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2003/4/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:28038 Activity:moderate
4/8     Can anybody recommend a free NetZero-type dialup whose software
        will allow me to dial in from a Linux box? Note I am temporarily
        unable to mount a windows emulator.
        \_ you're kidding, right.
2003/4/9 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:28039 Activity:high
4/8     I need a new PC type motherboard designed. Where is a good
        place to get a possible reference design schematic that is
        detailed enough to get me started? I plan to mass manufacture
        the board. The exact processor is of no concern to me, as long as
        it can run x86 binaries. I've checked out Transmeta, and they seem
        to have a kit, any one with experience with such design kits?
        \_ hahahahahahaahahahahaha
        \_ Do you have any idea how much $$$ this is going to cost? There
           is a very high markup on prototypes. I hope this is related to
           your work in some way and so price is less of a concern since
           the company is picking up the bill. I worked in that industry
           for a while and just making a few boards (assume off-the-shelf
           components) will set you back thousands. --dim
        \_ on a relatively simple backplane (simple compared to what we
           were connecting to the backplane at least), we had NRE costs of
           about 5000 and a per board cost of about 700 on a run of 15
           boards for a low part count (~200) board from layout to assembly.
           That's a really conservative estimate and doesn't count the time
           our HW guy spent on the schematics (which were then given to
           outsourced layout guy)  --Jon
            \_ on a relatively simple backplane (simple compared to what
               we were connecting to the backplane at least), we had NRE
               costs of about 5000 and a per board cost of about 700 on a
               run of 15 boards for a low part count (~200) board from
               layout to assembly.  That's a really conservative estimate
               and doesn't count the time our HW guy spent on the schematics
               (which were then given to outsourced layout guy)  --Jon
2003/4/9 [Uncategorized] UID:28040 Activity:nil
4/8     Obey!
        \_ Orwell used it better.
        \_ I'm still bored.
           \_ Obey your boredom!
2003/4/9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:28041 Activity:nil
4/8     The good ole days:
        \_ yes, though helped by the 4 year roth conversions in 98 and
           a roaring stock market.  Would have ended with Gore.
2003/4/9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28042 Activity:insanely high
4/8     Fighting censorship here at motd.  Restored
        FNS: Majority of foreign journalist in Iraq considered US'
        attack on Palestein Hotel and Al Jazeera Office an deliberate
        act.  Contrary to what US DoD have stated, there were no fire
        fight anywhere near neither Palestein Hotel nor Al Jazeera office
        during the attack.
        Al Jazeera, which lost a journalist as result, pointed out that
        its office in Kabul during the war against Afghanistan was on
        US military's Target list and was destroyed.  Aside from Al Jazeera,
        Office of journalist from Saudi Arabia and UAE were also destroyed
        by US military.
        \_ Dude.  It's a fucking WAR.  People are shooting
          all over the place.  Mistakes happen.  There is no
          conspiracy to slaughter journalists, there is no
          shadow directive to wipe out critical voices,
          there is no dark plot to silence opponents.  Some
          yahoo was driving a tank down the street, thought
          he got shot at, and "shot back".  These are nervous
          19 year old kids with HS educations having grenades
          thrown at them, not smug know-it-all college brat
          armchair admirals.  Furthermore, the guys reporting
          on this knew the risks when they put themselves in
          harm's way--war journalists get killed.  Even good
          ones sometimes--Ernie Pyle and Robert Capa are just
          two examples.  It doesn't excuse that it happened,
          but maybe you might consider wiping away your
          paranoid fog and _thinking_ before shooting off
          your gob.  And PLEASE learn some basic English grammar
          before marking an ass of yourself--this is supposed
          to be a University.  You're embarrassing.  -John
        \_ Bzzt.  Even the German press is disputing this claim.
        \_ Can you put up a link?  Provide any proof at all aside from your
           vague accusations and unsubstantiated engrish conspiracy theories?
