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2003/3/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:27573 Activity:kinda low
2/28    Is there an Al Lasher's type store in SF? I need to buy a TTL chip.
        \_not that i know of, and i've looked. san mateo has one
        \_ Crazy Horse?
        \_ fuck that.
                \_ or <DEAD><DEAD>
                   \_ or
2003/3/1-2 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:27574 Activity:high
3/1     Is it possible to use a Headphone port as a line-out?
        \_ i can never get the line out port on my laptop to work
           so i just use the headphone port
           \_ ok, thanks. this is for a voice recorder... i was too cheap to
              spend $100 on something with a usb interface so i'd like to be
              able to transfer certain voice recordings to my computer for
        \_ I can't believe you asked that question instead of simply trying
           it out
           \_ i dont have the cable, so now im gonna go get one at teh shack.
        \_ You can, but headphone jacks are amped for headphones whereas
           lineout ports aren't (the signal remains at line level).  So
           beware of distortion. -geordan
           \_It's called volume control. Just turn it down and you'll get
           rid of any distortion.
2003/3/1-2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27575 Activity:very high
3/1     GIMME SHELTER Baghdad's Hilarious Human Shields
        \_ These people are idiots, and are giving principled opposition
           to this war a bad name.
                \_ Exactly which principles are those?  They seem
                   to characterize the pacifist position perfectly.
                   \_ Sane foreign policy.  The rule of law.  A stable
                      world.  The fragile global economy.  Pacifism is
                      quite distinct from a reasonable opposition to this
                      war, which I'm sure you're aware of Mr. Troll.
                        \_ Then what is your middle east solution.
                           The region will only to continue to destablize.
                           Wanting to remove an oppresive dictator
                           and remake the geopolitical dynamic in
                           the middle east is now considered an insane
                           foreign policy?  An exactly which
                           law are you conveniently referring too?
                           Certainly not the Constitution.
                           \_ Kyoto!  We're in violation of Kyoto!  And the
                              international law against land mines!  And the
                              international law that says we have to obey the
                              whims and wishes of every 3rd world crack pot
                              dictator.  And the one that says 'stability' is
                              more important than 'freedom'.  Yeah!  Take that!
                              \_ Um... Didn't _we_ write the law that stability
                                 is more important than freedom?
        \_ I was just gonna point out the irony of having a bunch of
           pacifists support a dictator who (literally) has human
           meat grinders in his prisons for people he doesn't like.
           Who wants to bet on these people being captured and used
           as hostages by Hussien if things get hairy?
                \_ not anymore, he released the entire prison population
                   several weeks ago.  kind of weird.
                   \_ Not really.  Able-bodied men can help defend
                      the country.
                   \_ But he'll still have those useless idiots available as
        \_ The sad thing is that these people do not realize that US
           military will not hesitate to bomb into oblivion any strategic
           Iraqi targets regardless of whether there are any human shields
           from Western countries present there. Fools.
           \_ and "strategic Iraqi targets" includes "anywhere there are
              people wearing turbans"
              \_ Of course it does.  Why wouldn't it?  Geeze....
2003/3/1-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:27576 Activity:moderate 60%like:27569
2/28    Is there any relation between a Huffman code tree and a red-black tree?
        More specifically, is it always possible to color a Huffman code
        tree so that it's a valid red-black tree?
        \_ ask yer mom.
        \_ yes. they both did yermom.
        \_ Is this a trick question?
           \_ This and everything else ever mentioned in class, the reader,
              all 6 books, or by your TA while he took your ass is a valid
              question for the midterm.  Know everything.
        \_ Huffman trees are for (lossless) data compression and red-black
           trees are a data structure which supports insertion, deletion,
           and other operations in O(log n) time.  The only connection is
           that they are both trees.  The Huffman tree for compressing a
           geometric discrete random variable can not be colored as a
           red-black tree.  If you work it out, you'll see why. -emin
2003/3/1-3 [Uncategorized] UID:27577 Activity:nil
3/1     I have a customer, that is looking to replace/upgrade their
        existing phones.  They presently use a Nortel 2016S, but these
        are very hard to get as parts are getting more difficult to find.
        Does anyone know of some good replacement telephones.  Only
        requirement is that they need to be compatible with a Nortel PBX.
        Encryption (aka STU) is not required, unless they are going over
        undedicated networks (like an IP phone).
        I have some other requirements, but they are pretty basic,
        including positive disconnect (you know the phone went off hook),
        and EMI standards.
        Thanks in advance for any pointers... doesn't seem to be much on
        the market.  (Google returned little.)
        \_ Call Nortel and ask for a list of validated phones or dealers who
           can sell you said phones.  They will have a list.
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