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2003/2/12 [Uncategorized] UID:27372 Activity:high
2/11    What's the hot Linux dist these days?
        \_ Red Hots
2003/2/12-7/5 [Science/Space, ERROR, uid:27373, category id '18005#0.425' has no name! , ] UID:27373 Activity:kinda low
2003/2/12-7/5 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:27374 Activity:insanely high
2/11    My company is trying to boost our position in search engine
        results.  Besides working more keywords into the text of the
        page, what can we do?
        \_ Just properly index your page, let google do the rest.
           For certain search engine (altavista), you can buy keywords,
           so, just shout out the cash.
        \_ Are you the same moron who asked a similar question a while ago?
           Besides the thing you mentioned, you can shoot yourself and your
           coworkers for being slime.
           \_ Not the same poster.  What's wrong with trying to show up
              higher in search engine results?  Our content is relevant
              to the searches where we want to show up.
              \_ If you are relevant, trust google to show you appropriately.
                 Google tries to be fair, we _know_ you aren't, since you are
                 interested only in your site.
                 \_ Google isn't always right.  I wouldn't trust google or
                    the crazy cultish fuckers who would there to do anything
                    "fair".  They tweak results until what comes back is what
                    the cultists think should come back.  They aren't experts
                    in every subject matter nor have they read every page on
                    the web.  Google also doesn't index the entire web.  You
                    need to put down the google bible and stop trusting the
                    google cult.  Anyway, it may not matter in a year or two
                    since google is running out of steam.  All that hardware
                    is going to sell for 5 cents on the dollar.
                    \_ when did the massage lady at Inktomi get a
                       csua account?
                    \_ wow, that's some strong anti-google sentiment. They
                       are one of the few "brand names" in the valley that is
                       hiring right now so I think maybe they have some more
                       tricks up their sleeve.
2003/2/12 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:27375 Activity:high
2/11    Gnucleus has been less great lately.  What are all the kids using
        to steal media these days?
        \_ the dorm nerds all use kazaa
               \_ so no one cares that it was (once?) loaded with spy ware?
                \_ they're all running Windows XP, which has all the
                   spyware handily built into the operating system,
                   how can you beat that?
                  \_ It's all about Kazaa Lite. I have it on my system,
                     and the recently released Ad-aware 6 didn't detect
                     any spyware on my system.
        \_ Has anyone tried GiFT yet?
        \_ bittorrent for tv episodes, etc.
        \_ Why do you ask?  Do you work for RIAA????
        \_ <flame>Does Kazaa run on MacOS? If not, Macs suck.</flame>
2003/2/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:27376 Activity:nil
2/11    I need a codename for a new project relating to space starting
        with the letter C.  Ideas?
        \_ "Project Codename".
        \_ "Project C-krit".
        \_ "Cassiopeia", "Cepheus", "Constellation"
        \_ "Columbia"
        \_ "Crash" "Catastrophe"
        \_ duh, "Cosmos".
           \_ he's fired, you're hired!
              \- "Butthead Astronomer"
        \_ Comet
        \_ cunt. oh wait, what kind of space...
        \_ "Cetec Astronomy"
2003/2/12-7/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Media] UID:27377 Activity:nil
2/11    I need a contractor for a few months. Can you help a brutha out?
        /csua/pub/jobs/pixar       -=Aubie
2003/2/12 [Uncategorized] UID:27378 Activity:nil
2/12    I just saw the ad for Extenze (a natural male enhancement pill) on TV.
        The company's website is  I am an
        "average" guy who fantasize about being more than "average" and more
        excited during action times.  Has anyone use this or any other
        supplements/excercises and care to comment?  Yeah.  I have heard of all
        these horrorible stories of deformities, etc.  I am just wondering if
        there are any success stories out there.  - average guy
        \_ My cock! my coooooooooooooooock!
2003/2/12-7/5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27379 Activity:insanely high
2/12    A sober reminder:

        Which of these do you regard as the greatest threat to world peace?
        United States           32%
        N. Korea                26%
        Iraq                    25%
        Israel                   2%
        Commercial Radio         6%

        The scary part is that this poll is conducted by Britian, our
        closest ally.
        \_ ...and in other news 30% of software engineers see Cowboy Neal
           as a major threat to world peace.  polls are bullshit.
        \_ This isn't a sober reminder of anything.  This is a cheap troll and
           I'm stunned several of you fell for it.  A shitty cut n paste of an
           old poll.  Jesus F. Christ!  You people are such suckers.  I'm
           going to leave all you "got trolled" fuckers up here so you can see
           yourselves and be ashamed even if your names are unknown.
           \_ Take yer meds and calm down.
