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2003/2/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:27497 Activity:kinda low
2/22    Can someone give me an idea of how to go about finding value
        estimates on old (ca. 40-80 years) cameras?  I have a crate full
        that needs to find a good home, and I'd like to see what I can get
        for them.  -John
        \_ completed ebay auctions?
        \_ Adolph Gasser sells used camera's. You can check out what
           they sell 'em for. Maybe you can get them to sell yours or
           buy from you.
        \_ ??
2003/2/23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:27498 Activity:very high
2/22    The BBC & The Perils Of Reporting From The Islamic Republic Of Iran
        Plus 12 minutes video
        Thank you jimmy carter and ramsey clark.
        \_ really, it was carter who sold arms to Khomeni to help him
           suppress rebellions?
                \_ no, you must be thinking of Bill Clinton who bought
                   them from Iran to arm the mujahideen in Bosnia
                   and Kosovo.
           \_ Carter is secretly a radical islamic terrorist who masterminded
              the whole thing. I think he has something to do with Al Qeada too.
                \_ We saw some of his (and Bill's) handiwork in
                   North Korea too. Please pick up a history book.
                \_ LOL I love when people post this.  Carter himself
                   tried to lavishly bribe the 5 or so Sandinista
                   generals to woo them to the US.  Of source, we know
                   generals to woo them to the US.  Of course, we know
                   delegated to the President.
                   the result.  Incidentally, war powers are explicitly
                   delegated to the President.  Of the 200+ conflicts
                   since the founding of the Republic Congress has
                   declared war ~ 5 times.
                   The overt funding by the Soviets to the Sandinistas
                   was well in excess of 1 Billion.  As a proxy for the
                   Soviets, Castro had a large military advisory
                   and fighting contigent there as well (not to mention
                   angola and elsewhere in africa)
                   Right back at ya:
                   Clinton Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn
                   Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base
                   \_ What does any of that have to do with Iran?
                      Please try to stay on topic.
                        \_ the topic is Republican administrations providing
                           arms to Iran, and the freepers don't want to
                           talk about that.
                           \_ Under the Democrats People exploit people
                              Under the Republicans it's the exact opposite
2003/2/23 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:27499 Activity:high
2/22    Is osama dead? if not, why wouldn't he show his face?
        \_ Maybe he has changed his face and doesn't want his reward
           photos updated?
2003/2/23 [Uncategorized] UID:27500 Activity:nil
2003/2/23-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:27501 Activity:very high
2/22    Help fast for our President:
        \_ Does President Sheen need my prayers?  I'm there!  We love you
           and your centrist inclusive message President Sheen!
           \_ President Sheen?  What d'you mean?  Are you trying to say
              that Bush is just an actor?
              that Bush is just an actor?  \_ EIN REICH EIN FOLK EIN BUSH!
              \_ he's not smart enough to be an actor.
                 \_ as if any actor could be smart enough to be a president.
                    \_ appearently not. Look at how fucked up Ronald Reagan
                    \_ I sincerely hope this is a joke or a troll.
2003/2/23 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:27502 Activity:nil
2/23    We are having a severe laptop theft problem where I work.  I have the
        authority to spend money and put whatever security I want on rooms and
        laptops, but the idiots responsible for changing the locks cannot
        be trusted not to give the key out to every janitor and his
        crackhead cousin(again).  can anyone recomend some product
        that is easy to use that will let us record the faces of people
        who go in and out of the room?  ideally, we would want something
        that records for 20 minutes anytime a door is opened.  also, can
        anyone reccomend other security devices, like those exploding ink
        things that stores use? thanks.  oh, yeah, we know that the thief has
        a key, and they've cut those stupid laptop security cables before.
        \_ I remember ages ago Motorola promised something embedding in a
           laptop that can dial up satelite phone and report its coordinate.
           Never heard about it after the intial publicity.
        \_ a simple security camera that records video (a lot more than 20
           minute loops!) should be adequate.  you might even prevent thefts
           with those fake cameras, but i wouldn't stake my job on it.
2003/2/23-24 [Consumer/Audio] UID:27503 Activity:very high
2/23    I'm trying to organize my MP3 collection, where can I find an official
        band-to-genre mapping? For example if band is X, is
        X considered Altenative, Rock, Pop, etc? Thanks.
        \_ if such a mapping exists for your MP3 collection, you need better
           taste in music.  -tom
           \_ for once, i agree with tom, even if it is a pointless insult.
              it is a well-justified pointless insult.
              \_ classical and blues.  jazz is more problematic, but i
                 usually lose interest around bebop anyway.  quite easy
                 to classify, really.
                \_ If all you listen to is classical and blues, I'd suggest
                   putting classical under "classical", and blues under
                   "blues".  -tom
                   \_ Damn you and your simple, sensible, and obvious system
                      of classification.
                      \_ tom where do I file Johnny Mathis?
           \_ what the hell is so wrong with classifying your music?
              \_ It's inherently flawed.
                        \_ how so?
                           \_ most interesting bands straddle classifications.
                              Either your categories will be too general to be
                              useful, or too specific to be accurate. -tom
              \_ Classify Sleater Kinney.
                 \_ "Bands I'd most likely find danh at."
                    \_ Hmm "Bands I'd most likely find <csua member> at."
                       seems to be a decent classification system.
                        \_ except it only works for about 20 bands.  -tom
        \_ I use "loud" and "fucking loud"
           \_ probably <DEAD><DEAD>, which was cool but like many dot-coms
              went belly-up.
           \_ but does your Amp go to 11?
                \_ Lick my love pump.
        \_ Classify "Cliff Richard".
        \_ I find to have the most complete and serious
           coverage.  There was this other site that shows related artists
           in a "genre-spiral," but I forget its name.  If anyone else knows,
           I'd be interested to find out.  -- alice
           \_ <DEAD><DEAD>, but it went under as many dot-coms did.
        \_ I just noticed that the band X is a good example of how hard it is
           to classify music.  -tom
           \_ X is clearly punk rock.
           \_ I think tom means "The Clash".
           \_ X is EASY to classify, sheesh. It's Alternative not pop or rock.
                \_ it's so easy that two people came up with different
                   classifications.  -tom
                   \_ People with clue did not come up with two diff class.
                      \_ well, that depends.  If you have a "punk rock"
                         category, X probably fits into it well.  But if
                         you don't--if, say, the only punk rock album you have
                         is the X one with "Breathless" on it--"Alternative"
                         sort of fits amorphously.  In the same vein, is
                         Green Day punk?  -tom
        \_ Try moodlogic. They classify bands by similar likeness, which should
           please the people who want "Pop, Rock, Classical" as well as the
           tom's who want a more varied classification. It's sort of like
           a Winamp plugin to allmusic. FYI I think moodlogic sucks.
2003/2/23-24 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:27504 Activity:nil
2/23    What's the song that plays during the closing credits of Ocean's
        Eleven (recent remake, not the original)?  Thanks
        \_ "2 Hearts beat as one." by phil collins.
        \_ Debussy's 'Clair De Lune'
        \_ A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley
        \_ chico hamilton song
        \_ Boycott George Looney
        \_ Search for the Ocean's 11 soundtrack.  Are the tracks
           in the right order of the movie?  If so, Clair De Lune
           seems right, or perhaps even A Little Less Conversation
           \_ Soundtracks do not always reflect what was actually
              in the movie.
        \_ It was "69 Police" by David Holmes.  Thanks for all the
           answers.  Except for the phil collins guy, you suck.
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