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2003/4/20-21 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:28175 Activity:nil
4/20    John, a question about swiss bank accounts (since you're there).  I've
        heard some news that they're going to stop issuing those secret
        accounts where you don't need any ID to open one.  Is that true?
        And do you know of any banks there that use biometric data to access
        the account?  Like retinal scan or some finger printing device.
        \_ There haven't been any id-less Swiss bank accounts for a very
           long time now.  A 'numbered' account simply means that once
           you open an account, there is no longer an association between
           your name and the account #--you lose the number, you're screwed.
           Swiss banks nowadays do a lot of checking to make sure cash isn't
           "dirty"--this includes verifying your ID.  The main attraction is
           the secrecy you get once the account is open.  They generally don't
           tell anyone.  For even more confidentiality and better service, I'd
           look at Liechtenstein.  Also, I know of no banks that do biometric
           ID for the type of money that you or I are looking at.  And for
           very large accounts (> $5 million) the service is usually personal
           ("private banking").  There's still a huge legal gap regarding
           biometric ID and digital non-repudiation in most countries.  I'd
           be glad to ask around, though.   -John
           \_ If the account # and some password or passphrase is the only
              thing you need to to access the account, isn't that dangerous?
              If either of the two is stolen you're screwed since they don't
              check IDs (rather there's no ID to check). That's why i thought
              of some biometric system.
2003/4/20 [Uncategorized] UID:28176 Activity:nil
4/20    Gumball 2004, anyone?  -John
        \_ Maybe?  Explanation please?
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