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2003/4/2 [Uncategorized] UID:27949 Activity:high
4/1     Where can I get a phone number for a physical address?
        \_ A phone book.  The reverse mapping may be time consuming.
        \_ Libraries often have reverse phonebooks (address-->phone)
        \_ go to the address and ask! ha! *snort*
        \_ or --chris
        \_ so you followed/stalked some random girl to her home and want to
           call/stalk her in a more personal way now?
2003/4/2 [Uncategorized] UID:27950 Activity:nil
4/1     After the war, do you think there will be a Kurd homeland?
        \_ no, of course not.  but it would really piss off the turks though...
           \_ why of course not?  Nationalism might set in and they may
              want to create their own homeland, especially if they have
              some key northern cities under their control.
              \_ because it would really piss off the turks (who need to be
                 spanked, but their women are hot, and they're geopolitically
                 way too important).
                 \_ that's nobody's business but the turks
                    \_ i'd think that they have attractive women is something
                       of general interest to sodans.
              \_ they already do want to create their own homeland. that has
                 nothing to do with anything.
2003/4/2 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Health/Disease/General] UID:27951 Activity:nil
4/1     Those who disputed the seriousness of SARS, are you a little scared
        now?  The number of cases is doubling by the week.
        Even if the death rate is only 3 percent, if they can't isolate it,
        and it infects 100 million people, ...
        -- [motd grammar daemon spirit]
        \_ no
        \_ Yes I am.
        \_ Have you been to Hong Kong and the Guangdong province?  Shit-holes.
           If an epidemic will scourge the place clean, great.  If it takes
           China and the rest of SE Asia down with it, even better.  Kill them
           all and let God sort them out.
           \_ Have YOU been to Hong Kong?  Which parts are shitty?
           \_ I don't know about crappy third world places like Guangdung or
              Singhapoor, but Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities, and I
              think there's a reason why life expectancy there is comparable
              to that of Japan.
              \_ Talk to me about life expectancy *after* the epidemic.
                 \_ I wouldn't be surprised if life expectancy may become even
                    lower than that of Australians.
                    \_ Bwahahaha!  Murder death kill!  Murder death kill!
           \_ Who's going to manufacture all the cheap computer hardware if
              that happens?
        \_ The number of cases usually goes up before it goes down.
        \_ In an effort to pacify people, my company has provided "antiseptic
           handwash in all washrooms". This substance is nothing more than
           your typical antibacterial soap (generic Dial). I think that will
           be very useful against this virus.
2003/4/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27952 Activity:very high
4/1     Is it possible that Iraqi RELEASE Jessica Lynch instead of
        what US said that she was being rescued?  It doesn't make
        any sense that she was the only one who was rescued.
        \_ no, this is ridiculous.  are you the founder of the local chapter
           of the "hate america first society"?  much better to trust in the
           goodness of saddam and his militia fanatics than the us military
           rescuing one of their own?  nuts.  where do you get this crap from?
        \_ and it makes sense that Iraq released her?
        \_ Sure it does.  First of all, she was wounded badly, possibly
           necessitating treatment that lightly wounded or uninjured POW's
           wouldn't need.  Second of all, the Iraqi's are under no obligation
           to handle all of their POW's identically.  I think if you'll look
           into this, you'll find that it's actually quite common for POW's
           to be split up upon capture -- I can think of a variety of reasons
           why -- morale, safety, secuity, secrecy, etc.             -mice
           \- What do you think about the US releasing a list of targets
              in Baghdad 12 hrs before it bombs them?  Then civilians can
              get the hell out of the neighborhood. If SADDAM uses this info
              to put hostages in the bldg, ostensibly this will be detected
              and the US can skip bombing those on that day and then go back
              to not announcing and say "see, saddam->bad". Is there any
              downside to this? ok tnx.
              \_ i assume this is hypothetical and we're not really releasing
                 target lists.  i think it's a terrible idea.  you don't win
                 wars playing patty cake.  this isn't a playground scuffle.
                 \- yes but there is a PR war too. Dropping leaflets doesnt
                    win the war, but it might help on the margin. --psb
                 the harder and faster and heavier they're hit now, the more
                 lives will get saved in the long run by having it end sooner.
