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2003/1/30 [Industry/Jobs] UID:27240 Activity:high
1/29    More about jobs: just had a very nice phone screen with HR at (don't
        need the competition, thanks) who said her perception of the job
        market is that things aren't as 'soft' as they have been and it isn't
        as easy to hire good people as it was only a few months ago.  Cross
        your fingers and keep sending those resumes.  Avoid recruiters.  Good
        luck to all of us!
        \_ What specialty?
           \_ Unix Guru
              \_ are you the guy who needed to do a man nice?
                 \_ No, I'm one of the guys who told him to stop asking to be
                    spoon fed, stop logging in as root and go learn something.
                    \_ oh you were a meannie.  - man nice guy fan #1
                    \_ Who are you?
              \_ Tres cool. Let us know $$ after you score.
2003/1/30 [Computer/Networking] UID:27241 Activity:high
1/29    I want an IPv4 address block (/24 is good enough). ARIN charges
        $2,500 in addition to regular membership. Any other cheaper places?
        \_ many isp's will allocate you a decent size block if you give them
           a good reason, esp if you are a hicap customer. recently i had an
           isp route a /24 for an additional $100 on top of their normal
           monthly charges for a T1.. which was about $1500... of course the
           cost for that T1 varies HEAVILY by the provider (big guys like
           Internap charge much more than cut-rate ones) -shac
        \_ ask your upstream ISP
           \_ How much does this go for?
              \_ Varies dramatically by ISP based on the total service
                 package.  My company has 64 addresses and a 32 rack cage for
                 about $25k/month.  YMWV.
        \_ Also, your ISP might charge you to manage that /24, no?
        \_ i get 14 IPs on 1.1 SDSL for $179.  supposedly they'll give me
           more IPs but i haven't quite needed them.
        \_ Do you want to own the block?  This is necessary if you want to
           be portable (i.e. change upstream ISP without renumbering) or
           multihomed (multiple upstream ISPs).  Most ISPs will offer at
           least a /24 along with real connectivity (T1 or greater) at little
           or no cost, shac's figure of $100 on top of transit sounds
           reasonable.  In order to obtain a block from ARIN, you have to
           jump through a number of hoops which can be a pain.  I strongly
           suggest you get someone who has successfully obtained IP space from
           ARIN in the past to assist you with this.  Their is also a gray
           market for IP address space.  You'll still have to obtain an AS,
           and the transfer will have to go through ARIN, RIPE or one of
           the other regional equivalents, but this is often cheaper and
           more expedient than going directly through ARIN. -dans
           \_ gray market?  how so?  is the transfer not legal?
2003/1/30 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:27242 Activity:nil
1/29    Has anyone tried searching in  When I search something,
        the result page says "Found 40, this page showing 1-4", but then I
        can't find any "Next" link to click to get results 5-40.  Any idea?
2003/1/30 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:27243 Activity:nil 63%like:27239
1/29    What's de difference between edyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol?  I
        went t'a drug sto'e and saw products labeled "70% edyl alcohol",
        "70% isopropyl alcohol" and "91% isopropyl alcohol".  ah' plum wants'
        sump'n t'wipe da damn skin befo'e some needle injecshun.  (No it be not
        \_ use edyl. it be sump'n ya' kin actually drink. it be safer.
           \_ blindness be cool.
              \_ If ya' duzn't know Buckwheat shit, den, shut da damn fuck up.
                 de one dat cause blindness be Medanol. CH3OH
        \_ isopropyl be used as some disinfectant.
        \_ Edyl=CH3-CH2-OH, Isopropyl alcohol=(CH3)3-C-OH
        \_ Use hyodrogen puh'oxide.  What it is, Mama!  Wo'ked on mah' fro.
2003/1/30 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27244 Activity:very high
1/30    "Canada 'Inspectors' to Hunt for Deadly U.S. Weapons" (
        The Canadians don't realize they're also under our blanket of
        \_ The 51st State needs a reminder here and there.  So does Germany,
           France, and the rest of Europe that forgets they owe their very
           existence to the US.
           \_ Doing one good deed is not an excuse to commit a crime.
              Likewise, you could say that Bush owes his presidency to
              those that voted for him into office and he should honor
              their wishes. Of course, if the Supreme Court's wishes are
              to go to war, then he's certainly doing that.
