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2003/2/10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27355 Activity:nil
2/8     I'm against this war because it's all about oil, but even if
        it isn't I'm not convinced Iraq is harbouring weapons of mass
        destruction, but even if they are I'm against this war because
        the UN has not authorized it, but even if they do I'm against
        this war unless there's an imminent threat, but even if there
        is I'm against this war because an invasion would prove a
        military disaster, but even if it isn't I'm against this war
        because toppling Saddam would increase terrorism, but even if it
        doesn't I'm against this war because the world will see us as
        unilateralist, but even if it doesn't I'm against this
        war because it will cost too much, but even if it doesn't it's
        because we used Iraqi oil to pay for it. See, I told you it's
        all about oil. Besides, what about North Korea?"
        \_ This was really amusing.  Thanks.
2003/2/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:27356 Activity:low
2/8     The Ashcroft/Bush menace tries to keep us down by illegally arresting
        one of young America's greatest symbols!
        \_ You must be the guy that only listens to talk radio, right?
2003/2/10-11 [Computer/Networking] UID:27358 Activity:high
2/8     I am thinking of getting an ADSL.  I have a choice of 5 dynamic
        IP, or one single static IP.  My issue is as follows:  I want
        to run my little server from home, but at the same time,
        I will be sharing this broadband with two or more computer.
        What should I do? Get the Static IP option and buy a router
        off shelf?  Would that give me the ability to run server?
        thanks.                 nerd wantta be
        \_ Dynamic IPs don't work with cable modem.
        \_ if the router does port forwarding (and most do), yes, you can
           run a server easily enough.  or you can go for the dynamic IP
           addresses and use something like dynamic DNS.
           \_ I saw offer such service.  Any other relatively
              good and cheap DNS service?               -OP
                \_ DynDNS. They have great, configurable services, and
                   most don't cost.
        \_ I'd do the static IP.  A zillion small businesses run just fine with
           a single static IP.  You can too.  Dynamic dns gives a lame and
           highly unprofessional look to your domain.
           \_ While I suggest going with static IP, you can side-step
              the unprofessional look by making your FQDN a CNAME
              to your dynamic name (e.g., CNAME <DEAD><DEAD>)
              \_ For the clueless (like me), how would I do this?
                 \_ 1) Set up a host (e.g., <DEAD><DEAD>)
                    2) Register domain (e.g.,
                    3) Make an alias for <DEAD><DEAD>.
                       You can use
                    \_ Or pay for IP masking.  Try
        \_ Definitely Static IP. Then buy a $50 router for the rest of your
           machines. If you have a "server", just put that on the DMZ.
        \_ Thanks all for the reply.  I will probably go for Static IP
           and put the server in the DMZ like other people said. I will
              instead of putting it in the DMZ. there is a lot of network
           explorer various DNS service options.        -OP
           \_ for your first server, i recommend using port-forwarding
              instead of putting it in the DMZ. there are many network
              \_ Great idea.Go ahead and port forward to a insecure box
              security lessons you haven't learned.
              \_ Great idea. Go ahead and port forward to a insecure box
                 on your intranet. When the next wu-ftpd or proftpd exploit
                 comes out your entire intranet is compromised. Wozer!
2003/2/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:27359 Activity:nil
2/10    How would you recycle a chair mat?  Like you would with plastic?
        \_ turn it into soap or a lampshade.  Make sure you wash out the
           barcode first, and remove any valuables from the body.
2003/2/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27360 Activity:insanely high
2/8     has anyone here been in a threesome? what did you think afterwards?
        \_ You looking to be the "extra" or to bring in someone?  It might
        \_ Yeah.  it sucked because i was really attached to israel.
           be easier being an extra, since you can just leave afterward.
        \_ Yeah.  it sucked because i was really attached to one of them.
           fucked with my head more than my cock.  Don't do it unless you're
           sure you want it.
           \_ Yeah, especially if the one you are attached to is not your SO.
              I've been fantasizing having a threesome with my wife and her
              sister-in-law, but I know if I could really get it I'd screw up
              big time because it'd just turn into sex with her sis-in-law and
           sure you want it.
              my wife merely watching.
              \_ I assume your wife's brother's wife, and not your sister,
                 right? :)
                 \_ Exactly.
        \_ it can be fun, but, the attention/time-share can be difficult
           to juggle.
        \_ Yeah a bunch of them. They were all great experiences except for
           the one with someone I was really mad about. That one made
           made me jealous.
        \_ guy girl guy works a hell of a lot better than guy girl girl
           \_ for all parties involved? (you're talking about two straight
              guys right?) -op
              \_ yes and yes
           \_ There's no way I'll have sex in front of another guy.
              think their advice is necessarily that good. i'm more
              \_ Your type is probably not cut out for threesomes.
                 \_ No, I'm all for sex with multiple girls.
                    \_ Sure you are, sport.
           \_ Yeah, especially if the one you are attached to is not israel
              I've been fantasizing having a threesome with jordan and
              palestine, but I know if I could really get it I'd screw up
              big time because it'd just turn into carnage with her mossad and
              the plo.
              \_ I assume you mean mossad butchery, right? :)
                 \_ Exactly.
        \_ it can be fun to fuck with the middle east, but,
           the attention/time-share can be difficult to juggle.
