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2003/4/25-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:28223 Activity:high
4/25    Hola, I have a Potempkin Date(tm) tonight at the Kabuki theater, Sf.
        Any food recommendations in that area? Real restaurant, not burrito
        facility or equivalent. Ok tnxx. --psb
        BTW, has anyone eaten at the Parkside restaurant on 17th St?
        \_ Partha, baby darling.  Are you a good kisser?  (^_-)
        \_ What is a potempkin (sic) date? Are you trying to pass for
           straight to your parents or something?
           \_ Smack! Nice
           \- hmm, that is one interpretation of potemkin date. no, that's
              something that looks like a date but isnt. i'm the king of
              potemkin dates. anyone been to parkside? --psb
              \_ so what's the deal here? Are you paying a whore to go
                 out with you? Is that where the fake part comes in?
              \_ what's the origin of the word?
                 \- p'kin village (ukraine) -> p'kin thermostat (barrows hall)
                    -> p'kin date (psb). --psb
                 \_ In the days of Catherine the Great, her advisors came
                    up with the idea of building elaborate fake villages
                    to impress her with how well they were taking care of
                    the peasants. The inventor of this strategy was named
                    Potemkin. Now, any elaborate ruse designed to put a
                    false good front on things can be called a Potemkin
                    \_ So this means you are trying to impress someone
                       with a fake social life?
                       \_ he's trying to impress CSUA geeks by misusing
                          a term they're unlikely to understand.
                       \_ it's possible he's attempting to meet demands
                          from source genetic material
                          \_ Hmmm. I thought psb was blonde-obsessive. That
                             does not compute, unless the source has changed
                             overall parameters.
2003/4/25 [Recreation/Travel] UID:28224 Activity:insanely high
4/24    Seriously.  How practical and close to time travel are we?  I used to
        read quite a bit about this topic when I was young, but have not been
        keeping up with this for the past few years.
        \_ Funny you should mention that, there's a good article about that
           in this months issue of Omni.  Apparently we're pretty close.
           \_ Is the article by any chance online?
        \_ I'm reading this motd entry from the future.
           \_ I knew you were going to say that.
                \_ I knew you were going to say that you knew I was going
                   to say that...
                   \_ Yep, that too.
                      \_ Until I get around to killng both of you *and* your
                         grandparents.  Right after I cleanup in the market.
        \_ When Zefram Cochrane invents Warp drive (a few short years
           now, WWIII has to happen first) we will have everything we
           need to time travel.
        \_ Time is a one-way arrow. Time travel into the future will happen
           in 50-100 years it does not create any paradoxes. On the other hand,
           time travel into the past will never happen, because it creates
           impossible paradoxes, and that points at it violating all sorts
           of things like cause and effect. And it beckwards time-travel
           IS ever invented, you'd have heard about it by now.
           \_ your logic is flawed.  quantum mechanics creates horrible,
              crazy-sounding paradoxes, and yet it has been experimentally
              verified again and again.  The more we explore the crazier
              parts of quantum mechanics like superposition and
              entanglement, the more it all seems to be correct, and it's
              not showing any signs of making "sense".  Time travel may
              well be truly impossible, but to say that it's impossible just
              because of some paradoxes is to ignore the history of physics.
           \_ The Temporal Prime Directive is why you haven't.
              \_ Because in the future people obey all laws to the letter.
        \_ A time-travel date movie: A Happy Accident.
           \_ hah! if you're date won't watch Dr. Who with you she's not
              worth it.
        \_ I read somewhere that time travel is essentially tied to going
           faster than the speed of light.  If it's possible to go faster
           than c then it's equivalent to time travel.  Is that still the
           case?  Isn't c the one true thing that is constant in the universe?
           I need something that is true and absolute in life!
           \_ There is one true and absolute thing about your life.  You
                are a loser.
2003/4/25 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28225 Activity:nil
4/24    Does your car accident affect your motorcycle premium, and
        vice versa?
        \_ If you have an accident it affects all your premiums.
           \_ does being dumb enough to own a motorcycle in the first place
              raise your auto premiums?
              \_ actually, aren't motorcycle premiums considerably higher
                 than for cars? ... in which case, yes.
                 \_ The answer is, for liability, no.  My motorcycle insurance
                    is MUCH cheaper than anyone's car insurance that I know of.
                    I bet it's diffrent for comprehensive and/or injury tho'
2003/4/25 [Health/Dental] UID:28226 Activity:moderate
4/25    Is it common for dentists to recommend getting unnecessary dental
        work? I think I just had a filling done yesterday that I didn't need.
        \_ All the time.  Did they also tell you that you need to whiten
           your teeth?  ALL doctors are businessmen that want you to be
           sick (or have bad teeth) so that they can make money treating you.
           Imagine what would happen if everybody took control of their
           health and stop getting sick.  Most would go out of business
           and only emergency room doctors would be in demand.  In summary,
           doctors wants you to be fat and chronically sick so they can get
           repeat business.  It's a survival instinct for them.
           \_ Your dentist sucks.  Mine rocks.  And no I'm not telling you who
              he is.  It's already too hard to get an appointment.
           \_ I've heard a lot of stories of extra services being listed
              on invoices.  Ain't insurance fraud grand!
