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2003/3/7 [Uncategorized] UID:27613 Activity:nil
3/6     Caption these terrorism alerts!
2003/3/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:27614 Activity:nil
3/6     Has Bush ever explained how exactly he's going to pay for this war?
        During the gulf war, the other bush demanded that the western countries
        chip in and pay up.  Rightfully so I thought.  But with unilateral
        action, we'll have to pay for it all ourselves.  Why do I have a feeling
        that we're going to read his lips and get shafted with higher taxes?
        \_ What don't you understand about deficit spending?
        \_ He mentioned it yesterday. He'd just ask Congress for the money.
           \_ and how is congress going to get the money if we have a deficit?
              I guess the treasury will start auctioning 30 year bonds again.
              They stopped issuing those since 2001.
        \_ He'll just get rid of all the useless shit in the budget.
           \_ like the military?
2003/3/7 [Uncategorized] UID:27615 Activity:nil
3/6     If you've got nothing new to say then you've got no business wiping
        out what others are talking about.  Restored.
2003/3/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27616 Activity:nil
3/6     Most interesting thread the motd has seen in a while: RESTORED
        \_ Fairly civil, as well.
           \_ See what happens when people feel obliged to sign their names?
              civility breaks out all over. --scotsman
              \_ That's not why it went that way.  There's plenty of nasty
                 rude stupid people here who sign.
        \_ I don't understand, where are the h07 4zn ch1x?
           \_ In NK working on Da B0m!
2003/3/7-8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:27617 Activity:nil
3/7     Is there a way to partition a MS SQL Server table based on a
        row's, say, primary key?  The "partitioned view" feature
        is not exactly what I want.  I want a single logical
        tables with its rows partitioned on different disks, not multiple
        tables on different disks and mapped to a single view.
2003/3/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:27618 Activity:nil
3/7    C++ Question: what is the purpose of the following?
       Derived::Derived() : Base("foo", "bar") {
               // constructor stuff here...
       Base is the superclass of Derived.  I know the stuff following
       the single colon is the initialization list, but why is it calling
       the parent class's constructor?  Isn't that done automatically?
        \_ if parent class is listed in the initialization list, it calls
           the constructor that has those parameters.  Otherwise the
           default constructor (w/ no parameters) is called
2003/3/7-8 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:27619 Activity:kinda low
3/7     Yahoo calendar dns guy here again. Things are working again. The only
        thing I did was update my named.root file, but I think it was already
        up to date. Any ideas on what could have caused this?
        \_ Yahoo being fucked.  why does everyone assume that just because a
           place is big that everything they do will work perfectly at all
           times?  welcome to the real world folks.
           \_ I didn't think was the case because:
                1) No one else seemed to have that same problem.
                2) Stupid news media report "Yahoo DNS Servers have 4 hour
                outage." A few years back, I'd routinely hear about ebay's
                servers going out for hours at a time.
                \_ Ask yourself: who else uses yahoo calendars?
2003/3/7-10 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27621 Activity:high
3/7     SpamAssassin is working great. However, I'm still getting the
        occassional spam in my Inbox, and they all hover around 4.7. I know
        you can adjust scores for certain tests.  What are some of the score
        adjustments you guys have made?
        \_ score HTML_90_100 2.0
           score BIG_FONT 1.0
           score CLICK_BELOW 1.0
           I almost never get personal email that is 1. in HTML
           2. in Big fonts, so i cranked up the score a bit.
           rest of it is personal.  For example, i tone down
           non-ascii and 8-bit subjects cuz I do get stuff in
           \_ How do I do this? type that into my user_prefs file?
              \_ Yes  ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs
        \_ ...just started using this as well. I'm pretty happy with the
           score settings, but a couple have slipped through both ways
           (spams not caught, and vice-versa). Whats the best way to do
           whitelists and blacklists? ... just with basic procmail stuff?
           \_ you can manually add whitelist in your user_prefs file.
              it even contains samples for you to follow.  what I did
              was wrote a shell script convert my pine's address book
              ito proper format and dump inside the user_pref file
              \_ perl -pi -e's/\t\n/\t/;s/.*<(.*)>/\1/;s/.*\t.*\t(.*)/\1/' .add
                 at least for me, this handles pine's weird handling of long
                 names as well as addresses that have <email> in there.
           \_ not procmail, but look in ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs
        \_ 2.50 has bayesian filtering. if you have a recent spam corpus,
           you can train it really easily. otherwise it will train based
           on stuff that scores high, or things you submit as spam --aaron
           \_ can't wait until 2.5 comes out.  Does anyone know rather
              people tried to use bayesian filtering techniques on
              Chinese email?  it won't work natively cuz Chinese words
              are not seperated by spaces
              \_ 2.50 *is* out. so don't wait longer, that'd be silly. also,
                 bayesian will still work on Chinese as long as it knew how
                 to use individual characters as tokens, which is only an
                 issue of being charset aware. --aaron
                 \_ Soda God, please install version 2.5
                 \_ a bit more complicated than that in terms of dealing
                    with Chinese.  The real issue is... well,
                    \_ someonedoesntseemtoundertandinghowbayesiananalysisworks
                       \_ If you write like this, and have spelling errors,
                          this becomes very hard -- the same problem as
                          breaking up a sequence that looks like GTGTTTAGG ...
                          into meaningful bits.
                          \_ i would try to explain if you weren't anon --aaron
                          \_ i'm not as nice as aaron.  you're clueless and
                             need to go look up how it really works, not come
                             to the motd and pretend you're smart.
