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2003/4/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28139 Activity:high
4/15    yup, that coward has censored the motd.  can someone identify
        who that is?
        \_ I can identify a few people but what would be the point in naming
           names?  Some are people you'd never know from anything else.  Some
           are people who scream about the unfairness of anonymity.  Some are
           from the left.  Some are from the right.  A few are from some place
           not even in the same ballpark as the rest of us.  What would you do
           if I provided you with a list of names?  Mail bomb them?  They're
           not in violation of any csua rules.  I wish they wouldn't do it, but
           until there's a no-censorship-on-the-motd policy and it gets
           enforced you won't be seeing the name list.  You're a smart guy you
           can write your own scripts and figure it out for yourself.  I did.
        \_ given the large array of topics that get deleted, it's probably
           a bunch of people.  A significant fraction of society at large
           is composed of these pathetic cowards who would rather see
           censorship than open debate.  The motd just makes it easier and
           harder for them at the same time.
           \_ oh yeah, "open debate" like Bill O'Reilly viewer mail.
              \_ how can you equate the motd with a TV show's viewer mail?
                 and why the big stick up your ass about Bill?  did you write
                 in and get made fun of or something?  he hurt your poor little
                 precious nerdy ego?  get over it.  It's a tv show not a forum
                 for open debate.  everyone else understands that except you.
              \_ yes, open debate.  take a look at the editorial columns
                 representing the various points on the political
                 spectrum in the mainstream media.  Many columns on the
                 various sides are personal attacks and wild unsubstantiated
                 claims.  These are read by people who agree with them and
                 left unchallenged.  On the motd poeple of just about
                 every point on the political spectrum express their views,
                 occasionally actually backing up an opinion with some
                 kind of reference.  If you look around the web, you mostly
                 see forums where everyone agrees with on another, except
                 for the ocasional heckler who gets thrown off the site
                 or shouted down.  On the motd, there's plenty of shouting,
                 but not mindless concensus, and this is a very precious thing.
2003/4/16-17 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28140 Activity:high
4/15    How do you guys protect your ears when you're on the motorcycle?
        At above 50MPH, the wind noise is driving me nuts.
        \_ Um, a helmet?
           \_ haven't you seen those helmets which don't cover your ear?
              \_ those are for dumbasses.  Are you one?
        \_ And a good helmet.  RF200/700/800 were among the quietest.
           I'm not so sure about the 900.  Earplugs - hearoos are my fav.
           \_ Earplugs suck if you're going to be driving in city traffic.
              \_ I got tens of thousands of happy mileage.  Your hearing.
                 But if you never get on the freeway, plugs unneeded.
           \_ I have a RF900 and it's kinda noisy. However, I've never tried
              any other helmet in my life so I wouldn't know. Isn't
              RF900 > RF800 > RF700 > RF200?
              \_ no, more like Pentium replaced by P2, P3, P4.
        \_ You go to your doctor and get a prescription for custom
           earplugs, which you can legally wear while driving.
                \_ what's the NRR rating for cusmot earplugs? I use Howard
                   Leight earplugs with an NRR rating of 32 and it's still
                   pretty noisy with my Shoei RF900.
                   \_ the NRR is a sort of average over a frequency range.
                      it is possible that the noise you hear is in a range
                      that the plugs are not good at blocking.
2003/4/16-17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28141 Activity:high
4/16    The Truth about the Private Lynch rescue,,5944-648517,00.html
        \_ frankly, Dr. Harith sounds pretty effete and out of touch
           \_ How so?
              \_ he said his colleagues weren't treated courteously
                 during the POW rescue
                 \_ How dreadful!  They used standard swat team tactics to go
                    into a place with unknown dangers and actually dared to
                    do as trained and not assume that just because some clown
                    is wearing a stethoscope that he's a nice friendly happy
                    smiley doctor.  It would've been better if they didn't
                    cuff him and he pulled a gun and shot a few I guess.
                    \_ It would have been better if they'd secured the area
                       and then let the doctors get on with their work.
                       \_ WTF do you think they mean by "securing the area"??
                          Everyone who isn't on the team goes into cuffs and
                          gets a boot on their back.  That's what it means.
                          The ignorance around here is shocking.
                          \_ They walk in, raise their arms and show their
                             naked palms in the international sign of
                             nonbelligerence, and say, "Ok, people, now
                             please don't do anything."  What do *you*
                             think "securing an area" means?
