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2003/2/21 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:27472 Activity:nil
2/20    Another emacs question if you will. How can I get it to color
        code different syntax words if I'm editing a C file? Thanks.
        \_ Put "(global-font-lock-mode t)" in your ~/.emacs.  -- yuen
                \_ awesome. thanks.
2003/2/21 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27473 Activity:nil
2/20    Any suggestions for premium dedicated web server hosting?  Our
        current setup is with a small hosting company, but we're not
        satisfied with uptime, and they don't allocate us guaranteed
        bandwidth.  Thanks.
        \_ earthlink!
2003/2/21 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:27474 Activity:nil
2/20    I'm gonna install spim on my Linux box. How do I generate MIPS code
        when I don't have access to any old DEC/MIPS based machines?
        \_ Build a cross compiler.  Check out the cs 162 web page, they
           may have a gcc binary that is capable of cross-compiling to mips
2003/2/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:27475 Activity:high
        "Frustrations, though, run high. One Microsoft executive, chief
         strategist Craig Mundie, even calls Linux unhealthy for the
         technology industry. "It ultimately is a question about whether
         societies are going to value intellectual property or not," he says."
        \_ In a sense he's right but not for the reasons he says.  If all the
           tech stuff was given away, who would be making new tech?  Remember
           most of this stuff is made by tech people with regular tech jobs
           who do open source as a hobby.  Hard to support your hobby when
           you're hungry and bills are due.  The IP thing is bullshit though.
2003/2/21 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27476 Activity:high
2/21    You heard it here first:
        The U.S. will not invade Iraq unless it has shown convincing evidence
        (what it's presented so far, isn't).  We will not get the votes for
        a serious resolution next week.  Crazy people do want to detonate
        a nuke in Los Angeles / New York / D.C.
        \_ Haha.. Stupid commie beatnicks will not alter the course of history
           And just as well, cuz either way, the religious war will continue
        \_ Jewish ppl were very stout protesters of vietnam. Funny how they're
           conspiciously quiet when it comes tho iraq.
           \_ Hope that wasn't a serious thought.  The vietnamese wanted
              Whitey out.  Iraq wants the Jews dead.  Big difference.
           \_ Maybe they figure Sharon and Bush make a good team. Hey,
              Genocides' good as long it happens to the right ppl, oi vey?
              \_ If you're going to get Yiddish on us at least use the words
                 properly.  "oi vey" does not even come close to fitting in
                 this context.  Maybe Sharon and Bush are hip to any old
                 genocide, maybe not, but for certain you're an idiot.
        \_ URL?  Anyway, doesn't matter.  I know President Sheen will lead us
           to the promised land of pure utopain liberal secular pacifist
           (unless the left feels a need to bomb) humanism!  Thank you for
           saving us President Sheen!
           \_ You know, Martin Sheen is a very strong Roman Catholic as is
              the character he plays on WW.
              \_ So what?  I'm a very strong atheist.  I work out all the time
                 and keep very fit.  What of it?
        \_ Pick up a history book.
        \_ I'm waiting for Pres Stupid Fuck to declare war on germany/france.
           \_ President Sheen would never do that!  They're our key allies!
        \_ Seems to me this is more of a war of Texas vs. Iraq.  Why not just
           send the texans to fight it?
           \_ Yeah!  No blood for big oil!  Excuse me while I change the oil
              based tires on my imported bike!
              \_ don't tell people that there are petroleum products that
                 you don't pay for by the gallon
2003/2/21 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:27477 Activity:high
2/20    Campus homosexuals will be purged in the cleansing
        flame of God's fury!
        - danh
        \_ So just because she's a religious right wing nut fascist means
           she's wrong?  -John
           \_ she ripped almost her entire article from an inflammatory
              article from the cal patriot people.  the uc police
              read the message boards and hunt down the "gloryholes",
              so her basic premise of the administration doing nothing
              is wrong.  ok fine maybe she's right in the end
              where she hints that campus gays will suffer
              the full righteous wrath of God. - danh
              \_ Do they really? On at least 2 occasions, I've randomly ended
                 up in a stall featuring one of these. Fucking disgusting.
                 \_ Yeah, me too. I accidentally ended up in one in Wheeler.
                    And then my penis accidentally fell into this
                    guys mouth. I accidentally came all over his face.
                    Disgusting. Even worse, it keeps happening to me!
              \_ Oh, _gays_.  I misread _guys_.  Berkeley campus guys have
                 mostly already suffered the full righteous (debatable, but
                 it builds character) wrath of god.  -John
              \_ Maybe she stole the article content but she's still hot.