        \_ If the UK were attacked, wouldn't you think the poll would
           be a little different?
           \_ Iraq never attacked the US
                \_ dodgin' da queshun eh
                \_ Al Qaeda is in Iraq, no one disputes this now.
                   These fucking Euroweenies are dragging their
                   feet as part of a power play.  Except they are
                   not in danger, it is the US who bears the brunt
                   of terrorist animosity.  Fucking bastards.
                   France used to be a great country until the end
                   of the 19th century.  The slide began when they got
                   their ass kicked by Mexico.  Subsequently, they lost
                   all of their able bodied men in the Franco-Prussian war,
                   WWI, and WWII.  The only men left to repopulate
                   the country were the queers, Communists and
                   other non-combatants who sipped coffee on the
                   Champs d'elysee rather than defend the country.
                   \_ last time I checked, this was a war against
                      Iraqi and Sadam; not Al Qaeda, per se. I'm
                      sure we would have alot more support if the
                      goal was declared as "chasing these damn
                      terrorists wherever they run... now into
                      iraq." That is not the case.
           \_ It's not that they don't like the United States or
              that they like Iraq.  It's simply that they can't
              answer "yes" to the question "Can you trust a very
              powerful United States to act out of fairness
              instead of for their own interest?".  For the
              world, the answer is "No". Of course, they would
              hate an Iraq as powerful as the US, but it isn't.
              \_ that is my point.  I just want to remind those who
                 think US is the center of the universe
                 (I am not in the US right now) that most people
                 in the world see USA as a 800 pound guerrilla
                 who never reluctant to throw her weight around for
                 her self-interest.  This continues act of unconstraint
                 has an interesting effect of building anti-American
                 setement world wide.   -OP
                 \_ Your critique of US foreign policy seems to be somewhat
                    hindered by the fact that your post makes you seem like
                    a complete moron.  I suggest you check your spelling
                    and grammar -- at least consult an english speaking
                    \_ This reminds me of the saying, "what does it mean
                       when someone speaks English with an accent? that
                       he speaks at least one more language than you."
                       Have you ever been outside of the U.S.? what the OP
                       said is nothing new, and it wouldn't surprise me if
                       the majority of the world feels this way, whether
                       admitted or not.  Picking on his spelling and
                       grammar may make you feel like a big man, but it's
                       a pretty poor retort to what we all know the OP meant.
              \_ Read this:
                        \_ More on this.  Saddam had a multibillion nuclear
                           program with 20,000 workers.  Had the Gulf War I
                        \_ More on this.  Saddam's multibillion nuclear program
                           had 20,000+ workers.  Had the Gulf War I
                 It doesn't cover whether it's right or wrong, or how
                 trustworthy the U.S. is, but it explains why the Bush
                 administration is attacking Iraq.  It's also a year old
                        \_ More on this.  Saddam's multibillion nuclear
                           program had 20,000+ workers.  Had the Gulf War I
                \_ You can stop terror by shifting the balance of
                   power in the middle east.  A bold initiative is
                   required, perpetuating the current paradigm will only
                   cause increasing instability.  The question is not
                   what the Socialists in France, Germany, and Belgium
                   think of us, the question is what is right.  None
                   of these countries will be attacked until the US
                   falls.  Then its their turn.  This is a war against
                   Islam, and Iraq is a battle in this war.
                   Changing the regime in Iraq will have profound
                   geopolitical consequences.
                           not taken place, the intelligence consensus is that
                           he would have been nuclear by 1993.
                           \_ Yes, but they still would have been US allies
                              so the situation would be akin to India and
                              Pakistan. Besides, Israel would have bombed a
                              nuke site if they had found it.
                 \_ You can't stop terrorism.  Terrorism is a tactic,
                    just like "stragetic bombing" is a tactic.  You can't
                    declare war on (nor winning against) tactics.
                    \_ yeah, but can you stop terror?
                       \_ By destroying everything that makes you afraid.
                \_ You can stop terror by shifting the balance of power in the
                   middle east.  A bold initiative is required, perpetuating
                   the current paradigm will only cause increasing instability.
                   The question is not what the Socialists in France, Germany,
                   and Belgium think of us, the question is what is right.
                   None of these countries will be attacked until the US falls.
                   Then its their turn.  This is a war against Islam, and Iraq
                   is a battle in this war. Changing the regime in Iraq will
                   have profound geopolitical consequences.
                   \_ So it is a holy war. Ah, welcome back Crusaders 2k.
                        \_ well duh
                           \_ Do you recall who the fate of most Crusaders?
