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2003/4/13 [Health, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:28102 Activity:nil
        \_ And we should care about him because...?
           \_ Apparently some IRC chatters, taking a break from their busy
              masturbation schedule, watched this guy die from a drug
              overdose on his webcam.
2003/4/13 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28103 Activity:high
4/12    motd conservatives, when we don't find WMD, will you vote for
        \_ no.  why do you say "when we don't"?
           \_ RTFL.  Looking more likely day by day.
        \_ You do realize this doesn't even make sense don't you?  Impeach-
           ment is not for getting rid of someone you don't like.  It's
           for getting rid of a TREASONOUS president.  Nothing Bush has
           done can be construed as treason.  Remember, Clinton was not
           impeached for sex, he was impeached for lying to a Grand Jury.
           \_ invading Iraq, endangering citizen of USA for nothing...
              i think it's a treasonous act.
        \_ Iraqi Information minister also states, "We have completely
           defeated the American Dogs, and driven them from Bagdad!
           Isreal is next!"
        \_ Why dignify such stupidity with a reply.  The depravity of
           the op is self-evident.
2003/4/13-14 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW] UID:28104 Activity:high
4/12    This sound stupid, but I want to make sure:
        If I don't have real IP, i can't really run server of any kind, right?
        This is in the context of I am running cygwin's x-server, behind
        a firewall / IP splitter, and trying to redirect my other
        account's display to my local x-server
        \_ You can't have the other machine connect to your local X
           server directly, but ssh's X forwarding (ssh -X) will still
           work fine -- and it's more secure, too.
        \_ if you control the firewall, you usually have an option to enable
           port forwarding.
        \_ I'd do the ssh thing, not the port forwarding thing.  More secure.
2003/4/13-14 [Computer, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:28105 Activity:moderate
4/12    Has anyone set up a csua username/password for IEEE Xplore?
        \_ Their rates aren't that bad.  Considered signing up for a
           half-year, or are you just interested in one article (in which
           case you're asking the wrong question)?
2003/4/13-14 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:28107 Activity:high
4/13    Any recommendations on oracle vs MS as place of employment?
        My cousin has offers at both and is unsure which to go with.
        \_ Choose to innovate at M$.
        \_ Oracle has a rep as slave drivers.
           \_ Oh?  And MS doesn't?  OP's cousin should go for cash and
              location and potential for future job growth.  As places of
              employment both will suck big time in all the other ways.  BTW,
              I assume this means full time on staff employment and not MS's
              fake full time contracted employment.
              \_ most ppl assume that if you are hired as a "contractor", but
                 treated like an employee, that you really are an employee as
                 defined by law (i.e. not the employers "title"). some M$
                 "contractors" sued M$ and won when M$ "employee's" got
                 stock options and so forth during M$'s success, but the
                 "contractors" got zippo. I heard about this at an SBA
                 \_ good for you. i heard about this on the news.
                 \_ SBA?  What's SBA?  *Everyone* heard this in the news
                    years ago.  And btw, MS contractors are still treated
                    like shit on a day to day basis no matter what their
                    compensation as forced/required by a court.
                        \_ Small Business Administration. The point is that
                           no matter if they call you a contractor, if they
                           treat you like an employee (set your hours, etc)
                           then you *are* an employee as defined by law, not
                           a contractor as defined by the company. So you do
                           have legal recourse, if needed. You can be treated
                           like shit anywhere whether your are a "real"
                           employee or not, especially nowadays.
                           \_ You missed *my* point.  At MS if your status is
                              'contractor' you get treated even worse than
                              *real* full time staff.  I understood *your*
                              point the first time.  A court can't rule that
                              people have to be as nice to you day to day as
                              they are to real FTE.  Only that they have to
                              compensate you the same way.  I work for a
                              different place where my compensation is really
                              great but I'm looking for a new job which is
                              going to treat me better even though I'm 100%
                              certain it'll mean a drop in money.
                                \_ I got your point the first time, too. So
                                   why are you trying to lecture me? Just let
                                   it lie, take some prozac, go out for a walk,
                                   do some yoga, calm down. breathe in, breathe
                                   out, breathe in, breathe out...
                                   \_ You got a lecture because you obviously
                                      didn't 'get it' the first time.  Good try
                                      with the prozac line but not really, I'm
                                      just being nice about it.
                                        \_ You *really* do need prozac. lots
                                           of therapy, too. Work on those
                                           breathing exercises, ya' hear?
                                           good boy.
                                           \_ Uhm, ok, whatever, son.  Really,
                                              you made a good effort, you came
                                              across as an illiterate and a
                                              fool and it's over now.  Let it
                                              go.  You're just repeating
                                              yourself.  It isn't helping.
                        yea, that MS contracted employees had to resort to a
                        lawsuit to get equal compensation tells everyone that
                        it's not a good idea to work there as contracted
                        employees.  Also, everyone learned about it from the
                        news and not from some SBA.

                        \_ You make me laugh. If you are the orig poster,
                           then perhaps they just don't treat you "better"
                           because you are hard to deal with. Take a good
                           look in the mirror, you really need to. This is
                           serious advice. Good luck in therapy, I sincerely
                           wish you well.