           Or are you really just the whiny-assed, just-got-to-college-and
           -am-still-full-of-antiestablishmentarianism bitch that you sound
           \_ I'm skeptical that the US would intentionally fire on
              journalists (what purpose would that serve), but every
              article I have seen on this incident has stated that
              witnesses in the area claimed that there was no fire coming
              from the Palestine Hotel:
       (Wash. Post)
                \_  censorship in its worse form.  US military desperately
                    want to silence those who leak out information which
                    they don't want people to know.   By staging such
                    superfical accident, you would be suprise how effective
                    it can get. Then again, this is my personal opinion.
                    I was refraining myself dumping personal bias when
                    I posted the information earlier.  The information
                    sources are Television footages from various nations.
                    It may sound overly negative because I have skipped
                    all the American one.  You guys can see that in the US
                    yourself.                                   -op
                 \_ Thanks for the links.
                    \_ You have no concept of what censorship means
                       during war.  The military is not there to gratify
                       every civilians whim for full disclosure.  The
                       military must kill the enemy and, unfortunately,
                       anyone else who gets in the way. Period.
                       \_ You're preaching to the choir, man.  I think you
                          have me confused with another poster.
        \_ BS, I saw TV footage of weapons fire coming from the building.
           Maybe that was a hoax too?  And frankly, you are in the middle
           of a battle field - what do you expect.
           \_ the TV footage is presumably provided by embedded American
              journalist.  We don't know rather that particular footage
              is the Palestein Hotel or not.  And, FYI, these are not
              accusation just from journalist of Arab origin, I know that
              Italians were saying the same thing.
              \_ The embedded journalists aren't all americans.  Why do you
                 dispute his claims based on the reports of some reporter
                 who wasn't even there?
              \_ "pizza" is now called "freedom pie"
                 \_ so's yermom
2003/4/9 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:28043 Activity:high
4/8     alright, it seems to be time again:
        audiogalaxy ruled but is gone, kazaa worked great but is now
        sucking... what's the next mp3 d/l'ing software I should try?
        \_ what's wrong with Kazaa?
           \_ spyware?
              \_ Kazaalite?
        \_ eMule --aaron
2003/4/9-10 [Reference/Tax] UID:28044 Activity:very high
4/9     A note for next year. TaxAct ended up being useless for
        anything beyond a completely straightforward tax situation for
        which I wouldn't have needed tax prep software in the first
        place. I ended up having to grovel my way back to Intuit when
        things got hairy. -- ulysses
        \_ I do my taxes in chalk and sand, take a picture and mail it in
           with a check.  They always cash it.
           \__ Heh.
        \_ Be sure to run AdAware.  A lot of tax prep software comes
           bundled with spyware/adware.
           \_ you would need to monitor your firewall logs to
              notice the spyware Intuit uses.
           \_ Thanks. I'll check that.
                <time passes>
                [You are likely to be eaten by a grue.]
              Ad-aware didn't find anything.
              \_ Ah, well.  Glad to hear it.
        \_ I used TurboTax this year.  Why was there such a fuss?  I didn't
           have any problem with it.
           \_ Mostly people fussing that they couldn't install and activate
              it on multiple machines. Some fear (unwarrented) of spyware.
              \_ Not at all unwarranted.  It's cdilla.  obgoogle.
              \_ Why don't you avoid spouting off whey you don't know what
                 the fuck you are talking about.  -Installed TT got spyware.
                 \_ how do you know you have spyware?  If so, how do you
                    remove it?
                    \_ TurboTax checks a C-Dilla process when it runs.
                       This would be fine, if the process didn't stick around
                       when you're not using TurboTax.  Intuit posted an
                       uninstaller which removes C-Dilla (since it's not
                       removed in the original uninstall).
                       \_ Mech Warrior 4 installed the same shit.  It didn't
                          uninstall when I was done with that shitty game.
                          It sucked to rip it out by hand but it worked.
2003/4/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28045 Activity:nil
4/9     Sodans - the answers are revealed - Mr.Hand will stop being your GF:
        \_ I'm guessing without reading the link that it says to treat women
           like shit and they'll love you for it.  This is true but only for
           stupid/younger women and it sure isn't news.
