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2003/2/4 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:27295 Activity:high
2/3     Here is your smoking gun:,5478,5921220%5E663,00.html
        \_ Is that for real? How often do you read
        "Australia's biggest-selling daily newspaper"?
           \_ A couple of times per week, since it tends to get high rank
              on google news.
         \_ Anytime my controllers at the FreeRepublic tell me to.
2003/2/4 [Uncategorized] UID:27296 Activity:nil
2/3     Poll, Zora in Joe Mil is:
        Ugly: .
        Zorawha?: .
2003/2/4-5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:27297 Activity:nil
2/3     Tried opencms, a Content Management software written in Java.
        It is nice except 1. there is a functionality only work with
        Internet Explorer.  and 2. It doesn't wupport Gecko Render
        Engine, thus, Mozilla / Netscape 6/7 is out.  Continue
        my search on open-source content mangament software...
        \_ everyone remember ArsDigita? Here's what's become of them:
                        - rory
2003/2/4 [Uncategorized] UID:27298 Activity:nil
2/3     1. Happy New Year
        2. Sad to hear about the Space Shuttle.  Then again, that thing is
           more than 20 years old... I wouldn't drive car that old.
        \_ Hey, quit making fun of my car!
2003/2/4 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:27299 Activity:nil
2/3     Soda's very own Nick Weaver makes news again.
        \_ So he's a "security expert" now?
           \_ Yes he is.
2003/2/4 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:27300 Activity:high
2/3     I'm not a technical guy, please help out. I pirated the chinese word
        processing software and installed it on company laptop.  They're giving
        me a new laptop different model than what I have but same OS, windows
        2000.  Since I don't have the disks, I'm thinking of doing a full
        backup and full restore on the new laptop.  Obviously a lot of things
        will stop working since it has different HW.  But are those things
        easy to fix?  Anybody tried this?  I use this program every day and
        can't afford to lose it.  Thanks.
        \_ pay for it, you dweeb
        \_ Yeah, if you use it every day, buy it.  Or find a cheaper package.
           Restoring (via ghost, for instance) one machine from another is
           asking for trouble, especially on laptops.  Things like video
           drivers, etc. break horribly  (a coworker tried this on a desktop
           and the desktop wouldn't boot afterward).
        \_ You're screwed.  Just re-pirate it.  *I* could probably get your
           stolen ware to work on the other machine but I'd charge you
           $(full retail price of ware + 5) to do it.
2003/2/4 [Reference/Military] UID:27301 Activity:moderate
2/3     All you pansy libs, take a lesson from your comrades:
        Five arrested after second ax, hammer attack on U.S.
        Navy plane in Ireland
        \_ Use explosives for better effect. Doesn't the IRA have leftovers?
2003/2/4 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:27302 Activity:high
2/3     What's the difference between a murder and a slaying?
        \_ it depends on who is killing who.  If it's an israeli killing a
           palestinian or any other muslim, it's self-defense 100% of the
           time.  Or revenge for the holocaust, an-eye-for-an-eye vengence
           the Torah preaches.
           \_ Bad troll, no cookie.
              \_ I was going to say that.  Drat.  Beat to the obvious again.
                 I'll get "first 'Bad troll' post" next time.  --too slow
        \_ Are you talking about the English words or the legal definitions?  I
           think in US state laws there're usually 1st/2nd degree murder and
           1st/2nd degree manslaughter only.
        \_ A murderer murders. Slayer rocks.
        \_ a murder is the killing of an innocent. A slaying is simply a
           (usually brutal) killing, often in association with other killings
           (mass or repeated killing is more apt to be referred to as slaying).
           Or so says me anyway.  (though i also like the above def.) -crebbs.
           \_ Your definitions suck ass.
               \_ hmm., well, that hurts coming from someone so obviously
                  intelligent and knowledgeable as yourself. -crebbs
2003/2/4 [Recreation/Sports] UID:27303 Activity:high
2/3     GO BEARS: Jeff Tedford is making good on his promise to get top
        state prospects. says Cal has gotten commitments from
        15 of the top 100 California prospects; only USC, with 20, ranks
        higher. Tedford has concentrated on defensive players and emphasized
        \_ Thank fucking god.  It will be nice to have a respectable Cal
           football team.  I don't want to see us lose the Axe for another 7
           \_ Why do you care?  I got my piece of paper, it served me well
              getting a first job out of school, end of story.
           \_ if Tedford does well, he may go to the pros as an assistant or
              \_ Yes, let's strive for mediocrity so Tedford can stay here
                        \_ that's not what the poster was implying.
                           \_ What's so big about Tedford? Bottom line is that
                              it'd be great for Cal to have a winning
                              football program. I could care less who the
                              coach is.
                                \_ Um, hello!? A good coach makes a huge
                                   difference in college football. I guess
                                   you weren't around for the Tom Homloe
                                   years? Or maybe you've choosen to
                                   forget, God knows I tried to.
                                   \_ Read what I wrote. I care more about
                                      having a winning football program than
                                      having a specific coach. Tedford can
                                      stay or go as long as Cal continues
                                      to win.
                                      \_ You should care b/c the two are
                                         directly related to each other.
                                         \_ Uh, no. There do exist other
                                            coaches who can also win. Losing
                                            Tedford to the pros is not a
                                            guaranteed end all to Cal football.
        \_ Soon it will be like basketball, where you can't get tickets
           unless you are willing to sit in the worst corner of the stadium.
           \_ Ah, but basketball doesn't have Tightwad Hill.
              \_ I always heard it called "cheapskate hill".  The only place
                 I've seen a bong as big as I am.
                 \_ I think the dopers call it cheapskate hill while the jocks
                    call it tightwad hill. Dunno why the difference.
                    \_ It's Tightwad hill. Dopers have problems using synonyms
                       reflecting their lifestyle while jocks are fascinated
                       by the word "tight". "Tightwad" puts them over the edge.
2003/2/4-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:27304 Activity:high
2/3     Is there any way to tell the physical location / vicinity of an IP
        \_ Well, you can find the owner through ARIN, and then you can do
           a little looking around for that company's info.  You can often
           get a rough sense from a traceroute as well.
        \_ There was some /. posting a while back about a company that can
           give you this information w/ 99.x% accuracy for the US and 9x%
           accuracy for the world.
        \_ In summary: yes, sort of, but not easily and not 100%.
        \_ In a related topic, what do you use to spoof your ip addie?
                \- this is hard to do generally with tcp if you expect
                   an answer. this is not really a related topic. --psb
           \_ Trying to stalk someone's Web page?
        \_ Is this in regard to the kid who killed himself while
           chatting?  His ISP should have been able to put an address
           to an IP, but they would have needed some serious convincing
           to do so.
2003/2/4-5 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:27305 Activity:high
2/4     Anyone here use samhain?  Any opinions?? (It claims to detect LKMs)
        What is your favorite IDS/checksum program?
        \_ Isn't that a Danzig song?
        \_ snort
        \_ don't be cheap, buy a IDS blade that goes into your router or
           switch.  It offers much higher performance and it's more
           \- that cant detect something like people doing rlogin -> ssh ->
              su and typing root passwd onthe net can it? you can use BRO.
              but it sounds like the above person is looking for something
              run on the filesystem, like tripwire. i use veracity which
              might not be right for you. --psb
        \_ I don't use anything at all.  SSH2 ports open to world+dog if you
           can guess the root password, you get the whole site!  Over 5
           million active usable credit cards just waiting for the taking!
           And the best part is we wouldn't even know you'd broken in and
           stolen everything if you weren't an idiot about it.
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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