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2003/4/14 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28111 Activity:nil
4/13    The US is at war with Syria.  The US has always been at war
        with Syria.
2003/4/14-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:28112 Activity:very high
4/14    Coming to visit Berkeley again today. What's a good place to
        have lunch nowadays? Since we're now "older", we need someplace
        nicer (no blondies, bongo burger or $1 chinese food). Last two times
        we ate at Intermezzo and Zachary's. What else is out there now?
        \_ steve's korean bbq is timeless
           \_ Amen!
           \_ timeless in the sense of how long it'll take your bowels to
              recover from the insult?
                \_ what are you, class of '50?
                   \_ What does my year have to do with knowing that Steve's
                      Korean BBQ sucks?
        \_ Grigoire
        \_ I would suggest either Bongo Burger or Blondies.
           \_ If i'm ever too much of a pompous asshole to go to Bongo
              Burger with my friends, please kill me.
              \_ Or Oscar's.
        \_ La Note on Shattuck is really good... provencal French food.
           \_ Um, no.  La Note has nice atmosphere, but the food is mediocre
              at best and not worth the money.
        \_ Venus on Shattuck. Nann&Curry on Telegraph is a dive with really
           good Indian food for the cost. Take this with a grain of salt
           because I still like Bongo Burger and I'm "older" too.
        \_ I'm probably a lot "older" than you and still go to Bongo Burger
           sometimes.  If you're going to a student pit like Intermezzo and
           think that is good food then I can't help you.  You might as well
           go to blondies.  Have you been living in some vegan hell since you
           left?  How can you not know that BB is one of the better burgers
           available on this planet?
           \_ Allah bless the Persian Burger. And the best cheap breakfast
              in Berkeley. Three cheers for Top Dog too...
              \_ Yeah.  Although hotdogs are really disgusting as a concept,
                 I still eat topdog, too.
        \_ Tried Ryowa Ramen on University?  Beats Long-life Noodles
           hands down.
           \_ I really like Ryowa Ramen.
           \_ I think you gave me anus.
        \_ Barney's. sooooo good.
        \_ Nan Yang on College and Claremont. It's Burmese food.
        \_ If you've never eaten at the Blue Nile (on Telegraph, near Dwight),
           you should try it.
           \_ Or you could go to a decent ethiopian restaurant like asmara
              \_ asmara might be more authentic but it doesn't taste as good.
                 \_ Authentically what? You better guess again before
                    complimenting them on their authentic "Ethiopian" food.
                    The Eritreans and the Ethiopians just finished slaughtering
                    each other by the tens of thousands over a single border
                    town. --ulysses
                    town. The wording of their sign is to attract the
                    uninformed. BTW, I can barely tell the difference between
                    Ethiopian and Eritrean and I've worked for the latter for
                    2-1/2 years. --ulysses
                    \_ Eritrea had 1 jet plane! - danh
                    \_ I know they're Eritrean but that's like saying there's
                       a big difference between food in the east and west
                       regions of Iowa.
           \_ blue nile tastes like ass, costs far too much and gives you
              really shitty service.  Ohh, but you get to sit on the ground
              all authentic like!  There are tons of good ethiopian places
              in south berkeley and oakland.  Blue Nile is not one of them.
              \_ Ok, you'be bashed a perfectly decent restaurant without
                 providing an alternative.  Good job!
                 \_ It isn't perfectly decent at all, it is ass.  Plain and
                    simple.  Good places include The Ethiopian Restaurant
                    down on Telegraph and Russel (yeah it looks scary from
                    the outside, but it is good), Cafe Calluci (probably
                    spelled wrong) on Telegraph and Alcatraz and The Red Sea
                    at Claremont and umm, something.
                    \_ As above with Asmara, don't jump at telling The Red Sea
                       how great their Ethiopian is. They, too are Eritrean.
                       Hint: Asmara and the Red Sea are geographical features
                       of one country rather than the other (check a recent
                       world atlas). Above comment about similarity of the food
                       is, however, correct. I like the Iowa comparison.
                        -- ulysses
                    \_ Been to Blue Nile as well as most of the Ethiopian
                       restaurants in LA (Nyala, Rosalind's, Messob). I didn't
                       notice Blue Nile was any different (better or worse).
                       Aren't they all pretty much the same? --dim
                       \_ I dunno.  Blue Nile just doesn't taste as good.  And
                          it costs more.  And the service is worse.  But, you
                          don't have to go into Oakland and be scared by all
                          them black folks.
