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2003/2/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:27420 Activity:moderate
2/14    how do people do floating point arithmetic in /bin/sh? i make
        calls to bc, but i was wondering if there's a better way.
        \_ I use awk.
        \_ I use dc.
        \_ use perl!
           \_ too heavyweight
                \_ doing the whole thing in perl is probably more lightweight
                   than doing it in sh and forking off everything you need to
                   fork off to actually accomplish your task.
                   \_ well, that naturally depends on how much floating point
                      arithmetic or other non-native-to-sh stuff you need to
                      do in the script...
2003/2/15 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27421 Activity:nil
        American's work longer hours to make up for being less
        productive per hour.
2003/2/15 [Uncategorized] UID:27422 Activity:high
2/14    happy vday. so why am i depressed?
        \_ you need a woman.
           \_ or a man
              \_ or a sheep
                 \_ or a lifelike toy
2003/2/15 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:27423 Activity:high 76%like:27429
2/14    I have a Pentium PCI system (with 3 ISA slots), and an ISA MDA
        (monochrome display adapter) video card and MDA monitor. How can I
        get linux to boot with the MDA as the default console. This
        computer is going to live in the basement, and I do not need
        anything other than text console. I like the amber-colored display,
        the fact that it does not flicker, and the monitor being small and
        light. Any ideas?
2003/2/15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27424 Activity:high
2/14    Is there a way to telnet TO a Windows 2000 machine?  I am running
        Advanced Server, and I'd rather do my Cygwin compiles on another
        machine, since compiling renders the machine useless to keyboard
        or mouse input.  Is there some service I need to activate, or is
        that only possible on installation?
        \_ install exceed and turn on the telnetd.
        \_ Alternate to telnet, it takes some doing, but you can run sshd
        \_ Get Linux!
        \_ yes.
           on cygwin, or run rsync as a daemon.  --scotsman
           \_ It's ass.  win2k has no concept of terms.
                \_ I have 4 other linux machines, but we're only halfway
                   switched to CVS, thus we use SourceSafe.  Also, the
                   lead on my current project is a Cygwin/Windows guy.
                   The built in Telnet server disallows telnets from
                   linux boxes.  I'll check for a free win-server.
                   \_ you can run openssh sshd on cygwin you know.
                   \_ What do you mean about the native telnetd disallows
                      telnet from linux???  Nonsense.
2003/2/15 [Health/Women] UID:27425 Activity:kinda low
        \_ boy how amazing.
        \_ damnit, I sat through the whole thing expecting some scary,
           screaming face to appear suddenly.  I'm very disappointed.
        \_ You mean I wasted 30 seconds of my life on that!! I want
           my life back!
2003/2/15-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:27426 Activity:nil
2/14    I finally got around to setting up SPAN (makes your Cisco switch sort
        of act like a hub) so that I can monitor my traffic. Ethereal kind of
        shows which protocols are using most of my bandwidth, but doesn't
        print pretty graphs. Also, I'm mostly interested in finding out which
        hosts are using most of my traffic. Are there any Ethereal-like apps
        that do this well? Pretty graphs are a major plus.
        So far I've used TTT, which is kinda crappy.
        \_ leaving span enabled all the time isnt a great idea, esp if you
           are spanning the whole switch to one port, not just mirroring
           a port or a given vlan.
           \_ why isn't it a good idea?  intrusion detection systems depend
              on traffic monitor 100% of the time.  SPAN is a wirespeed
              feature on the catalyst family. Packet replication is done
              by HW so there's no performance degradation.  You can also do
              fancier stuff like use VLAN ACLs to replicate all traffic
              in/out of a VLAN and analyze that traffic. There's more
              commericial software that analyzes netflow tables though.  You
              can also setup the router/switch to export those netflow
              entries.  -cisco guy
              \_ not all switches behave the same when spanning.. relying on
                 spanning a whole switch to a single port is a ridiculous
                 idea w/ large switches that can easily handle more traffic
                 than any 1 port.. for example, a 6500.. the smart thing to
                 do with an IDS is to only span against the inbound/outbound
                 port rather than the whole switch. if you rather watch
                 the whole vlan then you splice down and mirror 1 vlan / port.
                 the easiest way to defeat an IDS is to overload its span
                 port or overload the IDS. there have also been many bugs
                 that are triggerred by sustained spanning on shitty (low
                 end) catalyst switches. for a "cisco guy" i dont think youve
                 worked with spanning very much on the ios based switches.
        \_ yo yo yo... i just want to monitor traffic on my main ingress
           point, nothing too intensive. and i dont have money to buy any
           fancy nids crap... just want some free stuff to see who's running
           kazaa and so forth...