                                \_ The Crusades were a defensive measure,
                                   doomed from the outset.  Christendom
                                   was on its way out, the West was lucky to
                                   survive.  How quickly we forget that
                                   almost all Islamic lands apart from Asia
                                   were once Christian.
                                   \_ How very European of you. Nice spin try.
                                        \_ Spin = historical facts?
                                   \_ Garbage!  Our esteemed president Bush
                                      is a Christian warrior, and he is kicking
                                      Islamic arse!
2003/2/12-7/5 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:27380 Activity:moderate
2/11    At what point (in the course of my login) does DISPLAY get set,
        and what does it get set to? I'm able to open X windows locally
        (using Exceed) from soda, but not from another box I have access
        to. On this other box, DISPLAY is not set and I'm trying to
        figure how to set it. Thanks.
        \_ Depends on the OS & login method.
           \_ please expound or provide a link? the offending box is
              running red hat, and I'm logging in over ssh.
              \_ The remote system's sshd should be setting it.  Make sure
                 that X forwarding is enabled on the remote system and on
                 your local system (try using ssh -v and looking for the
                 "X11 forwarding" lines); you might also want to make sure
                 your dotfiles aren't resetting your DISPLAY variable to
                 something wrong.
        \_ Can you figure out your local machine's IP address and then manually
           do "setenv DISPLAY local-IP-addr:0.0" after logging in to the other
        \_ Try ssh -X
           \_ ssh -x
2003/2/12-7/5 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:27381 Activity:insanely high
2/12    A sober reminder: Alqueda are SAUDIS, DUH.  The ppl who were arrested
        for 9/11?  Most were Saudis.  Osama?  Saudi.  Opec led by.. Saudis?
        Oil at $35/barrel.
        \_ What better way to triangulate the Saudis and diminish their
           grip in OPEC by allowing Iraq to produce more oil.  As it
           stands, the U.N. extracts 30-40% of Iraq's oil proceeds
           for administrative purposes.
2003/2/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:27382 Activity:moderate
2/12    anybody know what happened to <DEAD><DEAD>?
        \_ You're not cleared for that information- !TIA
        \_ esr went nuts.
           \_ is there any truth in this statement?
           \_ wait, related to this, something really weird is going on:
              each time I go to I get sent to a different
              random linux-related website. wtf?
           \_ It wasn't a very far trip.
2003/2/12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27383 Activity:very high
2/12    hey war nerds, who forced out the last UN weapons
        inspection team in Iraq?  Was it the Iraqis, or
        was it the united states?  no this is not a troll.  thanks
        \_ Why would have the US forced out the weapons inspection team?
           \_ Er.  They were pulled because the US was starting bombing.
        \_ Iraqis, sorta. Repeated refusals to allow inspections of palaces
           and limiting access to some facilities had the UN inspectors give
           up and go home. That caused the renewal of sactions.
           \_ If you don't know, just keep your mouth shut
              \_ Actually, the ignorance is telling. My impression is that most
                 Americans have already forgotten that it was the UN that
                 ordered the inspectors out in preparation for US bombing. I
                 think a great many have revised history in their own heads and
                 believe that Iraq ordered them out.
                 \_ And why were they ordered to get out? Because the Iraqis
                    weren't letting them do their jobs. So who's to blame?
                    \_ Do you actually listen to yourself?
              \_ What the fuck do you expect them to do? Inspec the same site
                 hundreds of times?  I know maybe you think they should inspect
                 shopping malls and grocery stores. The Iraqis
                 agreed to cooperate at the end of Gulf War.  Iraq violated
                 the terms of cease fire, the US inspectors left out of
                 frustration and disgust.
                 \_ Wrong.
                   \_ OK So everyone is wrong but you.  Post a reference
                      please? (Not the socialist club either)
                      \_ Ooh. What's the socialist club? Can I join?
        \_ Tony Blair did an interview last week in which he was grilled for
           saying that the Iraqis forced us out. He said that because they
           were not allowed to do their work, they were "essentially forced
           out". So whether you say that the inspectors left because of the
           Iraqis or because of UN inspectors is entirely moot.
                \_ Even your favorite anti-war pedophile Scott Ritter
                   testified before Congress to the effect that the
                   inpsectors were hindered.  Exactly how would you remedy
                   such a situation.  Allow to me guess - like the French,
                   you would recommend Iraq pass a law outlawing WMD.
                   In fact, the Democrats, such as Daschle, Berger,
                   Gore, etc. engaged in vociferous sabre rattling over
                   the issue.  But in the end, like everything, they were all
2003/2/12-13 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:27384 Activity:low
2/12    Any recommendations for local flower shops that in downtown
        SF that deliver?  Looking for roses delivery for V-Day.
