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2003/2/6 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Reference/History/WW2] UID:27317 Activity:very high
2/5     Question for you freepers: what's with all the reference to
        "commies" and "pinkos" on the site?  I thought communism was dead.
        \_ Communism was dead?  What about Cuba and North Korea?
                                \_ Don't forget China.
                                   \_ don't forget Berkeley
                                        \_ Real Communism hasn't yet
                                           been tried in Berkeley ;-)
                                           \_ They should.  They'd fall out
                                              of love with it FAST ENOUGH.
                                          \_ Real Communism never been tried
         \_ What is wrong with Communism?
           \_ and the freepers who call everyone who dissagrees with them
              "commies" are saying that they're all in league with north
              korea or cuba?  are they really that dumb?
           controls their legislature.  CHINA, Argentina, SOuth Africa,
           \_ Who cares about N. Korea. That country's about to collapse
              under its own weight. Just give it some time. Cuba couldn't
              hurt the U.S. if its life depended on it. It's like a
              football player saying that an emaciated homeless person
              is a threat to his life.
        \_ Ok, then what is the difference between Communist / Socialist
           beliefs and a large contigent of the Democratic party?  Much of
           Europe is communist / socialist.  The French Communist Party,
           CHINA, Venezuela, SOuth Africa,
           numerous other countries in Africa, Brazil, are all communist
           or heading that way.
           \_ Are you really that stupid?
              \_ Yeah, probably.
                 \_ Start with
                    and see what Engels had to say about Socialism.
           \_ stop putting your mental diarrhea on the motd
                \_ Ok so I ask a question on the differences between
                   the Democratic platform and socialism, and the answer
                   is an insult.  FDR, the prototypical commie/socialist,
                   was jealous of Stalin because of he was much more
                   effective at government control.
                   FDR's administration was replete with communist
                   spies or sympathisers.   The ACLU, UN etc. were
                   all founded by Socialists or Communists.  Since I am so
                   naive, I'll ask the question again.  If you are
                   not Socialist, what are you? 'Progressive'.  And I guess
                   I really am this stupid as the rulers of the countries
                   I mentioned freely admit their intentions and political
                   affiliations.  So I guess Venezuela sending Cuba
                   free oil is meaningless?
2003/2/6 [Uncategorized] UID:27318 Activity:nil
2/5     Once again, you all suck.
2003/2/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:27319 Activity:high
2/5     Does anyone know which RFC (if any) has a list of ip addr
        blocks that are considered invalid, (ex.
        1918 only lists the private blocks. tia.
        \_ 169.254/16 is used by dhcp autoconfig... essentially if you have
           an ip network w/o a dhcp server and don't want to manually config
           you ip int. it's similar to how ipx and appletalk config w/o a
           seed router. -shac
        \_ Well first explain what you mean by 'considered invalid' and maybe
           we can find you your list.
                \_ By invalid I mean pkts with src/dest addrs that are
                   in addr blocks which should never send traffic on the
                   internet. I'm trying to filter pkts with invalid ip
                   addr (spoofed pkts) and I wanted to know if there were
                   addr blocks other than the RFC 1918 private blocks
                   that I should be filtering. So far, I've just found
                   the addr block which is used for dhcp
                   client auto-conf. I wanted to know if there were others.
                   \_ by 'should never' do you mean addr's that aren't
                      registered, or just addressees that aren't routable
 ,, (These last two are
           contiguous.) --scotsman
                      ( which changes regularly -- get a BGP feed from
                      somewhere if you really want a list).
        \_ i don't remember the exact page, but it's somewhere on
           and it goes like this:
           (These last two are contiguous.) --scotsman
           \_ Thanks. I'll search on to see if there are
              others. BTW, do you know what the block
              is used for?
              \_ It's used for examples (a la, or the 555
                 telephone prefix) --scotsman
2003/2/6 [Uncategorized] UID:27320 Activity:high
2/5     This is pretty cool.
        I want to know what material that coat is made of.
        \_ the coat has very little to do with the optical effect.
           the shiny material just helps the illusion.
           \_ Oooooo....Shiny.
        \_ For more info, visit Professor Tachi's webpage:
2003/2/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:27321 Activity:moderate
2/6     Any recommendations for online business cards? I want to be able to
        send someone a very simple design and get back decent cards for a
        minimum of hassle and money.
        \_  just used them last week.  You
          can even take a look at my cards if you want.  I looked into
          other places as well. (some a little cheaper for a lot fewer cards)
          Email me for more info.  -crebbs
          \_ that looks great, thanks!
2003/2/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Security] UID:27322 Activity:low
2/5     I picked up this year's Taxcut and it won't import last year's turbotax
        files. I'm gettign idiotic errors where it either wants to treat my
        TT file as a TC file and then reports a corrupt file or it looks for
        a TC named .T01 file when it's clearly a TT .tax file. I've played
        around with filenames and even looked at hex editing the binaries.  Is
        anyone else trying to do the same thing?  Is it working for you?
        \_ importing is highly over-rated.  Name, address, soc security, etc
           can be easily typed in.  The only other thing you need to worry
           about is carryover capital losses (stock).  It's more complicated
           if you run a small business and need schedule C.  But you probably
           don't run a business.
           \_ Hmm. Well that sucks.  Thanks for the info.
2003/2/6 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27323 Activity:very high
2/6     Yesterday at the UN:
        UN French Ambassador:  "this whole issue could be solved if
        Iraq would pass a law banning the production of WMD."
        \_ HAHHAAHHAHA!  I haven't had such a good laugh in a while.
        \_ No worse than the US's "let us invade and we'll show you the WMD
           after we find them. Really."
                \_ France has already acknowledged Iraq has WMD.
