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2003/3/2 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:27578 Activity:nil
3/1     Tech is dead.  Long live Corn.
        \_ Dry enough that it might just work.
2003/3/2-3 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27579 Activity:very high
        Not surprising that we've been spying on the other members of the
        security council, but it still sucks.
        \_ you do remember what happened to that plane that crashed while
           spying on China, right?
           \_ or China spying on the U.S. stealing our nuclear and other
              technological secrets.
              \_ wait a second... please tell me you're not talking about
                 that one Chinese scientist guy who got arrested for "stealing
                 \_ Champion of human right.  That scientist was shackled from
                    waste down, in a solitary confinement 23 hours a day for
                    9 month before he was released on the ground of lack of
                        \_ Get it right. Only some of the charges were dropped.
                           He is still guilty of some serious offenses. For
                           someone who betrayed America he was treated very
                           very well.
                 \_ SOMEHOW China got schematics for one of our nuclear warhead
                    designs.  It might not have been Wen Ho Lee, but someone,
                    somewhere either was very stupid or sold us out.  --PeterM
                    \_ still, it's not an excuse for lock up people based
                        upon his nation of origins... despite that it is
                        part of American's tradition and the cornerstone
                        which this nation is build upon.
                    \_ Yeah, just like the design of gunpowder, years ago.
                        \_ Gun powder chemistry and nuclear chemistry
                           are vastly different. Gun power can be made
                           at home using stuff that occurs naturally in
                           most parts of the earth.
                        \_ technology is technology.  it may look simple
                           in the hindsight.
                           \_ You are either funny or humorous, but not both,
                              both of you.
        \_ Every country with the resources spies on every other country they
           can afford to spy on.  To think otherwise is naive and childish.
           This isn't the playground where little bobbie looked inside little
           jennies lunchbag and stole her cookie.
           \_ That's filthy!
           \_ No, this is worse.  It's bad enough that we're spying on members
              of the Security Council, but it's unforgiveable that we're
              incompetent enough to get caught at it.  We're supposed to be
              the sole remaining World Power, and we can't even bug phones
              without a leak?
                \_ Did you even read the article? The NSA wasn't caught
                   \_ What part of "without a leak" didn't you get?
                   in the act. Rather some traitorous coward leaked a
                   classified memo to the press. BTW, why shouldn't we
                   be spying on the countries that make up the sec.
                   council or any other country? Most of these nations
                   wouldn't hesitate to stick it to America given the
                   \_ get out of American and travel around the world.
                      you will then learn America is not as popular as
                      you would think.
                        \_ I have traveled in Europe and Asia. So what
                           if a bunch of people living in conditions
                           barely fit to be called civilized don't like
                           America. Who fricking cares?!? Just because
                           they've got a flag, a parliment and a bunch
                           of bureaucrats grown fat on bribes isn't any
                           reason for the finest nation in the history
                           of this world to yeild to their worthless
                           \_   This is kind of attitude along with
                                what US's action which reflect such
                                attitude, are the reason why other
                                nations hates America.  And remember,
                                there was point in time we don't care about
                                Pakistein and Afghanistein.  You will be
                                suprised sometimes how much these
                                people, who barely consistutes as
                                civilization as you described, can be
                                either helpful or debilitatingly harmful.

                   \_ And that makes it right to listen in on their phone
                      conversations and email to determine which way they're
                      going to vote on a resolution the Pres. says isn't
                      necessary anyway?  Look up the word "ethics."
                                \_ Can you be so naive to think that
                                   we can trust the other members of
                                   the security council? Except for
                                   the UK, none of the other permanent
                                   or temporary members can be considered
                                   trustworthy. It is in the best interest
                                   of this nation to know what the hell
                                   those fools are upto at all times.
                                   When you swim with sharks...
                                   \_ We're the most powerful nation
                                      on earth, and we have the most
                                      extensive intelligence network
                                      in the world, and we're using that
                                      to figure out whether six fence-
                                      sitters are going to back a war
                                      we pretend we can wage w/o their
                                      support are going to vote with
                                      us or not?  Pshaw on your shark
                        \_ You sound like Jimmy Cartah, aka mr. ethics,
                           and CIA Director Stansfield Turner.
