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2003/4/1 [Uncategorized] UID:27929 Activity:nil
3/31    A nice collection of foreign viewpoints:
2003/4/1 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Reference/Law/Court] UID:27930 Activity:high
        The patriot act at work.
        \_ You realize the patriot act was first introduced by the
           Clinton administration in 95-96 by Janet Reno, right?
           \_ who cares who introduced it?  (Although I would like
              to see documentation on that claim, it would be interesting)
2003/4/1 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:27931 Activity:nil
3/31    Airlines are in trouble.  Troops need to be sent to Iraq.
        Why not have the military take over some of the airlines planes
        to fly to Iraq?
2003/4/1 [Uncategorized] UID:27932 Activity:moderate
3/31    Did anyone here the campinille bell at 8:00 pm.  It rang
        21 times after I started counting.  I suspect the total number
        was to honor the number of US casualties.
        \_ No, 21 is half of 42, which as we know is the answer.
2003/4/1-2 [Computer/Networking] UID:27933 Activity:high
3/31    Anyone have DSL without telephone service?  What provider will
        do this?  I am trying to get away from cable. --jwm
        \_ I am not aware of any provider that will do this.  You might
           be able to set up a phone line, get DSL installed, then cancel
           the phone line, but that's a dicey bet at best.
        \_ Share with a neighbor.  Ask the ones you know, offer to handle
           all the tech, and then split the DSL costs month to month.
           Make sure you don't go with a skinflint ISP that checks for
           this type of thing.  Perhaps someone with more knowledge than
           I can elaborate on the "how" of this.
           \_ Yeah it's really hard.  It takes some extra cables and a $50
              router+switch unit from best buy.  Can I get paid 6 figures for
              doing your networking?
        \_ I have a covad line like this where my employer acts as the
           ISP. covad couldn't care less if you have a phone, but
           you need an ISP to contract with covad for the line...
2003/4/1 [Reference/Military] UID:27934 Activity:nil
3/31    Where's a good website to read definitions of army terms and compare
        an "Infantry Division",  "Armored Cavalry", "Mechanized" etc,
        as well as get definitions on all the military jargon?
        \_ I think some of the terms you mentioned above are obsolete in
           terms of their original meaning due to the fast pace of
           military technology changes.
        \_ How Are Army Divisions Numbered?
           Question on Military Unit Sizes
           ... more than you may want to know.
2003/4/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:27935 Activity:nil
3/31    Sharon is preparing the new Palestinian homeland:
        \_ Ok, I have read the entire article and couldn't find either
           "Palestinian" or "homeland" mentioned even once in it.
           \_ You have to read between the lines. Sharon is maneuvering a
              Syrian war so that he can transfer the Palestinians there,
              which the current peace treaty prevents.
2003/4/1 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:27936 Activity:moderate
3/31    Are there any tips for using JetBlue to go LAX->OAK and back?
        I always hear about these ~ $24 fares but the lowest I ever get
        is $39, and that's in the middle of the week.
        \_ start planning early.  catch one of the specials.
        \_ Is that a safe airline?
           \_ it is a good airline.
2003/4/1-2 [Recreation/Food] UID:27937 Activity:high
3/31    Looking for fun places in Westwood. Sushi, etc. Need ideas. Thx.
        \_ Habibi's for smoking the hooka, and Didi Reese (sp?) for the best
           damned cookie/ice cream sandwich you'll find ($.35 for a cookie,
           $1 for two cookies w/ a slab of ice cream in the middle).
           Maloney's is a sports bar near UCLA with cute girls.
           UCLA Japanese restaurant list:
           General List of things to do, places to eat:
           \- i think the cheep pizza at lamonicas is pretty good. --psb
           \_ I'll second the cookie ice cream. most fattening but delicious
              stuff ever.
        \_ Moustache Cafe has the best damned chocolate souffle.
        \_ Shamshiri or Javan for local ethnic food (i.e. Iranian/Persian)
        \_ If you're from the Bay Area, try the Pink Elephant.
                                                \- isnt the pink elephant a
                                                   disco in CCU? --psb
                                                   \_ this ain't no disco
        \_ while we are at it, any suggestions on places *not* to live near
           ucla?  we are thinking of moving to palms but dont know a darn
           thing about the area.  is it sketchy like some parts of oakland, or
           is it a good place to be?  moving there in sept.  i think westwood
           will be priced out of range for us.  email or write here.  -- hahnak
           \_ palms is a bit ghetto. mar vista is on the other side of sepulvda
              and is a bit nicer. culver city is probably too far for what you
              want. and im sure that there are enough shitholes in westwood if
              you'd like to stay close to campus. santa monica and venice might
              be affordable.
              \_ You have expensive taste. I don't think anyplace on Westside
                 is going to sketchy in the way, say West Oakland is. You
                 would have to go to South Central to find anyplace like that.
2003/4/1 [Politics/Foreign] UID:27938 Activity:very high
4/1     It's become clear to me now - there is exactly one rabid right
        winger on the motd, and one rabid left winger.  No one else gives
        a shit about your cute little shouting matches, but that won't stop
        one of you from deleting this post like the small-minded weasel
        that you are.
        \_ s/winger/whinger
        \_ One? Are you sure?
           \_ who cares if this moron is "sure." they're provably wrong.
        \_ Why do you think there's only 2 people out of hundreds on the
           system that are interested in politics?  A lot of us are out of
           school and have found the world is more interesting than the latest
           linux distro, the next bike ride, or how to fix pine.  And why do
           you think people interested in politics would delete a thread about
           politics?  That's senseless.  Those threads get deleted by small
           minded, zero-world-view people like yourself.  In conclusion, I say
           RIDE BIKE!  USE LINUX!  and How to do fixing mime header in pine?