        \_ Those are really pathetic, without exception.  -John
           \_ What is pathetic about this one?
              (okay, most of the rest are pathetic, but ...)
2003/4/9 [Uncategorized] UID:28046 Activity:nil 53%like:10069 50%like:26688
4/9     <DEAD><DEAD>
        (relatively work-safe, despite what the url suggests)
2003/4/9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28047 Activity:nil
4/9     How could we have a war without Jane Fonda getting in her two
        ``What it's going to mean for (America's) stability as a
        nation, for terrorism, for the economy - I can't imagine,''
        Fonda said Tuesday. I'm sure she can't.  Jane, Jane, Jane,
        what are we going to do with you?  Still trying to revive her
        proud moral position from Vietnam.
        \_ you make a good point--she was right, despite the derision
           lumped on her by pea-brained yahoos.
           \_ she was right?  about what?  I like the line about how they
              put on some silly staged play for her when she was in Vietnam
              and she was stupid enough to believe it was for real.
        \_ She was hot in Barbarella.
2003/4/9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28048 Activity:nil
4/9      And here comes the lies and illusions of the imperialist
        hegemon, claiming that the victims somehow killed themselves!,12823,932481,00.html
        Of course, since we've heard from people in Jordan and the
        motd that the people celebrating in the streets is all just
        lies and there's no chance anyone could be happy to see the
        red white and blue roll into town crushing tha Baathist
        butchers directly responsible for the deaths of more than a
        million people, this journalist thing must not have happened
        either.  The Americans aren't even in Baghdad. They're in a
        quagmire, shooting at everything that moves, unable to tell
        friend from foe on the ground.  The Iraqi people shall rise up
        and destroy the evil imperialist hegemon invader in the name
        of Allah and the great Arab nation!!!  Long live Saddam!
        Death to Bush!
        \_ Aren't these lyrics from the latest Toby Keith album?
        \_ U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A!
2003/4/9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28049 Activity:nil
4/9     I am getting annoyed at the coverage of the 3 reporters killed at
        the Palestine Hotel and the Al Jazeera office.  100+ US and British
        soldiers were killed.  Hundreds of Iraqi civilians dead.  Thousands
        of Iraqi soldiers gone.  And the press obsesses over 3 reporters?
        Get a grip and get some perspective.
        \_ Everyone knows the Palestine Hotel is full from top to
           to bottom with journalists, the balconies are brimming
           with cameras covering the war, Al-Jazeera told US Central
           Command months ago where their offices are, and
           the US armed forces can't get it together enough
           to refrain from shelling the hotel?  It says in
           in the Geneva Convention somewhere "Thou shall
           not fire tank shells at journalists, not even Arab
           ones, sayeth the Lord."
             \_ It's still 3 dead out of thousands.  How many apartments and
                markets were bombed?  How many innocents killed?  Let's have
                more coverage of that.  Or is the life of a reporter
                worth more?
                \_ hey we're all on the same side here.  a big issue
                   is the us army claims it heard or saw gunfire coming
                   from the palestine hotel and felt the need to shell
                   it, forgetting that the remaining, alive reporters
                   in the building heard no gunfire at all for hours
                   before they got hit with a tank round.
           \_ I applaud your overuse of linefeeds.
        \_ Hello?  Reporters are human beings, not newsbots.  Their #1
           concern at all times is themselves.  Why do you think they
           *still* talk about Herb Caen in the Chron?
           \_ There is a difference between knowing *why* a story is
              there and accepting that the story *should* be there.
              Perhaps the difference is too subtle for you. -OP
              \_ oh! what a zinger!  perhaps you should re-read the OP
                 and see that, unlike you, I was actually on topic.
              \_ Adding "-OP" to your post after I reply doesn't help you
                 any.  Go re-read what you said and try not to do any more
                 post-reply editing.  It's cheap and makes you look stupid.
                 \_ Note my original post's use of the term "perspective".
