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2003/3/11-12 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:27647 Activity:moderate
3/10    Can someone recommend a good distro to put on a Dell laptop for
        a FreeBSD guy?  I mainly need good ACPI and hardware support and a
        decent organization for the file system.  Is Gentoo good for this
        sort of thing?
        \_ FreeBSD?
           \_ 4.x doesn't have ACPI and 5.0 isn't really stable yet.
              \_ Debian is what I've got on my laptop.
              \_ Debian woody is what I've got on my laptop.
                 It apparently has ACPI, but I don't use it.
                 It apparently has ACPI, but my laptop is so old ...
              \_ 5.0 wont get stable if people dont use it and send in bug
                 reports.  Open Source, ya know?
                 \_ I downloaded the install, burnt a CD, but couldn't
                    get past a boot prompt.  There's a faq somewhere for
                    my laptop that says you can put "eisa 0" at boot, but
                    that was for 4.7 and I couldn't get 5.0 to work.  If
                    you know how, do tell.  I asked on the mailing
                    list, and in fact someone just mailed me asking if
                    I had figured it out.  I haven't.  It's a Dell
                    Inspiron 2650.
                    \_ just install redhat you dweeb
2003/3/11-12 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:27648 Activity:moderate
3/10    Our group is looking for a good system to share internal documents
        etc. We went from just using Outlook (too messy and inflexible) to
        Twiki, which my boss says is too hard to maintain. Any
        \_ May not be entirely what you're looking for, but have a peek at
           PHProjekt.  Good for small to mid-size companies and does a lot
           of groupware-type stuff.   I set it up for a client and they love
           it.  -John
        \_ have you considered WebDAV?
           \_ isn't this basically just a protocol? I think the OP is
              looking for some type of "collaborative document sharing"
              system type thing... of which there are many, I just don't
              know the names.
              \_ yeah, that's what I'm looking for. At least now I'll know
                 what to google for... but I'd still like to hear if anyone
                 has recommendations. -op
                 \_ Documentum writes software specifically to address this
                    sort of issue.  It's pretty decent software, but then,
                    it's been four or five years since I've worked there,
                    so I have no idea where they're at these days.      -mice
        \_ I was (and still am) looking for the same thing.  I thought
           what I need is a content-management system.  I have looked
           Twiki / wiki, openCMS, cardboard, and now actually leaning
           toward full-blown php-nuke.  I guess I am not even in the
           right track.
        \_ You need something more than a world writable directory and some
           intelligently named sub-dirs?
        \_ We use cvs at work. People can check stuff in and out etc. With
           the cvs web cgi stuff you can even browse old versions and stuff.
           Its not that hard for you to setup a little checkin web form for
           the PHBs.
           \_ Um, twiki is relatively friendly web based system based on RCS.
              If they can't handle twiki, they definitely can't handle cvs
              plus a couple submit scripts cobbled together by yermom.
                \_ He said twiki was hard to maintain not hard to use.
                   CVS + a couple of web scripts might be easier to maintain
                   for them. If the use Mac or Windows, there are also
                   native GUI cvs clients that might make it easier as
2003/3/11-12 [Computer/Networking] UID:27649 Activity:nil
3/10    My AP times out after 5 minutes. What gives? [ rehash, motd was wiped ]
        \_ I have this same problem with my linksys cable modem hooked to
           my netgear AP (no wireless in use). The problem seems to come from
           my cable modem (I didn't have this problem when I rented a motorola
           cable modem).
           \_ I think it's the AP, not the cable modem.  The only place I've
              had this problem once, with the open access point on a dsl
              modem (netgear 814something) but never on anything else
              (airbears, airport, linksys, d-link, wired linksys, etc.)
              If I had to guess it'd be the inactivity of the nat connection
              expiring and being delisted. -dwc
2003/3/11 [Uncategorized] UID:27650 Activity:nil
3/10    The anti-war censors got an early start this morning. Anyway,
        here is one of urls they tried to get rid of:,1413,207~12026~1234836,00.html
2003/3/11 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27651 Activity:very high
3/11    Told you it was all one big bluff.  GW's people just ain't that
        crazy, and Powell was on board, so you knew we weren't attacking:
        (until later that is)
        "The goal is to not have a war. The goal is to have the pressure be
        so great that Saddam Hussein cooperates," said Defense Secretary
        Donald Rumsfeld. "Short of that, an unwillingness to cooperate, the
        goal is to have the capabilities of the coalition so clear and so
        obvious that there is an enormous disincentive for the Iraqi
        military to fight against the coalition and there is an enormous
        incentive for Saddam Hussein to leave and spare the world a
        \_ when did you tell us this?  the war is going to happen.
           \_ search ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v for "You heard it here first"
        \_ gee, anonymous motd poster, you're smart!
        \_ If we don't go to war I will vote for Bush
        \_ If we don't go to war I will vote for Bush
           \_ Ah know! :D
        \_ so how come the rest of the world doesn't get what the US is
           doing and/or go along with it?
           \_ The U.S. is backing down.  You'll see more signs over the next
              few weeks.
              \_ We may be backing down politically but we're stepping-up
                 the military actions.
           \_ Apparently because the world is full of idiots who are more
              interested in looking good and making useless symbolic statements
              than actually getting anything done.
              \_ Thanks for joining us! Have a seat.
              \_ Can't we all just get along?
                 \_ Depends.  Are we French, German, and Russian and making
                    or hoping to make huge bucks off Iraq?
                       German equipment to develope nuclear and chemical
                       weaponry is grossly exaggerated.
                    \_ The importance of Iraq as a customer for French and
                       German equipment to nuclear and chemical weaponry is
                       grossly exaggerated.