        \_ actually I think the bitter free republic url
           posting person is all one guy
        \_ So small minded people care about politics and the state of this
           \_ Yeah, that would seem fairly accurate, given the quality of
              those people that are elected by the people that choose to vote.
2003/4/1 [Uncategorized] UID:27939 Activity:high
4/1     I'm looking for "Big 'C'" as a Nokia ringtone.  Anyone?  -John
        \_ RINGTONES!!!!  ACK!  Begone foul creature of the night!  BACK!
           \_ C...c,c,c,c...c,c,c,g,a,b,g,C!!!
2003/4/1 [Reference/Military] UID:27940 Activity:nil
4/1     How Are Army Divisions Numbered?
        Question on Military Unit Sizes
        ... more than you may want to know. -ecchang
2003/4/1 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27941 Activity:nil
4/1     It's raining Land Rovers in Iraq. I guess this is what happens
        once you run out of ammo:,,30000-12278226,00.html
        \_ I can't seem to get "<DEAD>"<DEAD> from ANYWHERE.
2003/4/1 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:27942 Activity:nil
4/1     Why isn't my mail spool world readable? -phillip
        \_ blame procmail
           \_ Wrong answer
        \_ Who would want the world reading their mail?
           \_ Someone who as got nothing to hide.
2003/4/1 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:27943 Activity:nil
4/1     If pigs could fly ...
        \_ Then everyone would have to worry about falling pigshit?
        \_ I was wondering about WorldNetDaily before.  Having read
           the the boilerplate "threatening letters to our writers will
           be forwarded to the FBI" at the bottom of that article answers
           every question.  Idiots.
2003/4/1-2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27944 Activity:high
4/1     Anyone have an english URL for Leslie Cheung today?
        \_ First result in Yahoo search:
           (4/2) Yesterday I didn't realize why someone was asking for this
           until I watched the news last night.  Sigh.
           others found by searching on
        \_ It's on <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ And
2003/4/1-2 [Health/Disease/General] UID:27945 Activity:high
4/1     Are you worried about SARS? has an article where
        an American Airlines plane was quarantined in San Jose.
        \_ Yes I'm worried.  Reminds me of the movie Outbreak.
        \_ Why do these types of illnesses often come from asia?
           \_ Ebola (Africa) and Dengue Fever (Central America) have been
              the biggest concerns for fatal illnesses.
           \_ Maybe because cities there are much more densely populated.
              Most people take subways and buses to commute, and subways and
              buses there are much more crowded than those here.
           \_ I was reading a report that said it was because most of these
              illnesses are mutated livestock viruses, and those parts of asia
              more people sleep in the same quaters as their livestock, making
              transmission more likely.
              \_ Yeah, let's just call all those slant-eyes sheep-fuckers.
                \_ Noone said they were fucking them.
           \_ We should thank them for introducing all the illnesses
              through the centuries.  It gave us strong immune systems
              which allowed us to clear off injuns from the Americas.
              On the other hand, we also helped them out with stuff
              like mad cow disease, hiv, etc.
              \_ Can the human immune system fight prions?
        \_ because Asian doctors over-prescribe antibiotics and other things
           \_ But here we also over-use antibiotics in soap, dishwashing
              liquid, laundary detergent, and other household cleaners.
                \_ "anti-bacterial" is not the same as "antibiotics".  -tom
                   \_ No, but there are strains of bacteria now impervious to
                      alcohol, bleach, ammonia, and the like.  AB handsoaps
                      etc are useful but overmarketed; most of the bacteria on
                      your hands are benign and may serve a beneficial purpose
                      by preventing other bacteria from taking root.
                      \_ There are worries about antibacterials losing
                         effectivness due to overuse in handsoaps, etc.
                         However alcohol, bleach and ammonia are still
                         very effective.  However you can't exactly
                         bathe in any of them, mostly because they are TOO
                      \_ Please post evidence of inheritable bacterial
                         resistance to alcohol, bleach, ammonia.
        \_ Maybe Mother Earth is sending a new antibody against the
           humanity virus.
           \_ "I discovered that humans aren't mammals."
              \_ No you didn't.  The agents in The Matrix did.
        \_ most of the world's population is in Asia?
        \_ anti Middle eastern because of the war and terrorism, anti-Asian
           because of SARS.  Welcome to Fortress America.
        \_ With luck this will hit India as well as SE Asia.  We won't have to
           worry about our jobs going overseas then!
2003/4/1-2 [Reference/Military] UID:27946 Activity:moderate
4/1     Put back the URL's for military numbering systems!
        \_     How Are Army Divisions Numbered?
               Question on Military Unit Sizes
2003/4/1-2 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:27947 Activity:low 63%like:27920
4/1     OpenSSH 3.6.1 is out. Fixes some interoperability problems with
        other implementations.
        \_ Thanks, installed.  --mconst
2003/4/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:27948 Activity:nil
4/1     Simon vindicated!!!
        Davis claimed that Simon was a bad businessmen, but the truth
        is out. Simon was just waiting for his handout to come through.
        \_ Another guy, who spent time in jail for narcotics trafficking,
           sued Simon because he alleged he was promised his company
           would go public with large monetary rewards.  This case gave
           Simon alot of bad publicity, the judges decision to throw the case
           was ignored.
           \_ Simon ran a bad campaign against an easily defeatable caandidate.
              He fully deserved to lose.  Though much blame can also be laid
              on the Cal. Repubs, who really picked the wrong person.
              \_ Him and Gore should hang out sometime.
2018/12/11 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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