              \_ Well, I'd think that it would be pretty difficult to
                 reliably identify POW's.  If we could, then yeah, we'd very
                 likely eschew bombing the building(s) housing them -- but you
                 can make a pretty safe bet that there would be Special
                 Operations guys moving in with little delay: Special Forces/
                 Delta, SEALs, etc.  Of course, I'm a little more cynical.  I
                 suspect that motives of the 12 hour notice are less to do
                 with humanitarian reasons and more to do with strategic/
                 political thinking.  The targets that we're likely giving
                 warning on aren't 'targets of opportunity', so they're not
                 likely to move in 12 hours -- so in that respect the warning
                 makes little difference.  If there's civillians there, and
                 US munitions kill them -- we can safely blame Saddam and his
                 regime; if there aren't any then we still win the moral
                 high ground with our humanitarianism.  Of course, I wasn't
                 aware of the 12 hours notice thing, so I'm basically talking
                 out my ass, and likely completely wrong.            -mice
        \_ do you find Jessica Lynch cute?
           \_ Actually...yes.       -mice
              \_ what's a nice lady like that doing in the military?
                 \_ how do you know she's nice?  why can't nice girls join
                    the military?  btw, she happens to be the daughter of a
                    coworker of mine.
                 \_ heh   Likely meeting many fine, healthy, -available- young
                    \_ Why would a fine young woman like this want to do that
                       when she could go to Cal and join CSUA instead?
                       \_ Yeah and then she could learn about the latest distro
                          and all the kewlest bike rides and we could show her
                          all the kewl stuff she can do in pine!  sweet!
                       \_ You must have missed the 'fine' and 'healthy'
                          words in that sentence.
                          \_ you think fine and healthy young women would
                             prefer to be abused and raped in service
        \_ But where is Navajo Lori, Jessica's roommate, and my friend's
                             \_ gee i hope so. i hate doing the ugly sick ones.
        \_ Was she sexually assaulted by the Iraqi soldiers in any way?
        \_ But where is Navajo Lori, Jessica's roommate?  Still MIA.
2003/4/2 [Computer/Domains, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27953 Activity:nil
4/1     Looking for a good DVD->VCD converter, where can I find 1?
2003/4/2 [Reference/Religion] UID:27954 Activity:very high
4/2     Why do people believe in Feng Shui?
        \_ Why do people believe in any religion/superstition?
           A: Because people are morons.
             \_ That's what I thought.  But there must be some
                sodan out there who believes in Feng Shui who can
                try to explain why.  -op
                \_ Why they believe in it?  Why does anyone believe in any
                   religion?  In most cases because they were raised on it.
           \_ feng shui, as an interior design principle, isn't superstition.
              As a religion, it's silly.
        \_ Because it is effective and correct for all types of design.
        \_ Because it's an effective tool for all types of design.
        \_ Any set of principals can be turned into a religion if you
           adhere to them unthinkingly. Or, they can become advice to
           consider if you take them as simply observations from someone
           who has thought about a problem.
           \_ How can you really respect Feng Shui as a religion when it
              doesn't have any cool action flicks about it? One good Hong
              Kong movie like "Ikea Feng Shui Master: Meatballs and Bjorket
              Chairs of Flaming Death" could push it over the top.
              \_ Ikea the Scandinavian furniture store?
                 \_ if you have to ask...
        \_ Because when they tried it, it brought them good fortune.
2003/4/2 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:27955 Activity:very high
4/2     Once again, any ideas where I can find 'Big C' as a Nokia ringtone?
        And yes, I live in a country where people mute their phones in
        public and in restaurants and don't pick them up in movie
        theaters and I know-to-behave-thank-you-I-just-want-a-ringtone
        because more people have nicer better newer phones here with the
        same rings and I don't feel like fumbling for mine every time
        someone else's goes off.  Thanks.  -John
        \_ If everyone mutes their phones in public where you live, how
           is telling your phone apart a problem?  And how is putting your
           phone on vibrate, like a decent human being, not a better
           solution to this?
