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2003/3/14-15 [Industry/Jobs, Industry/Startup, Computer/SW] UID:27691 Activity:moderate
3/13    My company is looking for an intern.  We're a financial software
        company, and we could use some extra hands to help us gather
        content for part of our website.  It's probably going to be
        unpaid, but you could learn a lot about finance, and it might lead
        to more interesting paid work after a while.
        /csua/pub/jobs/wsa.txt, or email me for details.  -dlwhite
        \_ Do I have to bring my own cigars?  This one time at band camp....
           \_ Cigars will be provided.  -dlwhite
              \_ Sweet!  I'm going for it!
        \_ isn't there something illegal about this
           \_ why should there be? unpaid internships are the _norm_ in
              many industries, including the one most sodans are in, if you
              go back 15-20 years.
              \_ you mean they didn't always pay $80k for summer interns?!
2003/3/14 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:27692 Activity:high
3/13    In C++, what is the type of the expression (01 << i)?
        Is it an int with all bits set to 0 save 1 at bit position i, or
        something weird and scary?
        \_ It's an int, just as you described.
           \_ thanks.
2003/3/14 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27693 Activity:very high
3/13    Why do something intelligent about a situation, when you can do
        something incredibly stupid? (CNN article behind url shortener)
        \_ no big deal.  it's just political posturing.  you'll see a lot of
           this from every party in this country and all others as you grow up.
        \_ dear god.
           \_ All these people wanting to change french fries to freedom
              fries and all this other non-sense.  I guess we need to
              change the name for croissant, because it's french.  This
              is stupid, counterproductive, and immature.
              \_ That's exactly how I would characterize the French.
                 Of course, I felt this way long before all this
                 blather about Iraq.
              \_ The most pathetic part of the whole thing is that the one
                 thing the French hate more than Americans is American food.
                 If we really want to annoy them, we should be naming MORE of
                 our food after the French, not less.
                 \_ French fries aren't American.
                    \_ I think that was the point.
                       \_ We didn't name "our" food after the French, which is
           \_ I dare you to Freedom Kiss your sweetheart.
        \_ So you view the French as victims?
           \_ Yes.  Yes I do.  I think the French would make splendid victims.
              When do we invade France?
              \- we should take france before we have to "take it back" --psb
        \_ I wonder how much it would cost to ship back the Statue of Liberty
           and when Congress will propose this.
           \_ It isn't the French Statue, it's already the Freedom Statue (by
              a similar name) so we cna keep it.  Same thing for Louisiana.
2003/3/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27694 Activity:high
3/13    Been getting a lot more telemarketer calls in the past few weeks
        than before, what's going on?
        \_ Have you been protesting the war in Iraq?  Could be the FBI.
        \_ you got on a list.  every time you get a call insist that
           they take you off the list.  within a few weeks the calls
           will stop.  amazing how legislation to stop telemarketers
           actually works.
           \_ you should ask them to put you on their do not call list,
              not to be taken off their list
                \_ I've been doing this for like a year. Still get lots of
                   telemarketer calls. The National DO NOT CALL ME
                   YOU PUNKS list should help.
                   \_ my experience has been that requesting to be put on
                      a do not call list works...with one glaring exception.
                      AT&T. i've told those fucks more than four times now
                      to put me on their do not call list, and they say
                      they've done it, then they just call again.
                      i can only take solace in the fact that as a former
                      fone phreak i've cost them almost enough to compensate
                      me for my time.
                      \_ Note the date/time, name, and address of callers.
                         You can ask for $500 as a fine... I've written
                         down how this process works but don't have it
                         handy.  You basically mail them and ask.
                      \_ we're all in this together...
2003/3/14 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Reference/History/WW2] UID:27695 Activity:high
3/13    A Short History of World War III
        \_ He forgot the terrorist plot to flush out and impurify all of
           our precious bodily fluids.
           \_ name one thing that is wrong in the above article.
              \_ Where to begin... for one thing, the article lists
                 a bunch on random events and suggests that this is
                 evidence for a coordinated war against the US with
                 its roots in the Iranian revolution, without providing
                 any reason as to why we should connect these
                 events together. For another example of this sort
                 of thing, see:
              \_ This is nothing like a World War. How is it like WWI or
                 WWII? It is more like the War of Spanish Succession
                 or to correctly include the religious element, The
                 Counter-Reformation. Hey, we even have Ashcroft
                 as Inquistor General! His babble about the 2.5%
                 should tip you off that he is a kook.
                 should tip you off that he is a kook. At least
                 he mentions the Thirty Years War at the end.
           \_ ever seen a terrorist drink a glass of water?
              \_  ever seen an elephant in an apple tree?
                  \_ ever watched Dr. Strangelove?
        \_ If you're not trying to genocide someone it isn't a World War
           quality war.  It's a police action at best these days.
2003/3/14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27696 Activity:nil 54%like:28467
3/13    I got the following error:
        spamassassin -r < tmpSpam.txt
        razor2 report failed: Bad file descriptor Died at
        line 77, <GEN1> line 1.