2003/2/15-17 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27427 Activity:nil
2/15    Is there any application to play QCIF sequences on FreeBSD? Thanks.
2003/2/15-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:27428 Activity:high
2/14    I'm looking for interesting restaurants to go to in SF and LA. For
        example asiaSf is pretty interesting. I'm straight by the way but
        I like asiaSF cuz of novelty (and my gf likes weird places like that).
        I just need suggestions... anything, like ethiopian or whatever is
        ok. Thanks!
        \_ The Tonga Room is supposed to be a pretty interesting place.
           The Canelian Room had unbelieveable views of the SF/BA -- but
           The Canelian Room has unbelieveable views of the SF/BA -- but
           iirc, it's kinda pricy.                 -mice
           \_ The Carnelian Room has a dress code.  Fuck That Shit.  -tom
              \_ What are you, some kind of grown up child?  It's okay to
                 dress up once in awhile.  Really.  Sometimes it's nice to go
                 somewhere fancier than La Bell or Hot Dog on a Stick.
                 \_ you're confusing "fancy" with "snooty".  There are
                    plenty of places fancier than the Carnelian Room which
                    don't require ties.  -tom
              \_ Dress code is white protestant european oppression!  You
                 tell em tom.  Defend your right to dress like a bum.
                 \_ Tom likes to RIDE BIKE while eating dinner.
        \_ pre-order a pizza from zachary's to the SFPD station in your name,
           then snort coke and bunji-jump
           off the golden gate bridge.  when the pizza shows up at the
           police station just after you're arrested, you'll look like
           a genius and can impress your gf and will have a much more
           interesting time than you would at asiaSF.
           \_ this is one of the coolest ideas to come out of the motd. #1fan
        \_ just out of curiosity, what does your sexual orientation have
           to do with taste in restaurants?
           \_ asiaSF is a gay meeting place
              \_ psb, is that you? -psb fan #e^i
                 \_ you're part imaginary and part real? weird.
        \_ hes a homophobic bigot and probably a conservative racist.
           \_ ???  Is this from your cut'n'paste troll-o-rama file?
              \_ do not threaten Trollbot. just give him a cookie and move
                 on to the next cage.
        \_ I thought AsiaSF was pretty damned boring.  Maybe I'm just jaded.
           Getting served dinner by a dude in a dress simply isn't all
           that 'different' around here.
           \_ maybe you're just boring. not that many restaurants have a
              model runway and electronic music and weird lights going on.
              the fact that the models are crossdressers just adds to the
              'difference' that you apparently can't see.
              \_ of course he's boring.  it's saturday, and he's trolling
                 the motd, just like you.
                 \_ there's a difference between bored and boring.
2003/2/15-16 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:27429 Activity:moderate 76%like:27423
2/14    How can I get my Pentium machine (with PCI & ISA slots), to boot with
        a MDA (monochrome display adapter) card and monitor as the
        default console? This computer is going to run debian, live in the
        basement, and I do not need anything other than text console. I
        like the amber-colored display, the fact that it does not flicker,
        and the monitor being small and light. Any ideas?  I can't find
        anything with google. I think this might be a BIOS issue.
        \_ Install an MDA card, disable the builtin VGA card via BIOS.
           \_ There is no built-in VGA card, I have been using a Matrox
              VGA PCI card. If I remove it, will it boot using the installed
              ISA MDA card if, in the BIOS, there is a "Video" menu:
              VGA/CGA, EGA, MONO.  Do I change this to MONO?
           \_ There is no built-in VGA card, I have been using a Matrox VGA
              PCI card. I have installed an ISA MDA card.  In the BIOS,
              there is a "Video" menu:  VGA/CGA, EGA, MONO.  If I change
              this to MONO, remove the matrox card, and it doesn't work,
              can I boot up again with my matrox video card with the BIOS in
              "MONO" mode without messing up my matrox card and VGA monitor?
           \_ Hey Thanks!! That worked. I'm logged in to soda on an amber
              screen monochrome monitor. Way cool. Old school meets new school
              I took the matrox out, so now I can use it in another computer.
        \_ Do you really want/need a display? A simpler option might be
           to configure lilo/grub and the kernel to redirect output to
           com0 or com1.
            \_ Yeah, I think I want a display, but what sort of
               device are you invisioning on the com port?
2003/2/15-16 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/German] UID:27430 Activity:very high
2/15    Motd way boring at the moment.
        \_ Ein Reich, Ein Corp, Ein Folk, EIN BUSH!
           \_ God, that protest was last week.  Get with the times, would ya'?
           \_ so is free sex available to protesters yet? waiting..
              \_ actually, if they don't protest then you get free sex
              \_ The protest itself is free sex.
        \_ be more funny!
        \_ "jblack is a racist". Debate.
2018/11/13 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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