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2003/2/18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27446 Activity:high
2/17    I've seen many opponents of an Iraq invasion refer to it as a
        "racist war." I don't understand this. Since the current
        administration is comprised of white people and black people,
        does that mean we can only go to war with countries made up of
        white or black people in order to not have a racist war?
        \_ here's an idea i'm too lazy to implement, but would be a good
           idea.  one file that anyone can append to but no one can delete from
           for pro-war arguments, and one for aniti-war arguments, and we'll
           see what motd poeple come up with on both sides. you know you
           want to do this and see what people write.
        \_ Obviously the rich white people and oreos are oppressing
           the Arab world for oil.
           (wow, it's so easy to think like a liberal!)
           \_ Like so many things, grasshopper, it is easy to do, but
              difficult to do well.
        \_ Yes, something like that.
        \_ only if the people liberated vote democrat, then it's okay
        \_ Most of these nuts think all war is bad.
        \_ oh boy, another strawman argument.  How clever.  -tom
2003/2/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:27447 Activity:low
2/18    My apache server (on my FreeBSD box) doesn't load up the page
        in a subdirectory if the final slash isn't present. In other words
        <DEAD><DEAD> loads up wherease <DEAD><DEAD>
        does not. How can I fix this? Thanks.
        \_ Probably your ServerName isn't set properly.  If you request a
           directory without the trailing slash, you get sent a redirect
           to a URL based on your ServerName, including the slash.  -tom
        \_ Are you using mod_rewrite?  mod_perl?  There are a number of things
           that could affect behavior on trailing slash. --scotsman
           \_ try replacing your apache config with the httpd.conf-dist
              file in the same directory.  Then diff the 2 and see what's
              wrong.  Caveat: won't work with cable modem.
2003/2/18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:27448 Activity:very high
2/17    I always like to hear voice of different source.  Titled:
        Bush's sabre-rattling linked to self-interest
        \_ I am a dyed-in-the-wool Bush-hater, and it would gall me to no
           end if all this came to pass, because this is exactly what I
           think would actually bring a semblance of reform to the Middle
           East.  And I would have this person, whom I hate, both rationally
           and irrationally, so don't bother to try to convert me, to thank
           for it.  --erikred
           \_ Do you hate Clinton, erikred?
              \_ No, but I don't delude myself that he was a saint, either. --e
                 \_ So my question to you is, why do you hate Bush, but not
                    Clinton.  Clinton seems so far more evil.
                    \_ If you'd really like to know, email me.  --erikred
                        \_ Please post it.
                           \_ Resist! Don't do it! Leave the troll alone for
                              the good of the motd and humankind at large.
                              \_ Done. --erikred
                                 \_ Sorry, I don't get it, why are you willing
                                    to talk over e-mail, but not over motd.
                                    I mean even if you e-mail me, I ll post it
                                    here anyways.
        \_ These arguments are rhetorical.  These justifications are obvious,
           right?  It's too bad Bush is not a conservative.
           \_ He's not a conservative but he's closer to the real thing than
              Gore's make over artists could ever dream.
2003/2/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:27449 Activity:high
2/18    TaxCut review.  The TaxCut deluxe edition is not as user friendly as
        the turbotax deluxe edition.  Less help with ESPP entries.  Also TC
        doesn't have the ability to backtrack where a number comes from. E.g.,
        mortgage interest deduction is subject to limitations and home office
        deduction.  In TT I can right click on the line number and it'll tell
        me the form and the line that the number came from. No such feature
        in TaxCut.  Both TT and TC cannot print to file. Jesus christ, just
        how hard is it to implement this feature?!  One has to buy adobe
        acrobat to be able to print to file.   Overall I still go with TC
        because it doesn't have product activation.  I can install it on
        multiple PCs and make a copy of it to give to my family.
        \_ Are you using the MacOS X version of TC? If so, you should be
           able to print to pdf from the print window (at least I can).
           \_ no I'm not, I'm using windows 2000.  I think that print to pdf
              feature is standard on all apps on the Macs.
