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2003/2/3 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:27287 Activity:nil
2/2     African-Americans drowning in wave of illegal immigration
2003/2/3-4 [Consumer/Audio] UID:27288 Activity:kinda low
2/3     Looking for mp3 player I can control from desktop.  Basically, I want to
        have a playlist playing from Linux, but be able to connect to player,
        change the playlist/etc. and disconnect.  (From Linux or windows
        preferably).  Anyone know of a tool like this?
        \_ xmms has a -enqueue or some such option that allows for this
           sort of thing.
        \_ freshmeat is stuffed like an engorged intestine with projects that
           do this. stuffed to bursting, i tell you. --aaron
           \_ could you name one?
              \_ could you search freshmeat?
                 \_ Did a search.  Now I'm wading through them to find win32
                    clients.  They're also pretty devoid of comments or
2003/2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:27289 Activity:nil
2/3     Are you bored at your job?  What are you going to do about it?
        \_ posting to the motd.  What else!?  Fanning the flames whenever
           there's opportunity.
           \_ you mean try to be controversial at work?  complain at work?
              try to make other sense your boredom?
2003/2/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:27290 Activity:kinda low
2/3     Is there an x-like terminal that has horizontal scroll bars
        implemented? --dim
        \_ I don't know, but I use "less -S" for horizontal scrolling.
2003/2/3 [Reference/Tax] UID:27291 Activity:nil
        says it costs just over $7k/person to run this country.  Since I paid
        out over 85k in taxes last year, I want to know which 11 of you lazy
        slacker bastards I'm paying for and could you please go somewhere else?
        \_ you are always welcome to leave
        \_ 85k in taxes?  So you're making ~223k/year?  Nice.  You married?
        \_ How many years have you worked?  Consider all the years where
           others are paying for you while you are running around the
        \_ Take spending on defense for example.  Bill Gates is paying tax to
           protect his 40 billion.  I am paying tax to protect my $2000 in
           savings.  Of course he should pay more.  Why should I pay $5000
           to defend my $2000 ?   :-)
        \_ The reason you can pay 85K in taxes is because some farm-worker
           or fast-food clerk is working for pennies so you have the
           opportunity to earn than much.
2003/2/3 [Computer/SW] UID:27292 Activity:nil
2/3     Does anyone know where I can find a snapshot (PDF preferably or
        even jpg/gif if it exists) of the front page of sunday's NY Times
        (with the shuttle headline)? has an image of its front
        page, but I can't find it for previous days. Thanks in advance.
        \_ it wasn't hard to figure out from the current snapshot's URL...
                \_ cool, thank you.
2003/2/3-4 [Industry/Jobs] UID:27293 Activity:very high
2/3     A friend of mine is looking to hire a SW Eng to do some network mgmt
        work. It's a small consulting firm and he's thinking $70-75k for
        someone w/ a few years experience. Does this sound about right or low?
        \_ OP HERE: I meant network management SOFTWARE work. sorry.
        \_ So many few trollops.
        \_ given today's economy, i'd say that's about right. else, it'd
           be a little on the low side for a few years experience.
        \_ Depends on what you want. If its write custom MIBs its probably
           okay. If its write your own agent then he should offer more.
        \_ what's a good way to learn about MIBs / SNMP etc?
           \_ don't go into that field.  Writing MIBs and doing SNMP is
              new grad stuff.  I used to hire interns or cheap contractors
              to do the work.  It's brain dead grunt work.
        \_ Since when do software enginners to network management?
           \_ network management as in network management software.
        \_ Full time or contract?  That's ok for someone with 0-2 or maybe
           0-3 if they didn't do much but he's scraping.
           \_ Fulltime (to do contract work). Oh, he's also got a Master's
              from Cal. Yes, he's kinda scraping.
        \_ That should get someone with a few years experience. Not really
           a senior person though. Look on some of the hiring websites to
           get a range for what people are offering.
           \- this is not a direct answer, but in my experience a lot of
              what you need for network stuff depends a bunch on scale
              issues. what might work for an office for a couple of classCs
              and 500 machines with 100mbit and not a lot of diversity
              [read broken tcp stacks on weird embedded devices] would not
              fly for mutiple class Bs, with unpredictable traffic or
              really high badwidth links where you need detailed knowledge
              of say ethernet drivers or network subsystem implementation.
              pehaps this is less the case in "network management" which
              may have narrower scope. --psb
2003/2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:27294 Activity:nil
2/3     Clark Barnett, 33, a nursery owner, was driving into Hemphill, Tex.,
        when he spotted a torso in the road.  "It's not something you want to
        sit and look at," he said.
        (what everyone loves to hate reading about)
        \_ Typical East Coast Liberal Media bias.
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