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2003/3/19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:27738 Activity:moderate
3/18    Powers of 10:
        \_ I like the Charles & Ray Eames original much better:
           \_ Great; now kids are going to think protons and quarks
              "look" like little blobs of colored dots.  -pld
2003/3/19 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:27739 Activity:moderate
3/18    How do I put my e-mail address in my home page and avoid being picked
        up by spammers?  Do spammers scan for "mailto:" links or do they scan
        for all text in the .html files?  Thx.
        \_ Don't worry so much about the scan is too hard to
           maintain. I just use spamassassin now, and sometimes give
           out user-tag (or user+tag) type addresses.
        \_ put up an image of your email address. The spammers aren't going
           to bother taking the image file and trying to OCR it to get the
           email address.
           \_ Cool!  Thanks!
        \_ Make a form that posts to a cgi script that sends you mail
        \_ post your email address to usenet then everyone will have it and
           you won't need it on your web page.
           \_ This is like that entry on the multiple-choice test your
              teachers warned you about.
              \_ "E"!  It's always "E"!
        \_ Someone deleted my post about JavaScript obfuscation, which is
           probably the best way to keep the functionality of a mailto: link
           while hiding from spammers.  ObGoogle.  -tom
        \_ I wouldn't use a mailto: link. I'd rather just post my email
           address in html using '&#64;' for '@' and '&#46;' for '.'.
           This will prevent the vast majority of spammers from harvesting
           your email addr from your webpage.
           \_ This sounds good too.  Thanks.
           \_ Thanks! -spammer
2003/3/19 [Health/Disease/General] UID:27740 Activity:nil
3/18    It's possible that what would turn out to be the biggest event
        these days would not be Iraq but the mysterious Hong Kong
        ailment dubbed SARS.  It seems to have all the ingredients of
        the perfect plague - spread through air, a long enough
        incubation period so that it isn't easily contained, and often
        fatal.  If not this, something that would appear soon, as
        prophesied by the book "The Coming Plague".  Much more dangerous
        than your two-bit terrorist.  Be very afraid.
        \_ Q: What are the chances of recovering from it?
           A: So far there are 9 fatalities among the 150 most recent cases.
        \_ Watched too much of the movie "Outbreak" recently?
        \_ I don't think this one is the "big one".  It isn't all THAT fatal.
           Second, it isn't all THAT contageous.  You really have to be
           in close proximity to the person for a long time to get it.
           I'm still betting on a mutant flu, which this apparently isn't,
           if the Germans are right about it.  --PeterM
2003/3/19 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:27741 Activity:nil
3/19    Why does HP have two different drivers for my printer on the same OS
2003/3/19 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:27742 Activity:high
        7.5 megs (install file) for "home users" vs. 5.5 megs for "corporate
        users."  What's the likeley difference?
        \_ i think the home version tries to give you FREE AOL
           or something
        \_ Hope users probably has bloat crap fluff, and corporate is just
           the essentials.
            \_ odd, seems like businesses would be more likeley to want bloat
               crap stuff.  The only thing i can think of is spyware.
               (spying on a printserver is probably not too userful and just
                annoys slightly-more-likeley-to-find-it IT staff).
                Given that this years TurboTax contained some, i'd say it is
                not out of the question. -top
                \_ Extra code for emailing a copy of everything you print
                  to the US government.  Ashcroft power!
                  \_ this joke is a bit old
2003/3/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27743 Activity:nil
3/19    I'm really worried about the economic impact of the war.  Bush still
        hasn't given us concrete numbers of how much this all costs.  I've
        heard $100 billion tossed around.  Where the hell is that going to
        come from?  social security?  Medicare?  Cutting foreign aid?
        Printing more money?  After the last gulf war there was a brief
        rally in the stock market and we plunged deeper into recession after
        that.  I think the same will happen again.
        \_ Not to mention that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia ended footing much of
           the bill for the last Persian Gulf excursion. In other words, we
           never actually saw the whole cost last time. We're on our own this
           time, monetarily.
           \_ What do you mean "saw the whole cost".  We made money last
              \_ I've already bought a few blocks of halliburton and others.
        \_ After all this time I can't believe that you are still in the
           dark on this. Its all about the OIL! He's going to take all of
           Iraq's oil and sell it and use the money to pay off the national
           debt and give all his zionist-fat-cat-worker rich cronies a huge
           tax break so that they can all buy new Escalades and drive over
           the poor workers-of-the-world who are trying to unite in order to
           form a more perfect commune.
