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2003/2/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:27406 Activity:nil
2/13    How can I find out the overall progress jigdo has made in getting a
        debian CD. The iso.tmp file starts out big, and does not grow.
        \_ watch for "Found 10 of the 1423 files required by the template"
           The second number decreases as time goes by - when it reaches 0,
           the download is finished.
2003/2/14 [Computer/Domains] UID:27407 Activity:moderate
2/13    What would be the most economical / recommended way to do the
        following: I'd like to make my own domain only so all email to that
        domain gets forwarded to me; i.e. email to
        is always forwarded to (My
        mail delivery agent at <DEAD><DEAD> will deliver that.)
        I don't care about any other uses of the domain, just the email fwding.
        \_ - you can redirect everything, 12 euros/year
           \_ That's cheap, granted, but it only gives you 5 redirections.
              I want unlimited redirections. Other suggestions?
              \_ they give you a sixth blanket redirection so that you
                 can redirect all other email to a 6th email address.
                 that plus procmail at the receiving email should do the
                 \_ I'd hoped to do procmail filtering based on the
                    myemail+someword - would that work with the blanket
                        \_ depends on whether someword is static or if
                           you mean for it to be dynamic?  email me if
                           you're interested in trying it with my gandi
                           domain.  When I tested it at one point, the
                           forwarding forwarded the +* info fine, and
                           procmail was fine with it. - mds
2003/2/14 [Computer/Rants] UID:27408 Activity:nil
2/13    Where can I buy a $10,000 bill?  I searched all over the web
        and can't find any stores that sell it.
        \_ how about that trillion dollar bill shown in the simpsons?  :-)
        \_ EBay
           \_ Can't find it on eBay.  url?
2003/2/14 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27409 Activity:low
2/13    People who intentionally write obfuscated code for contests
        use formatting to confuse you.  What tools/programs takes
        obfuscated code, and at least makes it readable in terms of
        lining up parens and so forth.
        \_ Apparently, duct tape and plastic bags work wonders for
           chemical weapons. Maybe you should try that.
        \_ indent
           \_ to be more precise, GNU indent, which has a bazillion options
              and is surely exactly what you want to make the best sense of
              obfuscated code.
              \_ is this a default part of emacs?
                 \_ No. Separate gnu package.
        \_ tab
        \_ I'd think the same tools would easily unobfuscate the formatting.
2003/2/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:27410 Activity:kinda low
2/14    Regarding the US soldiers raping a korean soldier news.  During the
        first gulf war there were women POWs and they were raped by the Iraqis.
        I remember some media pundit saying that the men get raped too.  I
        always thought it's third world lowlifes that rape POWs.  But after
        reading that korean news, I'm convinced that our soldiers do the same
        in the battlefields.  It's like prison guards, they rape inmates not
        for the sex but for the violence and the power.
        \_ Soldiers are soldiers - all day with a male squad and no fun
           makes those killers hot and randy.  If you can brainwash them
           into killing all of 'them,' then raping 'them' is no problem.
        \_ and you know this because?
        \_ and you share your incoherent ramblings why?
        \_ The Japanese soldires did that to civilians in China during WWII,
           and they were no third world soldires.
           \_ and Korean civilians and Dutch civilians
              \_ Dutch civilians?  Where?
                 \_ Dutch East Indies (a.k.a. Indonesia).
           \_ The vikings, Mongols, Romans, and probably everyone else
              did this to POWs and conquered peoples throughout history
              to establish dominance and de-humanize their caoptives.
              It wasn't right then, and it's not right now.  And now
              that we can stop it, we need to do so.
        \_ American soldiers raped a lot of Vietnamese during that war.
        \_ Tell me the general public can now post to the motd.
           Can people at this school really be this stupid?
           \_ no and yes
2003/2/14-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:27411 Activity:nil
2/14    I wrote a simple Expect script that telnets to another system,
        runs a program called dbapi that changes the debug level of various
        application processes, logs out and exit.  Even though everything
        seems to go fine with correct responses, if I check the debug levels
        again manually, they were not changed.  If I use dbapi to change the
        debug levels manually (without using Expect), they change fine.
        Any ideas what could be the problem?           - Expect rookie
        \_ does your expect script login as a user that has the rights to
           change the debug level?