                          \_ isn't Berkeley scary to some?
           \_ When I went to Blue Nile a few years ago I saw a cockroach
              scuttle along the wall. That's probably why they keep the
              lighting so poor.
              \_ They recently advertised that they renovated. Perhaps to
                 hide the roaches better?
              \_ Hint: even 5 star joints have roaches.
        \_ Thai Expressions at the Beau Sky Hotel on Durant.  Cheap and good.
           Also clean and quiet.
        \_ Unicorn on Telegraph is good, cheap, stylish and has good service.
           It is in kind of shitty spot, so it is easy to miss. -ausman
           \_ Along the same lines, Zax Tavern on telegraph.  Very tasty,
              friendly staff (mmm... tasty staff.  Say hi to lynn...)  Not
              quite cheap, but the place is a good deal less pretentious
              than its patrons. --scotsman
2003/4/14-15 [Recreation/Travel] UID:28113 Activity:nil
4/14    anybody have a good travel agent that they would be willing
        to tell me about?  email or post here.  thanks!  -hahnak
        \_ Who still uses travel agents?  For tickets use the web.  For
           help planning a real vacation... use the web.
2003/4/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:28114 Activity:high
4/14    I need to write a script to run under DOS (yes, I know it sucks)
        and I need it to stop a program that can only be terminated by
        hitting Control-C. How can I give that to the script as a
        command? Thanks.
        \_ try installing cygwin ( ?) and use their "ps" and
           "kill" functions?
        \_ Is it a true DOS platform, or a DOS window in a windows environment?
                \_ a DOS window in Windows      -op
        \_ You could write a vb function that runs your script and sends key
           strokes to the window.  though you'll have to write code to get the
           handle to the window.
        \_ Or put a timer in your program that you wrote that exits after
           10 seconds.
        \_ what are you smoking, DOS is not a multithreaded environment
        \_ grab one of the freebie or shareware keyboard/macro programs off
           the net.  Since you're in windowed dos you can get away with a
           stunt like this.  There is also 4Dos which can probably do what
           you need.  It's a command shell replacement for command/cmd.  You
           can also install perl and then use the plist and pkill and other
           stuff MS provides in some freebie package.  If you give more
           details you'll get better answers.
2003/4/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:28115 Activity:high
        Dubya earns about 436K in interest income every year.  Assuming a
        conservative 5% return, that's almost 9 million dollars that he
        has in trust funds.  That's financial independence.  When one can
        live entirely on interest alone.
        \_ Yes.  And?
        \_ What did GWB accomplish in his life before becoming Prez?
           \_ Drove a company or two into the ground...
           \_ Got caught picking his nose and eating his snot on TV...
           \_ Kept the Texas Death Penalty Appeal No-Hitter record clean.
2003/4/14 [Uncategorized] UID:28116 Activity:nil
4/14    Who had the better plan?  Franks or Schwarzkopf?
        \_ Franks, schwarzkopf had it easy.
           \_ early on, Franks got lots of criticism.
        \_ Schwarzkopf. But primarily because he had more time for buildup
           and planning, plus a limited war objective. The current one by
           "Franks" is necessarily open-ended. The "war" isn't over.
           \_ Franks objectives are more difficult to attain.  However,
              Schwarzkopf for being the first general to lead the U.S. into
              a major campaig
2003/4/14-15 [Recreation/Humor] UID:28117 Activity:nil
4/14    Does anyone here happen to have sources for the uclink/uclink2
        (and maybe uclink3?) menu system?  I thought it might be funny to
        have it around just for laughs..
2003/4/14-15 [Computer/Networking] UID:28118 Activity:kinda low
4/14    Are 2.4GHz wireless phones going to interfere with my 2.4GHz
        wireless network (assuming i will install them in my house)?
        \_ sometimes yes..
        \_ It's just like with a 300 baud modem back in the day where if you
           could whistle just right you could hack into a bank.
           \_ whistle once for deposits, whistle twice for withdrawals...
2003/4/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:28119 Activity:nil
4/14    Mallard Fillmore (conservative policital comic) claimed
                today that when Reagan lowered taxes, revenue doubled.
                Is that true?  If so, how is that possible?