        \_ the u.s., uk, russia, china, france all believe iraq is hiding
           their wmd.  russia, china, france think, for good reason, that a
           u.s. attack now would be destabilizing.  the argument has been
           and will always be, 'why look like the world is submitting to
           u.s. hegemony?  saddam can't do anything while inspectors are
           there.  the longer the inspectors are there, the better chance
           they'll find something damning, which can be leveraged.'
           \_ They are hoping for a reach around.
           \_ Nonsense.  While the inspectors waste time, he's doing shit
              in other parts of his very large country.  And then what are
              you going to say when he kicks out the inspectors and announces
              he has a nuke in 6-9 months?  More inspections?  Sanctions?
              Or just welcome him to the nuclear club as the nice guy that he
              is?  Join this world, please.
              \_ france is asking for more inspectors
              \_ Then Iraq joins like Pakistan, India, Israel, and South Korea
                 did. So what? Saddam is a meglomaniac, not suicidal. Power
                 is his kick. And the 6-9 month guess is crap.
        \_ Everytime the inspectors get close to something, Iraqis with
           guns tell them: "You can't go there." They had to get led to
           the empty warheads by their nose, otherwise they wouldn't
           have found those either.
           \_ I think you should check your facts about this ...
        \_ France and Russia have oil deals with Saddam, if the sanctions
           are ever lifted. They want Saddam to behave and stay in power.
           Unfortunately neither of those will happen.
        \_ And don't forget how much business France and Germany have there
           in non-oil deals and how much WMD related shit the Germans have
           been illegally selling them since '91.  All that is going to come
           out and make the Germans look exceptionally bad after Saddam's
           Iraq is crushed.
2003/2/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:27325 Activity:moderate
        \_ awesome!  and work-safe!
           \_ Where do you work?  Good Vibrations?
        \_ niiiiiice.
        \_ Bright idea!
2003/2/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:27326 Activity:kinda low
2/6     Can somebody tell me about installing/upgrading to WinXP?
        I deal with MS as little as possible but it's for a friend who
        refuses any alternative.  There are 2 computers, both w/ Win98.
        I want to do a clean install on both-- will XP let me use
        any old Win98 product key to install, and will it let me reformat
        beforehand?  I'm not sure he has his old keys.  Thanks
        \_ If you wipe you cant do an upgrade.
        \_ You cannot use a Win98 product key to install XP.  Go out
           and buy XP.  Actually, buy one for each computer.  Mr. Bill
           needs your love.  On install, XP will give you an option
           for reformatting disk.
           \_ I plan to buy an upgrade version of XP-- will my win98
              product key allow me to install that upgrade version of
              XP on a formatted disk?
              \_ I believe you need a Win98 CD to install on a formatted disk.
                 (never asks you for a product key for an older MS product)
        \_ Actually if you have a blank HDD and a win98 CD, that's all you
           need to install an upgrade version of XP.  I've installed several
           copies of XP upgrade using the same 98 CD.
        \_ my sysadmin at work gave me an unused copy of xp to install at
           home that came with a dell system (i think they are using that
           system with linux now). I want to install it on my home computer
           on a totally new hard drive. will this work or will the windows
           xp somehow figure out that it's not running on a dell? (the
           xp cd has dell logos all over it and says "only for distribution
           with a new dell system"). - !op
           \_ I'd also like to know how this works.  If you could try it,
              please tell me your results.   -mjm
              \_If you have a copy of XP you need a CD key. Each cd key can
              only be used once for each machine. If you change machines you
              will need to call up Microsoft to get a new key. If the version
              of XP that came with the Dell is a full version or upgrade then
              you can install it. If it is an OEM version then most likely it
              will not work unless you mess around with files on the CDs.
              The reason for this
              is that XP need to be activated. I've had instances where clients
              have bought XP, installed it, activated it, and then reinstalled
              on the same machine and the activation not reworking. It's a pain
              in the ass and all it does is annoy people who try to use the
              software in a legitimate fashion. People who are going
              to pirate it
              just stick in a corporate key they can get from the multitude of
              warez sites and bypass activation altogether... All in all it's
              a pretty stupid concept, but it does prevent the casual user from
              being a pirate and keeps MSFT's margins way up. And that's all
              MS is trying to do anyway.
2003/2/6-7 [Industry/Jobs] UID:27327 Activity:high
2/6     I know none of you grumpy, jaded dot-com free market
        Jew-bating hentai obsessed bitches care, but just in case,
            \_ You mean "baiting".
            \_ Acutally I meant "batting".  They make such a nice crunchy
               sound when you smack them with a bat.
        KALX is having its Spring recruitment meeting today,
        even people on campus give me the cold shoulder, you know
        how it's almost common courtesy to at least take a flyer
        from someone if they offer it, as long as they're not obviously
        people the Moonies shipped over in bondage?  Some people
        won't even take my flyers.  Maybe I have a huge oozing
        sore on my lip that I am unaware of.  As a joke I gave
        a few flyers to that crazy (or maybe he's not so crazy,
        he dropped the whole act and thanked me) guy with the
        laminated signs who shouts all day in a really annoying
        voice "LLAMA PACK MULE!!!", I'm hoping he shows up.
        Thursday, 7:30pm, 145 Dwinelle - danh
        \_In this day and age what the hell are you doing with paper flyers?
        Learn how to SPAM!!!
        \_ No it isn't common courtesy.  It kills trees and fills the land
           fills with colored crap that will stay there forever.  I think
           most people learn "the don't fuck me with, I'm not taking your
           stupid flier, you don't exist in my universe" stare by the end
           of their second year at the latest.
           \_ yep. sometime sophomore year sounds right.
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