              \_ go to Adobe's web site and download a generic Postscript
                 printer driver.  There you go, you can now print to a
                 Postscript file (which you can convert to PDF without much
                 \_ Or just use any existing PS driver and print to file.
                    \_ the application has to enable the "print to file"
                       button.  otherwise there's no way to generate a
                       PS file.  I'll try installing a PS printer driver and
                       see if printing to it generates a PS file.
                       \_ nonsense.  Install Postscript printer driver, and
                          in the printer settings tell it to use FILE instead
                          of LPTn.
                       \_ HP Color LJ8000 series drivers works well
        \_ TT now has DRM - that alone is reason enough not to use to it.
           \_ What is DRM?
             \_ Digital Rights reMoval, where they take away your fair-use
                right to make a backup copy.
2003/2/18-19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27450 Activity:very high
2/18    Evan picks Zora, further justifying our need to go to war with Iraq.
        \_ My glorious campaign against the blonde bondage queen was a
           great success! -- shussein
        \_ Zora has bigger bosom than Sarah.
        \_ Zora has bigger bosom than Sarah.  That's the reason.
           \_ But DorkBoy had a thing for blondes.
              \_ Really?  I must have missed that part.
                 \_ each round he kept saying, so-n-so "is so hot, she's blond
                    and ...".
                    \_ Choice between bond blondage blowjob girl and girl
                       with bigger tits. Which would you choose?
        \_ Is she the bondage girl?
           \_ No, sarah was the one who did some "fetish modeling"
              \_ ... although she was fully clothed in the modeling, according
                 to the Yahoo news article.
                 \_ I saw the pics.  Very tame and actually more silly than
                    anything else.  I guess one man's fetish is most men's
                    silly and laughable.  She was a gold digger anyway.
        \_ I think Zora was a plant and the show was scripted.
           \_ I don't think she was a plant but the show was at least partially
              scripted.  I'm sure the producers gave him more info than his
              dates and lead him by the nose a lot.  He's no rocket scientist
              or anything.  Oh well, wait, maybe these days he'd qualify....
        \_ did they reveal the deception?  if so, what happened?  Or
           will they have another special called "The Aftermath".
           \_ Yes.  Nothing much.  Yes.
           \_ Zora:     "the good news is, I really was turned off by the fact
                        that you inherited all that money."
              Sarah:    "Did you feel that was something I was concerned with?"
                        she asked, trying to look like it wasn't.
              Evan had already made up his mind before these responses.
              \_ can someone explain or guess or whatever why his inheriting
                 money is a turn off?  he's still a big dumb jerk.
2003/2/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:27451 Activity:high
2/18    Anyone seen Dare Devil?  Could we get a review?  Thanks!
        \_ It sucked.  die hollywood die. unbreakable was better
           and unbreakable sucked too.  frank miller playing
           and unbreakable sucked too.  I saw a bunch of
           $30 DV shorts made by ucb students in their free
           time last week and they were all better than Daredevil.
           frank miller playing
           a corpse was the best part of the movie. - danh
        \_ If Batman, Spiderman and Dare Devil got in a fight, who'd win?
        \_ I thought it was sorta sucky.  Sort of the same lame storyline
           already beaten to death in batman/spiderman, etc.  Unbreakable
           was superior in so many ways.  Only highlight was hot woman.
           Catch matinee if anything.  Will give spoilers via email. --PeterM
        \_ If Batman, tom and Dare Devil got in a fight, who'd win?
           \_ Clooney vs. Affleck, I hope they both get killed.
           \_ tom would get beat to a pulp in seconds but insist he won anyway.
              \_ and then give batman and spiderman some twink points
        \_ Ben Affleck was in it, what do you expect?
2003/2/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:27452 Activity:insanely high
2/18    Bush plans to replicate the "Chilean experiment" in Social
        Security reform:
        \_ united mine workers of america?  heh.  i wonder where they stand
           on the issue.
           \_ why, they'll undermine it, of course.
