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2003/4/18-19 [Reference/Law/Visa, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:28160 Activity:nil
4/17    Are there plug-ins/add-ins (or something like that) available for
        xfig to make it easier to draw circuit schematics?
        \_ Try "dia"  IIRC, it has an icon set for circuits.  --dbushong
2003/4/18 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:28161 Activity:very high
4/17    Are Ortha-Evra and Ortha-tricyclene paid by insurance?
        \_ Go get the free condoms.  You're cheating on each other and need
           disease protection as much as you need the pill.
           \_ Clearly someone who's not gotten any with and without.
              \_ Not so clear.  Happily married, thanks!  One day you might
                 know the touch of a woman.
                 \_ Yermom is better than your wife.
                    \_ that's not saying much
                 \_ Happily married is an oxymoron. When you come home
                    one day and the house is cleaned out (including the
                    ice cube trays in the freeze and the extra pollen
                    filters for the upstairs heater) you will know that
                    no marriage is happy and no woman can be trusted.
                    Then your education will start. It will be the most
                    expensive, humiliating and degrading lesson you will
                    ever learn. Provided you survive...
                    \_ you are not the real bdg
                    \_ nah, I got over the lousy taste in women thing in
                       college.  It took time and a lot of fucking to figure
                       out the score but I'm doing just fine thanks.
           \_ Condoms are FAR less effective at birth control.  The proper
              Paranoid woman uses both.
                \_ The properly paranoid man uses condoms because he can't
                   trust her to be on the pill and also can't trust that she
                   isn't diseased or trying hard to get diseased somewhere
                   else.  Always use condoms.  That way you don't need to trust
                   each other.  Now go out there and ignore me and get herpes
                   and be parents!  GO BEAR!
                \_ I know a woman who wants kids, whether she's married or not.
                   I'm downright SCARED of sleeping with her.
                   \_ You should be.  Why are you even thinking about it?
                        \_ the answer to that should be self-evident. -tom
                           \_ he wants to be a daddy?  that's the only reason
                              to fuck a chick who wants kids no matter what.
              \_ Of course, nothing beats abstinence, the preferred and
                 endorsed method of the CSUA.
        \_  Depends on your insurance policy.  Why don't you call the
            800 number on the back of your card and ask?  Or look up
            the website? I've found most health insurances cover bcp, but
            there is no single blanket policy.  --chris
        \_  I think we need to rename it, this is not insurance.  It's
            health coverage or a health plan or something.  Insurance
            wouldn't cover this kind of stuff.
            \_ Yeah now if it paid out only when you actually had the
               bad luck to impregnate, now THAT would be insurance.
               \_ I've actually heard of a health insurance plan that
                  covers costs of childbirth *and* abortions, but not
                  birth control. Stupidity knows no bounds.
               \_ You mean cover the cost of a kid from 0-18?
2003/4/18 [Health] UID:28162 Activity:very high
4/18    Dear motd personal trainer: I've been lifting weights for awhile,
        and I no longer get that stiff, swollen feeling in my muscles the
        day afterward.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until I did
        an exercise I don't commonly do.  Does this mean my workout is not
        intense enough (more weights? more reps?) or is it unavoidable?
        It seems like I'm lifting at about my outer limits (3rd set seems
        exhausting) and I don't want to injure myself. Thanks
        \_ I used to work out where I did one body part (back, chest,
           legs, etc) each day, several exercises for 3 sets each.  I
           switched to doing 2 full body workouts per week, 1 set per
           exercise of multi-joint exercises like squat, deadlift, bench
           press, rowing, and have had good results from that.
           \_ do you have a full list of the exercises you do?  I've made
              my own workout, and would be interested in comparing to get
              an idea of other things to add in... - mds
        \_ One of the golden rules of weight-lifting: change your routine
           regularly. Your muscles grow accustomed to any set of exercises
           you do over time, hence become efficient at them. Do different
           exercises. You can also try supersetting (doing two different
           exercises together, eg. bicep curl and tricep pullovers), or
            \_ Do you mean simultaneously?
               \_ I think the idea is grab a barbell, curl, raise it over
                  your head, do the tricep extension.  Repeat 8-12 times.