        \_ Please explain to me how anonymous sex in public places such
           as bathrooms and parks benefits society.  The consequences of
           this kind of behavoir are obvious, ie. STD statistics.
           And yet the liberals want to not only enshrine this behavoir in
           statute but subsidize it.  Please, use common sense
           when it comes to politics.
           \_ uh, could you provide a reference for liberals wanting to
              "enshrine this behavior in statute [and] subsidize it"?  -tom
           \_ Move to houston.  I hear your kind is welcome there.
              \_ You "love it my way or leave it types" are so funny.  I love
                 it from the right and I love it from the left.  It's so
                 amusing and hypocritical.  Thanks for that morning laugh!
           \_ what i don't understand is how this can persist in a
              community where homosexuality is totally accepted and
              where the gay scene has a reputation of being outstanding.
              why not just go to a bar?
        \_ What I gathered from that article:
           1)  She's hot, so she must have a point.
           2)  What the hell is intersex anyways?  That wasn't part of their
               name while I was a student.

220     does anyone have a copy of Clinton's Final Days handy? it was on adcrtc
2003/2/21-22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27478 Activity:nil
2/20    Do BNO passport holders need a visa to visit Japan for short-term?  The
        web site only says British passport holders are exempted.  I tried
        called the Consulate but it's closed.  Thanks.  (Yeah I can wait till
        \_ yes.
        \_ BNO officially means second class.  It is all insult no benefit.
        \_ Just curious, what is "BNO"?
           \_ British National Overseas
              \_ Thanks.
        \_ I called the consulate: (415) 777-3533.  The answer is yes.
2003/2/21-22 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:27479 Activity:kinda low
2/20    Our company trying to do some streaming video over the net.
        While that by itself is not a big deal, we want streaming video
        with seperate channel for subtitles and/or other contents that will
        appear in seperate frame on the browser.
        Is there any streaming video format that can easily seperate
        subtitle in a seperate channel?  If not, how can we implement this?
        \_ I suggest talking to realplayer, MS, and whoever else you can find
           in the market that is doing commercial streaming and see what
           they've got going.  If you can't find a commercial vendor, your
           odds of finding an open source ware are about zero.
        \_ with asf, you can set it up so that it will display an html file
           at certain intervals.  you can have it display subtitles every
           few seconds.  you will need to create separate asf files for
           each language though since the html page that it calls will be
           different.  i've done this before so send me email if you have
           more questions -uctt
        \_ Virage will sell you something to do this. -ausman
2003/2/21-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27480 Activity:very high
2/21    What are some fun activities to do that require NO money?
        (They don't need to be limitd to Berkeley). Thanks.
        \_ Programming, playing chess or go.
        \_ Just because going for a bike ride doesn't cost me any
           additional money doesn't mean that it'll be the same for
           you since you may not have a bike.  Long story short: nothing.
                \_ I know, but I'm thinking along the lines of activities
                   like hiking or going to a Barnes & Nobles.
                \_ If NO money meants virtually none, lots of places to
                   walk about in SF via a BART/bus ride.  Is sake tasting
                   free at that brewery in Berkeley?
                   \_ Yup: Takara Sake USA, 708 Addison St., (510)540-8250
        \_ I hear there are some great gloryholes in Wheeler.
        \_ Sex?
           \_ Sex! Sex is far from free for the average man. First she
              uses it to get you to like her, then she stops giving it
              to you since you won't marry her. Then when she breaks you
              down and gets to the sacrificial altar it is all over. It
              will cost you every cent you have and some you don't just
              to be free of her.
              \_ BDG!!!!  Missed you a lot, man! Welcome back!
                \_ nah i don't think it's bitter divorce guy.  how
                   about me, normal-non-mutant-who-hasn't-
                   had-a-date-in-2-years-guy take up the slack?
           \_ Not free. Condoms and birth control cost money.
              \_ so do her in the ass.
                 \_ You still need condoms, plus extra for lube. And getting
                    an STD is expensive. and ass-sex isn't real sex.
                \_ i'm going to use the above in court next time.
                                                \_ There speaks the voice of
                                                \_ Agreed.  My wife's anus is
                                                   too tight to be comfortable.
                                                   Only once in a long while is
                                                   \_ I find your wife's anus
                                                      to be a perfect fit.
                                                      \_ It has to be said...
                                                         "Pencil Dick"
           \_ Does masturbation count as sex?