                             \_ lol
                     \_ True, can't really argue with you on that one.  But
                        keep in mind some of these doctors are still a little
                        touchy from Gulf War I when we were bombing their
        \_ I wonder if Lynch will ever be able to tell her own story.
           \_ Probably after she leaves the Army, but not until then.
        \_ If an Iraqi told you guys the US Flag originally had 100 stars,
           but Bush had the CIA secretly remove 1/2 of them using the FBI
           and special forces, you'd probably start checking the ashes
           of the last flag you burned to look for the missing 50 stars. -ax
        \_ I didn't read the link.  Why would I care?  Is there a conspiracy
           about her rescue?  Was she really not rescued?  Did the evil
           Bush admin send out special ops to change the road sign so she
           could be ambushed and then rescued for PR purposes later?  Don't
           you have something better to worry your little head about?
           \_ I didn't read your post.  You suck.
              \_ Yes.  You did read my post.  Anyway, I got a few minutes and
                 read the link.  It was even more stupid than I imagined.
                 \_ What makes it stupid? It sounds like a pretty likely
                    scenario for what happened. What is stupid is the US
                    insistence on stonewalling the whole thing. We did
                    nothing to be ashamed of.
                    \_ It's stupid because it's the standard droning anti-US
                       noise told entirely from a single perspective without
                       the slightest shred of critical thought or research
                       into the hows or whys of the way a swat team style
                       action works.  "I look like a doctor so I should be
                       left alone to wander about in a combat zone doing my
                       doctoring!"  Ridiculous.  So anyone who can find a
                       white coat and a tie shouldn't be secured in a combat
                       zone?  Need I go on?
                       \_ What's stupid is the US media repeatedly calling
                          it a "daring" rescue attempt.  Now we know how
                          "daring" it was.
           \_ Silly rabbit, the whole rescue took place in Sound Stage 9.
              There was no war.  There was no ambush.  There were no POWs.
              And there certainly was no rescue.  Lynch is actually a
              bit actress who did soft porn on the side.
              \_ They probably used the same stage as the moon landing.
              \_ Naw, they use computer graphics nowadays. The same team
                 that did Shrek, I think.
              \_ I thought she looked a little like the village girl
                 from Wag The Dog.
                 \_ Lynch is not as busty.
2003/4/16 [Politics] UID:28142 Activity:nil
4/16    The government has downgraded the terror alert back down to
        yellow which, once again, means absolutely nothing.
        \_ It's a pretty helpful indicator of how much you should expect
           to pay for gas, though.
        \_ The color coding scheme was intended for law enforcement, not the
           general public but of course the idiots in the media love the
           simplicity so they flash it all over as if it means something.
           \_ exactly.  They may put more troops/national guard/security
              at higher threat levels.
2003/4/16-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:28143 Activity:very high
4/16    hi motd.  I have a home network of Windows computers each getting
        DHCP addresses from the ISP, and the IPs change often and are on
        different subnets (go figure).  What's the best way to share files /
        a printer between the home PCs?  Putting two NICs in each computer
        is a hassle, a NAT gateway would leave each PC with private IPs, and
        adding a static route over a larger ISP subnet would prevent access
        to some remote hosts.  Thanks.
           \_ use Rendezvous / link-layer zero-configuration IP addressess.
        \_ Why not use a NAT gateway? Assign unique private IPs to each host,
           and NAT them to the internet.
           \_ Because this house is full of Internet gamers
        \_ Don't be a wimp.  Put in a second NIC and stop being a baby about
           it.  You just named all the ways possible and then said you don't
           want to do any of them.  If it's too hard to add a $10 NIC and a
           $20 hub to make an internal net then you have no business having
           more than 1 computer.  I have no sympathy for the lazy.
           \_ Wouldn't it have been nice if DHCP clients could also have
              a static IP on a single NIC? -op
              \_ On a real OS they can.
                 \_ which man page can I look at for FreeBSD?  My google
                    foo is lacking.  I've tried man dhcp|ifconfig.
                    \_ Your fu in general is weak.  ifconfig <if> alias ...
                       \_ windows hosts can also have multiple IP/interface
                          \_ but can windows hosts have simultaneous DHCP
                             and a static IP on one interface?
                             can I have tea and no tea at the same time? -op
                             \_ It is not a real OS.  No.
                             \_ Remove your common sense first.  Oh wait, you're
                                using windows!  you should be fine.
2003/4/16 [Uncategorized] UID:28144 Activity:nil
        It's the smokeing gun.  Just go read it.
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