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2003/2/7 [Uncategorized] UID:27328 Activity:high
2/6     I like to read people who agree with me:
        \_ really? than why do you read the motd?
           \_ cause of his freeper friends
        \_ as opposed to censoring eh?
2003/2/7 [Uncategorized] UID:27329 Activity:nil
2/6     Recently the number of US government workers surpassed the number
        workers in US manufacturing.  A good sign.
2003/2/7-8 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Security] UID:27330 Activity:high
2/6     What's the best remote flower delivery service?
        \_ Calling a florist in the remote area and being very exact in
           what you want (or give them free rein to create).
        \_ Don't use FTD or other large service. I agree with the first
           reply. --aaron
           \_ Except a lot of florists are part of the FTD network.
              And they will deliver FTD's standard arrangements.  Ask
              them if they are a FTD member before you order.
           \_ What's wrong with FTD? -florally clueless
           \_ was the first commercial launch of a Java website
              \_ and then?
        \_ Fuck Valentine's Day.  Fuck it right in the ear.
           \_ BDG?  Is that you??
                \_ this sounds more like doesn't-work-with-cable-modem
                   guy (DWWCMG)
                   \_ What?
           \_ ERROR:  EAR HOLE TOO SMALL.
              \_ ~payam/squick.vt
        \_ If recipient is in SF, I've always gone with
           \_ I love Rose and Radish in SF myself, 415-864-4988. --chris
              \_ Is that a hint?
        \_ /usr/sbin/in.rflowersd
        \_ I hope that you are ordering flowers for your ex-wife's
           funeral. If you are ordering flowers for your girlfriend,
           DON'T. You might think that you are being nice, caring,
           considerate, etc. but in reality you are being drawn into
           a bottomless pit of despair. You cannot imagine the endless
           nightmare that your life will become if you allow yourself
           to be drawn any further into this woman's web. If you do
           not heed my advice the day will come when you will wish
           that you had tied a noose around your neck rather than a
           \_ Now that's more like it! bdg #3 fan
           \_ bdg, sign your post
2003/2/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27331 Activity:high
2/6     The North Korean's are coming and they won't be bringing H07 4ZN CH1X!,3604,889600,00.html
        \_ Like I believe it.  Maybe they'll shell the DMZ outposts and kill
           20-100 people, but it's a bluff.
2003/2/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign] UID:27332 Activity:high
2/6 (Yahoo News)
        "Texas, the only U.S. state to have once been an independent country,
        ......" When did that happen???
                \_ I think that Texas was an independent republic from
                   1830 to 1850 or so. It was part of the union by the
                   1860s during the civil war.
        \_ stfw:
        \_ Lies. California was the Bear Flag Republic for a few weeks.
        \_ Canada still is.
2003/2/7 [Recreation/Activities] UID:27333 Activity:moderate
2/6     Serena Williams in game (
        Don't you love tennis? ;-)
        \_ makes me wish I was a sports photographer (and thank you for
           \_ Sheesh, guys, GROW UP.
              \_ She's fine.  Saying so makes one immature?  Your cloistered,
                 overly dignified little world sucks, man.  I'm glad I don't
                 live there.
2003/2/7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27334 Activity:nil
2/6     Classic freerepublic thread.  Pithy geopolitical analysis.
        My Reservations About War with Iraq,50
2003/2/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:27335 Activity:nil
2/6     Dems to Miguel Estrada: You're Not Hispanic Enough
2003/2/7 [Uncategorized] UID:27336 Activity:nil
2003/2/7-8 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/Security] UID:27337 Activity:nil
2/6     Anybody have experience with for web hosting?
        Any other recommendations for quality, affordable web hosting?
        What about hooking up my own computer to a fat pipe somewhere?
        \_ my friends like i like <DEAD><DEAD>
2003/2/7 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:27338 Activity:nil
2/7 - Dubya orders "Cyberwar"
        \_ Please try to get it right.  He didn't "order" any such thing.
           Your own link makes it clear this is just the creation of guidelines
           for when and how the US might attack foreign computer systems.  We
           should have done this in the previous administration.  Doing it now
           puts us only 5 years behind the Chinese and probably others.  Once
           again the US plays catchup.
2003/2/7 [Uncategorized] UID:27339 Activity:nil
2/7     I wasn't on yesterday to comment but I was shocked to skim the
        archives and see someone posting about how hot or fine or whatever
        Serena Williams is.  Just because it has a hole and big tits doesn't
        make it hot.  She's one of the dog ugliest women in sports and that
        includes BJK.