              \_ it does on soda.
        \_ Hike up the fire trail behind Clark Kerr to Tilden Part -
           it's a great workout, and has great views as well
        \_ Sleep.
        \_ I read an article on this a while back. Things included:
           * sneaking into movie theaters
           * going to bars and then drinking other people's leftover drinks
             (there should be a word for this)
             \_ How about 'disgusting'.          -mice
                \_ And don't forget the sharables you can get from someone
                   else's drink.
           * going to 5 star hotels and reaping all the benefits like you are
             staying there. the better the hotel, the less likely they are to
             question you.
           * GG Park, Shakespeare in the Park, Movies in Marin, stargazing,
             hiking, all that bullshit.
        \_ Looking at cute chicks at Sproul Plaza around noon.  Only works on
           school days though.
           \_ You go to the same school?  UC Berkeley?  Near San Francisco?
              \_ You probably only hang out near soda. there are relativley
                 cute girls around spourl.
                 \_ "SWM, 21, no social skills, pasty skin from long hours
                    playing Everquest [Bazoomba, L60 female elf mage], seeks
                    Victoria's Secret lingere model for gawking and wanking
                    over.  Must be willing to parade around Soda Hall in
                    skimpy outfits.  Real females need not apply."
                 \_ relatively.
                 \_ sproul.
              \_ Yes I went to the same school.  It's just that I've also been
                 to other schools so I know to appreciate the quality of chicks
                 at Sproul.
                 \_ I didn't so I'll take your word on it.  Sad if true.
                 \_ Which other schools were these?
                    \_ SJSU, SFSU, some JCs.  I've also been to Stanfurd and
                       Davis several times but never on school days, so I can't
                       \_ But you haven't been to UCLA. :P
                          \_ Well, no.  Maybe that's why.
2003/2/21 [Uncategorized] UID:27481 Activity:nil
2/21    Given a choice, I think crowd counting is more interesting than what
        some girl is putting up your ass.
2003/2/21-22 [Politics/Domestic, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:27482 Activity:very high
2/21    The Mythical Crowd Count:
   When told of The Chronicle's survey, Alex S. Jones, the director of
   Harvard University's Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics
   and Public Policy, said, "The number of people (in a crowd) is a
   mythical number, and now you're going to turn it into a fact, and that
   won't be welcomed."
        God fucking forbid we should really know how many people showed up
        at a protest anywhere.  It's much better to feel good about a made up
        number.  Facts aren't welcomed.
        \_ none of this will ever make both sides very happy, it's all
           a guessing game.  There wasn't a single hour period where
           everybody who went was there at the same time, it was over
           several hours.  Some people arrived late, some early,
           some (like me) bailed on the actual rally.  Even if you
           put up turnstiles to count people you're not going to
           get an accurate count.  I do think it's interesting
           that the chronicle devoted a few column inches to sunday's
           events, but published over 2 and a half pages on
           their big "overcounting" story.  Maybe the ChronWatch
           guy has their children hostage?  - danh
           \_ Oh man, please don't tell me you're a column inches counter
              like Mr. "Manufacturing Consent"?
        \_ gee, a counting method that apparently has never been used before,
           and is based on eyeball estimates of the number of people in
           photos taken at one specific point in a 4-hour event.  Great
           "facts," for sure.  -tom
           \_ Read the article.  Your description of the method is simply
              wrong.  Is that intentional?
              \_ they divide the photo into boxes, estimate (eyeball) how
                 "full" the box is, and estimate how many people would fit
                 in the box if it was full.  This will not give you a
                 "factual" count.  It's just another method of estimation. -tom
                 \_ No.  They count how many are in a box.  The Chronicle did
                    their own count using the same photos and came up with
                    similar numbers.  They also reported BART, bridge and ferry
                    traffic as compared to the week before.  It sounds a hell
                    of a lot more accurate than "200k makes us feel good so
                    don't mess with us!"
                    \_ what was that about "Read the article"?
                        "Overlaying the photographs with a grid,
                        surveyors from Air Flight Service estimated
                        crowd density in the plaza and along the
                        route. Each grid was evaluated and assigned a
                        density of people, from 10 percent to 100
                        percent full.  Most were judged at 25 percent
                        or 50 percent full. This is the first time the
                        firm has used its equipment for crowd estimation."
                        \_ Nice way to extract just what you wanted out of
                           context.  Those who read it will get it.  Those who
                           don't aren't reading this thread anyway.