                           \_ You seem to know a lot about prozac and therapy.
                              Did you learn them from SBA too?
                                \_ You crack me up. You do seem to be hung
                                   up on this SBA thing, some kind of fixation,
                                   make sure to tell that to your therapist.
                                   \_ Nah, the only thing I am fixated on is
                                      your stupidity.
                                      \_ In the movies this would be the point
                                         where you two passionately kiss.
                                         \_ Are you a Meg Ryan fan?  You are
                                            so passe.
                                            \_ Now you've insulted Meg Ryan,
                                               this won't stand!!! It's not
                                               right, man, it's just not right!
                                               -#1Meg Ryan fan!
        \_ Can you give some details? Is your cousin a new grad or what?
           What school / Where does she live? Salaries? Which groups? Future
           goals? etc. etc. etc. All else being equal, I think I'd choose ms,
           for nothing more than future marketability. I know lots of idiots
           who work or used to work for oracle, but i dont know many ms'ers,
           and those that i met seemed to be relatively smart. ymmv.
           \_ My cousing is graduating from CS at Berkeley this
              May.  Group at MS is 3Degrees.  Group at Oracle is unknown.
              Salaries comparable.  I told him I'd go w/ MS.  --sky (OP)

           \_ All true but by this point I suspect Oracle has dropped 99% of
              the morons from the payroll.
                \_ speaking as an Oracle customer, this is definitely not
                   true.  -tom
                   \_ you work for UC, how could you tell?
                     \_ This would appear to be a valid point.
2003/4/13-14 [Health, Health/Women] UID:28108 Activity:very high
4/13    recommendations for a good website about starting out with weight
        training for a wuss?
        \_ What are your goals?  It might help if you clarify that in your
           mind before you start googling.  Do you want to train for strength,
           endurance, tone, bulk, some combination or none of the above,
           etc.                              -mice
           \_ my goal is to lose fat, not to muscle up or get definition. i
              would be much more comfortable with exercises i can do at home
              with smaller weights etc rather than going to the gym or buying
              experienced friend to help you out.  It's WAY too easy really
              heavy duty equipment. I've heard vague things about exercises
              where you use your own body weight for resistance, etc. Does
              this work? any website recommendations? thanks. -op
           \_ every since i left school, my sedentary lifestyle has made me
              chubby. my goal is to lose fat, not to muscle up or get
              definition for the ladies. i would be much more comfortable
              \_ Run, do other cardio.  Lifting weights is not going to
                 accomplish what you seek.  It will improve tone as yu
                 you lose the weight.  run 3.5 miles 4x a week, easy loss.
              with exercises i can do at home with smaller weights etc rather
              than going to the gym or buying heavy duty equipment. I've
              heard vague things about exercises where you use your own body
              weight for resistance, etc. Does this work? any website
              recommendations? thanks. -op
           \_ honestly, I think the smartest thing you can do if you're
              really serious is to either hire a decent trainer until you
              know your way around the machines, or get a knowledgeable,
              experienced friend to help you out.  It's WAY too easy to really
              injure yourself when you're first starting out.  I didn't take
              this advice when I was first starting, and can still feel it
              on bad days...and I've been lifting for several years now.  -mice
           \_ girls.  I just want to train for girls.
              \_ abs. it's all about abs.
                 \_ alright, so what to do for abs?
                    \_ one trainer I had before once told me, everyone has
                       decent abs, it's just getting rid of the fat hiding it.
                       \_ Vaguely true.  Get your bodyfat content down and
                          you'll see good results more quickly.  At the same
                          time, do more toning.  Find a good pilates class.
              \_ There's girls you fuck and there's girls you take home to mom.
                 The girls you take home to mom don't care what your abs look
                 like.  The girls you fuck are easier to nail when drunk and
                 if you find them at parties, they're pre-drunk so you don't
                 even have to buy them a drink.  A few bucks for a cover charge
                 and you'll get all the pussy you need without spending a lot
                 of time, energy and maybe money on altering yourself.  Not to
                 be insulting but I'm guessing you're first or second year?
                 Ever notice how plenty of ugly skinny greasy smelly guys on
                 campus are getting laid?  They're not going to the gym, son.
                 \_ You have a childish concept of women. When you realize
                    that these are not disjoint sets, you will be closer to
                    being a man. --aaron
                 \_ ...I weep for the future of this country.
                    \_ Yeah, it'd be better if having toned abs got you laid.
                       Makes more sense.
                       \_ Chicks dig sensitive guys with toned abs.
                          \_ No.  Chicks dig abusive guys with no future.
                             \_ Work on your abs instead your whining.
                 \_ ugly, skinny, greasy, smelly? you're saying more guys
                    in Soda get laid than in Haas?
                    \_ Depends on which shower you goto at Haas.
2003/4/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:28109 Activity:nil
4/13    Does anyone here really believe we're not going to invade Syria next?
2003/4/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:28110 Activity:nil
4/13    Anyone able to google for the 55 pictures on the "Deck Of Cards"?
        A PDF printable version would be best...
        \_ took about 2.5 minutes for GIFs: -op
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