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2003/3/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:27730 Activity:very high
3/18    Are there any reputable places on-line where I can buy side-view
        mirrors for my 1992 Civic?  I don't want any fancy lights, just
        plain side-view mirrors.  There are a lot of sites on-line that
        sell them, but a lot of them seem sleazy.  For example, I've found
        4 or 5 sites that are obviously fronts for the same company.
        Thanks.  -- mikeym
        \_ Stupid question, but have you tried a junkyard?  -John
        \_ What about an authorized Honda dealer?
           \_ I called one and they wanted around $130 for each mirror.
              I've seen them for much less on-line, I just don't know which
              places are reputable.  -- mikeym
2003/3/18 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito] UID:27731 Activity:high
3/17    What's better, 10 years in a Turkish prison or sex
        with aspolito?
        \_ With, or without a condom?
2003/3/18 [Uncategorized] UID:27732 Activity:nil
3/17    What's a better jacket, leather or gortex with kevlars?
2003/3/18 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27733 Activity:nil
3/17    Whats better AlpineStar or Sidi?
        \_ ask yourself, what's better, Arai or Shoei?
           stop trolling the motd.
2003/3/18 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:27734 Activity:nil
3/18    I am going to buy some RAM (for a powerbook G4 12).  Havn't shopped
        for RAM for a while, I looked around on websites and noticed some
        module manufacturers such as Kingston offer "ValueRAM" (order by spec)
        and system specific ones.  There is a large price difference between
        the two, but try as I do, I cannot think of a reason a config.
        specific module is better than a "Value RAM" rated for the same spec,
        unless the system manufacturer has some secret spec that they only
        disclose to Kingston.  Are there really differences between them
        other than price?
2003/3/18 [Politics/Domestic] UID:27735 Activity:nil
3/18    Pictures before and after of how the American girl was bulldozed.
        \_ This reminds me of the famous picture of a man standing in front of
           a column of tanks in Tianmen square.  I guess Israeli soldiers
           have the power of will.
           \_ It just proves that they are less than human.
        \_ This reminds me of the scene in Spies Like Us when Chevy Chase
           yells out "Don't Shoot, We're Americans!"  DUH. do you think your
           american rights have any importance in other countries?
        \_ So basically, the guy who took the pictures watched someone get
           run over and his first thought wasn't "maybe I should help",
           but instead, "I should be taking pictures!". sweet.
           \_ Are you that same asshole that was claiming she wasn't
              deliberately run over, but she tripped and fell?
           \_ Err ... 3 other people were trying helping her, as can be seen
              in the picture.
           \_ ... and the pictures show when she was "safe" and when she was
              already run over.
2003/3/18 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27736 Activity:nil
3/18    There's something refreshing about deleting most of the porn off my
        \_ Curious, why didn't you delete all of your porn?
           \_ 'Cause the kiddie stuff is too tought to find?
           \_ It's hard to quit cold-turkey. The rest will be gone soon...
              (yeah right!)
2003/3/18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27737 Activity:nil
3/18    To make the motd less boring, take a part in the following informal
        Saddam Hussein will..
        Flee Iraq within 48 hours:
        Take the Bribe and flee quietly:
        \_ Whatever happened to noriega?
        Declare and offer to surrender all of his WMDs to avoid the war:
        Order a preemptive strike on Israel and US troops in the region:
        Flee Iraq within a few days after the war starts:
        Try to flee Iraq once Bagdad is surrounded by US troops:
        Be toppled and possibly assassinated in a coup attempt:
        Surrender himself to US troops:
        Commit a ritual suicide:
        Threaten to cover all of the Gulf's baby seals with oil and other
                chemicals if the US proceeds with the war:
        Announce that Osama Bin Laden has been hiding in his presidential
                palace all the time:
        Admit that the real Saddam Hussain died during 1991 bombing of
                Bagdad and he's only his genetic clone:
        Admit that one of his grandfathers was Jewish and ask Israel for a
                political asylum:
        Rally on Sproul against the war and the Zionist expansion in the
                middle east:
        Wait out Bush's bluff and embarrass the U.S.: .
        \_ It is not a bluff.
           \_ Of course it's a bluff.  I heard it on NPR.
        Keep on downloading warez and mp3s until the net connection dies: .
        Play hide and seek with the US--to make his point: .
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