2003/3/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27744 Activity:nil
3/18    Just curious, what is the consensus on how long the war with iraq
        is going to take?                       live outside of US
        \_ There is no consensus, of course.  That's what makes living
           in the US fun.  I'm sure there's consensus in France.
        \_ My guess is the troops will move in at the same time the bombs
           start falling on military c&c behind the lines so it'll take about
           4 days to get to Baghdad and then God only knows what'll happen in
           the city.  The military may surrender.  They may go house to house
           which could take weeks.  They will probably lose most of the city
           right away and then there'll be hard mop up in a few sections for
           a week or maybe two if they're really suicidal.
        \_ It could all be over in a day if they would just use one or two
           of the neutron bombs we've got. None of our troops would get hurt
           and all of the oil wells and buildings would be intact.
2003/3/19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27745 Activity:nil
3/18    Just curious.  The person who claimed the US would be backing off the
        war noise over the next several weeks and how you "told us so!!!!":
        do you still believe your earlier statements?  I'm the one who said
        about a week ago that this coming weekend would be the start.
        \_ When the bombs drop, I'll admit I was wrong.  I wasn't trying
           to troll either.
           \_ is your point simply that behaving irrationally, or bluffing,
           are effective means of diplomacy?
              \_ Whoever said it was effective?  Anyways, I still think the
                 U.S. won't do anything until it gets support from Russia,
                 France, and China.  I wouldn't be surprised if the troops
                 sit there for a month waiting for Iraq to surrender
                 (which it won't).
                \_ You are living in the past.  Many people fail to
                   understand Bush.  He is not a complex man, what you see
                   is what you get.  Unlike Clinton, he means what he says.
                   \_ at least I had a job when Clinton was in office.
                        \_ As an intern?
                           \_ I miss the intern days.  The WH was so much more
                              fun when we took government seriously and we
                              smoked out and nailed all the interns and stroke
                              of the pen, law of the land... sigh.  Oh for the
                              dotcom days when we all had bubble jobs based on
                              VC money with no business plans.
                   \_ What I see is a moron.  Is that what I get?  He could
                      have gotten much more support for the war, and made it
                      much easier for American troops and tax payers if he
                      and his underlings just learn some basic diplomatic
                      \_ Could he have?  France has been obstructing US
                         efforts to control Iraq the whole time.
                      \_ So you figure he could've gotten the votes in from
                         France/Russia/China how exactly?  Do you understand
                         how diplomacy works?  To get their vote in a useless
                         body (the UN), we'd have to buy them off with
                         something that has real value.  You're so smart, how
                         about I give you my vote at the next CSUA meeting and
                         in exchange you give me 50 bucks.  That sounds good
                         to me and you'd show good diplomacy.  I'd not veto
                         your resolution to oppose the war or something.
                         \_ I am not referring to getting votes, but
                            generating bad vibes all over.  Even in terms
                            of getting votes, if the Bush administration has
                            done it smarter instead of like a gung-ho cowboy,
                            he may very well have gotten enough votes to
                            force a French veto rather than having to
                            withdraw the resolution.  Even magazines like the
                            Economist which openly supported the war thought
                            Bush and his underlings screwed up the diplomacy
                            big time.
                            \_ Ok, I'll buy that.  Yes, there are some bad
                               vibes.  Maybe it could've been better, maybe
                               not.  Either way I believe the French were hell
                               bound to veto anything that would had a trigger
                               clause in it.  I believe that because they said
                               so so many times.  The WH reaction to that was
                               too flustered but in the end most countries
                               either already liked/hated us and will continue
                               to do so as before.  The long term effect on
                               how much any other country likes/hates us is
                               about zero because this isn't a play ground.
                               \_ we got UN support in Afghanistan, and in
                                  Iraq last time, so the assertion that
                                  France was going to veto stuff just because
                                  they "don't like us" is not only absurd, it's
                                  contradicted by history.  -tom
2003/3/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27746 Activity:nil
3/18    TPTB Silence the Dixie CH1X: (
        \_ It goes like this: you have the right to say just about anything
           you want, however, you do *not* have the right to be heard.  They're
           getting paid to sing, not share their political philosophy.  People
           uninterested in their political philosophy are not required to pay
           them for that or their singing or anything else.  She's not
           President Sheen so she's screwed.
