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2003/2/27 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27547 Activity:high
2/26    Win32 question.  I find myself often having to email the full path
        of an MS Word to my co-workers.  Is there an easy way to create a macro
        or something like that to automatically copy the full file path to
        the clipboard?  Currently most of our docs contain the "filename /p"
        field near the top and that works OK.  But that's not appropriate for
        all docs and it's a pain to keep doing an update on it everytime
        the filename changes.  (The filename changes on every rev.)  Also, is
        there a way to do the same thing from a Windows Explorer window?
        \_ Huh?  From a dos shell?  What?
        \_ I'm not sure what you're saying, but you there's an option
           in Tools|Folder Options|View that will display the full
           directory path in the address bar.
        \_ for the second part, install the "Send To" powertoy from the
           Windows 95 PowerToys set. []
           It will add an item to your Send To... context menu that allows
           you conveniently to copy the full path to one or more files.
           (It works with later versions of Windows too.)
2003/2/27-28 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27548 Activity:high
2/26    Wasn't csua passwd was compromised the other time?  Could the hacker
        had placed some program on csua that snoops our email?  I think my
        email account has been snooped on.  I send out a email to a friend
        giving him my server ip and port, but someone else visited my server
        since my friend was not able to access my server.  I got a foreign
        ip accessed my server.
        \_ obUsePGP!
        \_ obUsePGP! If you send messages in the clear anyone can read them.
          \_ PGP is useless until it is made more transparent. Even the people
             who invented it have agreed on this. The existing tools are simply
             too difficult to use and even people with clue end up sending
             clear text or gibberish by accident half the time.
             \_ The 'people'?  Perhaps you mean the person, namely Phil
                Zimmerman?  And what you've just suggested does not sound
                very much like the sort of thing Phil Zimmerman would say.
                Could you post a citation so we know you're not talking out of
                your ass here?  If you are just talking out of your ass, could
                you make a point of sticking your head up your ass before
                doing this in the future so we don't have to listen to your
                blather?  Thanks.
                \_ <Sigh> The most notable "blather" is Whitten & Tygar (1999).
                   cited in the GNU privacy handbook, chapter 5.
                   cited in the GNU privacy handbook, chapter 5. You are, of
                   course, correct that it does not very much sound like
                   something Phil Zimmerman would say.
        \_ What makes you think it's not a problem on your friend's end?
           \_ it may be possible too since the company uses MS Exchange and
              Outlook, but they are very good at patching up the security
              holes. =D  Have you ever had nimda.a/e on you machine? if you
              see httpodbc.dll in all your root drives, your machine is
              infected with nimda.e.  Most likely a hacker has already placed
              a backdoor in your computer...
        \_ More likely you were just port scanned.
          \_ but he wouldn't know the exact path of the file to call even he
          finds out that port is open.  I had NAT forward that port to my
          my server.  And the web app is under a specific context-root, also
          the file is has a unique url mapping.  I see the visitor access
          that exact path right after my email went out (well a few minutes
          \_ Foreign eh? Which country?
             \_ foreign=alien=non-local
        \_ You really should email root about this.
           \_ Ya, that way root will be more careful about reading ppl's email.
              Seriously though, what are the odds of someone having the
              patience to go through and read your email? Did you look in your
              apache logs to see what IP it was that looked up your site?
                \_ Don't knock the propensity of individuals to do what normal
                   people like you and I would consider a complete lack of a
                   life for intrusive purposes.  Security through obscurity
                   or even anonymity is not a good idea.  -John
              \_ last time I checked the IP belonged to, I
              took a look at it subnet ips, they tranlated to greet, pride,
              lust, stalin, roosevelt, churchill, etc <DEAD><DEAD>. It
              is probably managed by some Russian sys-admin since he seems to
              name the servers with Russian leaders.
              \_ Churchill and greet are my favorite Russian leaders!
                \_ Okay, machines with people names are name of Russsian
                leaders.  Damn, always some block head nit-picking posts while
                totally ignoring the main point
                \_ if you use a completely specious argument to back up your
                   contention that it's a Russian sysadmin and you get called
                   on it, I don't think it qualifies as nit-picking
        \_ What is your site anyway?
          \_ just some stuff to test my web configuration.
2003/2/27 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:27549 Activity:high
2/26    MAPI gurus - do you know how to get encryption on MAPI?  The online
        docs are nasty, i've even looked at lotus's docs out of despereation
        still nothing.
        \_ Notes uses a proprietary 'encryption' algorithm.  Little is known
           about it.  If you really want a certain degree of assurance that
           your mapi connections aren't being snooped, think about running
           ipsec.  There aren't many MAPI security docs, period.  -John
           \_ XOR!
                \_ 2ROT13!
2003/2/27 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27550 Activity:nil
2/26    Does anyone know or have a guess on how online groups like
        Yahoo! Group allows posting to the group's messaging board
        via an email address like  Email alias?
        Procmail?  Which solution makes the most sense?
        \_ python
2003/2/27-28 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:27551 Activity:moderate
2/27    13823 files on a brand new w2k machine with no other software
        installed.  I remember copying dos from floppy to floppy using one
        drive and had to do 26 disk swaps to get all the files....
        \_ Uh, my copy of DOS 6 is only about 3 or 4 floppies.
        \_ Did you count all the hidden files?
           \_ There were only 1 or 2 which put on for me after a few
              more swaps.
        \_ DOS 3.2 -- 2 LD 5.25" floppies.
        \_ DOS 1.1 -- 1 360k floppy.
        \_ MacOS 1.0 -- 1 400k floppy. 127k used, 273k free.
