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2003/4/19-20 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:28167 Activity:high
4/19    I'm trying to get mozilla 1.3 to run on my ultra 5, solaris 2.8
        box on the local display.  I've patched the os, I've added the
        shared memory options to /etc/system, I've grabbed the gtk/glib
        from netscape7 from sun, I've added that to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
        I've pulled my hair out.  All I get is a prompt back when
        mozilla-bin exits with error code 1.  I ran truss on it but I
        didn't see anything special going on.  Has anyone got mozilla to
        run on a solaris 2.8 box?  Is there some trick I'm missing?  Thanks!
                 \_ obInstall1337GN00L1nuxRideBike!
        \_ this is why a run a windows desktop
        \_ mozilla --debug?
           \_ I don't have a debugger installed and the binary comes pre-
              stripped anyway....  I've been using NS6.2.3 which sucks.
        \_ Try this
           delete components/compreg.dat
           cd to your home directory and run $prefix/mozilla
           After that, you should be able to use mozilla from any directory.
           Also don't forget to run the shell script that's mentioned
           in the mozilla release notes if the mozilla directory is not
           writable by the users. By the way, I have found some strange
           rendering problems in Sun's mozilla package. I have built a 1.3
           package using gcc and I am not seeing these problems. You
           can grab my package at
                 \_ How do you install this after untarring it?
           \_ I'd love to get strange rendering problems.  It means I'm
              rendering.  :-)  I tried all this and nothing.  I've tried as
              root and as a normal user.  Blah.  I guess I'm stuck with
              what I've got.  Maybe mozilla 1.4 will run when it comes out.
              Thanks for the tips!
        \_ you can also try: ln -s /usr/bin/lynx /usr/bin/mozilla
              \_ but give a try to my build. It's known to work.
                 \_ How do you install this after untarring it?
        \_ mv .mozilla .mozilla.old; mozilla. Or try mozilla1.2.1
        \_ is anyone else irked by how hard it is to run mozilla
           \_ Yes.  Very irked.  I've never had so much trouble getting
              something to run.  The complete lack of any error message on
              exit is extremely frustrating.  I'm using NS7 now which is
              better but still not the real deal.  I can't use binaries from
              an individual's compile although I do appreciate the offer.
              I'll probably end up compiling my own when I get time.  --op
                \_ the lack of error message almost certainly means it's a
                   problem with the libraries it's linked against, compared
                   to what libraries are on your system--I've seen this happen
                   with other applications on Solaris.  The app never loads
                   enough to generate an error message.  -tom
                   \_ Huh?  Meaning the binary itself is bad?  I got it from
                      the site.  Is there a solution other than
                      doing my own compile?  thanks!  -op
                        \_ meaning the binary was linked against libraries
                           other than the ones you're trying to load.  -tom
2003/4/19 [Uncategorized] UID:28168 Activity:nil
4/19    After having lost many hours to this addiction, I now share it
        with you all: Snood.
        \_ wuss, try losing years,
2003/4/19-20 [Transportation/Car, Reference/Military, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28169 Activity:moderate
4/19    Has anyone checked out the new RRs? I've been looking at the specs
        and besides seating position, tail pipe, and the engine, I really
        don't see any difference between the F4is.
        \_ The F15E is vastly superior but the F18 is carrier capable and
           while prefer the F16 for air to air.  The F4 is way out of date
           and hasn't been flown by a real air force for decades.
           \_ wankers
        \_ The CBR-RR has much more extreem seating, sharper steering
           (Bike had it tankslapper on them), and is a bit lighter.
           For the track, the RR is probably considerably (1/2 a second?)
           better.  For the street, the F4i is undoubtedly superior, for
           the same reasons the RR is designed to be better on the track.
                \_ why do I have a feeling that the RRs are not going to
                   sell as well as the F4i's since most people don't do
                   track and don't care about that 1/2 sec difference?
2003/4/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28170 Activity:high
4/19    What's the closest thing Scheme has to a good standard library and a
        standard interpreter?
        \_ obUsePerl
           \_ Perl is a slow, broken mess.
           \_ there's a reason I like Scheme, and that reason is exactly why
              I can't stand Perl.
              \_ and that is?  If you say consistency I will laugh.
                 \_ a simple, elegant syntax.  and then there are first-class
                    procedures, first-class continuations, proper closures,
                    hygienic macros, ...
                    \_ i would rather read machine code than scheme
                    \_ Oh please.  The macros in CLisp and Scheme are a
                       \_ There is no better way to have general macros.
                       \_ ok, what's a language with a better macro system?
                          \_ I'll give you two: make, ant
                             \_ make and ant do not have a macro system.
        \_ r5rs
           \_ R5RS is the language standard.  It does not specify a standard
              library, and it's not an interpreter.
        \_ Is this for BH's project where the homeless guy gloms on to you
           until you get to campus and the campus police object beats him off?
        \_ /usr/ports/lang/scm
2003/4/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28171 Activity:high
4/19    The impending battle to lift UN sanctions on Iraq
        Russia in New Push to Lift Iraq UN Sanctions (FLASHBACK 2000)
        \_ Oh, those rascally Russians.  I mean, it's not as if the
           U.S. has changed its mind and dropped all pretence of Iraq
           actually having WMD.
2003/4/19 [Reference/Military] UID:28172 Activity:nil
4/19    US marines hunt gazelles with rocks.
        \_ Ananova will also tell you about the latest UFO landings.  This
           story can be read at more respectable sites with the whole story
           and not the typical silly ananova summary.
2003/4/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:28173 Activity:nil
4/19    Related to the question below, why would anyone pay extra $300
        for an F4i when they can get a YZF, ZX6, or something similar
        with a better performance?
        \_ Ask them.
2003/4/19-20 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28174 Activity:high
4/19    Question for you video nerds.  If you have a giant pile of
        videos of Saddam Hussein, how hard is it to make a convincing
        piece of "new" footage?  Could any yahoo with some artistic skill and
        a good computer do this?  If so, what's all the fuss about these
        bits of footage of Hussein?
        \_ Synthesizing novel convincing human motion from data is an
           interesting open problem in computer vision.  -- ilyas
        \_ There is a new video clip showing Hussein with Laci Peterson!
           \_ It's not Laci Peterson, it's Laci Rocha.
        \_ All you need is a PM and FCP. Seeing is not believing.
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