        \_ wow you actually think things in Mallard Fillmore
           are true?  mf is a piece of crap that comics page editors
           are contractually obligated to print to balance
           doonesbury. - danh
        \_ No idea if it's true but the idea is that due to lower taxes people
           and business have more money available to spend in the economy
           instead of throwing it away to the government thus making more
           taxable transactions occur.  Imagine if the tax rate was 100%.  Who
           would bother working?  If it was 0% people would keep more of what
           they earned and spend more but then we wouldn't have any government
           services.  The key is to find the right balance.  We're still
           \_ Right, but lowering taxes while massively increasing defense
              spending (and the deficit) doesn't do any good at all.  The
              increases in interest rates that result more than offset the
              positive effects of the tax cuts.
              \_ I like to look at defense spending as wealth redistribution
                 that benefits engineers among many others.
                 \_ For one thing, that doesn't address the offsetting effect
                    of higher interest rates and huge federal debts.  For
                    another, the positive economic effects of defense spending
                    are completely overrated.  Rather than creating investment
                    for products that create further positive economic benefits
                    (for example, building a delivery truck which allows a new
                    business to make deliveries), defense spending only creates
                    products that blow things up.
                    \_ Gee, you're arguing for general effects, and I'm just
                       glad that I'm getting some pork barrel from the
                       government.  Yes, there are negative general
                       consequences, but those negative effects are paid for
                       by everyone.  So long as the benefits that I share
                       with a smaller group outweigh the negatives shared
                       with everyone, I still win.
         \_ getting your econ data from a really lame comic strip
            is not recommended.
   - danh
         \_ and even more!
            <DEAD><DEAD> - danh
        \_ revenue doubling is probably fiction.  total tax revenue did
           generally increase in the years after the the reagan tax cut
           of '81.  the percentage of tax paid by the upper bracket
           increased also.  however, it's silly to talk about tax revenue
           purely in terms of the effect from tax cut.  there are a lot of
           other things happening that affect total revenue more.
2003/4/14-15 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:28120 Activity:kinda low 50%like:10063
4/14    Will Kyle Boller have a good NFL career?
        \_ No. He's not better than Pat Barnes (who wasn't that great to
           begin with), and look where Barnes is now (nowhere).
        \_ QB's are hard to predict; I thought Barnes was a sure-fire
           winner, and also Ryan Leaf, and we know how that worked out.
           However, it is worth noting that Boller has significantly raised
           his stock in the NFL combines, while Barnes' stock dropped.
           Boller was originally projected as a late-round selection and
           now most sites have him going in the first round.  He's tall,
           mobile and has an astounding arm (at the combine he threw a
           ball through the uprights from midfield, while on one knee).
           He will definitely get a chance.  -tom
           \_ strong arms aren't everything these days.  mobility seems to
              more important.  teams are spreading the field, and not
              putting enough blockers for the QB, and so the QB has to
              \_ yes, but that's why his stock is rising; he ran a 4.6
                 at the combine, the fastest time for a pure QB.  -tom
                 \_ hope he has a good NFL Career. Was Jim Plunkett ex-Cal?
                    \_ hardly: he was ex-Stanford.  -tom
                        \_ Stanford QBs seem to have greater prominence in
                           the NFL: Elway and Plunkett, for example.
                           \_ Yeah, but we have the best tight-end (Gonzalez)
                              and kick returner (O'Neal) in the game
                                \_ we also have a number of pro-bowl
                                   linemen.  In fact, Cal is one of the
                                   top schools in the country in terms of
                                   number of players in the pros.  -tom
                What about Pac-10 as a whole?  Looks like Miami*/Florida*/
                Ohio State have large number of top NFL players.
                \_ This factoid just seems to prove how bad our coaching
                   is. Great players, lousy record. What else coudl it be?
                   \_ Cal has rarely had depth to recover from injuries.
        \_ Who's the last Cal QB with a significant NFL career?  Joe Kapp?
           \_ Craig Morton.  -tom
        \_ QB rankings in draft:
2003/4/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/Networking] UID:28121 Activity:nil
4/14    The OpenBSD 3.3 Song is out:
2003/4/14-15 [Computer/Networking] UID:28122 Activity:very high
4/14    Is there any point to ARP in a pure switched environment?
        \_ If by purely switched you mean you have the ability to send/
           receive raw ethernet frames and not use the IP stack, then yes,
           there is no need for ARP.
           \_ I mean when you are in a switched rather than shared
              ethernet and everything is going down the wire to the
              switch anyway because you have a defaultroute.