        What have I done wrong?
        \_ this is a FAQ. you need to create an id with razor-register
           \_ now i really feel stupid.  I did created an ID though.
                I'll look at it again.  thanks
2003/3/14 [Uncategorized] UID:27697 Activity:nil
        \_ yer too early, you guinness soaked sod.
           \_ Never too feckin' early, wanker.
2003/3/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:27698 Activity:high
3/13    Evidence that even a University Medal winner can be a demagogue:
        Still, if I had to choose between being a Bush Republican or a
        Clinton liberal, I still prefer the latter.
        \_ Right, exactly how do you think we got in the mess we are in
           today.  Because someone did not have the political will
           or backbone to face pending crisis in foreign affairs.  We were
           attacked FIVE times in the 90's.  This is unamed person was
           too busy jerking off in the oval office sink.
           The peace dividend was completely wasted.
           \_ A Bush Republican, case in point.
                \_ Sorry, I don't like Bush - he domestic policy
                   is liberal.  In foreign affairs, he has performed
                   impecably.  Ask youself why clinton had to take
                   Cohen, a Republican (albeit RINO), for Secretary of
                   Defense.  Please, list for me Clinton's foreign
                   policy successes.
                   \_ The main idea is that the Bush administration is
                      performing so terribly in foreign policy that you
                      don't really need to compare.  Let's put it this way:
                      If Clinton gets a B- in international issues (B being
                      what an average president should succeed with),
                      the Bush administration is getting a C- or below.
                      (I emphasize Bush *administration*, because the
                      brightest bulb is not necessarily at the top.)
                        \_ Ok, in your dream world what would Gore do.
                           If the socialist intellectuals in France, Germany
                           and Communists in China and Russia are pissed
                           off, we must be doing something right.  Bush
                           is a leading.  Exactly how do you think
                           1441 was passed, by making concessions and
                           protesting for peace?
                           \_ In your GW Bush black and white, good and evil
                              world, it's a success to alienate our allies.
                                \_ Alienate France and Russia who have
                                   multi-billion financial interests
                                   in Iraq.  Based on their unassailable
                                   conduct of generosity and ethics in the
                                   past I'm certain their actions
                                   bear no relation to their own self-
                              Gore and Clinton could have passed 1441 --
                              everyone, frankly, is fine with renewed
                              inspections.  Have you also considered how
                              likely it may be that Iraq is not a threat
                              with inspectors present?  And that if Iraq
                              kicks them out again, passing a resolution
                              authorizing force would be much easier?
                                \_ Some allies, France continues to send
                                   parts for Mirage fighters and helicopters.
                                   Exactly how, under the sanctions in
                                   place, was France able to engage in 10
                                   billion dollars in 90's and negotiate
                                   for 50 billion $ oil development
                                   contracts.   Iraq's entire airforce
                                   in French and Russian.
                         \_ Please list for me Clinton's successes that
                            strenthened US national security.
                            The silence deafening.
                            \_ Sir, do you get the point?  Even if Clinton
                               had absolutely no successes, it doesn't even
                               compare to the failures that the Bush
                               administration continues to draw.
                                 \_ Evidently I don't have the sophistication
                                    to appreciate your point of view.  I
                                    suppose I'm relegated to just
                                    considering facts.
                                    \_ and those facts are ...?
                            \_ A nations long term security depends on
                               the strength of its economy, especially
                               vis a vis its potential enemies. Clinton
                               avoided foreign entanglement while growing
                               the economy domestically faster than any
                               of our potential enemies except China. He
                               was at least moderately successful.
                                \_ Ok, please specifically enumerate
                                   the legislation Clinton solely sponsored
                                   that gave us the economy. And I suppose
                                   the recession we are in has nothing
                                   to do with the speculative nature and
                                   excesses of that economy?
                                   \_ The most spectacular corporate
                                      instances of corruption and failure
                                      all have strong ties to Republican
                                      political influence.  WorldCom,
                                      Enron, price fixing on energy
                                      prices... ringing a bell?
                                        \_ Please tell that to Robert
                                           Rubin and Ron Brown.  I find
                                           it saddening that this started
                                           as a discussion of foreign
                                           policy and you have deliberately
                                           tried to change the subject
