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2003/4/12 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28095 Activity:nil
4/11    This is a piece on how stress does not exist that I found amusing.
2003/4/12 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28096 Activity:high
4/11    I want to run a unix command which captures output to two files:
        a file with stdout, another with stderr. how do i do this?
        \_ In bourne-like shell
           cmd > file1 2> file2
           file1 will have stdout, file2 will have stderr output.
        \_  ( unix_command > g ) > & f
            works in csh, but you really should be using bash if you want
            things to work correctly.
            \_ thanks for both options.
            \_ thanks for both options. --not op
            \_ try again.  s,bash,ksh,g
               \_ s/[^ ]*sh/zsh/g  -motd shell snob
               \- this subshell approach for csh breaks down quickly
                  [as do any other csh hacks]. this is something you want
                  to do for sure using a bourne shell type shell --psb
                  \_ i guess my disclaimer wasn't clear enough. -orig c poster
                     here's a "famous" outdated faq on what is wrong with csh.
2003/4/12-13 [Transportation/Car] UID:28097 Activity:moderate
4/11    Progressive Insurance offers insurance for Segway. Check it out, heh.
        \_ hah! as an engineer, i want to buy dumbass insurance.  if
           i ever come up with an idea that fucking dumb, i'll be
           compensated by the insurance company for wasting my time.
           \_ I'm sure you'd become a rich man.
              \_ No he wouldn't. Think of the premiums he'll get charged...
        \_ Two Segways can't fit side-by-side on a sidewalk - why are these
           things even popular? People only get fatter. Walk for christ sakes
2003/4/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:28098 Activity:nil
4/11    OK, so netzero sucks.  So I'm going to either do joiinternet or
        bigzoo.  Anyone used bigzoo for internet?  Their long distance
        service is not always reliable.
        \_ I would suggest using netzero.
2003/4/12 [Uncategorized] UID:28099 Activity:nil
4/11    This is so cool.  Way to go, American value at work:
        \_ They have been at war 3 times in the last 50 years, and are in
           a state of perpetual conflict.
           Its not worth gracing your stupidity with a reply.
2003/4/12 [Politics] UID:28100 Activity:high
4/11    Faux News Vindicated, they can lie all they want:
        \_ Why don't you just fuck off, fucktard?  Get a life or go
           home to mommy.  No one wants you here.
        \_ Rather funny.  I also liked how you ticked off the idiot guy.
           Performance: A+.
           \_ Hey cunt face, eat a bag of shit and die, willya?
        \_ It seems the author of the article personifies what he is
        \_ More to the point, why are no reputable news sources reporting
           this? Google News shows nothing, and surely you aren't going to
           make conspiracy theories involving all 4,500 of the independent
           news sources Google indexes? Or are you? Or are you gonna just
           blame Google?
           \_ It's kind of old, Google news doesn't go back very far (major
              news sites archive their news rather quick). But you can try
              regular googling.
2003/4/12-14 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28101 Activity:moderate
4/11    How do I use procmail to, for example, send all mail from
        * to a file in my mail direcotry called "spam"?
        \_ Something like the following might work:
                :0 w : $SPAMFOLDER
                * ^From: .*
        \_ sorting spam mail that way is a losing proposition.  spammers
           always change their email address or fake their addresses.
           \_ this works for getting rid of things you've subscribed to but
                dont want anymore.
        \_ explicit whitelisting.
        \_ spamassassin
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