        \_ Yea, but she can give you a bitch slap.
2003/2/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:27340 Activity:nil
2/7     "Republicans are a frightening bunch" according to psb's
        favrorite rag, the Economist:
        \_ The Economist is also in strong support of the war, even w/o the UN
           \_ Frankly, who cares what the UN has to say anyway?  It's not as if
              the existence of the UN has ended suffering around the planet or
              resolved much of anything in over 50 years of sucking money from
              every country on the planet.
2003/2/7-8 [Recreation/Media] UID:27341 Activity:high
2/7     Besides the Godfather trilogy, what are other good mobster
        movies? I haven't seen any of them.
        \_ Goodfellas, Scarface, Carlito's Way
        \_ Untouchables
        \_ Made.  Ok, well it wasn't good but it was amusing.
           \_ You have bad taste. Made was a painful piece of shit. --aaron
        \_ Who deleted the American Me line?  Do you hate Mexicans?
           \_ American Me. (1992)
              critically acclaimed.  Ed. James Olmos is more powerful
              in this movie than in Std. and Deliver.
              \_ But the thing is, there is no Mexican Mafia. Really.
                 \_ my mother worked at a large prison for many
                    years (and look how I turned out!), I am reasonably
                    sure la familia exists.  in fact i know a few
                    real live actual mexicans who say the same thing. - danh
                 \_ Bound by Honor (aka Blood In, Blood Out)
                    \_ Nope. Nope. Must be mistaken. No Mexican organized
                       crime group here. Just fiction. Not real.
              \_ Speaking of American Me, any good prison movies like that?
          \_ Doesn't involve organized crime, but Midnight Express is
             a great stuck in prison and life sucks movie - danh
        \_ Donnie Brasco.
        \_ Casino
        \_ The Mini-Skirt Mob
           \_ ???
        \_ Once Upon a Time in America
        \_ Mobster movies only limited Ital and Mex? How about them bloods
           and crips. If talking movies, then how about the asian
           gangsters (not just the ones at San Jose State).
        \_ married to the mob.
        \_ give up on movies and try the Soprano's. it's awesome.
2003/2/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:27342 Activity:nil
2003/2/7-8 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:27343 Activity:nil
2/7     In case anyone is interested in this sort of thing, djb is giving
        a talk on DNS security next wednesday at Stanford in Gates 4B @
2003/2/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:27344 Activity:moderate
        4:30 pm. I'm told anyone can attend.
        \_ who's djb?
           \_ Dan Bernstein.  Smart, but nasty guy who got his PhD from
              Berkeley way back when.  Writes anally secure software and
              does not allow binaries to be distributed.  See
              \_ also setup an unsecured NNTP proxy on the OCF as I recall
        \_ It would be nice if someone who had a chance to attend this,
           posted a summary on motd.
           \_ I can give you the pre-summary from djb:
              1) bind sucks
              2) my dns-ware rocks
              3) i'm a hax0r gh0d
              4) only i can write the one true (insert ware name here)
              5) bind sucks
              6) use my ware because 1,2,3,4,5
              7) you'd be a fool to use anything but my ware
              8) see 6,7
                \_ you forgot, "anywhere my implementation differs from the
                   RFC, the RFC is wrong."  -tom
                \_ While the sarcasm of the above is certainly justified, in
                   the context of DNS software, the above arguments seem to
                   to make sense.  Are there any other DNS implementations
                   that don't suck?
2003/2/7-8 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:27345 Activity:high
2/7     Was that really anthrax?
        \_ Nope, it was Dubya's jizz.
        \_ Please think before you post next time.  Thanks.
           \_ It's a serious fucking question.  -op
              \_ A fucking question? I thought it was an anthrax question.
              \_ OK, fine.  Do you *really* believe they would bring
                 anthrax?  Anthrax... to the UN?
                 \_ Why not? Anthraxing most of the freeloading
                    UN losers from worthless 3rd world countries
                    which would all be 4th world countries without
                    US monetary support would be a good thing.
2003/2/7-8 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:27346 Activity:moderate
2/7     What was the outcome of the "can a Dell XP CD be installed on
        another machine if the first was never booted?" thread?