              \_ undermine?  mine workers?  hahahah.. you're so clever.  not.
                 \_ i thought it was funny.
                    \_ me too
        \_ The plan is optional.  Congressmembers have the same option -
           shouldn't citizens?
           \_ No.  It's a Bush plan so it must be bad!
                \_ actually, yeah that is exactly how i think lately.
                   please prove me wrong.
                   \_ What president in recent history has inherited the
                      problems Bush has?  Depite the fact he is too liberal, I
                      am increasingly impressed his management acumen. Except
                      WTF is up with his budget. [formatd]
                      \_ It isn't that he's too liberal, per se.  It's that
                         he isn't a true conservative.  Maybe in thought, maybe
                         not, but not in action.  I understand the political
                         need to compromise but some of them are really
                         painful.  I console myself seeing the country swing
                         generally to the right.  I know we won't have another
                         Clinton for several decades, if ever in this century.
                         \_ Contraraily.  Not only were they non-compromising,
                            they were lazy and had bad attitudes:
2003/2/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:27453 Activity:high
2/18    "A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there's no
        question about it." -George W. Bush
        \_ Where did you find this quote?
           \_ Business Week.
        \_ Duh.  As if *every* elected official wouldn't agree.
           \_ Most elected officials take an oath to uphold Democracy.
2003/2/18-19 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:27454 Activity:very high
2/18    Sometimes, for some reason, I cannot abort (q) mail composition
        in mutt, here on soda.  What's the reason?
        \_ What happens when you hit q -- do you get any error messages?
           \_ nothing.  It is just ignored.  In fact it does not even say
           \_ ignore the superior solution at your peril, muttboy! muahaha!
        \_ use pine.
              key not bound.  To get out without sending the message I have
              to type ctrl-C.  And it does not happen every time but I haven't
              figured out the exact trigger.
        \_ mutt sucks.  that's the reason.  use (n)mh.
        \_ works for me.  ignore the mh guy.  capslock key stuck?
        \_ mail composition is done in your editor, not mutt.
        \_ sometimes the escape key in vi stops working for me
           on soda, i have no idea why.  and this is just on soda.
           \_ Ok, perhaps I haven't made myself clear.  There is some point
              \_ mh is the only mail handling method that won't cause you
                 endless mail client UI grief since it doesn't have a UI.
                 \_ ever wonder why bill gates is the richest man in the world?
                    it's because he doesn't have a big stick up his ass like
                    you and always strives to make software usable for the
                    average person.  No software is going to be popular if
                    it doesn't have a UI.
                    \_ I thought he was rich because his company is scummy and
                       stole every major technology they possess and abused
                       the hell out of their monopoly?  Damn, I better go buy
                       Apply stock, since they have a better UI.  I'm going to
                       be rich following your sage advice!  Rich! Rich! RICH!
              in mutt, just before you send out a mail, where you have the
              the choice to abort (q), to send (y), to edit (e).  At least
              sometimes, I cannot abort.  Everything else works, except q.
              And it is not due to stuck capslock.  I seems to work with mutt
              on other systems, and here on soda it has not been working for
           \_ Are you single?  Are you using a 30 year old OS, too?
              \_ yes, but this has nothing to do with it.
                 \_ Can I buy you a drink, sailor?
           \_ Runs fast over modem.
           \_ 18 years old means the mail client is legal. Can it have
              a relationship with an old 30+ year old OS? Send me pix.
              Make sure setenv TERM is correct to fix the q -- but you
              know when she says q, she really means yes.
                \_ How does your software work without a UI? Does it read your
                   mind? Have a mind of its own?
                   \_ Well.  No.  Better than that.
        \_ 18 year old mail clients with no UI are so cool!  I am
           also very attractive.
                \_ all right nerds, I'm coming for you, time to die.
        \_ Note to op: when nerds can't help you, they get pedantic
           and insult you. try google.
           \_ He was given the right answer.  What's your malfunction?
              quite a while.  But the stranges thing is that sometimes it does
              work.  Just now I reproduced both working and nonworking results.
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