                    It takes no great genius or empathy to appreciate why
                    a story about the death of journalists would be of
                    interest to other journalists.  It requires perspective
                    to place those deaths in the context of the thousands
                    other innocents killed in the war, and to understand
                    over-coverage of the 3 dead at best shows a lack of
                    impartiality and fairness, and at worst diminishes
                    the loss of those thousands other dead.  The question
                    was never why the coverage was there.  The question
                    has always been whether the coverage was appropriate.
                    The other participants in this thread have grasped that
                    distinction.  It is a shame that you have not.  -OP
        \_ Death rate of reporters in current war: 1%
           Death rate of coalition forces: 0.1%
        \_ Yeah, but "full from top to bottom with journalists" doesn't
           mean that people with guns can't be in it too. Also, I bet
           that a camera-man "shooting" you looks similar to
           a dude pointing a rocket-launcher at you.
           \_ there were no guys with RPGs in the palestine hotel.
              I concede that a bunch of cameras sticking out of windows
              on balconies might look like weapons.  It doesn't excuse
              theq us army from lying about hearing weapons fire
              from the hotel.  plus they're still lying around it,
              publically, but privately saying "yeah we might have
              made a mistake and thought those cameras looked like
              iraqi republican guard."
              \_ And of course it isn't at all possible that it was a
                 round from an Iraqi shooting at the Americans?  Nope,
                 can't be that.  Not at all possible for stray rounds
                 to kill reporters IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING WAR
                 ZONE, GENIUS!!!  sheesh.
              \_ It was Geraldo.  He snuck back into Iraq and was shooting
                 wildly with his six gun like a drunken cowboy.
2003/4/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28050 Activity:very high
4/9     I borrowed a friend's truck and accidentally messed up his bumper
        in a low speed collision and now he wants $300 for the repair. It's
        only a bumper so I think it's not a big deal, and besides I'm a
        poor student. I gave him $50 in cash but now he said he is going to
        take me to the small claims court to get the rest of the money. Here
        is my question, does he have a good case against me? -poor student
        \_ We're being trolled, right?  This guy can't be that fucking
           stupid can he?  Oh, $300 for the bumper is cheap.
           \_ Probably a troll, but it's a slow motd day anyhow.
        \_ Didn't we just have a guy on the motd last week bitching about
           how his friend damaged his car that he let him borrow?
           \_ Yes.  And if the op story is true, the student should shell out
              the bucks.  If you're too poor to pay for breaking something you
              shouldn't be touching it.  Set up a monthly payment plan.  You
              *will* lose in court and then owe him the filing fee, too.
                \_ How much is the filing fee, and how long does the
                   filing/court/etc take? I don't have a lot of cash at
                   hand, I just want to delay this ALAP         -op
                   \_ It used to be $18.  It's probably higher now but not
                      too much.  Assuming you're not a troll you should talk
                      with your friend and work something out.  $300 is like
                      a week or two's worth of work.  This *is* your friend,
                      right?  You borrowed his shit and broke it.  Be a man.
        \_ Bumpers are often expensive to repair, even for minor dents. If
           think your friend is trying to cheat you offer to pay the bill and
           not a fixed amount. You really should reimburse your friend as
           you caused the accident and damaged his property. Breaking stuff
           and not paying is really very selfish.
        \_ by the way I don't have a license and he knew that. So legally,
           by lending me the truck isn't he assuming my liability? Just want
           to know how good my case is  -op (poor student)
           \_ You pretty much have no case.  You were driving illegal.
              Why don't you make amends with your friend and offer to pay
              him back in installments.
              Next time get a license and sign up for if you
              really need to drive.
           \_ fuck your case. (you have none).  Is it really worth losing
              friends over $300?  Trust me, he won't be the only one you lose
              once other people find out.  Ethically, I think you're
              responsible for the damages, regardless.  As a friend, you
              shouldn't be screwing him over [he's out $250 for letting YOU
              borrow his car].  And as a friend, he should be giving you
              a reasonable amount of time to pay it, given that he knows
              you're a poor students. -dwc
              \_ Friends are cheap.  $300 is $300.