              \_ Did you know that most doctors are opposed to any and all
                 health care reform?  They milk billions of dollars
                 out of medicare and medicaid every year. They want the
                 status quo because the status quo has made them rich.
                 They don't want any change that put in incentives for people
                 to be pro-actively healthy.  Because healthy people ==
                 less money for them.  IMHO, they're worse than lawyers because
                 lawyers don't hide behind this bullshit about saving lives
                 and are pretty straight-forward with you that they're in it
                 for the money.
                 \_ Call your State Senator and tell him to support SB26,
                    the first real health insurance reform bill to come
                    down the pike. -ausman
        \_ How'd you know you didn't need to get a filling done? Last year,
           my dentist said I needed to get mine replaced since they were
           wearing down (it had been 13 years since they were filled). He
           even showed me X-Rays, but the scans were mysterious to me, so I
           went for them. Oh well, insurance covered it, and besides, I got
           white fillings instead of the normal silver ones this time.
                \_ Heh, I switched dentists two years ago because the same
                   happened to me. And now my current dentist gave me a
                   filling I didn't even need. I just don't trust any dentists
                   anymore. If you want to know why I think I didn't need
                   the filling email me. -chrchan (OP)
                   \_ One could argue that if the filling is at 75% and 10
                      years old, it justifies replacing it with a new
                      hi-tech filling.
                      \_ Too true.  I don't know what's up with these dumb
                         bastards who think they know better than their
                         dentists if their 5 year-life fillings are still good
                         8 years after they should've been replaced.  Do their
                         dentists stand behind them and correct typos in their
                         code?  I suspect not.
                         \_ personally, my knowledge of dentists scaming
                            comes from going to a second dentist who
                            said i had no cavities, after the first said I had
                            three.  my wife was told by the first dentist
                            she had *seven* cavities, and the second said that
                            she also had no cavities.  beware the big  chain
                            places.  It was an Aspen dental that gave the
                            bad advice.
                            \_ The problem is that you don't know which
                               dentist was right. You need a third opinion.
                               Perhaps the one that said nothing is wrong
                               is hoping your teeth deteriorate so that you
                               need crowns instead of fillings. I've been
                               in this same situation. Get more opinions. --dim
                         \_ Well, I think it's always good to question and be
                            at least a tad skeptical. The dentist showing me
                            the X-Rays and explaining what was happening to
                            my fillings was good enough for me. -!OP
2003/4/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:28227 Activity:low
4/25    anyone ever use BriteSmile? are results good?
        \_ I have.  Good results.  I could have done with less expensive
           treatments.  It is for the person who has drank coffee for years.
           I only wanted to recover from drinking cola for years.
           \_ Do you have good skin too?
2003/4/25-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28228 Activity:very high
4/25    What's up with the new J Lo video?  I heard it's all about the ass.
        \_ the new video is a "spoof" of flashdance.. every thing she does
           was from the movie and/or video for "what a feeling"
           theres a record number of jLo ass shots in this video..
           more than ever before.
           \_ conveyor belt of flashdunce, who all want to do the flashdance...
           \_ what is the name of the song/video?  (Curious enough to
              fire up Kazaa...).  Is the ass better than Shakira on
              the tango song? :)
           \_ It's an "homage." Spoofs make fun of the orginal content.
        \_ How is that different from any of the old J Lo videos?
        \_ They got Jennifer Beale's orig outfit for J Lo to use, but
           they had to sew on extra material cause of her ass size.
           \_ You're nuts.  She's got a great ass.  The only people who don't
              think so are the Hollywood fashion designer queers and self
              hating fashion designer dykes.
              \_ You're nuts for thinking this is a diss on her ass.
                 It is just a comparison of size.  J Lo got ... nevermind
              \_ YES!!! J Lo has a great ass. This was no diss...just that
                 Jennifer Beales was too petite in comparison. The sewing
                 of extra material is a true story.
                \_ You seem very interested in J Lo's ass.  Tell me more
                   about J Lo's ass.
                   \_ ok, JLo has a great ass.  What more do you need to know?
           \_ Doubt it since Beale didn't dance all of those sequences.
           \_ It's "Jennifer Beals" (not Beale or Beales)
           \_ Alley McBeals
              \_ ...has no ass.
                    \_ easy skullfucking
                 \_ and is flat as a board.
                    \_ But for some reason we were told to think she was sexy
                       for her 15 minutes.  And worse, some believed it.
                        \_ skinny can be sexy.  curvy can be sexy.  pathetic
                           CSUA geeks passing judgement on females who are
                           so far out of their league that scientists would
                           have difficulty placing them in the same genus
                           is not sexy.  -tom
2003/4/25 [Uncategorized] UID:28229 Activity:high
4/25    So what is the difference between a neoconservative and just
        a regular conservative?
        \_ "neo"
           \_ Yep. The neoconservatives have their savior and "he" will set
              us all free from the tyranny of those who cloud our minds with
              images of psuedo-reality, the Hollywood elite.
2003/4/25 [Uncategorized] UID:28230 Activity:nil
2003/4/25-26 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28231 Activity:moderate
4/25    War is just a racket:
        \_ And doesn't work with cable modem?
        \_ Full text:
        \_ Nice little communist rant from before everyone understood how
           poorly communism works in the real world.  This guy dropped dead
           in 1940 for those not interested in reading pre-WWII communism++
           \_ The man's points are valid even if you don't agree with his
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