                          \_ oh that's original
                             \_ As original as expecting sex on VDay
        \_ Chase Flowers at one of the exits at the Embarcadero BART Station.
           I used it once four years ago, although not on Valentine's day.
           They even wrote a card for me over the phone.
2003/2/12-7/5 [Industry/Jobs] UID:27385 Activity:low
        Contract/part time/backup sysadmin for
        I'm the full time guy.  Send in your resume now if interested.
        You can email me with questions but I'm not the primary resume
        contact.  Use the jobs@ address.  -reiffin
        UPDATE: the resumes I've seen so far all suck.  If you've got some
        experience with Solaris, Linux, 3ware, raid on linux, raid on anything
        else, Veritas volume manager, Netapp (any model), and want this
        contract, then send me your resume and I'll get your name in the
        post-HR hat.  If you've already sent in a resume to jobs@, it didn't
        get to me.  Please send resume via me this time.
        \_ Is that job still kickback - hide in the office and surf for
           porn all day?
           \_ still?  It's never been like that.  -reiffin
              \_ I was offered (briefly) your job in Aug, 2001.  It was
                 that kickback.  Probably why they ended up getting acquired.
                 \_ How were you "briefly" offered the job?  I was hired
                    Aug 2001, btw.  It wasn't kickback then, it isn't now.
                    The contracting thing may turn out to be easy money,
                    though.  -reiffin
        \_ obridicule
           \_ obstfu
2003/2/12-7/5 [Computer/Domains] UID:27386 Activity:nil
2/12 charges for URL masking. Does anyone else do
        hosting+masking for less (godaddy is $(9+6)/yr)
2003/2/12-7/5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27387 Activity:high
2/12    Has anyone (in the CSUA) tried to make some sort of anonymous motd
        poll interface that lets users vote <=1 times? For about 5 minutes,
        I've been thinking about how you could do this, but haven't come up
        with a good solution that prevents root from knowing who has voted...
        \_ kchang's Happy Point system worked pretty well. It had a pretty
           cool voting GUI and authentication system.
        \_ If you can't trust root on the host then....
        \_ Built some sort of database, with one entry per user. Make
           users log in with their unix account password to use the
           voting system. Use crypt to check them (assumes you are
           root and have access to shadow file). Keep all your
           transmissions and results encrypted, so that no one
           including root can peek. The developer has to be trusted
           but no one else. Would this work?
           \_ Yes, log in with their unix account password.  That sounds
        \_ I would not give some program my unix password. Your results
           would be skewed away from security-conscions, untrusting folks.
           Wouldn't it be better to check the UID of the person running
           the vote program?
              \_ What is unsafe about it?
        \_ I would not give said program my unix password. Your results
           would be skewed away from paraniod, untrusting folks.
           Wouldn't it be better to check the UID of the user when they
           run the program, and record one vote per UID?
           \_ Nah, just make it ask the user who logs in for the first
              time for a motd only password.  That should probably assuade
              some worries of the paranoid.
2003/2/12 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:27388 Activity:moderate
2/12    Is there any graphical browser on soda?  I tried "locate netscape" but
        couldn't find the executable.  Thanks.
        \_ why would you even want to do that?  why not just run the browser
           on your local machine?
           \_ Say I want to surf porn but don't want to be recorded by my
              company's proxy server.
        \_ The last thing we need is a bunch of people trying to stream
           netscape over X11/ssh on soda.
2003/2/12 [Uncategorized] UID:27389 Activity:nil
2/12    chialea, will you be my valentine.  your #1 fan on the east coast
2003/2/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27390 Activity:moderate
2/12    I fucking hate Valentine when I am single, but love it to death when I
        was not.  Fuck!  The closer it is to Valentine, the worse I feel.  So,
        I want to give one of these online services a try.  I am browsing them
        all one by one.  Anyone has any recommendations for a good/decent
        service targeted for Asian guys searching for Asian gals ages 20-30?
        \_ I hate Valentine's Day on principle.  I'm going to celebrate
           the true spirit of the Feast of St. Valentine by beating people
           and decapitating them. -geordan
                \_ you know I'm still willing to blow you -aspo
                   \_ You're a good man, Mr. Polito.  Keep up the good work!
                   \_ Dude, you're willing to blow most anyone.  I never
                      get that special feeling when I'm with you.  Snif.
        \_ relaunched as an asian singles site.
2003/2/12 [Uncategorized] UID:27391 Activity:nil
        \_ how is this clever?
           \_ if you have to ask... !op
           \_ Maybe he meant 'Comment est-ceci malin?'
           \_ I think you meant to ask: how is this humorous?  And if you
              consult the dictionary you'll see that it matches the
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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