                           Based on their sucess in North Korea, Iran
                           and Nicaragua, maybe you should reconsider
                           your position.
                           \_ whoever deleted my post... fuck *YOU*
                              next time, be a man and try to some up
                              with something to counter my arguement
                              instead of being a fucking chicken
                           \_ Nicaragua?  You mean the country that
                              fairly and freely elected a socialist
                              government over our objections?  I'd
                              consider Nicaragua a victory despite
                              our best intentions.
2003/3/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:27580 Activity:nil
3/2     Hey, what's the latest greatest PCMCIA wavelan card people are using
        these days?  Is everyone still using the Lucent Orinoco gold cards,
        or is there something 'better' (TM).
        \_ vi
2003/3/2-3 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:27581 Activity:insanely high
3/2     Restuarant Review: Athithi on Haste.  Great vegetarian indian
        food.  The samosas and vegetables squares with chutney were
        superb appetizers.  Also tried cream of wheat with veggies
        (excellent) and lentil pancake (not bad).  All this stuff fed
        two people for $11.00
        \_ wait, isn't Athithi on Dwight at Telegraph?
        \_ Where can I find an Indian restaurant that does beef?  Cow
           tastes good, would be better with some of their sauces.
           \_ learn how to cook and make it yourself pathetic boy.
              \_ Who says I don't?  But good restaurants do a better job
           \_ Why does a brother got to sign his name? I don't know, there
              seems to be some arrogance about those who always sign their names
              It is like saying, "Oh what i'm saying is so great and smart, i'll
              sign it and flaunt my great knowledge of books, movies, computers,
              wine, politics, etc." see tom, psb, etc etc
                 than I, and it's worth my $$ to save my time.
        \_ Why not sign your name to this?  Are you afraid of being sued?
           or are you a family member of the owner?   --PeterM
           \_ Habit.  Neither.  -- mjm (op)
           \_ Why duz some broda' gots'ta sign his dojigger? ah'
              duzn't know, dere seems t'be some arrogance about
              dose who always sign deir dojiggers It be likes sayin',
              "Oh whut i'm sayin' be so great and smart, i'll sign
              it and flaunt mah' great knowledge uh scribblin's,
              movies, clunkers, wine, politics, etc." see tom, psb,
              etc etc
              \_ In this case, I asked the guy his name because now he can
                 be emailed follow-up questions, and people who know his taste
                 in food sucks or rules can weigh it accordingly.  --PM
                \_ you prefer people who think what they're saying is
                   so pathetic and idiotic they won't sign their name to it?
                   \_ I prefer that it not be an issue at all.  -- someone else
                        \_ of course it's an issue.  there's a value to knowing
                           the source of a comment.  -tom
                           \_ not "of course".  not when some people put more
              \_ You're right, there is that tendency among a few.
                 But fortunately, it continues to be the case that no one's
                 forcing you to sign your name.
                              value on the source of a comment than the text
                              of the comment looking to start a flame fest.
                                \_ the opposite is much more true; trolls
                                   posting inflammatory garbage that would
                                   be ignored if it were attributed.  -tom
                                   \_ I beg to disagree.  You sign 3/4s of the
                                      time and people (like me, duh) still
                                      reply to you for some reason.  Drat.  I
                                      just realized I've been trolled! ack!
                   \_ who's preventin' de motd fum becomin' cliqueish
        \_ So you are flatulent?
2003/3/2 [Uncategorized] UID:27582 Activity:nil
3/2     [baleeted.  write your own screed, don't both posting other ppls.]
2003/3/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:27583 Activity:very high
3/2     Watson says all CH1X should be H07:
        \_ Actually, I'm more in favor of engineering for brains and
           health before engineering for beauty.  --PeterM
           \_ The last guy who tried that was Hitler.
           \_ Uhm, what good is there in being smart and healthy if as a
              race we no longer reproduce?
           \_ Why can't we have it all? Brains, strength, beauty,
              and health. We could become a master race of hyper
              intelligent, ultra beautiful and super strong eternal
              beings who dominate the universe!
              \_ Nope...Hitler tried that too...
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