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2003/2/11 [Uncategorized] UID:27364 Activity:nil 50%like:27227
2/10    Is tonight the final episode of joe millionaire?
        \_ Does anyone care?
           \_ I do!
                \_ clearly someone does if it's being asked.
                   \_ the inference is that only a few care, or those who
                      care are morons
        \_ let me get some honest opinions. Do you think Zora is:
           sexy: .
           ugly: .
           both: .
        \_ second poll, who do you think will win:
           Zora: .
           Sara: .
           \_ sara is a BABE!!!
              \_ And VERY nice feet.
2003/2/11-7/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:27365 Activity:moderate
2/10    Lyris is hiring (downtown berkeley)
        \_ Any non-senior code positions?  Also, I know someone in the CSUA
           works for Lyris, and I recall him making allusions to the Lyris
           code base being pretty gnarly.  Care to confirm or refute that?
           \_ Not for now.  Currently only senior candidates are being
              considered.  The code base has in the recent past been in
              much gnarlier states, but this has been from understaffing -
              a problem which is finally being addressed. --scotsman
           \_ no one trains interns anymore - at least not for loooow wage
2003/2/11 [Uncategorized] UID:27366 Activity:high
2/10    Dell Dude is busted for Pot.
        \_ uh... wasn't this posted this morning?
2003/2/11 [Uncategorized] UID:27367 Activity:high
2/10    I wonder if anyone has ever raped their father?
        \_ Arlo Guthrie thinks so
           \_ but only since he'd been arrested for littering.
2003/2/11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:27368 Activity:nil 71%like:27371
2/11    Need to write lexer for VB.  (Links to spec)P  obgoogle failed.

2/11/2...003 - Hi tony!
2003/2/11 [Computer/Networking] UID:27369 Activity:nil
2/11    Is there a way to find out a login's last email access?  including
        from which ip the user checked his email from?
        \_ nothing too reliable on the first, nothing on the second.
        \_ finger?
        \_ Silly nerd, stalking's not fashionable these days.
        \_ Depends on how much mail the person receives. If it's a lot, you
           are out of luck. Otherwise "ls -lu" in /var/mail shows last access
           time (note that recieving mail is an "access"). Use that info
           along with "last" and you might be able to match up an IP. VERY
           unreliable though. Lots of dependancies.
                \_ Be aware that the ip might just be that of a nat-fw
                   of a socks proxy, and not the really ip of the person.
                   And don't forget some people use a .forward.
2003/2/11 [Health/Women] UID:27370 Activity:moderate
2/11    People seen this before?
        Asian Women Driving School:
        \_ wow, that's offensive in so many ways
           \_ yeah, but is it offensive considering it was produced by an
              Asian woman?
              \_ No, that just makes it funny.
        \_ Whenever I see stupid driving behavior I assume its a woman.
           \_ Lucky you.  Whenever I see stupid driving behavior I assume
              it's some idiot drunk off his ass.  And 'round here, I'm likely
              right....  PeterM, Abuquerque, NM
              \_ what are you doing in NM?
                 \_ Hah!  Like there are ANY JOBS IN CA!  I had to flee the
           \_ I assume it's someone who should take their menorah back to
              \_ Whenever I see stupid posting, I assume it's a motd troll.
           \_ I assume it's someone from Paris.
        \_ Whenever I see someone doing something completely moronic and
           dangerous I assume that it is an SUV driver talking on a cell
           phone. Guess what? I am almost always right!
                \_ You left out the fact that they are usually drinking
                   a starbucks latte.
        \_ Hey, that girl is pretty hot actually. --aaron
2003/2/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:27371 Activity:high 71%like:27368
2/11    Need to write lexer for VB.  (Links to spec)P  obgoogle failed.
        \_ sounds like an interesting project. what you doing?
           \_ Adding a lexer for a program analysis tool that already does
              c/c++, php, python, perl.  The program is written on unix,
              I just need a better way of finding out the lang spec for VB
              other than writing a bunch of examples and seeing what comes
              spewing out of m$ compiler.
        \_ your seach-fu is lacking.  "Visual Basic language specification"
           on google returns this as the first result.

2/11/2...003 - Hi tony!
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