           \_ "public" = restaurants and theaters and things.  Don't be a
               pedant.  And putting your phone on vibrate when it's lying
               halfway across a large test lab is not an option.  Why am
               I arguing with you anyway?  You're being a baboon.  All I
               asked for was a ringtone.  -John
               \_ ...which not one seems to have.  So we're bored at work
                  with nothing to do but make fun of you pointlessly.
                  There are worse things we could be doing. Come on, argue!
                  \_ No no no you're a baboon and I have no morals.  And
                     don't be bored, go look for a ringtone for me.  -John
                     \_ Just be glad I'm not hurling dung at you, as is
                        my instinct.
                \_ I respond well to being called a baboon, please
                   hold your breath while I attempt to help you out.
                   \_ He wasn't calling you a baboon, he was calling me
                      a baboon.  I'm going to start hurling dung at you, too.
        \_ This is morally inexcusable John.  The motd is ashamed of you.
           \_ I have no morals.  Yuck foo.  I just want my ringtone.  -John
        \_ How to installing new for pine ring tone?
           \_ 1: Making fun of people's English grammar errors is pretty
                 pathetic, since they probably speak your language much better
                 than you speak theirs.
              2: The common error is just "how to" instead of "how do I".
                 That is the way questions are formed in many languages.
                 You're just showing how ignorant you are.   -tom
                \_ Wow, for once I really disagree with tom. -tom#1fan
                \_ Actually, I've ceased believing that there are any actual
                   non-native speakers on soda.  The questions are always so
                   over the top that it's gotta be a native.
2003/4/2 [Uncategorized] UID:27956 Activity:nil
4/1     What product can I use to clean the many years of grease buildup
        on my kitchen ventillation system?  Dishwashing soap and laundry
        detergent are too weak.
        \_ oven cleaner removes everything.  (incl. paint)
           \- something like Easyoff/409? Those wont take the paint off
              will they? That why I want to avoid an abrasive.
                \_ no.  Easyoff/409 will not eat paint.  but oven cleaner
                  works better.
                  \- what is the name of an ovencleaning product?
                      \_ sorry, i'm tired.  EasyOff *IS* an oven cleaner.
                         409 is not.  Easy off will eat paint, 409
                         will not.  iirc.
                         \_ I use 409 to clean my oven; it works well and
                            leaves the paint on.  Your mileage may vary.
2003/4/2-3 [Politics/Domestic] UID:27957 Activity:insanely high
4/2     Do tanks (American ones?) have cooling systems such as air
        conditioners for its crew?
        \_ maybe they should have AM/FM radio, CD player, and a DVD screen
           to go alone with it?
           \_ it does get very hot in the desert and in those things, people
              must be cooking.
        \_ How about internet access in the tanks?  Surf porn while waiting
           for orders.
                \_ Yes:  (Solaris x86 even)
        \_ HAHA. No. Ever been to a naval ship/tank museum?
           \_ Abrams M1A1 has air conditioning.  In fact, more is true --
              it has air filtering, as it was designed to operate in
              environments where chemical, biological and nuclear weapons
              were used.  Russian soldiers often mock the americans 'because
              their tanks have air conditioning.'
              \_ last time i checked, Russian tanks and jet planes also
                 have air conditioning.  like all weapons, none of it was
                 designed for soldier's comfort.
              \_ Russia still has soldiers?  Do they mock ours for getting
                 paid regularly, too?
                 \_ Puny weak american materialistic capitalist consumer
                    pig dog! Real Solider does not need pay to fight!
                    Vodka for self and tank is enough!
                    \_ I see the flaw in my argument now.  Russian is great.
                       America is weak.  We'll be crushed any day now!
           \_ No?  How do they survive the heat in a summer desert together
              with the heat from the engine and the cannon?
        \_ Yead a hatch to open and let the cool desert air in.
        \_ Abrams are pressurized.
            \_ Really? pv=nrt
           \_ What for?
              \_ to keep out water, posion gas, sand, etc, etc?
                \_ Who TF deleted my correct response. ALL modern tanks have full
                   NBC protection.
                   \_ use motdedit
                   \_ Nuclear Biological Chemical
2003/4/2 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27958 Activity:high
4/2     Total number of US military deaths in Vietnam: 58,135
        Present total US deaths in current gulf conflict(*): 44
        The current conflict has been running for about 1 week.