2003/2/27 [Uncategorized] UID:27552 Activity:high
2/27    RIP Mr. Rogers
        \_ ditto.
        \_ Here, here.
           \_ It's "hear". When someone says this they are saying "hear
              what this person said". They're not talking about location.
              \_ I've seen it written "Hear here." in at least one
                 nineteenth century text (early post-Webster).
              \_ Aaron, thank you.  I was ascared that someone hear was
                 gonna flame me, but you're well-reason-ed and rationale
                 response restores me faith in the motd and it's fine
                 rezidence.  --erikred
                 \_ "rational," not "rationale"
                 \_ ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  Spelling.
              \_ Werd up, yo.
2003/2/27 [Recreation/Music] UID:27553 Activity:high
2/26    List your favorite disco songs. I'll start first:
        Staying Alive, Ring My Bell, Play That Funky Music, Freak Out,
        Dancing Queen, Carwash, Boogie Oogie Oogie
        \_ A Fifth of Beethoven
           \_ Classical Music is not exactly disco
              \_ You don't know what you're talking about.  It was by the
                 Gibb brothers (I think in their Bee Gees days) and was
                 VERY disco. -old guy
        \_ Disco Inferno
        \_ tsk tsk... best song: "Mighty Real"
        \_ "Play That Funky Music" isn't a disco song
              with hotter women than you'll get in a lifetime.
           \_ No, but it played in dance clubs in the disco era. -old guy
        \_ Donna Summer--Hot Stuff.  -John
        \_ Cliff Richard "Summer Holiday"
        \_ murder by numbers.
        \_ You admit to having a favorite disco song?  Are you gay?
           \_ disco dancing "gays" in the 70s got way more sex on any weekend
              with hotter men than you'll get in a lifetime.
              \_ It wasn't just gays.  If you didn't dance in the 70's you
                 could forget about getting laid.  Of course if you did
                 have the moves the women had that whole liberation thing
                 going and were still riding the 60's free love thing, so
                 it was a good time all around.  -old guy
        \_ Kung Fu Fighting!
        \_ Disco Duck & the Disco Star Wars theme
2003/2/27-28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27554 Activity:insanely high
2/27    Do muslim countries allow birth control?  Turkey most likely does, but
        what about Saudi Arabia or Kuwait?
        \_ what, you on drugs? They need all the population they can get to
           fight the evil god-less capitalistic pigs. Go alalalalalalah!
                                                      \_ Wow.  I laughed out
                                                         loud when I read
                                                         this.  Thanks.
        \_ I read that just over 50% of Palestinians are under 15 yrs old.
        \_ I read that just over 90% of Palestinians are under 15 yrs old.
           \_ birthrates in the middle east are really really high,
              i think it's closer to 48 percent of all Palestinians
                 clear: 50% of Palestinians are under 15 yrs old.
              are under 15.
           \_ and what percentage of Americans? The rest of the world?
              Statics like that are meaningless without some reference.
              \_ It's not meaningless at all, the meaning is perfectly
                 clear: 90% of Palestinians are under 15 yrs old.
                 \_ It has no context and therefore has no value and thus no
                    meaning.  Did you know that in Sweden roughly 50% of all
                    people who are the children of two natives are female?
                    Pretty shocking about those Swedes, huh?
           \_ just think of all that bombfodder.
           \_ Not even close:
              Where did you read this? The same place you read that 90%
              of all reporters are Democrats?
              \_ Except the latter is true.  Go find it yourself or come up
                 with a counter number.  The motd is not the place to seek an
                 education.  You have to provide that yourself.
        \_ Oh, how clever!  Someone switched it from 50% to 90%...
2003/2/27-28 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:27555 Activity:nil
2/27    To whoever was asking about virtual desktop software for windows: At
        my old job I got really used to Reflection's Virtual Desktop but my
        new job doesn't have it. It's a tiny, standalone utility so I found
        it pretty easily online... search for rvd.exe.
2003/2/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:27556 Activity:moderate
2/27    Stupid human tricks:
        Fox doing 2nd version of 'Millionaire'
        \_ How about a reality show where there's this massive orgy,
           and couples get married according to who impregnated who?
           \_ Multiple wives!  Always makes for great TV.
              \_ It's been done.  We call it Mormonism.  And if you're a young
                 Mormon male your chances of getting 1 wife much less several
                 were near zero since the old codgers took them all starting
                 around 13-15 years old.  This is still true in the BFE places
                 in Utah where they still do the multiple thing.
2003/2/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:27557 Activity:nil
2/27    Rest in peace, Mr. Rogers.
2003/2/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:27558 Activity:high
2/27    How do I remove blank lines and comment lines (starting with `#`)
        from a file?     - unix newbie
        \_ sed/awk, perl, java, c, c++, etc
                \_ hi asshole!
                   \_ BWAHAHAHA!  You just made my day!
                \_ how do I use the "etc" command?  I have this thing called
                   "etc" on my computer but I can't run it.  How to run etc?
        \_ grep -ve ^# -e "^[ ]*$" file > newfile
           (this will also remove lines with just whitespaces)
        \_ perl -ni -e 'print unless /^(#.*|\s*)$/' filename
           ...I think.  And there's no real need to delete or overwrite
           my entry unnecessarily just because you don't like perl.
           Note that this will edit the file in place, as the question
           \_ What's the perl manpage to see what various commandline args
              do? I use -p, but don't know what -n does.
              \_ perldoc perlrun
                 -n is the same as -p, except it doesn't print $_ at the
                 end of the loop. -geordan
        \_ Thanks for all the help!  - op
2018/11/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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