        \_ Listen to "Loveline" on Live105 10-midnight  sun-thu. this
           question comes up often. And ususally the answer is "don't do
           it with anybody you care about, because after this experience,
           your relationship will be irreversably changed, lots of confused
           feelings and soon (two months) you will break up. Every time.
           \_ i like loveline - it's amusing to listen to but i don't
              think their advice is necessarily that good. They've heard
              every romantic problem under the sun and they assume that
              what works for one person will always work for someone else.
               \_ I think they've heard the EXACT same situations hundreds
                  of times, and interestingly enough, psychological
                  reactions and conditions for different people are more
                  similar that you would think.
                  \_ at least taken from the sample of people who would
                     actually call into loveline.
                        \_ Exactly! Last night Adam Carolla said
                           "200% of our callers have been molested" :)
2003/2/10-11 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27361 Activity:very high
2/8     I want to assemble a Firewire hard disk that is reasonably quiet (to
        be used at home).  Which case (if it matters) and drive are good?\
        \_ Why do you want Firewire external disk?
           \_ cuz I only have a laptop with 1394.
        \_ Another question, is an ata/133 drive backward compatiable with
           an enclosure that supports upto ata/100?
           \_ yes
        \_ Drive, I personally prefer the IBM/Hitachi 180GXP, but others like
           Western Digital Special Editions with big cache.  Watch out
           for how many GB the enclosure can support.  The IBM/Hitachi 40GNX
           line are good 2.5" drives.
        \_ Seagate is known for having the quietest drives in the industry;
           that might be a good place to start. --sowings
2003/2/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27362 Activity:very high
2/10    Powell's going to burst a vessel, Rumsfeld won't know what to do,
        and Bush won't say anything until Friday at the earliest.  I bet
        they didn't expect Putin to publicly back France/Germany on expanded
        \_ Bush does not care what any of these countries think, why should he?
           We will be at war with Iraq in six weeks, tops.
        \_ France and Germany have already admitted Iraq has WMD.  To them,
           the question is one of economics and their trade relationship with
           Iraq.  This is what happens when Greens involve themselves
           in international affairs.
           \_ Wait, kind of like the Union Banking Corporation (director
              Prescott Bush, grandfather of current president) financing
              Nazi industry in WWII?  The only reason US companies aren't
              complaining is because of Sept 11 and bad PR.
                \_ This analogy makes no sense at all.  So you, as an anti-
                   corporate Chomskite, are the arch public relations
                   corporate Chomskyite, are the arch public relations
                   officer for the entire Fortune 500 and speak
                   as their representative?  I guess we are fortunate to
                   have you on the motd.
                   \_ Both of these arguments carry little weight.  I could
                      just as easily argue that Republican Texas-raised Bush
                      and his old cronies seek control over a major oil
                      source to counter OPEC.  After all, Dubya's National
                      Security Adviser has an oil tanker named after her,
           \_ The US doesn't care about the WMD either.
                      from where she used to work.
                                             \_ Not "work"; she was on the
                                                board of directors. Hardly
                                                the same thing.
                        \_ And triangulating the Saudis would be a bad idea?
                           We can't go after them directly.
           \_ The US doesn't care about the WMD either. It is all about
              economics on both sides.
           \_ I thought it was more about the US having a huge, costly force
              \_It's all about control that extra 8% (whatever) of oil
                reserve.  It's all about expanding the sphere of influence
                into that region.  In the long run, controlling these oil
                reserve worth a lot more than billions of dollars we
                dump... at least what is what the president-I-didn't-vote-
                for think.  This is pure US aggression, imperalism at
                it's finest since the Opium War 150 years ago.
                        \_ Right... the U.S.'s blatant history of
                           naked aggresion and military / economic
                           subversion of its sphere of influence.
                           Anyways, its much better to let the Soviets
                           brilliant histoy of allying itself with militant
                           militant Islam for example.
                           or EU control the region.  Take France's
                           brilliant history of allying itself with
                           militant Islam for example - we need more of
                           this.  Enforcing UN resolutions is
                           imperialism now is it?
                           Where were all of you sanctimonious pacifists
                           when Clinton wanted to do the exact same thing
                           in 1998 or when we saved the EU's ass in the
                \_ You tell em!  Nader in 2004!  Four more years!
                \_ Wasn't the Opium War by the British?
2003/2/10-11 [Reference/Religion] UID:27363 Activity:high
2/10    Any familiar with the Bible here?  Do all the quotes in really exist in the Bible?  Or are they
        just pranks?
        \_ Try reading the damn thing yourself.  Yes, they are in the Bible.
        \_ They are there, but interpretations differ for some of them.
        \_ The stories he talks about ARE actually in the bible, however,
           the interpretations he writes are mostly pretty off.  Mainly
           because he has no understanding of anchient hebrew culture, and
           doesn't actually know what's going on.
           \_ What other interpretations can there be for someone making her
              father drink wine and laying with her father and preserving his
              seed and then baring a child by her father?
              \_ Notice I said "mostly."  That one is acurate, but notice
                 he doesn't do much interpretation at all on that one.
                 I was more refering to "Abraham and Hagar" and "David and
        \_ Ah, I remember my first bible sex story.  It was given to me by
           Father Michael, and came wrapped in brown paper.
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