                 \_ remind me not to be your friend anytime in this life.
           \_ No. If I got your GF pregnant do you have to pay child support?
        \_ You should offer to service him sexually until you can pay
           him back.
        \_ Your idea of a friend seems to be vastly different than mine.  Are
           you sure you don't mean, "former friend"?
        \_ with friends like you, who needs ...
        \_ the motd's been way too boring lately.  could op and truck owner
           stage a Thunderdome-like resolution of this to satisfy motd
           \_ I wanna see a Original Star Trek fight where we can all go
              "dudu dah dah dah dah Dah dudu DAH DAH" while they circle
              one another.
        \_ Are you Chinese?
           \_ Yea sure, blame everything on us.
              \_ Why not?  It's your turn, anyway.  Where did SARS start and
                 what's up with the Chinese government trying to hide it for
                 so long during which time it spread to many other countries.
2003/4/9 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:28051 Activity:nil
4/9      If I have access to a POP box full of mail, what's the easiest
        way to get all the messages currently in the box forwarded to
        somebody. I don't have access to the mail spool for this POP
        \_ fetchmail from the pop account and then forward.
2003/4/9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28052 Activity:very high
4/9     I'm supporting the efforts in Iraq.  However, do you think the
        U.S. media is underemphasizing civilian casualties and
        underemphasizing the grieving families of the casualties?
        \_ Underemphasizing civilian casualties and INSTEAD showing
           grieving families?  That's a strange dichotmy, because I've
           seen both in the news.
           \_ I meant underemphasizing both civilian casualties AND
              showing the grieving families. -op
                \_ your clarification is suck.  You need to use
                   underemphasizing twice so it is clearer.
        \_ No.
        \_ Yes, unquestionably.
        \_ I don't know about underemphasizing civilian casualties, but
           they sure as heck are over emphasizing the press casualties.
                \_ are you the guy from earlier?  what's your deal?
                   you get raped by a paperboy in junior high? - danh
                   \_ Yes, yes, It's all true!  Why me? WHY?!?!
        \_ Yeah but those are brown people. There's lots of them...
           \_ there are lots of "brown" people in America and in the U.S.
              \_ Yeah, but they're *our* brown people.
        \_ Do you think the media underemphasized the grieving families of
           those killed in 9/11 at the towers and the pentagon?  I think
           the media has done just fine making Iraqis into real human beings
           while making dead American civilians and military into body count.
           \_ are you trying to draw a link between iraq and 9/11?  Troll boy.
              \_ No, I'm showing you how the media treats Americans as body
                 count but people from other countries become real human
                 beings for some reason.  This is a knock on the American
                 hating media, not a trollish link.
        \_ U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A!!!
2003/4/9-10 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:28053 Activity:very high
4/9     I keep getting a reminder to renew Norton Antivirus every day.
        Is there a way to turn it off besides uninstalling the whole
        \_ you could renew it
        \_ yes, but I won't tell you how.
           \_ Is there something wrong with not renewing it?  Is it
              supposed to be like an X-month license?  I was under
              the impression I get to use it forever except that I
              don't get virus updates after X-months.
              supposed to be like an X-month license after which I am
              not supposed to use it anyore?  I was under the impression
              I get to use it forever except that I don't get virus updates
              after X-months.
              \_ No. Only the virus updates require the renewal fee.
              However, without virus updates your antivirus software is useless.
              If you haven't figured it out yet, then I suggest you use
              \_ I tried.  The only relevant link I get says it can't be
                 done.  I was hoping sodans would have better answers.
                 I do want to renew it sometime down the road, but in the
                 meantime, I prefer not to have a renewal message popping up
                 on my screen everyday.  The popup message has a supposedly
                 selectable field that says "remind me after <selectable
                 field> days", but the only selection is "1", which I thought
                 was kind of dumb.
                 \_ regedit
        \_ There's an option in NAV2003 under Miscellaneous that says
           "Alert me if my virus protection is out of date".  Is that it?
        \_ Uninstall and reinstall--you're good for another year.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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