                    \_ no, you're wrong.  it's inconceivable that 200k people
                       did not attend the demonstration.
                       \_ no, you're wrong.  it's inconceivable that 200k
                          people attended the demonstration.  (see how your
                          grade school quality 'logic' works?)
                          \_ see, i'm a well-meaning idealistic lover of
                             peace who gets lots of high-quality liberal
                             pussy, and you're a fascist pig.  of course
                             i am right and you're wrong.
                             \_ I get fascist pussy.  Fascists shower.
                                \_ It's so cute when two conservatives pretend
                                   to argue with each other. Get a room you two!
           \_ So tom, you've never heard of polls?  Statistical sampling?  This
              has never been tried before?
        \_ Jebus.  It's the Chron, and what interest do they have in
           publishing an article which repeatedly asserts an accurate
           low count?  What, they want to cash in on the new Republican
           wave overtaking the country?
           \_ Dude, repeat after me.  The press is an unbiased reporter
              of events.  It has no political agenda, and it does not
              bias its reporting to favor one political ideology over
2003/2/21 [Uncategorized] UID:27483 Activity:nil
        "British Teens Told to Experiment with Oral Sex"
2003/2/21-22 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:27484 Activity:kinda low
2/21    Which laptop sleeve do you recommend?  This is for a small and
        relatively light one (12", 4.6 lb).  I saw review for Eagle Creek's
        Computer Safe but haven't made up my mind.
        \_ My Arkel Briefcase bike bag came with a nice sleeve. The Wetsuit
           always seemed pretty cool too.
        \_ I've owned two Wetsuits, and was very happy with both.  The pull
           tabs on the zippers eventually fall off (after ~1.5 years of use),
           but the zippers themselves are sound.  Both wetsuits I own are very
           well constructed.  Are these still available?  I recall Kensington
           bought Silicon Sports (the original manufacturer of the Wetsuit),
           and then stopped making them.  I bought my second Wetsuit on ebay
           because I couldn't find them for sale in stores anymore.  These
           days I carry my laptop in an incase Moya-Delux pack:
           A little bit overpriced for what it is, but a nice bag. -dans
        \_ what laptop do you have that requires a wetsuit/sleeve?
        \_ I had a dream that my laptop was waterproof and I was using it
           in the pool... man that would be cool.
           \_ get a life.
           \_ the military prob has that already. although, they might
              not be lounging in pools.
2003/2/21 [Computer/SW/Security, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:27485 Activity:nil
        Crowd counting article restored, you censoring bastard.
2003/2/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:27486 Activity:low
2/21    Microsoft bought Connectix. This is the ONLY thing that they
        should be forbid from doing: buying their competition.
        Bye, Bye Virtual PC. Maybe the open source folks will replace it.
        \_ Well there is Boochs. And the MacBU has promised to continue
           developing it. M$ might be many things but it isn't stupid,
           when people are willing to fork over $s M$ is smart enough
           to keep selling (ex. Office X).
            \_ Office X doesn't threaten the MS desktop monopoly.
               These os "emulators" like VirtualPC, VMWare, wine, etc all do.
        \_ Microsoft bought apple too.
           \_ I believe you misspelled "bought shares of apple."
        \_ If MS wasn't allowed to buy their competition they wouldn't have
           any products.  You'd be hard pressed to think of something MS
           wrote in house which wasn't based on something they bought or
           outright stole from some small company.
           \_ Bob
              \_ I'm torn between saying, "you got me there" and "Bob isn't
                 a product".  Then again, maybe they stole that too.  There
                 were a lot of dotcoms with shitty product ideas.
2003/2/21-23 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:27487 Activity:high
2/21    How to send personalized ringtone to Nokia GSM phone like 8390?
        What ringtone format does 8390 accept?
        \_ I think it's still a monophonic phone, just get Nokia Logomanager
           crack it, and beam converted MIDI files via the IrDA port.
        \_ Just FYI, in case this was accidental, correct English would be
           "How would I send a personalized ringtone..."
           \_ Racist!
                \_ Yup.  I hate whites, blacks, jews, austrailian aborigines,
                     Just FYI, in case this was accidental, _/
                     it's spelled "Australian."
                     \_ he(she) particulary hates all people that correct
                   japanese and chinese and all related asians, American and
                   Indian Indians, Eskimos, and, by God, pretty much every
                   creature that goes on two legs except birds.  I also hate
                   Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, athiests, agnostics,
                   animists, Buddhists, and pretty much every person with
                   any religious pretentions whatever.  And in particular,
                   I hate you.