           \_ It goes like this:  don't badtalk the Pres. or advertisers on
              country/western stations will freak and pull your music.
              Ani Difranco's been saying bad stuff about the Pres., but her
              target audience is expected to support that message, so she
              doesn't get pulled.
              \_ They run a business.  This is something Ms Ch1x didn't get.
                 She has no right to use their airwaves and equipment to get
                 her philosophy out, and doubly so since the listeners are
                 likely to get pissed off and kill the station ratings and
                 stop buying products on those stations.  Perhaps you'd
                 prefer a Soviet style music selection chosen by a committee
                 which determines what you're allowed to listen to?  No one is
                 stopping you from supporting Ms. Ch1x.  Go into a store and
                 *buy* her music.  I support Ms. Ch1x right to say what she
                 wants.  I do not support her putting people out of work when
                 stations go under so she can attempt to spread her political
                 opinion on other people's time and dime.
                 \_ Actually they're _our_ airwaves.
                    \_ Which makes this a tragedy of the commons.
                       \_ *laugh* perfect.
                 \_ oh please.
                    \_ uh huh, great response.
                 \_ Wake up.  Natalie Maines didn't use radio to peddle her
                    beliefs; she made comments at a concert in London.  Read
                    the article and realize that you're talking up the wrong
                    \_ I already knew exactly when she made her comments.  My
                       comments still stand.  If you're going to mouth off
                       about topics beyond your job scope you have to expect
                       that there might be repercussions.  For example, I'm
                       very conservative but work in a very liberal company.
                       I shut the fuck up and do not in any way share my
                       political beliefs with others because I put my income
                       above my right to mouth off.  She chose the other path
                       and has that right as an adult but has to understand as
                       an adult that other adults have the right to boycott
                       her.  I'd think the left would understand the boycott
                       concept *really* well by now.  Are you upset at all
                       that the left is trying *really* hard to get a boycott
                       going on Michael Savage's new TV show?  Does that upset
                       you the same as Ms. Ch1x getting pulled off the air?
                       \_ Hells bells, of course they have the right to
                          boycott her.  However, the radio boycott was called
                          by owners of radio stations before the public even
                          had a chance to tell us how they felt about her
                          comments. Of course, the owners also have the right
                          to boycott, but when they do it, they're making
                          themselves represent "the people" by forcing their
                          listeners to implicitly take part in the boycott.
                          That's tyranny of ownership, not tyranny of vox
                          populi.  The message they sent was "toe the line or
                          don't get played," not "the public disapproves." [fd]
                          \_ how do you know they weren't flooded with phone
                             calls and letters everytime they played Ms. Ch1x?
                             you're just assuming they pulled her instantly
                             when it was almost a week later in reality which
                             is plenty of time for US post to show up.
                       \_ If a left-leaning network exec pulled the plug based
                          on fears that people would pillory the network for
                          playing the show, I'd be disgusted.  If the same exec
                          pulled the plug because the show lacked quality or
                          couldn't pull in the ratings, I'd say go figure.
                          If the left managed to get people to write in and say
                          they were going to boycott the network unless the show
                          got pulled, I'd say they were exercising their
                          rights as citizens.  I may not agree with what they
                          say, but I support their right to say it.
                          \_ He isn't pulled yet but the left are beating on
                             the advertisers this second.  How about Dr. Laura?
                             Her show didn't even get a chance to air before
                             advertisers were pulling out due to boycotts.  I'm
                             a-ok with that as long as you're a-ok with Ms.
                             Ch1x losing precious air time a week after she
                             opened her dumb mouth.  She's a singer.  She
                             should sing.  If she wants to, she can put it in
                             a song and if people like it, they'll buy it.
                             That's the way it works in this country.
                 \_ Isn't it kind of cruel to say that a musician should just
                    sing but not express her political views?  Isn't that
                    like Soviet style music?  Why is she obligated to
                    keep her mouth shut to save people's jobs?
                    \_ People are allowed and encouraged in this country to
                       express themselves in many ways.  One way is to use your
                       music career to give your political beliefs a boost.
                       Another way is to close your wallet to send a message to
                       someone who is using their music career express her
                       political beliefs that you disagree with her doing so.
                       Few things are more American than what she did or than
                       what the radio stations did.  I salute both Ms. Ch1x and
                       the radio managers who pulled her.
        \_ She has the right to say what she wants.  Similarly, the public
           has the right to protest her statements and call her an idiot.
