
                                 years.  It's a good tool for controlling
                                 the world.  Only the current president is
                                 incompetent in using the UN to achieve US
                                \_ Please cite a war or genocide it has
                                   prevented.  The UN was founded by Communists,
                                   prevented.  Provide evidence for
                                   all this success you cite.  Could it be
                                   you are historically ignorant?
                                   The UN was founded by Communists,
                                   and continues to be run by Communists,
                                   look it up.
                                   \_ A big chunk of the world really don't
                                      give a fuck about your commie liberal
                                      right wing facist war.  If US is so
                                      great, why did it kill Indians, invade
                                      Filipines, oppressed blacks, experiment
                                      on its own people?  Why should anyone
                                      trust your benevolence?  Why don't you
                                      just fuck off and stop bothering other
                                      \_ Good plan.  Anyone who has ever done
                                         anything bad in the past is not
                                         permitted to attempt to do anything
                                         good forever after.  I like it.  I
                                         predict world-wide chaos and complete
                                         collapse within about 5 minutes of the
                                         enforcement of that policy.  Can I
                                         vote for you for public office?
                                         \_ Well, the person is saying
                                            abolish the UN and just trust US
                                            benevolence.  US has shown again
                                            and again that it mostly only
                                            cares about its own self-
                                            interest.  Why did it give all
                                            the chemical weapons to Saddam?
                                            Sorry, we'll pass.  Fuck off.
                                            \_ Idiot.  All countries only
                                               care about their own self
                                               interest.  Any country that
                                               doesn't won't be around for
                                               too long.  Can you be anymore
                                               naive?  I think not.
                                               \_ Oh, so you believe in law
                                                  of the jungle.  I see.
                                                  \_ I believe in reality.
                                                     Please name the country
                                                     that has ever acted in
                                                     anything other than self
                                                     interest in foreign
                                                     affairs and policy.
                                            \_ At no point did anyone say to
                                               just trust the US.  If you want
                                               to create your own straw man to
                                               knock down and it somehow makes
                                               you feel smart to do so then be
                                               my guest.  Just do it somewhere
                                               else.  I'm sure there are
                                               plenty of mindless forums out
                                               there that would welcome your
                                               sort of anti-intellectualism.
                                               \_ It's called using a
                                                  strawman against a
                                                  strawman.  If you can't
                                                  take it, go away.
                                                  \_ No.  It's called making
                                                     shit up and putting words
                                                     in other people's mouths.
                                                     Your debate fu is weak.
                                   \_ If UN did not sanction Iraq for 10
                                      years, Saddam would have been able to
                                      acquire all kinds of new and
                                      replacement parts for its army.
                                      \_ If the UN hadn't sabotaged sanctions,
                                         they might have worked.
                                         \_ Sanctions haven't ever worked
                                            anywhere.  The victim country ends
                                            up with hungry civilians while the
                                            leaders and military continue to
                                            shit on gold toilets and fill their
                                            Swiss bank accounts.
                                   \_ *sigh* ok, i'll bite. Run by
                                      communists now? what?  do you mean
                                      people who used to be communists?
                                      people who are just as bad as
                                      communists?  or do you actually
                                      believe that the whole UN is controlled
                                      by the Chinese?
                                      \_ I'm not the previous person, and he's
                                         wrong about the communist thing but he
                                         was close.  It's really run by a bunch
                                         of socialists which is just as bad.
                                         \_ just as bad? socialists?
                                            so northern european countries
                                            that have socialized healthcare
                                            and more welfare than you agree
                                            with are as evil as the Soviet
                                            Union or the Kmer Rouge?
                                            Do you seriously believe that?
                                            This is exactly how communists
                                            sound when they talk about the
                                            evil capitalist imperialist
                                            oppressors.  and they're full
                                            of shit, too.
                                   \_ Evil right winger nutter imperialist
                                      hegemon fascist!  How *dare* you raise
                                      a challenge to the New World Order and
                                      Internation Law as embodied by the
                                      corrupt beaurocrats at the UN?  Next,
                                      you'll be coming up with links about how
                                      UN 'peace keepers' have engaged in the
                                      sex slave trade almost everywhere they're
                                      sent.  How could you think such a thing
                                      of people who only have your best
                                      interests at heart?  From each according
                                      to their ability, to each according to
                                      his need (or ability to manipulate the
                                      leftist press in the EU and USA).
                                      \_ Nah, US is the New World Order.
                                         \_ Uhm, no.  That's not what was ever
                                            meant at all.  Start a new top
                                            level thread if you want to discuss
                                            this in detail.
                        \_ Actually, no, they can't.  Anyone can file anything
                           they'd like but it's going to be instantly dimissed.
                           Anyway, there weren't any wrongful deaths.
                        \_ they *should*? Who are you, some kind of anti-war
                           fanatic?             -gw bush #1 fan
                           \- in general you can only sue the govt, when the
                              govt decides to let you sue "him" ... so in
                              some cases the govt may reserve the standing
                              issue to citizens. the jurisdictional issue
                              is more complicated. you may wish to learn about
                              "conflict of laws" also read something like
                              C. Rembar: The Law of the Land on the development
                              of the right to sue the king. --psb
                              \_ we all knew this. you're taking it too
                                 seriously. (and anyoen who didn't know this
                                 can go back to where ever they came from!)
2003/4/26 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28234 Activity:high
4/25    Repton soldier dies
        According to her account, Jenkins was working in crowd
        control in Baghdad when an Iraqi child playing with
        unexploded ordnance approached a group of soldiers,
        tossing it toward them. Jenkins recognized
        the danger and threw himself on the explosive
        as it detonated...
        \_ Another victim of the imperialist hegemon.  They want a war?
           Let's give them a revolution!  Regime change in Washington!
2003/4/26-27 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28235 Activity:high
4/25    Kyle Boller #19 to the Baltimore Ravens.
        \_ ya whatever
        \_ who to the what now?
        \_ Cal guy -- Baltimore really needs QB, so Kyle Boller will
           have a chance.  Rare 1st round Cal QB pick.
           \_ Rare? Or has it ever happened?
              \_ Rich Campbell in 1981 and Steve Barkowski in 1975
        \_ When's the last time Cal had two picks in the first round?
           \_ 1997 Tony Gonzalez and Tarik Glenn
        \_ Yes, yes, but when is the last time he upgraded a kernel or
           rode bike?  Has he kept up with all the sendmail security holes
           or is he some sort of qmail apostate?  And where does he stand
           on the *BSD is dead issue?  Is he pro-UN and anti-UN?  And what
           about the land mine treaty?  Would he leave the US defenseless
           on the NK/SK border or is it more important that children don't
           lose their limbs in the future?
           \_ When was the last time you beat Stanfurd?
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