                  Repeat 3 or 4 times.
           circuit training (a set of 5-6 different exercises back to back,
           rest, then repeat)
           \_ Any good varients for straight and incline bench press?
              Thanks! - !OP, same problem
              \_ decline bench press
                 \_ I hate the decline, all the blood rushes to my head.
              \_ One variation is to use dumbbells instead of barbell. Or you
                 can try "negatives": do a bench press as normal, but go really
                 REALLY slow on the way down... like 3-6 seconds. These will
                 *burn*. Negatives can be used for just about every exercise.
                 \_ Well alternating light/medium/heavy lift days also work,
                    or is that not enough variation?
                    \_ I've rarely alternated between l/m/h, so I can't say.
                       But a good indication of how heavy you should be doing
                       is that the third set should always be to exhaustion.
                       Ideally, you need a spotter to get to a full 10-12 reps.
                       \_ The trainer I was working with said for "heavy" you
                          should be looking at a set of 8/6/6 reps, full
                          exhaustion at the end.  Only when the muscle is
                          "failing" will it have the incentive to build more
                          \_ That's cuz you're actually ripping and breaking
                             down the muscle fibers. New muscle can't be built
                             unless current muscle is destroyed.
                             \_ false
                                \_ fair enough, but spell out why:
                                   is it more accurate to say that new
                                   muscle can't be built unless current
                                   muscle is torn?
        \_ How long is a while?  After a certain point you will stagnate.
           To get past that usually involves eating a ton of food, which makes
           you gain weight all over, some/most of which is muscle.  Then you
           get stronger, but fatter too.  -ax
2003/4/18-19 [Consumer, Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:28163 Activity:kinda low
4/18    Toshiba or Hitachi laptop drive?
        \_ Hitachi.. they are/were IBM... the quietest and fastest
           laptop drives on the market (if you buy the 5400rpm).
           IBM sold their whole storage division to Hitachi.
           \_ Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  I don't see any 9.5mm drives @
              5400 rpm though.
              \_ Ah, just checked.  60gb drives are about $80 more if you go
                 from 4200 rpm to 5400.
           \_ Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  I don't see any 9.5mm
              drives @ 5400 rpm though.
              \_ Ah, just checked.  60gb drives are about $80 more if
                 you go from 4200 rpm to 5400.
        \_ I bought a hitachi travelstar 30 gb drive last week for
           around $90. It has 2 MB cache and is pretty quiet and
           suprisingly fast for a 4200 RPM drive. Similarly spec'ed
           toshiba's are a bit more expensive and since I had to keep
           it under $100, I chose the hitachi.
2003/4/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:28164 Activity:kinda low
4/17    Go phillip!
        \_ phillip's name doesn't make sense without the "Edward"
        \_ btw, this is very, very cool.  nice job, folks. --erikred
           \_ Thanks.  I've been busy.  Have you seen this?
              - phil
              \_ heh, cute. the "four heavy duty staples" bit adds a
                 hint of authenticity.
2003/4/18-19 [Science/Electric, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:28165 Activity:very high
4/19    Any philosophy minors out there?  I'd like to figure out how to
        think without resorting to for statements and recursion.  Are
        there any good books to start off with, or any particular thinkers
        that you have enjoyed?  I took some ancient greek philosophy class
        for my AC, hated it with a passion, but I look back now and realize
        that I like knowing about Aristotle's (?) cave and Plato's idiotic
        Republic.  Anyway, I'm more interested in more modern thought now.
        \_ It's not Aristotle's cave.  If you want to study laws of thought
           study logic, probability theory, and decision theory.
           Philosophy is very good to study, but not for that reason.
           \_ Well, I definitely want philosophy.  For whatever reason.
              Any good books?
              \_ While modern philosophy is interesting, it's difficult to put
                 it in a proper context without reading the greeks and
                 christian philosophers like Acquinas.  I would start there.