           She then is allowed to decide, based on business interests, that
           it is more profitable to retract her statement.  The free market
        \_ Freedom of speech, and, for that matter, all other protections
           granted in the bill of rights are protections against the Federal
           government.  Private individual or corporation shuts you, fuck you,
           deal.  Ted Turner owns CNN.  He does not need to give you airtime.
           Get over it.  At this point, you might now be inclined to ask why
           people have been worrying about corporate consolidation in the
           media. [formatd was here -- under 80 columns next time]
2003/3/19 [Uncategorized] UID:27747 Activity:high 73%like:27757
3/19    Is it bad for an engineer to need micro-management from his boss to get
        things done?  I just realized I'm in that situation.  Do good engineers
        need micro-management?
        \_ Yes.  No.
           \_ Oh shit.  Thanks.
        \_ I don't like micro-management, but I do like a manager that
           engages me.  Some managers are like totally hands-off and
           leave the underlings to fight one another for work and projects
           and stuff.
           and stuff.  The pushy aggressive people benefits in such cases.
           \_ I like my previous two managers.  They seemed to be able to sense
              when I want them to go away (like when I'm surfing the web or
              when I'm in the middle of the problem and have nothing to report)
              and when I'm happy to talk to them.  My current manager seems to
              always want to check out what I'm doing at the wrong time.
        \_ These clowns have me doing time sheets per project.  Yes it's bad.
         \_ That isn't an evil in and of itself.  If you are working on
            multiple projects it can be very helpful for them to have some
            idea what you are spending your time on so they have a better
            idea about scheduling.
            \_ except in my case these morons couldn't schedule themselves out
               of a wet paper bag.  theyre just pretending to do what they
               think managers are supposed to be doing.  unlike the person
               above who is left alone when in the middle of something i'll
               get interrupted every 15-20 minutes of a 6 hour task so they
               can get me "to communicate a status update report on my
               progress".  im not kidding with the quote either.
2003/3/19-20 [Health] UID:27748 Activity:high
3/19    I have to choose a health plan soon, and I have many choices:
        PPO - Blue Shield
        Point of Service - Aetna
        HMO - Health Net, Kaiser, Pacificare
        And then there's something called a Consumer-Driven Medical plan,
        which gives me $1000 every year (w/ rollover) to spend more or less
        as I see fit.  After I use that, there's an $800 deductible and I get
        regular PPO coverage.  PPO is ~ $180/yr more expensive than the rest.
        Any horror stories / good experiences to share?  This is LA area, and
        I'm young and have no dependents.
        \- just a kaiser data point: i have no qualms about dealing with
           kaiser in santa clara. however oakland kaiser seems to have a
           high lamer factor ... bottom of the class types possibly, poor
           english speakers etc. so you might check what kind of rep your
           local kaiser has.
        \_ Take the grand, find a crooked doctor that will give you the
        \_ I chose Kaiser and here's what I think:
           Pros: You get everything done in the same build.
                 You can walk in without making an appt with your doctor.  (In
                 this case you may get an appt in a few hours or less for a
                 different doctor or nurse practitioner.)
           Cons: It's both the medical provide and the insurance company.  So
           Cons: It's both the medical provider and the insurance company.  So
                 it's very possible that they give you less treatment than you
                 deserve in order to save money.
           To me, the convenience is more important.
        \_  I had Blue Shield PPO, and it worked fine for me.  Point of
            clarification:  Do you need PPO?  Blue Shield HMO has worked
            well for me since I switched (two years ago).
            \_ I'm a little wary of HMOs personally; I'd at least like to
                have the option of switching my primary care physician as
                I see fit (so a POS plan would do).  All of the non-HMO
                plans are administered by my company so I have an
                additional level of appeal if needed.  My primary concern
                is the Con listed above; it seems like a conflict of
                interest.  Then again, I also refuse to open any sort of
                cash account with my credit card company because I don't
                want them debiting that account to pay my bills "for me".
        \_ My opinion: take the PPO if you can afford it.  Take the POS next.
           If you're on HMO and God-forbid *something bad happens* to you then
           you're fucked.  Try to make an appointment with a non-HMO doctor
           as an HMO patient and you'll find they're all busy or not taking new
           patients, etc.  I currently have POS but would've gone PPO if the
           option was available.  HMO is only for poor people or those who
           think they won't get sick or those with such huge medical
           expenses they'd use up all their PPO benefits too fast.