              \_ Oh jesus f. christ.  get over it already.  your own leftist
                 media went over the whole thing for months and came up with
                 zippo.  you're on the edge of rationality.
           \_ Why do France, Germany and the rest of Europe owe their
              very existence to the US?
                \_ Without US intervention in WW2, Europe would now
                   be called Germany. Large parts of Africa and the
                   Middle East would be German as well. Asia would
                   be part of the Japanese Empire.
                      \_ Uhm yeah.  Try a history book, son.  Whatever.
                   \_ that is total bullshit. only part of poland and maybe
                      part of czech republic.
                        \_ Do you really think that the French would have
                           liberated themselves? How do you think that the
                           UK survived the Battle of Britian? HINT: it was
                           US naval support in the North Atlantic and US
                           crypt-analysts working in the UK. In North Africa
                           it was US troops that assisted Montgomery. In
                           the Pacific, it was MacArthur and Nimitz that
                           stopped the Japanese advance.
                           \_ What do you think Germany would have done with
                              its European conquests? As it was, it merely
                              set up a puppet state.
                                \_ Given time Germany would really have
                                   messed things up.
                                \_ So you think the German controlled puppet
                                   France was a real country?  And after 60+
                                   more years there'd be anything left of the
                                   old France?  They'd ever free themselves?
                                   Madness.  It took *millions* of dead
                                   soldiers from the US, Britain, and Russia
                                   (more Russian dead by far, gotta give credit
                                   where it's due) to conquer Germany.  You're
                                   insane or stupid or ignorant if you think
                                   any of the Conquered nations would ever see
                                   freedom again in 50 lifetimes.
                           \_ Okay, truth time. UK survived because of US
                              material support (merchant ships, not Navy), the
                              UK broke Enigma (cypto), the US got it's ass
                              kicked in Africa (it was nearly done by the time
                              the US showed up). And Japan was fighting the US
                              in the Pacific, not Austrailia. But the Aussies,
                              Indians, and Chinese kept Japan from shifting
                              full efforts vs. the US.
                   \_ Nah, the cold war would have been between the US
                      and Germany, instead of the US vs USSR.
                   \_ You're right on Asia, but military historians
                      credit the Soviets with preventing the German
                      takeover of Europe, not us. E.g.,(search for "Russians"):
                      \_ but the Soviets took over Europe themselves, from
                         east germany onwards.
                      \_ Hitler would have beaten Stalin if not for the
                         two other fronts opened by the US.
                         \_ Oh yeah.  D-day was totally a turning point for
                            the Russians.  Seeing as how it happened in 1944,
                            AFTER Stalingrad and Kursk.  Yeah.  Go Yankies go!
                                \_ The western front involves more than
                                   D-day. The battles of the north atlantic
                                   were far more critical.
                                   \_ Uh, no they weren't.  How did the few
                                      U-boats the blundering anti-submarine
                                      program managed to sink before 1944
                                      really help the russians?  The north
                                      atlantic battle was won, to be sure,
                                      but too late to make a difference.
                                      Only trucks and spam really helped
                                      the russians, they did all the actual
                                      work themselves.
                      \_ Look at it this way, without US involvement in WW2,
                         who would have opened the Western and Southern
                         fronts? Neither France nor the UK had sufficient
                         resources. Even if they did, how would they have
                         kept up their industrial production to sustain a
                         prolonged conflict? Without the US Europe would
                         have been lost.
                         \_ Let's remember that France fell in an eye blink
                            very early.  There was *no* France for most of WW2.
                                \_ Only part of France fell, some of it was
                                   still free from German occupation, but
                                   you are right.
                \_ The reason the US intervened in Europe was that Germany
                   declared war and allied with Japan. It is doubtful the US
                   public would have gone to war vs. Hitler if not for that.
                   \_ Fortunately, the US public doesn't declare wars.
2003/1/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:27245 Activity:very high
        This is the sort of thing that makes me want a smaller government that
        does the minimum necessary to keep things running.  The road to hell
        is paved with good intentions.
        \_ Yes, it was much better when people stood in bread and soup lines
           so they would only eat healthy food and not enough to make them fat.
           \_ Nice try but that's strike one.  A good emotional plea for
              keeping a program around in it's original incarnation long after
              it does more harm than good.  Care to try again?
