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2003/3/3 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27584 Activity:nil
3/2     From the Congressional Record:
        Liberation of France in Violation of Covenant of League of Nations
        \_ ohh give me a break.  League of Nations was dissolved after
           American's ally, Japanese Empire, invaded Northeastern region
           of the old Chinese Republic.  France didn't fell into German's
           hand until 4-5 years after that.
2003/3/3 [Finance/Banking, Politics/Domestic, Finance/Investment] UID:27585 Activity:kinda low
3/2     Anybody here buy/sell US treasury bills, notes, etc?  I'm wondering
        whether I should buy the auctions from etrade or directly through
        the US treasury.  Treasury direct has a website and online management.
        Any positive/negative experiences with either etrade or treasury
        direct?  Thanks.
        \_ What's the advantage of buying treasury bills as opposed to just
           savings bonds?
           \_ Treasury bills are federal saving bonds, actually. The advantage
              is that T-bills have a much larger market (international,
              especially places like Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong).  So the
              prices are almost impossible to manipulate.  Thus you don't have
              to pay state tax.
          \_ the biggest difference between bills, notes, and bonds vs
             savings bonds is that it's marketable.  You can easily buy/sell
             them before maturity in an open market.  Can't do that with
             savings bonds.
2003/3/3-4 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:27586 Activity:very high
3/2     Is there a site that specialized in back issue magazines?  I tried
        searching on Ebay but can't find it.  No, I'm not looking for porn
        I'm looking for an old issue of Worth magazine about land owners in
        the U.S.  Thanks.
        \_ I recommend the library for non porn.
        \_ Lemme know if you find out.  I'm looking for a Playboy or something,
           which my HS spanish teacher was allegedly in.
           \_ What year?  I've got 1965 or so until 1985 or so.  What's her
              \_ Are there any CSUAers who went to high school in 1985?
                 \_ psb.
              \_ Yes, tell us. I find the idea of your HS Spanish teacher
                 posing nude to be really hot. --aaron
                 \_ But she's probably not asian.
                    \_ Funny, Alberto Fujimori is asian and speaks
                       Spanish, but then, no one would want him to
                       pose for Playboy.
              \_ Just google her name. You'll find the truth then...
        \_ if you are just looking for an article or articles, there are
           many search engines for this type of thing... check the ucb
           library website
        \_ I'm looking to BUY the back issues.  This is not the only one
           I'm looking for.  Library or just getting the article won't work
           for me.  I'd think the ebay would have it.  Apparently not.
           This is a niche market waiting for some dropout to go after!
           \_ Not really. Shelf time for most magazines can be counted in
              months not years. If you want back issues, check with the
              publishers or the magazine themselves directly. You may be
              paying a slight premimum, but it's not much.
2003/3/3-4 [Computer/Networking] UID:27587 Activity:high
3/2     Novice question.  I wrote a simple http proxy in the past, i know
        that once the listen port (i.e. port 80) recieved a connection request
        I remember I used to spawn a different thread at a randomn port to
        establish connection.  My question is, if let say, there is a
        firewall that blocks all the connections from port 1024 and up,
        would this proxy thingy still work?  or Firewall's block is
        directional?  any pointer on how this thingy works?  thanks
        \_ yuh i think u need to pick a port < 1024
           \_ Pick a lower port number and hope both firewalls allow them
              to be used. Everything depends on the firewall setup.
2003/3/3-4 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27588 Activity:very high
3/2     I want to do something like <command> | grep "Command Failed"
        and then test the exit value of grep. However, I want the output
        from the command to go to the screen but if I use "grep -v",
        the exit value of grep screws up (How are the exit values defined
        under "grep -v"?).  Help!                    -- unix newbie
        \_ You need to be more specific with what you're trying to do.
           And the point of exit codes is to not need to do BS like grep
           for failure.  Or just try different grep -v's and check exit code.
           \_ I want to have the whole output of a command go to STDOUT but
              at the same time grep the output of the command for stuff. -op
                \_ Look at the tee command then.
                   \_ Wouldn't he need a named pipe/temp file to get the
                      effect he's looking for?
                \_ Grep won't quite do what you want. Use awk:
        cmd 2>&1 | awk 'BEGIN {rc=0;} /^msg$/ {rc=1;} {print;} END {exit rc;}'
          \_ so why aren't you using perl, again?
                \_ awk is more portable
2003/3/3-4 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/IO, Computer/HW/Display] UID:27589 Activity:high
3/2     Can I turn off the built-in LCD display of a powerbook connected to
        an external monitor without having an external keyboard?  I know
        it is a possible with an ext. keyboard and I have googled already.
        \_ this requires a reboot -- close the LCD immediately after pressing
           the power button, when the startup screen appears on the external
           monitor, you can re-open the LCD. --jwang
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