           \_ I respectfully disagree:  If you have the right PCP, an HMO
              is more than sufficient.  Bear in mind, with Blue Shield HMO,
              you can change your PCP at will; this is a very nice feature.
              \_ If you can find a doc still accepting new patients!
              PPO is good if you have an unusual condition and a specialist
              who is not normally covered by your HMO network; remember,
              though, you're going to pay for the privilege.  I have a heart
              condition, but I also have a really good PCP and a Cardiologist
              in the same network, so HMO works like a charm for me.
           \_ I agree.  I run an outpatient surgery center -- and have had
              firsthand experience with health insurances as a provider (as
              well as a member).  Not all PPOs are better than POS, but
              Blue Shield is generally a very good PPO, which pays providers
              fairly well (and motivates doctors, because they do work for
              money).  POS not too great -- although it is loads better than
              HMO.  HMO contracted doctors have to meet a quota of patients
              and get paid very little per case, which affects their quality
              of care.  Kaiser is the worst, although there are exceptions
              here and there.  Kaiser has the conflict of interest of being
              a medical group, a hospital, and an insurance company rolled
              in one.  I know doctors who have worked at kaiser who cannot
              order tests they feel necessary because kaiser tries to keep
              costs down, as an insurance company. In general,
              PPO >> POS >>> HMO >>>>>> Kaiser   --chris
2003/3/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27749 Activity:nil
3/19    Ok do you believe the war has started now?,,30000-1084275,00.html
        Or now?
        Or maybe now?
        It's probably just cowboy rhetoric and bluster.... Nevermind, this is
        not the war you're looking for.
        \_ Sure!  The war's started!
2003/3/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27750 Activity:high
3/19    "the death of the man in his 30s was the first related to the latest
        protests over the U.S.-led war against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein"
        Bush's first victim in Gulf War II.
        \_ obcookie
2003/3/19-20 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27751 Activity:high
3/19    How did mconst fix /var, and what was wrong with it?
        \_ The mail I sent to root is now in ~mconst/pub/var-mail.  --mconst
           \_ thanks, that was informative.  Shouldn't that file be made
              unreadable by non-root though?
              \_ I think everything in there is public information -- but
                 please let me know if I missed something.  --mconst
                 \_ I'm sorry, I meant /var/account/acct.  It seems like
                    it contains somewhat private information of little use
                    to non-sysadmin types.
                    \_ You're absolutely right.  Fixed, thanks.  --mconst
                       \_ Does anybody else find this polite exchange as
                          refreshing as I do?
                          \_ Actually...yes.       -mice
                          \_ PURE.  REFRESHING.  MCONST.
        \_ Someone was trying to rotate accounting logs, and failed
2003/3/19-20 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/House] UID:27752 Activity:low
3/19    Is anybody a bonsai expert or a manzanita expert here? Can manzanita
        be used as a bonsai tree, or are they too difficult to keep? Thanks.
        \_ near grand lake in oakland there is a bonsai garden and club
           (in the park area) and they know a shitload about this stuff.
           \_ Is that its exact name? I'm not in the bay area. -op
              \_ dunno the name, I suspecta google search would
                 but then again a google seach would probably get you
                 the answer to your question in the first place.
              \_ It's in Lakeside Park.
        \_ All of your questions are answered in the Karate Kid, part I, II,
           and III.
           \_ The KK is my life's philosophy and source of guidance in dark
        \_ The "small" clipped manzanita plants I've seen are too large to be
           considered bonsai. I think the leaf density isn't high enough to
           keep the plant going. They are darned pretty though.
2003/3/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27753 Activity:high
3/19    Forget WMD, Terrorism and Liberating the people of Iraq. Its
        all about the Euro:
        \_ More and more people are beginning to believe this.
2003/3/19 [Uncategorized] UID:27754 Activity:high
3/19    So I don't see what's wrong with spiking a child's drink so he'd
        shut up on the airplane, do you?
        \_ Depends on what you spike it with.
           \_ I believe it was Xantax(sp?) which is not FDA approved for
              under 18 use.
              \_ Which doesn't even matter.  He was not a parent, or given
                 permission by one to play doctor.
2003/3/19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27755 Activity:high
3/19    The rest of the world can see that we are marching to
        Sharon's orders, even if we cannot:
        \_ Yeah!  Kill the Jews!  Push em into the sea!  Round em up and slap
           a yellow star on em then gas em!  YAAAAAAA!  Wow, I feel so much
           better having gotten that bit of mindless hatred off my chest.
