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2003/4/17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28145 Activity:nil
4/16    About the Private Lynch thing, yeah the article is silly when you
        look at it as a "this was a special forces rescue, of course they
        handcuffed everyone, pointed guns at them, etc."  However it also
        is obvious that if YOU had been the person handcuffed, threatened,
        etc. you'd probably not be too happy either.  This is why many
        Iraqis aren't so happy with the us occupying the country.  They
        don't love having foreign invaders who can't even speak their
        language come in and point guns at them.
        Oh and I wonder how many of you thought the whole Elian retrival
        thing was done perfectly ok.
        \_ Dr. Harith's reaction sounded pretty effete and out of touch
2003/4/17 [Reference/Languages] UID:28146 Activity:nil
4/16    Lots of languages are written from left to right.  Arabic, Hebrew, and
        several others are written from right to left, and Chinese, Mongolian
        and some other Asian languages are written in columns from top to
        bottom(or at least used to be.)  But what about from bottom to top?
        can anyone think of a written language that goes that way?
2003/4/17 [Uncategorized] UID:28147 Activity:nil
4/16    To all the liberals:
        The world is going to hate us for century to come for what we have
        done in Iraq.  Since you guys are actually in the States, you
        may not feel it.
2003/4/17 [Uncategorized] UID:28148 Activity:nil
4/17    some dumbass soldier changes his name to "optimus prime"
        \_ that's months old.
            \_ it's also the second or third time on motd.
2003/4/17-18 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:28149 Activity:kinda low
4/17    Super rice rockets -
        \_ I think it's most philipino guys doing this right?  Are east
           asians modding their car?
           \_ That's "Filipino" or "Pilipino". -- Pinoy pride
           \_ Filipino
              \_ pronounced pilipino
2003/4/17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28150 Activity:high
4/16    Blix will save us and lend us credibility!  And oh yeah, let's make
        the Middle East nuclear free so it's safe for Arabs to attack Israel
        again!  Gotta love those ultra leftist Europeans for their transparency
        \_ 1. The Bushies have yet to show us the proof that either Iraq or
              Syria have WMD.
              \_ I'm sure the childish little ding on their name lends much
                 credibility in the circles you walk in.  I don't care if
                 there isn't a single WMD in the entire country.  There's
                 24+ million people now free of brutal oppression.  Does that
                 mean *nothing* to you?
                 \_ It does.  And if things turn out well that will be great.
                    But if you remember the whole reason for the war in the
                    first place was SADDAM HAD WMDS AND WE HAD TO GET THEM
                    \_ Saddam is gone.  Things have already turned out well.
                       And there were many reasons to go into Iraq.  I don't
                       care which of the 15-20 announced reasons you'd like
                       to latch on to.  I'm happy that Saddam is out of power
                       and maybe dead, that the Baath party in Iraq is dead,
                       that the Kurds are free, that the Shi'ites are free,
                       that there's one less country supporting terrorists,
                       and that finally the US is properly feared and
                       respected as the super power it is and not a paper
                       tiger willing to be bound by the dictates of the
                       jealous and bitter weaklings who dominate the UN who
                       would love to take advantage of our generally good
                       nature to fuck us over, keep us down, and then spit
                       on our graves once we bowed to "the international
                       community", whatever *that* is.
                       \_ Wow. Can we meet so I can do a psych profile on
                          on you and the roots of your aggression against
                          the world?
                       \_ Did our "generally good nature" also led us to
                          support such lovely rulers like Pinochet,
                          Marcos, Suharto, ... , and yes, Mr. Hussein
                          himself?   Not to mention Mr. Bin Laden too.
                       \_ Things have not turned out yet. Things are still
                          in motion. The war continues.
           2. Israel does not need nukes to deter an attack from its
              neighbors-- its military forces and its superior battlefield
              technology do that.
              \_ So the Israelis wasted their time and money on the nukes?
                 Maybe you should write a letter to their embassy explaining.
                 While you're at it you might explain how their conventional
                 forces will help deter anything when (not if) some nuthead
                 gets nukes in the region.  Which military college or school
                 of international affairs did you get your PhD from, btw?
                 \_ It is not as easy to build/acquire nuclear weapons
                    as you imply.  Do some research before you spread panic.
                    Next, as things stand now (as opposed to your pre-
                    Armaggedon fantasy), the Israeli military and its
                    level of tech are sufficiently superior to their
                    neighbors to deter a conventional attack.  The nukes
                    are a nice piece of insurance, admittedly, but they
                    are not the end-all of military preparedness or
           \_ And you would know because you've previously ruled a place the
              size of California and know that it's hard to hide stuff in a
              place so small?