           \_ Yes.  If I do the exact same thing as the Expect script
              does, but do it manually (which is how I usually do it),
              then it works.
        \_ As an alternative, take a look at Perl's Net::Telnet (or the
           equivalent lib for Python, Ruby, ocaml, or whatever language
           you happen to be using).
2003/2/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27412 Activity:kinda low 50%like:26035
2/14    Happy Valentine's Day
        \_ Fuck you. -geordan
           \_ Can't help displaying your passion publicly?
              \_ Is there any other way? -geordan
              \_ hey he signed his name. he must be cool.
              \_ sign your name, twink
                 \_ Ah, the iron-y. -geordan
                 \_ And your signature is at ...?
                    \_ i always sign my name! -twink
2003/2/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27413 Activity:high
        Saddam passed a law outlawing ministries from producing WMD.
        Maybe all the anti-war people were right.
        Powell also got dissed by Blix. :P
        \_ This _is_ sarcasm, right?
           \_ nope.  the idea is if expanded inspections turn up something,
              france would feel more comfortable backing punishment.
                \_ Spoken like a historical halfwit.  France can be blamed
                   or partially blamed for every major conflict in
                   the past 120 years, starting with Franco-Prussian war.
        \_ Yeah right, like anyone in the Iraq govt is going to arrest Saddam
           for breaking this law.
2003/2/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27414 Activity:insanely high
2/13    The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq:
        A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth
        \_ We Should  Go to War With France for Fucking up Capitalization
           in the English Language After 1066.
        \_ interesting. this whole war thing stinks of Henry Kissinger.
        \_ his writing style gives him away as an alarmist. take this with
        several grains of salt.
        \_ Interesting article.  Not long ago, the WSJ has an article
           saying that the US dollars used to be propped up by both
           european and east asian buyers, but the european buyers had
           pretty much dried up, so the US dollars is now all propped
           up by asians.  They are the only ones left supporting the US
           budget deficit and trade deficit.  Once that stop, what will
           US government do?  Increase interest rate?  Nah.  Probably
           start printing money.  Need to keep the economy going even if
           it makes us poorer.
                \_ Except there is no substitute for the dollar.  European
                   countries are far worse off then the U.S. and Japan is
                   not large enough.  All other oil transactions are
                   denominated in dollars, so until that changes...
                   \_ Nah, many well respected economists, fund managers,
                      etc. are betting on Europe.  The fruits of economic
                      integration is yet to be realized and profited from.
                        \_ You have to be kidding me.  Both Germany's
                           and Frances pension liabilities exceed 110%
                           of their GDP, unemployment 15%+, they created
                           zero jobs during 90's.
                              their own citizens not foreigners so
                              it won't affect currency.  Bad 90s doesn't
                              mean bad 00s.  Remember 80s and 90s for
                              Japan and US.
                           \_ Pension liabilities will not by itself
                              affect currency.  We are in 00s not 90s.
                              Remember 80s and 90s and Japan and US.
                              Rewards of EU integration are just waiting
                              to be reaped.  Eastern Europe is up and
                              coming.  Euro has already appreciated
                              quite a bit.  I am gonna buy some european
                              or far east mutual funds, ones without
                              dollar hedging.
                                \_ So government debt has no effect on
                                   exchange rates... in your dreams.  Its not
                                   even worth debating if
                                   you believe this.
                                   \_ If the financing is within the euro
                                      area, then it won't.  Foreigners don't
                                      own massive amounts of the euro.  They do
                                      own massive amounts of the dollar.  About
                                      1 trillion in east asia alone.  And that's
                                      just forex owned by the asian governments.
                           \_ 15%??? Where did you get this figure. The
                              real statistic is more like half that.
                              Remember that the US figure is kept
                              artificially low by the 2M in prison
                              and out of the labor pool. If you add
                              them back in, the rates are about the
                              same. US social security has the same
                              underfunded problems as European pensions.
                              Europe doesn't need to create jobs, since
                              their employment pools are not growing.
                              Europe has been focusing on productivity
                              growth, and it is paying off. German workers
                              are the most productive on the planet.
                              The US is in trouble with its huge
                              imbalance of trade and growing deficits.
                              The dollar is going to deflate much more
                              before long.