                 \- i dont think this is true in the case of Acquinas [sic].
                    the scholastics are a big detour. --psb
        \_ A related note.  Anybody watch West Wing?  The two times I saw it
           I heard the characters talk about John Rawls and a theory of
           justice and the veil of ignorance.  And also Immanuel Kant and
           a critique of pure reason.  I strongly doubt the average couch
           potato even knows what that means.  I'm wondering how the show can
           be a big hit if people don't even understand what they're talking
           \_ Note that "For whatever reason" above includes the West Wing.
              There's a middle ground b/w encouraging further investigation
              and talking down to viewers. -op
           \_ Ever watch Fraiser? You think think the average couch potato
              knows who der fliegende hollander is or who wrote the opera?
              Probably not. A show can be a hit despite the fact most of
              the content is way over the heads of the average fan.
                \_ hello psb. I know die fliegende and I even named your fav
                   aria from Mozart's Don Giovanni. -psb #2 fan you know
                   who I am
                \_ hello psb. I know die fliegende and I even named your
                   fav aria from Mozart's Don Giovanni. -psb #2 fan you
                   know who I am
                        \_ I'm not psb.
                           \- i think it is more important to take away
                              "tools and frameworks" in which to understand
                 \_ If you had pointy ears or an extremely pale
                    complextion with yellow contacts it would all
                    make sense to you.
              \_ puccini or donizetti?
                 \_ wagner
                 \_ wagner  \_ elixir or lucia?
                              the world [e.g. per ST2:TWoKhan, does the good
                              of the many *always* outweight the good of the
                              few?] and thoughtful answers to Big Questions
                              [like what do the Homeric Epics tell us about
                              "what is good in life?" or "what merits respect
                              or constitutes excellence?"] rather than getting
                              random cultural reference on tv. one is a game
                              the other is wisdom. --psb
              \_ Yeah, just look at Star Trek.  It's not only over
                 peoples heads, it's all total bullshit.
        \_ If you are interested in epistemology (how do we know what we
           know), you can check out the big hitters like Hume, Kant, and
           Wittgenstein, but they might be difficult to read without
           some instruction. Some modern philosophy of science would also
           be interesting, like Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific
           Revolution. However, it seems that you are more interested in
           how to reason informally than epistemology. For that, I'd
           recommend a Rhetoric 1 textbook.
              \_ how about the metaphysics, epistimology, and logic of
                 kissing partha?
           \- with some trepidation about casting pearls ...
                  \- respectively, rawls: green monster and nozick: anarchy
                     state utopia, posner: econ analysis of law, hard one...
                     maybe laski or e.h. carr, kant: crit pur reason.
              if you give a specific example of some kinds of questions
              you are interested in ... "what is the philosophical basis
              of progressive taxation" "what kinds of contracts should not
              be legal" "what is the basis and limits of state soverignty"
              "is there a possibility of synthetic a priori knowledge" ...
              it will only then be possible to make recommendations beyond
              "start with plato". in other news, kant's birthday is next week
              and john rawls died quite recently. --psb
                     limits of philosophy, or something my michael sandel.
                  \- okay, let's assume those are the questions to be
                  asked. what do you recommend?
                  \- respectively, 1. rawls: green monster and nozick: anarchy
                     state utopia, 2. posner: econ analysis of law, 3.hmm...
                     maybe laski or e.h. carr ... hobbes locke and plato
                     of course are a given; 4. kant: crit pur reason.
                     but really you should ask your own questions.
                     i think you might be better off taking an econ1
                     type course. try reading the baulmol and blinder
                     econ textbook. or maybe take a philosophy class
                     at a community college. based on this conversation
                     you will not get through wittgenstein, hume, kant etc.
                     you might be better off reading someone modern who writes
                     in normal english ... maybe williams: ethics and the
                     limits of philosophy, or something by michael sandel.
2003/4/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28166 Activity:nil
4/18    A question for all you work out geeks who are maybe shedding that
        nerdy skinny body and starting to look like men for the first time
        in your lives: Does it actually help you get laid or are you just
        a socially inept but well built geek now?
        \_ Please use motdedit.  You overwrote my post.  Thanks.
           \_ no, you overwrote mine which was there for several minutes
              before you even started yours.
              \_ What editor are you using?  I didn't catch any locks.
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