        \_ Did you read the article?
           "When asked to explain how increased consumption, a goal of the food
            stamp program, negatively affects recipients or contributes to
            increased obesity, Besharov, who appeared reluctant to comment on
            his report, said only, "of course it is negative," and said the
            impact of is explained in his analysis."
           This guy's a crackpot.
           \_ Sorry that he couldn't turn his entire study into a nice little
              brainless soundbite for you.
           \_ I tutor kids age 5-8 who are on the school breakfast program
              and they are as thin as string.  The school lunches may
              be one of the few things keeping them going.  With only one
              exception, none are in any danger of obesity any time soon.
              \_ if you do anything but spend your six figure sysadmin
                 salary on useless electronic gadgets and donate to the
                 libertarian party, you are not qualifited to discuss politics
                 on the motd. prepare to be deleted. and NEVER bring
                 facts fom real life and not a web page into an arguement.
                 \_ The article isn't talking about children but I'm glad to
                    see you putting something back into the community even if
                    it is only to provide a sense of superiority and not
                    genuine charity.
                \_ Why not sign this post?  It's to your credit.  --PeterM
        \_ The only thing that kept me fed when I was a child was the free
           lunch and food stamp programs. I was still very small (5' 3"
           105 lbs at 16) and probably a bit undernourished. No one in my
           very large famliy was obese or overfed until many years later,
           when some of us started making more money. -ausman
           \_ Ho hum... another non-article reader.  I was about the same
              weight/height/age but had plenty of food.  Some people just
              aren't going to be fat teens.  Be glad you weren't.  You'll
              live longer.
2003/1/30-31 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:27246 Activity:nil
1/30    I have PDF files with nonembedded PS fonts (CM* etc.) and I do
        have the fonts installed but the acroread on my OS X cannot find
        and display them.  They are installed in the classics font folder.
        I have tried to link them from osx's font folders and tried pfb
        formats also, all to no avail.  What is the solution?  Ok tnx.
        \_ apparently there isn't one.
2003/1/30-31 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27247 Activity:moderate
1/30    I would appreciate tips on subnotebooks.  I need something very
        portable to run XP on (yes I need it for work) that I can carry around
        in addition to my Thinkpad X20 (FreeBSD).  I absolutely want something
        the size of a Vaio Picturebook, but would gladly avoid buying Sony
        (terrible experiences with customer service.)  Any ideas are
        appreciated.  -John
        \_ Fujitsu P-series Lifebook?
        \_ Not sure if its small enough for you but look at the toshiba portege
           series.  Roughly 2.5 lbs without the addon junk.
        \_ You might want to take a look at the handhelds, if it just for
           running Excel, Word, etc. You have the IBM for real work.
        \_ You can't make the IBM dual boot? Can the picturebook run freebsd?
           \_ Not sure if vmware supports freebsd, but it might be an
              option for carrying just one notebook.
        \_ Thanks for all the tips--I will look at the Fujitsu, since it's
           the right size.  I've worked with Porteges, and found them to be
           poorly made.  I could dual-boot the Thinkpad, but I am usually
           using it.  VMWare is pig-slow, and handheld screens are too tiny.
           (Have tried most of these) :)  -John
           \_ The Fujitsus are pretty neat, have yet to see about reliability
           \_ User Comments on various laptops are useful
2003/1/30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:27248 Activity:nil
1/30    hola, i am no expert on indian politics but this seems an interesting
        development. --psb
        \_ Another critical foreign policy issue for the Bush administration.
           I have a bad feeling about this.
        \_ Quite an enjoyer of global politics as spectator sport, aren't you?
        \_ This is very kewl. Thanks, Partha! -psb #3 fan
           \- you know, this brings a new meaning to: --psb
           ### guardians of the revolution in great white satan amerikkka
           komiteh-owner:          hojjat-al-islam-psb
           komiteh:                payam, ali, psb, allenp, abe
           revolutionary-guards:   komiteh
           ayatollah-khomeini:     ali
           ayatollah-montazeri:    payam
           ayatollah-beheshti:     allenp
           hojjat-al-islam-psb:    psb
        \_ Maybe they'll finally nuke each other and get it over with.