                             \_ It's naive bayes.  It assumes features are
                                independent given the hypothesis.  Or, to put it
                                in slightly less snobbish terms, it's counting
                                with a fancy name.  You don't
                                want to be lecturing me on naive bayes.  While
                                one really always knows where word breaks are
                                in chinese, if you have no word breaks in
                                english, and have misspellings this is a hard
                                problem, and you can't use naive bayes to
                                solve it -- you need something like HMMs.
                                \_ And it'll still be caught by spamassassin.
                                   \_ With no spaces and enough misspellings it
                                      will not.  Sorry.
                                   \_ Spamassassin uses silly regexps.  The
                                      poster above called me clueless because
                                      he thought naive bayes could handle this
                                      problem; I think the irony of the
                                      situation is quite dead to him.

2003/3/7-8 [Reference/Tax, Academia/GradSchool] UID:27622 Activity:very high
3/7     I'm making $66,000/yr writing code.  Should I be pissed at what I'm
        making or should I be happy to have a job? (6yrs out of school)
        \_ Where do you live? If it's in an expensive place (SF, LA, NY,
           or the like) then you should be pissed if what you're writing
           is any good. --dim
           \_ i'm in reno, so there's a little less state tax to pay.
              also, I'm doing more product maintenance work - work no one
              at the company wants to do and they're hard pressed to find
              qualified programmers in reno to do
              \_ not just taxes, real estate is dirt cheap there. i would
                 consider going there but i work for hw companies and
                 they are concentrated in SV, NY, and Dallas.
        \_ What's a good salary for a 2002 grad writing code?
           \_ I'm making $65K living in NYC... and slightly unhappy
              because its so expensive out here... but also not too happy
              with what I'm writing, and also happy to have a job.
              \_ I remember Patterson telling us in 61c that the average
                 Cal CS guy got about $50-55K.  I'm getting $62 (LA) but I
                 don't know what to think about it.
                 \_ when did he say that? ... that estimate seems low
        \_ I'm making less than that, but I'm just happy to have a job.
                \_ me too, and i like my job.
        \_ 95k for software eng, 7 yrs exp.
        \_ my friend just got a job in SF for $83k, 1 yr post MS exp. ymmv.
           of course, a masters from Cal is probably worth > 2yrs exp.
           \_ In your dreams.  It's all about experience.  Maybe at some
              university or government lab an MS counts.  The dotcoms proved
              that a degree with no experience makes you a good burger flipper.
        \_ I get paid $200/hr for picking my butt over the VPs desk.
           I am so smooth that the CFO brings "me" coffee.
           I am so elite that companies beg to offer me options.
           \_ wut about h07 42n ch1x?
              \_ And don't even let me get started on the babes...
                 \_ They beg to offer you options?  You are so stupid that
                    companies get away with paying you in slips of paper of
                    any kind other than the green variety?
        \_ i'm making 55k, graduated in 2001, live in orange county.
        \_ 120k.  hate job with passion.  sometimes i wonder if my life would
           be better working at a place without assholes for less money.  any
           of you work at places you *enjoy* working at?
           \_ what do you hate about your job exactly?
           \_ I'm rather happy with my job, but again, I don't get paid
              that much. -geordan
2003/3/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:27623 Activity:insanely high
3/7     "Man Arrested for 'Peace' T-Shirt" -- an URBAN LEGEND!
        \_ things like the use of the "[sic]" not as a correction of usage
           but as an insult is why rational people will never take
           but as an insult are why rational people will never take
                \_ In case you haven't noticed all the articles there
                   are links from sundry mainstream news media.  The only
                   thing user contributed content is the comments.  For
                   example this article was from the Wall Street Journal.
                   So in your view, the WSJ and NYT have no credibility?
                   \_ but the poster added [sic] after the line where the
                      WSJ called the men gentlemen.  That makes the poster
                      look like an idiot.
                   \_ What I commented on, the "[sic]," was not in the
                      deposition, it was added by the user who submitted
                      the story.  Why are you trying to change the subject?
                   \_ Ok, I was mistaken and lazy and this is from the
                      WSJ.  But it's just these types of sometimes subtle,
                      usually not, pieces that end up being submitted to
             and being further disseminated.
                      Pieces that come to people's attention by this route
                      are highly suspect, at least to me, be they from the
                      WSJ or NYT.
           \_ what's a libaral publication at par with the credibility of
     Salon? I guess what I'm asking is: how far
              to the left to you have to go to acheive a similar amount of
              (un)credibility? ... just trying to get a better gauge of
              accepted politcal beliefs.       - running for office (j/k)
              \_ Salon is hardly the liberal counterpart of freerepublic.
                 The counterpart would have to be of the weekly world news
                        \_ Salon is dead / dying.
                           \_ despite the persistent and gleeful schadenfreude
                              from freepers, Salon will probably survive the
                              latest round of doom predictions.
                 \_ ding.  We have a winner.
                 \_ funny how the nytimes is loved and scorned in equal
                    meassure by both the right and the left
        \_ So who was that I saw on O'Reilly?
                \_ Did you even bother to read the article?
                   \_ Yes, but I was hoping that someone wouldn't be that much
                      of a bald liar.  Also, it was more fun to answer the
                      question than respond to the article.
2003/3/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27624 Activity:high
3/7     female, birthday (round date) needs present. has stuff so spas, trips,
        food etc is out. help?
        \_ uh, "round date"?
                \_ Maybe he means she's 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40, or something.
                   Alternately, maybe he means she's really fat.
        \_ Learn to play "Brown-Eyed Girl" on guitar for her.  We
           always like that.  Even if her eyes are blue.  You'll
           definitely get laid.
        \_ Give her an extra large amount of tongue "down there".
        \_ How intimate of a relationship? Friend, lover, sister, mother,
        \_ round date = 25, 30,.. relationship: good friend. -op
           ex, or all of the former?
2018/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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