                   \_ Racist!
                        \_ Yep poster is bigotted KKK
        \_ That's something I'd like to figure out, too.  Certainly one
           thing that didn't work was the old Nokia format (messages that
           started with //SCKL...). -geordan
        \_ dial 1800 NERDS R US
        \_ All you fucking idiots with your stupid ring tones need to die.
           One of the most annoying things about public transit is the endless
           crap noise cluttering the air from every asshole who thinks he's
           got such a kewl ringt0ne that we all need to hear it on high for
           the entire 90 second play time.  Death to ringtone idiots!
                \_ Ditto.  And turn the fuckin things off in restaurants,
                   or learn not to chatter on them.  And at least please
                   keep your voice down in public.  I know the US has crappy
                   mobile networks, but that doesn't mean you have to scream
                   for 10 minutes.  -John
        \_ If you have a Nokia, select "quiet" ring - you know the one that
           sounds like a normal phone. Please.  Do it for the children.
           It's not good to expose the children to visceral manslaughter.
        \_ No why can't the Mossad do something useful and kill non-standard
           ringtone users?
           \_ I think they have been but there's only just so much even Mossad
              can do.
              \_ a gift to you from the Mossad: a brand new Nokia 8390!
                 \_ "Hello, is dis Ali al-Akhbar?"  "Yes, hello"  "Are you
                     sure dis is Ali al-Akhbar?"  "Yes, it is."  "Are you
                     really really sure?"  "YES WHY?"  *BOOM*
                 \_ Is it the new exploding model?
2003/2/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:27488 Activity:insanely high
2/21    Poll: Everyone I know is against war with Iraq.
        Yes: ....
        No: .....
        \_ but none of you count.
        \_ "everyone" is a big word.
           \_ Let me guess... you took Subject A, didn't you?
2003/2/21-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27489 Activity:very high
2/21    Whether you are for or against an Iraq War: What do you think
        is going to happen militarily?  Lots of Iraqi casualties, very
        little for the Americans?  A cakewalk for the Americans?  A
        political victory for the Iraqis?
        \_ If we go in with a UN mandate, everyone will surrender.
        \_ war in iraq will mean the end of america.  the jihad is already
           primed after the unjust war in afghanistan, and a war in iraq
           will just unleash the rage of muslims everywhere.  it will mean
           military defeat in iraq without, and uprising and reprisals in
           america within.  american streets will run red with blood as
           we once and for all cleanse the world of these infidels.  this
           is the will of allah.
           \_ I've seen the Will of Allah. All I get the Original Star Trek
              Commemorative plate and a free wings coupon from Hooters.
              \_ Hey, where's the nearest Hooters?  I feel like a road trip.
        \_ Militarily, Iraq will be defeated. They can't defend themselves
           effectively in the desert environment against the well trained, well
           equiped coalition ground forces that are supported by the
           unchallenged air forces dropping precision munitions on the Iraqis.
           Remember the "Desert Storm".  Iraqis' only hope of slightly changing
           the odds in their favor is to entrench themselves in the large
           sites.  Baghdad is a large city with a population of over 4 mln
           people.  It will sure be somewhat hard to take it and the US troops
           might suffer heavier than usual casualties there. But, IMHO, if it
           gets to the point that Baghdad is under a siege, surrounded by a
           couple of hundred thousand coalition troops, I am sure the US won't
           stop there and try to take over it at any cost (be it time or human
           lives). Eventually, the game will be over. Saddam knows that.  I
           suspect that his strategy of moving the warfare into the cities is
           nothing more but a PR move to persuade the US and UK that this war
           will be longer and bloodier than they expect. If the war really gets
           to that stage, either Saddam will likely try to flee to a third
           country or he'll be removed from power by an internal coup/unrest.
           \_ I agree that there won't be some big final street to bloody
              street battle.  SH isn't going to stick around to get his ass
              shot off.  If he does, it's over.  If he doesn't there'll be
              mass surrender in the first 48 hours and the rest will surrender
              within a week to ten days.
           \_ I think the US will crush Iraq with less than 1000 casualties.
              Then we will have to occupy the country for the next 10 years
              with 2 divisions of troops. Whether this is a good thing or not
              depends on your feelings about empire.
           \_ Saddam can drag the diplomatic game on and on until warm weather
              comes.  Then the US soldiers will faint of the intense heat
              inside their anti-chemical-biological protective suits.  Also, if
              the battle goes into the cities, is it going to be another
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