        Extrapolating in a completely ridiculous fashion, we can conclude
        that the current conflict may continue for another 1321 weeks
        (25 years) before we see Vietnam's level of casualties.
        (*) Let's be honest here, Vietnam wasn't a war, it was a police
        action, so we'd be hard pressed to call the current conflict a 'war'
        \_ You could really not run a war worse than Vietnam.  The civilians
           in charge at the time were complete morons.
           \_ Agree with the first part, but you seem to imply that our current
              civilians in charge are not, in fact, morons.
              \_ Maybe they're not morons, but morAns.
                 \_ Notice that his T-shirt says "Cardinals"?  That explains
                    \_ What do you have against people from St. Louis?
                       \_ It could always be the Arizona Cardinals...
                          \_ St. Louis?  Arizona?  I was referring to Stanfurd.
                             \_ And that would be Cardinal, sans 's'
                                \_ So are we Cal Bears or Cal Bear?
        \_ Vietnam was a war.  You degrade the men who served and the people
           who died by mincing words like that.  Police action is when a cop
           pulls you over.  Soldiers, platoons, mines, ambushes... that's war.
           \_ I meant no slight to the fine men and women who served and
              gave their boides and lives in Vietnam.  I was, however taking
              a shot at the gub'mint of de good ole US of A.  Vietnam was not
              a war.  No decleration of war ratified by Congress was ever
              made. -op
              \_ That's hardly a worthy definition.  Wasn't the war powers
                 clause (prez can wage war for 90 days etc...) passed in 1974
                 in response to the war?  It does not take congressional action
                 to wage war, just generals and soldiers.
                 \_ Actually, the war powers act was written to LIMIT the powers
                    of the president.  It didn't give him more power to wage war,
                    it said that instead of being able to do whatever he wanted,
                    he had to consult congress after at most 90 days.
                    \_ Agreed, I meant that it was the result of Congress not
                       liking the fact that a president can wage war without any
                       official support.  The relevant part was the fact that
                       they considered what the executive branch had done was
                       a war.
              \_ Depending on how one looks at it, Congress did give permission
                 to make war with Vietnam with the passing of the Gulf of
                 Tonkin resolution. Similarily GWII has been argued as a
                 continuation of GWI (ie. the war never ended) or as an
                 extension of the War Against Terrorism resolution (it made
                 Afghanistan possible too).
                 \_ But the Tonkin incident never happened.  Still, you can
                    only call Vietnam a war.
                    \_ Yep and yep. Saddam wasn't part of Al-Queda and you
                       see how well that worked out for Iraq.
               \_ Except the War Powers Act is clearly unconstitutional to
                  begin with.
                  \_ True, but then you have to get the courts to kill it.
        \_ Good god, it wasn't mean to be a discussion of the fucking war
           powers act you morons.  It was meant to be a moderately interesting,
           albeit wholly unscientific factoid. -op
           \_ you're the moron who said it wasn't a war.
2003/4/2-3 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:27959 Activity:very high
4/2     Show your opposition to secret courts in the US:
        Oppose knee-jerk "victims' rights" amendment to Constitution
        (especially if you're registered in California)
        \_ Yawn....
           \_ Bush stole my evil rights and all I got was a long dirt nap.
        \_ we doing this for the sake of democracy and human right for all.
           \_ Bush stole my civil rights and all I got was a long nap.
              \_ Blah blah blah blah blah.  Whatever.  This whole thing is
                 just troll bait from the start.
2003/4/2-3 [Transportation/Car] UID:27960 Activity:very high
4/2     What a tragic story:
        \_ i wonder what the real deal with this is. another report
           said that the soldiers shot warning shots in the air, and
           then shot at the engine, etc. how does a guy not get a clue
           when that happens?
           \_ Maybe when you're told to do it or they'll kill the rest of your
              \_ That's actually exactly what happened.
           \_ first shot mised != warning shot
           \_ If ppl started shooting at you, do you hit the brakes, or hit
              the gas pedal?
              \_ You turn around and get the fuck away, duh.  This normally
                 involves slowing to make the turn.  Are you the same guy who
                 loaned out his car and got it trashed in the thread above?
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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