           \_ I see you cannot debate the points raised by the story
              so you resort to race baiting.
              \_ Let's see:  Likkud fuels the AEI, which fuels the PNAC,
                 which sets the agenda for the Bush Administration.  The
                 only thing the article lacks is a reference to the
                 Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  I'm not a Bush-
                 supporter, but this article is insulting.
        \_ I can't believe I am dignifying this with a response, but any
           article that must cleanse itself by stating that it is not a
           conspiracy theory, thus obviously thinks it may be perceived as
           one, is starting on shakey ground already.
           \_ Fine, read this one then, that says much of the same thing,
              but in much less detail:
              But I suppose Rueters and the NYT are part of the vast
              anti-Semitic conspiracy in your worldview.
2003/3/19 [Uncategorized] UID:27756 Activity:nil
3/19    Anyone tuning in to see Hans Blix's most recent report?
2003/3/19 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:27757 Activity:nil 73%like:27747
3/19    Is it bad for a pimp to need micro-management from his ho to get
        things done?  I just realized I'm in that situation.  Do good hos
        need to micro-management?
        \_ Yes.  No.
           \_ Oh shit.  Thanks.
        \_ I don't like micro-management, but I do like a pimp that
           engages me.  Some pimps are like totally hands-off and
           leave the underlings to fight one another for work and projects
           and stuff.  The pushy aggressive people benefits in such cases.
           \_ I like my previous two pimps.  They seemed to be able to sense
              when I want them to go away (like when I'm surfing the web or
              when I'm in the middle of the problem and have nothing to report)
              and when I'm happy to talk to them.  My current pimp seems to
              always want to check out what I'm doing at the wrong time.
        \_ These clowns have me doing time sheets per project.  Yes it's bad.
         \_ That isn't an evil in and of itself.  If you are working on
            multiple projects it can be very helpful for them to have some
            idea what you are spending your time on so they have a better
            idea about scheduling.
            \_ except in my case these morons couldn't schedule themselves out
               of a wet paper bag.  theyre just pretending to do what they
               think pimps are supposed to be doing.  unlike the person
               above who is left alone when in the middle of something i'll
               get interrupted every 15-20 minutes of a 6 hour task so they
               can get me "to communicate a status update report on my
               progress".  im not kidding with the quote either.
                \_ I'm just saying time sheets are not the evil bit.
                   \_ In general, probably not, but here it's just a tool for
                      furthering more evil and oppression.
               \_ That's the problem with having too many mid-level pimps /
                  project pimps.  When they have nothing better to do,
                  they need to show that they are doing something, so they
                  invent various processes to collect meaningless and useless
                  data.  Based on those meaningless and useless data, they
                  create nice excel spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations
                  to show various improvements effected by some of their other
                  not very useful processes.  The people below know what kind
                  of data they want, so they just enter the data according to
                  what they know these pimps want to see.
        \_ So you're doing the pimp's job? It does insure job security.
           Hey if you did my job, I wouldn't fire you either.
2003/3/19-20 [Reference/BayArea, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27758 Activity:high
3/19    Any war protestor in Berkeley? -alumni
        \_ "alumni" is plural, dumbass. I doubt you are multiple
            people. -aaron
            \_ Well, specifically it means a group of male graduates if
            you want to nitpick. If you ever used the terms data and media
            as singular then you're being hypocritical.
            In modern usage alumni to refer to singular or plural in
            conversation is fine. I assume you're one of those anal people
            who insist on accenting the e in resume.
            \_ you're just wrong.
            \_ Resume is probably too pedestrian for them.  I'm sure
               they favor Curriculum Vitae instead.
        \_ no, we're all for the war here in Berkeley - danh
        \_ there is a protest at 5pm at powell and market
           in SF - danh
            \_ where you there, danh?  I passed by the protest on my way
               back from the IETF meeting at the Hilton.
        \_ Forget the protest.  When does the looting start?  I need a new
           pair of sunglasses.
           \_ why wait for looting?  if there's a real riot, and someone
              sees you looting, you might actually be shot.  if you go
              steal a pair of sunglasses now, before the riot, the potential
              for getting shot is zero.  just don't steal from Fred's.
           \_ Sir, I admire your honesty and realism.
        \_ So here on Wilshire, the street was shutdown and the cops were
           beating up protestors. Whatever happened to the hippie movements,
           it migrated to LA?           -happy UCLA CS student
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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