        \_ someone was saying it was not possible with 2000. so they were
           guessing it wouldn't be possible with XP. I will probaby
           try it this weekend anyway, otherwise suck it up and buy xp.
           \_ I don't want to buy XP.  I want to SELL it.  Any takers?
              \_ are you selling a dell version or a normal version? and
                 how much do you want?
                 \_ I have two Dell versions.  Neither computer was ever
                    booted into XP.  $80 each?  mail me your best offer
                    \_ You have to wonder whether those copies are
                       transferrable, install on non-Dell systems,
                       and/or haven't been "Dell-branded" in other ways.
                       And, isn't the Certificate of Authenticity usually
                       glued to the Dell system itself?
                       \_ The stickers come off.  I put them on the CDROM
                          package.  It should be transferable, given tha
                          I've never booted.  You should be able to call
                          MS and demand a transfer if you've got the
                          certificate of authenticity.
                          I've never booted nor agreed to any licensing
                          issues.  If it doesn't work for you, and MS
                          won't transfer the license, I'll tear up the
        \_ Sell it on amazon for about $130. Heck, if you're reading this,
           mail mjm, buy it for $80, and make a quick $50...
        \_ I'm not sure about amazon but Microsoft is known for making trouble
           for people who try to resell their software. People who try to
           do this on eBay get their auctions stopped.
           \_ true, which is why i recommended amazon. ebay/ pledge
              allegiance to microsoft and france.
2003/2/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27347 Activity:moderate
2/7     Who the fuck is ecchang?
        \_ Login: ecchang                          Name: Eric Chang ~{VY;T~}
Directory: /home/sequent/ecchang        Shell: /usr/local/bin/ksh
On since Fri Feb  7 08:46 (PST) on ttyCE from
On since Thu Feb  6 20:52 (PST) on ttyE5, idle 1:58, from
Mail last read Fri Feb  7 09:11 2003 (PST)
No Plan.
        \_ I thought it's who the fuck is aubie?
                \_ woof
        \_ ooooh. don't fuck with ksh users.
           \_ the real question is, what relationship does he have to the CSUA
              and why does he troll the MOTD
        \_ Hey, did you fall for my "You have new mail." trick?
              \_ It's none of your fucking business what connection he has.
                 Just because someone doesn't show at every fucking donut run
                 or never posted a stupid haiku on the wall doesn't mean he
                 doesn't have the *same* right to be here that you do.  Who
                 the fuck are *you* and what "relationship" do *you* have with
                 the CSUA and why do *you* troll the MOTD?  Asshole. -!ecchang
                 \_ My relationship with the CSUA is as a long-time
                    participant and two-time VP.  How about you?
                    And while he might have the same right as me to be
                    here (though if he's not at Berkeley or even in the
                    Bay Area, that may be questionable), it certainly seems
                    odd that someone would spend time trying to annoy people
                    in an organization he has never had any contact with.
                    Don't you think?  -tom
                    \_ it's a good thing you're justified in annoying the
                       piss out of absolutely everyone. congratulations.
                    \_ I don't recall there being a requirement in the bylaws
                       or constitution that one maintain a continuous personal
                       relationship that you, Tom, would approve of in order
                       to maintain one's access to soda/csua.  As a two-time
                       VP, you should know that, shouldn't you?  And who are
                       you to judge participation?  He's here on the motd being
                       a participant.  Are we all required to only discuss
                       football on wall and bike riding events on the motd?  Is
                       it policy that anything *you* find annoying is annoying
                       to the whole group?  Who died and made you God?  Since
                       it seems to matter to you for some silly reason, I've
                       been around longer than you although I haven't had the
                       obviously distinguished honor of being a two-time VP.
                       Perhaps in another life I'll be as important as you and
                       shall have earned the right to participate in a manner
                       you find acceptable and maybe if I'm really lucky, I'll
                       even be able to erase anything from the motd I find of
                       no personal interest to me in the name of keeping the
                       trolls off the motd.  Or more likely, you'll grow old
                       and look back and realise you were a young man full of
                       himself and a lot of hot air worrying too much about
                       trivia while life passed you by....  I pity you.
                        \_ ah yes, "life," like posting freerepublic links
                           anonymously in a forum that no one I know reads.
                           I should take lessons.  -tom
                    \_ Damn, that's the thanks I get for frequently giving
                       you a helping hand when you get bitch slapped
                       around on the motd.  -ecchang
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