2003/1/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:27249 Activity:nil
1/29    Makes you wonder about china:
        \_ we have been eating breast-milk-fed pigs for eons, along
           with other thing which I don't dare to touch myself.  Eating
           is a cutural thing, don't look at it in any other perverted way.
           \_ Really?  That's news to me.  By "breast-milk-fed" do you mean
        \_ Yes, we Chinese eat (or used to eat) all kinds of weird things:
           pork/cow brains, pork/chicken blood, insects, monkey brains (without
           killing the monkey first!), cats, dogs, rats, penes and testes,
           and now human breast milk.
        \_ I vaguely remember a story about someone in China setting up a store
           to "sell fresh breast milk" by letting people drink directly from
           the breasts.  And then the place got cracked down because it was in
           effect a brothel.
2003/1/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:27250 Activity:high
1/30    Can drinking lots of milk actually make a woman's breasts bigger?
        Seems like this is much safer than implants and hormone treatment.
        \_ Only in the sense that drinking lots of milk makes you fat.
        \_ No.  She'll just balloon up and there's nothing saying her breasts
           will get significantly bigger as she gets fatter.  My gf's mother
           is a cow with A/B size tits.
           \_ It's also genetic. Fat accumulates in certain areas for certain
              people. That said, fat may increase breast size a little, but
              not enough to really be useful/noticable.
        \_ you may be thinking about those news reports suggesting that
        hormones in milk and meat products might contribute to the earlier
        onset of puberty.. no definitive evidence, but what else might explain
        why 8 year olds are getting racks these days?
           \_ who's complaining?
           \_ I'd go with this theory. Hormones and steroids fed to cows are
              probably being passed via milk in microscopic amounts which
              slowly accumulate to stimulate the body's own system.
              \_this is also a theory put forth to explain japanese teenage
              girls busting out beyond previous norms as well, since milk
              is a relatively recent introduction to the japanese diet
              depending on whether it's non-fat milk or not.
                \_ Another factor is increased protein. More amino acids to
                   build the body with and move it faster to puberty.
           \_ No, I was just thinking about the protein, and maybe the fat
              depending on whether it's non-fat milk or not.  -- OP
        \_ increased body fat (breasts) correlates to breast cancer.  It's
           no surprise that countries that has high consumptions of milk
           and animal fat in general have very high rates of cancer.  One
           more reason to be a vegetarian.
           \_ Thanks for all the info.  How about for a woman that's way past
              puberty, like a 30-year-old?  -- OP
              \_ Are you asking if a 30yo woman drinking milk will get bigger
                 breasts?  Ugh...  How about asking if that same 30yo woman
                 talking calcium tablets will grow taller?  What do you think?
              \_ No, the body already has a certain level of hormones and it's
                 tough to fool it on a small level change (ie. milk). Being
                 pregnant will start a change. Hormone treatments will too.
        \_ How about getting her pregnant and having her give milk?  Won't
           that grow the breasts?  And what about that "Bloussant" stuff,
           which is supposed to make your breasts grow?  Does it really?
           \_ But wouldn't the breasts return to the original size one she
              stops lactating?  Too big a price to pay for too short of a
              benefit.  Besides, I see pregnant women in public, and quite
              often they don't have big breasts.  So is that just a myth?  BTW
              is the Bloussant stuff as safe as it claims?  -- OP
              \_ Usually it does, but mammary glands don't always shrink back
                 to pre-pregnancy size. It's not a myth, milk is being
                 produced in nearly all cases. How much milk depends on the
                 mother and if she breast feeds afterwards. Plus there's
                 some increased fat accumalation in that region. I think the
                 Bloussant stuff is basically hormone treatment to a certain
                 degree... (you'll have to research that)
2003/1/30-31 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:27251 Activity:moderate
1/30    Is there a freebsd utility that given a public_html directory
        can create a sitemap, either as text or html or something
        similar? Thanks.
        \_ ls public_html/*html
           \_ won't actually follow the links and put them in a hiearchical
              fashion.  try again?
              \_ write a 5 minute perl script?
        \_ Try .  -- misha.
2003/1/30 [Politics] UID:27252 Activity:nil
1/30    Move over SI, here comes National Geograpics Swimsuit Edition:
        \_ SI >> cgs!!!
        \_ This news is sooooo old.
           \_ CNN is slow.
        \_ I guess subscription is down and they want to boost sales.
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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