        \_ And all it cost was the goodwill and trust of Old Europe, the
           Muslim population, and most of the UN. Plus maybe $10 billion for
           military costs.
           \_ And don't forget NATO!
              \_ Good riddance on all of that, except the $10B.
              \_ France?  Don't want it, never had it.  (I was actually in
                 Paris post 9/11, and there was *no* goodwill.  If anything,
                 there was a snickering you-deserved-it attitude.)  Muslim?
                 Never had it, never will.  UN?  Let's talk about things that
                 matter, should we?  But I forgot, we're talking about France,
                 so obvious we are not into relevance.  $10b?  That's welfare
                 for engineers and defense corps.
           \_ The UN?  It's mostly third world dictators.  They understood
              that when they created it thus the security council exists.
                \_ CA would veto the war resolution too.
              What they didn't deal with was the fact that certain nations
              with permanent seats had no business having such a gift.  If
              France and GB can have seats, I think CA and Texas should too
2003/3/11-12 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27652 Activity:high
3/11    How much do bike fairings cost? Say you messed up a CBRF4i fairing...
        \_ more than you think they should.  If you wanna go honda parts
           I suggest calling honda of milpitas.  They tend to give really
           good prices AND they ship locally.  F4s also have lots of after
           market bits available, including fairings, which should be cheaper.
           Expect several hundred dollars to a thousand or so depending on
           how many pieces you broke.
        \_ whats wrong with stock fairings?
           \_ Cost more, and aftermarket ones may be lighter/look cooler/etc.
        \_ You can find tons of fairings on eBay for better prices. Might
           have to wait a while for the ones you want, but you can set a
           saved search to mail you new results. Also, there's a couple of
           salvage shops you can try (one not far from the Milpitas honda),
           though I forget the names. --saarp (who's had to put more than
                                        his fare share of bikes together)
                \_ chances are those parts are stolen.
                \_ Uhhhh so how many times did you fuc^H^H^H drop your bike?
                holy crap this means each time you drop your bike you've
                wasted $300. That is crazy.
                \_ now you know why 1) bikes with lots of plastic are not
                   recommended for beginners and 2) you see a lot of bikes
                   out there with fucked up/missing fairings.
        \_ What's a fairing? - biker dummy/wannabe
2003/3/11 [Uncategorized] UID:27653 Activity:nil
3/11    Would you right wing nutters please stop blasting the motd?
        \_ They get more desperate as their idiot plans go down the drain.
2003/3/11-12 [Computer, Computer/Rants] UID:27654 Activity:high
3/11    Libraries post Patriot Act warnings Santa Cruz branches tell patrons
        that FBI may spy on them.
        \_ Many verbs unnecessary used repeat cloud meaning sentence.
           \_ just put a colon after "warnings," and/or get a clue.
        \_ See one librarian's response:
           \_ hahaha, this is good one.
        \_ So what? What do you think you live in? A democracy??
           \_ but I thought ..
2003/3/11 [Uncategorized] UID:27655 Activity:nil
3/11    Pro-Peace protestors finally take real action against American hegemon!,1413,207~12026~1234836,00.html
        Striking a blow for freedom and peace!
2003/3/11 [Uncategorized] UID:27656 Activity:nil
3/11    Spain says they want a piece of the post-Iraqi action:
2003/3/11 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27657 Activity:nil
3/11    Portugese lose it and declare their anti-European philosophy:
2003/3/11 [Reference/Religion] UID:27658 Activity:nil
3/11    It's all about the Jews, again.  The dirty big nosed evil war
        mongering genocidal hate filled Jews.  Kill whitey, then the Jews!
        \_ See what happens in America if you are willing to speak openly
           about these things?
2003/3/11 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27659 Activity:nil 50%like:27914
3/10    An Open Letter to Anti-War Protestors
        \_ I might as well write "Hello You Warmongering Fools"
           \_ Did you even *read* the link?  No.  You didn't.  You're not even
              remotely close to the link topic.  You might as well learn to
              read before you try writing anything.
2003/3/11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:27660 Activity:high
3/11    National Do-Not-Call law signed by Bush (slashdot).  Serious
        question: what was the last law that was actually aimed at helping
        ordinary people-- something that made you say, "gee, that has
        slightly improved my life"?
        \_ tax cuts
           \_ bingo!  we have a winner!
              \_ actually, the tax cuts have significantly improved my life.
                 \_ Hope you don't live in the unincorporated south bay
                    which will soon not have sheriff patrols because the
                    county can't afford it.  Who needs govt servies??
                 \_ You must live a pathetic life if a 5 or 10% raise
                    significantly improves it. What, you couldn't afford
                    hookers before, and now you can?
        \_ while it was not a law, i certainly applaud clinton's effort to
           destigmatize oral sex.
           \_ dunno about the destigmatization, but i sure do give interns
              a second and third glance nowadays.
        \_ The medical marijuana law improved my life, until Ashcroft
           started stomping all over states rights.
2003/3/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:27661 Activity:very high
3/11    Some light relief:
        \_ Their randomness engine for the "average response" needs some work.
        \_ That's hilarious!!! Not exactly worksafe, though. -intel employee
        \_ That's hilarious!!! Not exactly worksafe, though.
                               \_ huh?
        \_ I don't get it. Am I stupid?
           \_ there is a PC bios called "AMI bios" (american megatrends, inc.).
              That's all. if you don't know what a bios is you suck.
              \_ I suspect this may have a little more to do with a play on
                 'am I hot or not' type websites.
                 \_ Wow!  You got the joke!  You're extremely clever!
                        \_ How's that working out for you?
                                \_ What?
                                        \_ Being clever?
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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