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2003/2/9 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:27350 Activity:nil
2/8     Fuck you and the Bill O'Reilly horse you rode in on.
2003/2/9 [Uncategorized] UID:27351 Activity:nil
2/8     A Berkeley Style peace protest in Australia: (from
        \_ I love it when hippies support mass murderers. It's got such a
           long tradition.
2003/2/9-10 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27352 Activity:high
2/8     What is a good deal for external firewire (IEEE 1394) hard disk
        right now?
        \_ is the answer to all computer questions of the
           form "what is a good deal for X computer thing right now."
        \_ $50 external enclosure from compgeeks or newegg or wherever, and
           then use whatever IDE drive you want.
        \_ You know you still have to plug in the external drive into
           the wall, not to mention lug around the AC adapter.
           \_ no, many can get power off the firewire bus.  -tom
           \_ fyi, most notebooks have the small firewire port, which
              doesn't deliver power
           \_ not for 2.5" HDDs.  there are some 3.5" HDD enclosures that
              can run everything off bus-power, but they're much less common.
              Even if you do need an adapter or a power cord, a drive
              enclosure is still more portable than carrying around a PC...
              \_ I believe you can get usb->ac dongles
                 \_ not quite. there are, hoewver, USB->DC and PS/2 DC dongles.
           \_ Can you carry a hard disk alone onto a plane?  Don't they
              sometimes require you to show it can work as a hard disk?
              \_ I tried that and they made me go into a little room with
                 no windows where a 6 foot tall federal agent named Hilga
                 forced me to strip.
        \_ So, what's a good 2.5" HDD brand that runs powered off firewire?
           I keep seeing these no-name enclosures.  I know the Iogear runs
           powered off USB 2.0, though I haven't tried it.
           \_ 2.5" HDD brand or 2.5" enclosure brand?  Most enclosures are
              about the same; just make sure you get one with an Oxford 911
2003/2/9-10 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27353 Activity:insanely high
2/8     Poll: How old are you and what kind of music do you listen to
        \_ 22. You guys bitching
        \_ 26, '80s punk and metal
        \_ 29.  SHAKIRA.
        \_ 29 - Back street boys
        \_ 22 Nirvana (RIP), Nas, Neil Young, Weezer
        \_ 32.  Conservative talk radio because I don't have time to worry
           about music anymore.  I see 2 of you are *soooo* close to joining
           \_ the next guy on a skateboard to spit on your windshield
              could well be me.
              \_ Unlikely.  I don't drive in the slums.
                 \_ Slums, you mean the Berkeley Hills?
           \_ who, the Shakira and BSB boys?
              \_ No, the ones listening to 80s music.
        \_ 24. Gypsy Gings, Alabina, Classic Rock, Latin Rock.
        \_ 31. Rush, Van Halen, Tool, various 80's bands
        \_ 33. NPR, TripleJ (Aussie radio), 80s and 90s punk.  32, you'll
           probably be joining me in a little while.
        \_ 35. Most recently purchased CDs: Alice charity CD,
           last two Hives albums, Strokes CD album and EP,
           and a couple Ventures CDs. Might get weezer and/or sum41 next,
           but I'm looking to convert my LPs and cassettes to MP3 on
           and a couple Ventures CDs. Might get weezer eminem and/or sum41
           60s/70s/80s albums that I need to listen to.
           next, but I'm looking to convert my LPs and cassettes to MP3 on
           this PowerBook G4. Got lots of Fleetwood Mac/Bob Dylan and other
           60s/70s/80s albums that I need to convert and listen to.
           I still listen to Bad Religion and old MoTown hits.
        \_ 30. Jazz and Rock (mostly older stuff)
2003/2/9-11 [Consumer/Camera] UID:27354 Activity:moderate
2/8     I'm looking for a picture of SFMOM, one from the outside that
                                        \_ ob yermom
        includes as much of the building as possible. doesn't
        seem to have any and I've tried looking elsewhere. Anyone
        know where a photo like this might be? Thanks.
        \_ oops, SFMOMA -op
           A side view of the whole exterior and one of the signature tower.
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