              Doesn't the switch and its arp table handle getting
              things to the right place, rather than the host making
              any decisions?
        \_ ARP is the name map between the MAC layer and IP
              \_ initially the host's arp table is empty.  You have a
                 default route but that's just an IP address.  You still need
                 the default router's MAC address.  The sequence of events is
                 1. host tries to ping XYZ
                 2. host tries to send the packet to default router but
                    doesn't have the default router's MAC address.
                 3. host sends ARP packet out onto the wire.
                 4. default router picks up the ARP packet and responds.
                 5. host now knows the MAC address of the default router.
                 6. host sends the ping packet again to XYZ with the
                    destination MAC address that of the default router.
                 This is the reason why the first ping packet after bootup
                 always fails.  You can get around it by statically adding
                 the default router's mac address to the host's ARP table.
                 But that's not recommended.  -cisco guy
        \_ like I said, ARP is the name map between the MAC layer and IP
2003/4/14-15 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:28123 Activity:insanely high
4/14    procmail question: All mail for goes through my .procmailrc
        file, and I'm forwarding addresses to real "old"
        addresses.  If a message is sent to both and, it looks like it reaches henry twice, and doesn't
        get to kathy at all. How can I overcome this?  It this beyond the
        scope of procmail?

                * ^

                * ^
        \_ this can be solved with procmail but you need to learn how
           to use its branching structures, like { } blocks and the 'c'
           and 'a' tags. it's not hard to do but you need to carefully
           read the 'procmailrc' and 'procmailex' man pages. --aaron
           \_ Specifically, you need to replace ":0" with ":0 c" on every
              recipe.  Right now your recipes are telling procmail to
              deliver to henry, and then it's done.  "c" tells it to
              generate a carbon-copy to test with other recipes.
              \_ Rather, c tells procmail to pass a carbon copy to a fork
                 handling the current rule and continue.  Slight difference,
                 but good to be aware of. --scotsman
              \_ just adding c is going to cause henry to get two copies
                 of messages addressed to both; i think you need more.
                 this is one reason i love qmail -- administering an
                 email namespace is really easy and you don't need procmail.
                 \_ it's easy to maintain an email namespace in sendmail
                    also.  -tom
                    \_ for admins maybe. qmail makes it easy to grant
                       virtual domains to indiv users with no add'l setup.
                       \_ whereas in sendmail you might have to write a
                \_ If a message is "To:,"
                   will two messages get processed by this .procmailrc?
                \_ Great I'll incorporate that, but: don't two duplicate
                   messages get processed by this .procmailrc?
                   without the "c" henry gets two messages, kathy gets zero.
                   with the "c" henry gets two and kathy gets two.
                          script that calls "cat"--how horrible!  -tom
                          \_ i understand your point but the qmail support
                             has a pretty rich feature set for this. accept
                             that qmail actually does some things well, i
                             know why you don't like it and i think you
                             have some valid points but not everyone
                             has your criteria.
                          \_ i don't understand and am curious.  How do i
                             grant control of a virtual domain to an
                             upriveleged user if i'm running sendmail?
                             \_ give them a file to write to, and write a
                                script to combine it with virtusertable. -tom
                                \_ Uuuuh, security???
                \_ quit being reasonable on the motd.  white power!
                   death to arabs!
        \_ The above rules are a recipe for disaster since they create
           a potential for a mail loop that's undetectable by sendmail and
           possibly other MTAs. A better recipe for forwarding mail to some
           other address would be:
           * ^
           * !^X-Loop:
           | formail -A"X-Loop:" | \
               $SENDMAIL -oi
                \_ Thanks
        \_ Actually, I just found out that administering a domain's worth
           of email can't really be done correctly with a user's procmailrc.
           There needs to be an interface with the MTA in order to properly
           deal with multiple recipients, multiple messages, etc.
           Sorry to rack all yer brains. -OP
           \_ qmail is the *only* answer!  must...use.... qmail....argh! thump!
                --qmail fanatic
                \_ Do you have any recommendations for a excellent and
                   affordable web& email hosting company that uses qmail?
2003/4/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28124 Activity:kinda low
4/14    <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ What a surprise.  Another CSBA knockoff of a trivially easy to
           do site.
           \_ What a surprise.  Another cynical content-free motd comment.
              \_ And another!
                 \_ touche
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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