                \_ well they swore they had proof of WMDs, so you would think
                   that me[a]nt(sp) they had some idea WHERE THEY WERE.
                   \_ I wouldn't think that at all.  Why would you think that?
        \_ And, not that it really seems to matter to the current
           administration, but our credibility is short on this point.
           Blix was correct in saying 'internationally backed inspections
           would have "considerably more credibility."'
           \_ Credibility?  With who?  I'd rather know that Americans were
              there and come up with whatever is or isn't there then go along
              with the spy infested anti-American UN inspections team who now
              has even less incentive to prove Iraq had WMD.
              \_ The world outside of the US and Britain does matter, no
                 matter how much the Bush apoligists try to deny it. It is
                 amusing to see how Bush's rhetoric has changed entirely
                 from talking about WMD to "freedom." "The Iraqi's are
                 liberated!" conquest==liberation in Bushspeak
2003/4/17 [Uncategorized] UID:28151 Activity:nil
4/16    Neocons have their own nutty internally consistent logic:
        \_ That's not at all what your link says.  If you can't label a link
           properly then don't bother posting.  From this point on I feel no
           sympathy for you if your mislabeled links get blasted and no guilt
           if I'm the one doing it.
           \_ I don't care how he labeleed it.  it was an interesting link
              and you are a stupid asshole.
              \_ It was interesting if you're an LA Times reading weenie.  I
                 may be an asshole but I'm not stupid and it wasn't at all
2003/4/17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:28152 Activity:high
4/16    I actually like the idea, as long as it apply to all nations in
        the middle east
        \_ Cool so 150 million screaming arabs with boards with nails in
           them can push the fuckin jews into the sea.  Good plan, well
           thought out, especially considering which "side" will be under
           more intense scrutiny to comply.  Good nukes make good neighbors,
           at least they have so far.  -John
           \_ I think the situation has become a lot more complicated than
              "Israel has nukes".   Face it, if anyone attacked Israel the
              US would invade in days.  This is no longer the 60s.
              \_ So you think it's in Israel's best interests to be completely
                 dependent on the US's good will for their survival?  That's
                 totally insane.  What happens when the anti-Israel nutheads
                 eventually get elected and leave them to rot?  "Oh, oops,
                 sorry, you should've had your own nukes!"  Especially since
                 the US has such a shitty record of keeping promises.
           \_ Isreal was able to defend itself against its neighbors three
              times without the use of nukes.
              \_ No.  The last time things got tense and they let everyone
                 know they were ready to do it.  And no one has tried again
                 since, at the army level.  BTW, Israel hasn't even admitted
                 they have any, let alone 1000+.  They won't give em up.
              \_ And it was *very* *very* close to getting wiped out twice.
                 Go pick up a book on military history.  You'll note no one
                 has launched a full scale invasion since the time they're
                 believed to have developed nukes?  Think about it.  If it
                 was the other way around you *know* Israel would have already
                 been nuked in a first strike.  You're either naive or
                 something unspeakable worse.
                 \_ I don't think anyone would launch a first strike nuke
                    attack on Israel (or Germany, or Japan...), because
                    the consenquence would be a serious beatdown from the US.
                    \_ Any nation that depends on another for it's survival is
                       already doomed.
                       \_ "No man is an island"
                    \_ Nuking Isreal doesn't make any sense for the Arabs;
                       the reason they hate Isreal is it's occupying lands
                       they view as sacred.  -tom
                 \_ Has Isreal ever even lost a battle against the Arabs?
                    \_ obviously you skipped Seder last night.
                 \_ No one has launched a full scale invasion of Israel
                    since they all got their asses handed to them and
                    Israel took over the West Bank and a chunk of Egypt
                    (subsequently returned).  Do not confuse causality
                    with circumstance.
                    \_ Like getting their asses handed to them the first two
                       times made a difference?  No.  That's why there were
                       three attacks.  There hasn't been one since '73 not
                       because the Arabs might get crushed again (we know this
                       because as stated it happened *3* times) but because of
                       the only change in the status quo, namely Israel has
                       the bomb.
                       \_ Check out the Federation of American Scientists:
                          According to this, Israel had nukes *before* the
                          1973 attack, and that did not deter it.  After
                          1973, the economy and the politics of the region
                          changed, and the annihilation of Israel took a
                          backseat.  After Egypt and Israel signed a peace
                          treaty, invasion became a non-issue: Syria, Jordan,
                          and Lebanon are too weak to force the issue, and
                          Saudi Arabia has its own issues to work out.
                    \_ What is "unspeakable worse" in your worldview?
