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2003/2/8-11 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27348 Activity:moderate
2/8     I'm going on a digital photography jaunt soon and I need a simple
        way to store a large amount of images from my compact flash cards.
        Is there some sort of device (say 10G of space) that would allow
        me to transfer files from the CF cards?  I don't want to purchase
        a laptop for this purpose alone, and I also don't want to buy
        several gigs worth of CF.
        \_ you need a CF->CD Burner. lemme know if you find out that this
           \_ uh, no, he needs CF->HD.  There are a number of such devices.
        \_  Look at Storage and Media forum.  You
           are looking for something called Digital Wallet.  Cheapest
           price without HD is about $80.
           \- are you going to be near electrical power on your "jaunt"?
              if not, what are you going to do to juice up non-disposable
              battery powered stuff? does anyone have experience with a
              solar charger? i am thinking about one for 2003 Sola Khumbu
              Expedition. --psb
              \- i gave this some more thought. i dont know where you are
                 going [what kinds of conditions you will be facing] or
                 how long you will be gone or how many pix you expect to
                 take, but i think a not unreasonable idea is to beg/borrow/
                 steal as many compact flash/micro drives as you can from
                 your friends. keep in mind some drives may not work at
                 altitude, and i'd be a little nervous about carrying all
                 on one potentially fragile digital wallet ... especially
                 under harsh conditions ... altitude, dusty, crossing
                 streams etc. are you sure you will need 10gigs? i think
                 jpegs shot at 2-3megs are pretty decent quality and that is
                 300+ shots on a 1gb microdrive. if you were an associate of
                 and you had reasonable liquidity and not a history of being
                 ass, i would probably loan you my digital media in return
                 for lunch or even a good postcard. if we are talking about
                 a 3month trip, of course that is a different matter.--psb
                \_ A microdrive is more fragile than a Digital Wallet.  Even
                   if the Wallet fails, the hard disk inside will likely still
                   be usable.  -tom
        \_ it'd be cool to be able to use an iPod to this end.
           \_ or an XBox!
              \_ well... I made the iPod remark in light of psb's
                 "what about electricity" comment. ok tnx.
                  \_ Yeah, but with an XBox it's a sleek looking digital
                     entertainment center, and you'd also be able store
                     your photos on it for just $200 and you'd be socking
                     it to Microsoft.  Modchips rule.
                        \_ how is buying products from Microsoft "socking it
                           to Microsoft"?
                           \_ supposedly Xboxes are sold at a loss.
                            \_ of course if you buy one microsoft gets to add
                               1 to the numbers of xboes sold column which
                               is a big deal.  The fact that the xbox is
                               outselling the gamecube is killing the cube.
                               Also it is giving the xbox incredible amounts of
        \_ try the archos jukebox multimedia with optional card
           reader.  20gb.
2003/2/8 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:27349 Activity:high
2/8     Border hospitals claim money ills (from having to treat nonpaying
        'Grah estimates 30 percent of the babies delivered at Chula Vista
        are to women who live south of the border. '
        'If someone is six or seven months' pregnant, they will come
        up from Tijuana on a shopping expedition and never go back,"
        \_ The above is posted by jblack
        \_ the costs of the technology and militias that we fund to hunt
           down (and often kill) these immigrants is far greater than
           the cost of childbirths to illegal immigrants. but thanks for
           revealing your ignorace, jblack.
           \_ Hearsay, unfortunately admissable on the motd.
              Care to back up your assertion with facts or is
              this what you wish for?  The irony is you are
              too stupid to realize you and your children pay
              for this out of your pocket.
              Tell this to displaced Blacks in innercities.
              \_ no, I have no desire to scour the web finding facts to
                 try and enlighten the ignorant on the motd. Why don't
                 you try and find some facts to disprove the stmt if you
                 care so much. part of my point: how could you even hope
                 to quantify "the cost of childbirths to illegal
                 immigrants". I mean, there are so many economic factors
                 at play, you couldn't even make any sort of meaningful
                 But thanks for reducing your argument to snivelling and
                 name-calling. Anyway, what do you have against immigrants?
                 ... did your dad once lose his job scrubbing toilets to
                 a Mexican once? Please continue to display your racist
                 ignorace. it is entertaining as always.
                 PS - jblack is a racist.
                 \_ Hi Tom!
                   \_ bzzt.  -tom
                   \_  Been waiting for the classic liberal ploy,
                       someone who disagrees with you is a racist.
                       Can't your puny little intellect
                       evolve beyond this ruse.
                            migrated to America I see a problem.
                       You see - there is no problem with LEGAL
                       immigration.  Spell it with me L-E-G-A-L.
                       Contrarily, when 20% of all Hondurans have
                       migrated to America, and when there are 11 million
                       undocumented illegals who on average have
                       less than a 3rd degree education, and who form
                       30% of California's prison population - I see a problem.
                       Oh, but wait its racist and offensive to present
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