2003/2/14-15 [Computer/Rants, Computer/SW/Security] UID:27415 Activity:moderate
2/14    What is a good internet phone card for calling China?  Thanks.
        \_ I usually use  I don't know how it
           compares to others.  Is 3.3 cent good price for calling
           compares to others.  I thought it has good prices for China,
           Taiwan, and even US.  Is 3.3 cent good price for calling
           within the US?
        \_  : 4.9 cents (using local access #)
  : 3.9 cents (using local acesss #)
2003/2/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27416 Activity:high
2/14    the u.s. is at its moment of truth (no troll).  we hoped to find a
        smoking gun, but we haven't produced it.  we sent powell in to
        convince the world, but blix threw cold water on his "evidence" a
        week later.  france, russia, and china want expanded inspections,
        not war.  ironically, the u.s. is telling everyone else it's their
        "moment of truth".  all spin, I guess.  we appear poised to strike
        in march.  what will the u.s. do if it can't put forward any proof
        before then?
        \_ Bush will go to war with Iraq no matter what happens. The only
           way out is for Hussein to abdicate. This war was decided upon
           before 9/11.
           before 9/11. -ausman
        \_ Blix did not moisturize Powell's evidence.  The question
                        \_ you sure about that?
           is who has more credibility.  A U.N. that just appointed
           Iraq to lead the disarmament council and Libya to preside
           \_ Those appointments are based on a rotating schedule.  It is
              at best an amusing coincidence.
           over the Human Rights Council, and which receives 30-40% of Iraq's
           oil revenues, or the Bush and Blair administrations.
           The only antogonists to this war are engaging in a blatant
           economic power play. This is proxy war on the Saudis and Islam.
           \_ it seems more like the world is saying:
              you can't have a preemptive war
              \_ There is an alternative. There are operatives on the
                 ground trying to start a guerrilla war. Hussein cannot use
                 his military to fight such a war without US intervention.
                 World opinion would be against him if he killed "his own
                 people". I believe this is the route the US is now
                 pursuing with spec ops already known to be in Iraq. --dim
           \_ The proponents of this war are engaging in a blatant economic
              power play, too.
                \_ The U.S. will be attacked, not Europe.  The U.S. has been the
                   de facto guarantor of international stability for the past
                   50 years, paid for with U.S. tax dollars and US blood.
                   During this time the Europeans grew fat and lazy engorging
                   at the trough of socialism and welfare.  Simulataneously,
                   France did everything in its power to subvert NATO solidarity
                   - nearly crossing the line of treachery.
2003/2/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27417 Activity:nil
2/13    The Boomerang Effect
        Spot on commentary except that about Kosovo.
2003/2/14 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27418 Activity:high
2/14 (Last letter on page)
        "There really are a lot of good men out there.
         They just happen to be yellow."
         \_ Hoyt Sze!
            \_ anybody have hoyt sze's writings archived somewhere?  I searched
               on google and can't find anything.  I keep hearing about his
               views on asian women/white men, but it's all second hand.  Where
               is the source on this stuff?
            \_ Hoyt was an idiot.  This guy is right.
                \_ he seems to think gay men aren't asian
                   \_ I think the truth is that gay asians are not what he was
                      writing about nor who he was writing for and he's a bit
                      obtuse as a writer. This is not a crime outside of
                      Berkeley, you may be surprised to learn.
        \_ San Francisco women are all Gold Diggers.
2003/2/14-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:27419 Activity:low
2/14    Is there any way other than using "_asm" to access x86 registers as
        variables in C code compiled with MS C++ Compiler version 12 or 13?
        (In the BC++ for DOS, for example, I can use "_AX".)  I tried but couldn't find anything.  Thanks.  -- yuen
        \_ What is wrong with _asm, is it bad?
           \_ No, but I just want to do something like "if (_AX = 3) {...}".
              If I use "_asm" blocks I need multiple lines and a label. -- yuen
             \_Something seems fundamentally wrong with this kind of statement.
               Specifically,  mixing C and assembly that way just doesn't work.
               I really think you must load the AX register into a short
               variable, then test the contents of that variable. Otherwise
               you may not get what you intend.
               \_ Okay, I'll do that.  Thanks.  -- yuen
2018/11/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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