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2003/3/30-31 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27911 Activity:high
3/29    A little late but I had a busy day:
        Some of this is fact.  Some is opinion.  These and other links you can
        easily find yourself show the Baathist/Nazi link in action, attitude,
        goals, etc.  If you want to dig deeper go look up Michel Aflaq, the
        founder of the whole Baathist insanity.  Here's a starter on Aflaq:
        \_ nice links, thanks
        \_ Good stuff.  Refresh my memory:  You're posting these to prove
           what, exactly?  Or you're posting them as informational links?
           \_ This was the Saddam is a Nazi vs. the Saddam is a Stalinist
              thread from over the last few days.  Having read these and a
              few other links I confirmed my previous understanding that the
              Baathists are Arab Nazis but was unaware they were also fans of
              some of the earlier Russian communists to some extent.
              \_ It's an idiotic argument.
                 \_ There are people who will argue whether the flames are
                    blue or green when the point is that your arse is on
                 \_ Yeah, it would be better to discuss something deeply
                    intellectual like which linux distro is better or car vs.
                    bike, or whether the war is about oil or just pure meanness
                    on the part of dick cheney.  You've totally nailed it with
                    your deep and incisive commentary and editorial.  How can I
                    learn to be as smart as you?
                    \_ Um, go back in time and prevent your past self from
                       getting that lobotomy?
                       \_ oh! ouch!  it's like 1st grade all over again!
                          *laugh* It's too funny that the motd can sink even
                          this low.  I thought most of the grade schoolers
                          left when the motd got a little harsh on that sort
                          of infantile stupidity.
                          \_  Apparently not:  we're both still here.
        \_ 1) Another common thread of 20th century genocidal dictators is
           where many developed their political philosophies - the
           cafes of Paris.
           \_ That's because Paris used to be where you went to be educated.
              Things have changed now and the U.S. is where you go to get an
              education.  Hence all the terrorists who are educated in the
           2) Hitler was a socialist.
           \_ the cafe's of Austria then?
                \_ 'many'
           \_ Hilter was more fascist than socialist, but then again lots of
              of people had similar POVs. And the key to Soviet socialism,
              German nationalist socialism, and Italian facsisism is the
              emergence and misinterpretation of Darwinism. That is, thinking
              survival of the fittest rather than understanding evolution.
              Which leads us to the roots of pure capitalism and the American
              sense of superiority....
              \_ It does?  How so?  This hasn't been a pure capitalist society
                 in your great grand daddy's lifetime.  The American sense of
                 superiority comes from having a robust economy, an effective
                 military, and a flexible and adaptable culture that rolls
                 with the punches.  That 'sense' is because it's true.
                \_ I agree in part, but the greatest contribution America
                   has made is put forth in the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
                   No amount of wealth or power can overshadow rights and
                   government ordained by God.
                   \_ "Bill of Rights" & Constitution establish religions via
                    "ordained by God" therefore are unconstitutional
                        \_ So you wrote them?
                        \_ Uh... what?  They establish no such thing.  Are you
                           one of the left wing nutters that thinks the Pledge
                           is a violation of your rights too?
2003/3/30 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27912 Activity:high
3/30    Solved my procmail 'syntax' problem.  The syntax was fine.  The
        problem was that my lame MUA wasn't displaying characters properly.
        Actual subject line looks like this:
        Subject: =?GB2312?B?xby2+9f20ru72MWrwaWjrLOiytSxu8WwtP3Q1LCux+nIpKOh?=
        To the person who suggested I dig through my procmail log, thanks.
        I usually leave logging off here due to limited disk space on soda,
        and an often almost full homedir.  To the troll who thinks he's so
        1337 because he R0X0RZ the procmail world, go stick your head in a
        \_ Just because someone is smarter than you doesn't make them a
           troll.  It's all tom's fault that stupid little kids are
           misusing the word all the time.  "check your logs" isn't
           rocket science.  and again, no one on the motd *owes* you
           anything.  find a pig farm.
           \_ Go away troll.  Saying '3Y3 M D3 P0RCM4I1 M4ZT3R!!!'  Doesn't
              indicate intelligence.  It makes a claim as to some facility
              with a unix tool, and indicates an anti-social inability to
              share that suggests you were stuffed into one too many trash
              cans during adolescence.  You're right.  Nobody on the motd
              owes me anything, and, consequently, I'm saying thanks for some
              helpful advice.  Bill Joy didn't write BSD singlehandedly, but
              since you're so smart and never need any help with anything,
              maybe you should look him up.  You can discuss the finer points
              of how robots and nanotech are going to destroy the universe.
              \_ *laugh*  There's two ways to see your reply, either a) I'm a
                 troll and you got trolled, or b) I'm not a troll and you got
                 trolled anyway.  Either way you could use a double dose of
                 prozac and some therapy.  -!troll
                 \_ thank you for proving my point.
        \_ time to grow up, the both of you.
2003/3/30 [Uncategorized] UID:27913 Activity:nil
3/30    Operation James (after James Bond): (
2003/3/30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27914 Activity:very high 50%like:27659
3/28    Just another day at a peaceful anti-war rally:
        \_ And the pro-war side is blameless.
           I'm not disagreeing with you; the world is pretty fucked up.
           \_ Are you seriously stating a moral equivalency between
              civilian casualties of war and someone whose "anti-war"
              stance is to push the Jews into the sea?
              \_ Are you saying that all war protesters are violently
                 antisemitic?  Of course not.  I'm just saying
                 there are a hell of a lot of reasons to be against
                 this war.
           \_ blame the local iraqis solders who forced civilians into the
              \_ Or the inept diplomacy of a simple-minded President.
                 \_ Okey dokey, it's easy to spout off about someone else's
                    failures, how about you tell us the non-violent yet
                    effective actions you'd take as US Pres. that would have
                    made certain Iraq was disarmed?  Inspections?  There were
                    no inspections from '98 and they only went back in under
                    tremendous pressure due to the US military buildup and
                    even then they weren't doing anything useful since a)
                    they didn't want to and b) the whole .org was filled with
                    so many spies the Iraqis knew what was going to be
                    inspected before the UN guys on the ground in Iraq did.
                    I've yet to hear a single response from anyone in the
                    government, the media, the public, or private about how
                    to disarm Iraq/Hussein without fighting if he doesn't
                    want to do it voluntarily.  Just lots of noise about,
                    "bush is stupid!".  Maybe he is stupid but you're not
                    doing any better.
                    \_ How about not pissing off a collection of nations
                       that were squarely in our pocket because of
                       September 11th?  How about putting a real
                       effort into Afghanistan?  How about prioritizing
                       this effort with respect to North Korea?  How about
                       just keeping your goddamn story straight, and not
                       lying to the public?  Are we there for disarming
                       him, are we there because he's a war criminal, or
                       are we there because my misguided domestic policy
                       and tax refunds has turned a budget surplus into
                       a recession and I need a quick shot in the arm for
                       the next election?  Or maybe it's just a cover to
                       get the flag-waving jingoes out in force and allow
                       me to push some of the worst civil rights
                       legislation through congress in 40 years?  How
                       about not claiming some stupid forgeries as
                       "evidence" of nuclear arms dealing?  Sure, rattle
                       sabres, let people know you're serious.  But don't
                       treat war as the foregone conclusion.
2003/3/30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:27915 Activity:nil
3/30    The suicide bombings in Iraq will make the war look like:
        Israel invading Palestine:
        Israel invading Lebannon:
        US invading Somalia: .
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