                       Just curious.
2003/4/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:28153 Activity:nil
4/16    about half years ago, I asked a question basically compare different
        kind of server-side scripts: jsp, asp, php, etc, and I got a pretty
        good response.  One thing I did "miss" was that I didn't ask about
        Cold Fusion.   Now, in my company, my boss is trying to stuff
        Cold Fusion down our throats.  How's Cold Fusion compare with all
        other server-side scripts, in terms of advantages, disadvantages?
        Thanks in advance  [blatant grammar errors corrected]
        \_ Cold Fusion == PHP only buggier and non-free.  Considering how
           hard PHP sucks, that's probably a bad sign.
        \_ My wife did some work with Cold Fusion and she couldn't think
           of enough bad things to say about it.  I was most impressed
           with the fact that you couldn't really write your own functions
           in Cold Fusion until something like version 4!  Based on her
           experience I would advise you to resist Cold Fusion as much
           as possible.  Good luck.  -emin
2003/4/17-18 [Transportation/Car] UID:28154 Activity:nil
4/17    Honda Ad Details:
2003/4/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:28155 Activity:high
4/17    Geeks from the CSUA and OCF, together with Eshleman/MLK building
        operations staff, descend from the heavens and save ASUC elections
        from complete and total disaster.  Daily Cal misses story COMPLETELY.
        Film at eleven.
        \_ hey mail me more info about this! - danh@csua
        \_ uh-oh. dans is feeling unappreciated again
        \_ Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards,
           for they are subtle and quick to anger!
           \_ According to Stephenson, most geeks map more accurately to
              dwarves than wizards in the Tolkein universe. I'm inclined to
                                          \_ Tolkien!
              \_ the dwarves love their caves.
              \_ Linux khazad!  Khazad ai-menu!
              \_ You just used geek fan-boy literature to make an argument
                 about geek fan-boys.  Perhaps you could let us know when
                 your argument unwedges itself from its infinite loop.

In article <23794r$> (Joseph R. Pannon) w
>That's one of the silliest arguments I've read in this group.  How is
>one to learn to be a Unix hacker if he already has to be one to install
>a Unix?

Do it recursively! :-)
                   \_ Error: stack overflow!
        \_ Not for the first time.  The OCF had to save the ASUC elections
           before, when they first went computerized.
        \_ I think the only thing that can save the ASUC elections is to not
           have them and let the ASUC complete the last steps into complete
           and final anarchy.  Has anyone yet figured out what the ASUC
           senate does, other than run for election to the ASUC senate?
           \_Yes, they supposedly control the profits from the student
             store. Heavy emphasis on the supposedly.
             \_ ok, hypothetically, there are profits and these numbskulls
                control the profits.  what do/can they do with them?
2003/4/17 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:28156 Activity:very high
4/17    In veneration of his computer science forbears, it is decided that Dan
        Holliman will change his name to Dan Hollerith. danh, we expect
        compliance and certifying documentation from the Social Security
        Administration in a reasonably short time. Thank you and good night.
        \_ huh?
           \_ Perhaps a reference to the hollerith format flag in Fortran77?
              -- ulysses
2003/4/17-18 [Health/Dental, Health] UID:28157 Activity:nil
        Cal/Boller/Tedford on ESPN
2003/4/17-21 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:28158 Activity:nil
4/17    .NET, SQL Server, SOAP, XML job in /csua/pub/jobs/EmployEng
2003/4/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28159 Activity:very high
4/17    Girls, have you ever decided to not set up a cool guy with someone
        so he would be single and available if you should breakup with
        the person you are seeing?  [available either for a relationship
        or just platonically to hang out with?]
        \_ I know someone who did the opposite - tried to set up the guy
           to avoid temptation, yet ended up breaking up with her
           current bf to be with the guy anyway.  Trying to manipulate
           people can backfire in unexpected ways.
           \_ I'm glad he got laid but hope he dumped her before she found
              someone more interesting.
              \_ This brings up an interesting point.  I'm not so sure
                 that being stolen from a boyfriend/girlfriend necessarily
                 means that a person is likely to do it again.  So a poll:
Please vote:
1)  Some relationships are inevitable, and will lead to a breakup of
    existing relationships in order to happen:  .
2)  Someone who dumps an SO to be with you will dump you:
3)  All's fair in love and war:
5)  George Bush is a patriarchical protorapist! End Racism:.
        \_ I'm currently in a similar situation. I'm the guy. And she's
           married. But remember, if people are in love, no matter what
           you do as the third-person, you cannot break them up.
           At first, she was trying to set me up with her single gfs
           but we ended up together instead.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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