                                           for lack of credible argument.
        \_ Anyways, like I said, case in point:  Bush Republican.  The
           basic problem with Republicans today is that they're just
           so high up on a moral superiority righteous liberals are stupid to
           hell with everyone else attitude.
                \_ Its funny that even after Clinton was the worst
                   President since FDR his acolytes fight to get in line
                   on their knees to felate him.
                   \_ Go back to watching the Fox News channel.
2003/3/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27699 Activity:insanely high
3/13    Turns out that the "evidence" that Bush presented of Iraqi
        attempts to build a bomb are crude forgeries. Two guesses
        as to who passed them to British Intelligence:
        \_ "Incompetence I have not seen in those agencies. I've seen plenty
           of malice, but I've never seen incompetence."
        \_ "Incompetence I have not seen in those agencies. I've seen
            plenty of malice, but I've never seen incompetence."
           What a ridiculous statement.
           \_ he's talking about the technical services division
        \_ You peaceniks could very likely set the stage for
           use of a nuclear weapon in this country.  Ask yourself this,
           Russians).  You believe Saddam will allow Iran
           to go nuclear and not Iraq?  Had the 1st Gulf War not occurred
           Saddam would have been nuclear by 92 /93.  He had 20,000 +
           personnel working on his program.  Exactly where do you think
           all that expertise went?  This is not a time to play self-
           righteous isolationist.
           Iran is 1 / 2 years tops away for a nuclear weapon - if they
           don't have one already (thanks to the Germans, French, and
           Russians).  You believe Saddam will allow Iran to go nuclear
           and not Iraq?  Had the 1st Gulf War not occurred Saddam would
           have been nuclear by 92 /93.  He had 20,000 + personnel working
           on his program.  Exactly where do you think all that expertise
           went?  This is not a time to play selfrighteous isolationist.
           \_ Ask yourself this warmonger: France, Britain, Russia,
              China, Pakistan and India all have nukes, yet none of
              them have been used against the US. Why is that? How
              would Iraq be any different?
                \_ Understand this.  I am for enforcing the 17 resolutions
                   against Iraq, no more no less.  Terms of the cease
                   \- hello, do you think the us should stop enforcing the
                      no-fly zone over the northern kurd area?
                      that was a us+brit idea  ... not un sanctioned --psb
                        \ Take an educated guess.
                   fire dictated full disarmement.  If the distinction
                   between the countries you mentioned and Iraq is
                   not clear to you, I don't think anything would be
                   gained by explaining it.  And BTW, I seem to
                   remember about 50 years of war between the US, China
                   and Soviets, a little something called the Cold War.
                   Which, incidentally we did not win by protesting
                   for peace and groups hugs.
                   \_ In spite of Reaganite crowing, the Cold War was
                      won primarily with a policy of containment. A
                      good argument can be made that detente, or a policy
                      of "peace and group hugs" reassured the USSR
                      enough to allow more moderate influences
                      to take power.
                        \_ Right, this was a foregone conclusion
                           after the US left Vietnam, Vietnam invaded
                           Cambodia, and the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.
                           Take ~20 % interest rates, double digit
                           inflation, definitely a foregone conclusion.
                        \_ The Cold War was won by the US on 12 Oct 1986.
                           Not because of any peacenik group hug, but
                           because the President was able to make it
                           clear to the Soviets what we wanted, a world
                           in which the dread threat of nuclear destruction
                           did not hang over Europe, Asia or America.
                           The only way the Soviets were going to have
                           have any part in this world was if they agreed
                           to Zero Option.
                           On all accounts detente was a failed policy.
                           Every "accord" signed under detente limited
                           the rate of production and deployment, not
                           the total number of deployed weapons. Detente
                           didn't make the world safe for anyone, it
                           just kept making more and more dangerous in
                           smaller and smaller increments.
2003/3/14 [Computer/Networking] UID:27700 Activity:nil
3/13    Campus net update (for those who don't follow

        we believe we have traced the cause of the failures to a
        faulty UPS, which was powering one two power supplies in the
        router ( late yesterday
        afternoon, after repeated failures, the router was transferred
        off the UPS to commercial power. the router has not failed
        since that time.

        however, in the course of trying to fix the problem, we
        upgraded to the latest software version recommended by the
        manufacturer.  this did not affect the original problem, but
        we discovered that the new image required more RAM and left
        the router in a state with dangerously low free memory. this
        morning at approx 10:10, we per- formed emergency maintenance
        (causing yet another interruption in service) to increase the
        RAM in the router.

        we believe the router is stable at this time, and apologize
        for any inconvenience caused by this, as well as for our
        inability to make timely announcements.

        ken lindahl
        \_ I'm wondering what router is inr-666 and what version of IOS
           they're running.  It'll be cool if it's using a feature or
           platform that I worked on.  :-)  -cisco guy
           \_ it is SATAN's ROUTER -The Truth
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